Best Table Saw Under $1000

(Best Table Saw Under $1000) Bosch Work Site Table Saw
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Once you decide it’s time to become serious about woodworking, you’ll need a table saw. Whether you enjoy building furniture, DIY projects, flower boxes or bird houses, it’s the table saw that makes it all happen.

The table saw is responsible for the angled cuts, rips, bevels and makes cross cuts expertly and cleanly. In order to purchase the perfect saw, it’s important to become familiar with them. We realize that purchasing a table saw is a pretty big investment to make.

So, we’ve created this basic table saw review and buyers guide to introduce you to the 5 best table saws under $1000. Each one of the products in our table saw review are manufactured by well-respected companies. All of these table saws represent the top of their class, are easy to use high performance power tools.

A Quick Look At The Top Table Saw

Bosch 4100-10 Table Saw ReviewBosch
Makita 2705X1 Table Saw ReviewMakita
Tacklife PTSG1A Table Saw ReviewTacklife

Best Table Saw Under $1000 Reviewed 2019

1.Bosch Work Site Table Saw

(Best Table Saw Under $1000) Bosch Work Site Table Saw
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Tough, Durable and Built for Mobility: The Bosch 10 Inch Work site, 15 Amp Table Saw is known for its ability to allow users to create smooth, accurate cuts. This 99 pound model is made for mobility, with its portable carry handles and stand.

The sturdy, Gravity-Rise, wheeled stand, which is supported by 8 inch, pneumatic wheels covers smooth and rough terrain with ease. The cutting table is 21 inches long and 29 inches wide, the blade is 10 inches and centered to the left.

Cutting Ability: With the blade rotating at 3650 RPM, you get an easy maximum ripping capacity to the left of the blade is 12 inches, and to the right, 25 inches. The T-Slot Miter gauge will assist you in cutting accurate rip cuts. As for cutting depth, you get a maximum cutting depth of 1.875 inches at 45 degrees, and 3.125 inches at 90 degrees.

Features: Bosch’s exclusive SquareLock rip fence improves the overall cutting performance. Their Smart Guard System works to keep your work area save with an adjustable riving knife, barrier guard and anti-kickback pawls.

Your purchase includes the smart guard system, anti-kickback pawls, 10 inch CT blade, SquareLock Rip Fence, Miter Gauge, Push Stick, Throat Plate, and 2 wrenches.

  • Easy set up and break down
  • Powerful 15 Amp motor, 3650 RPM speed
  • T-Slot Miter gauge for accurate cuts
  • Gravity-Rise Wheeled stand
  • SquareLock rip fence and Smart Guard System
  • Cooling fan does not have a dust filter
  • Motor may burn out sooner than other models

Summary: The Bosch 10 Inch Work site, 15 Amp Table Saw, comes with a 21 x 29 inch cutting table, and is an exceptional saw for creating precise, smooth cuts. It’s designed with portable carry handles, and comes with a Gravity-Rise, wheeled stand for easy mobility.

You’ll love the Square Lock rip fence and Smart Guard features as well. Easy to set up and break down, professionals will find the Bosch a welcome addition to their job site.

2.Makita Contractor Table Saw

Makita Contractor Table Saw
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Professional Grade Saw with Spring-Loaded Stand: The Makita 2705X1 10-Inch Table Saw is designed for professional contractor use. The 15 Amp motor gives you 4800 RPM to slice through a variety of materials with ease.

The aluminum die cast, 22.25 x 29.63 inch table top’s powder-coated finish is excellent for smooth cutting, and its spring-loaded stand with wheels make transport easy.

Cutting Capacity: Professional woodworkers will find the Makita’s cutting capacity of 3.56 inches at 90 degree bevel and a 2.5 inch cutting capacity at 45 degrees a welcome feature.

It has a maximum rip capacity of 12.5 inches on the left, and 25 inches on the right, due to the tables telescopic extension. The 3/8 x 3/4 inch T-Slot Miter Gauge ensure that your cutting material is held in place when crosscutting.

Features: Features include a blade guard system, 8.2 foot power cord, No Tool Blade Change, adjustable depth control, and a convenient 2.5 inch dust port. The electric brake ensures you have complete control over stopping your saw if necessary. Your purchase includes: 32 tooth CT blade, rip fence, push stick, miter gauge, 3 wrenches, and a portable stand.

  • Heavy Duty, durable professional grade table saw
  • Blade guard system and adjustable depth control
  • T-Slot Miter Gauge
  • Telescopic table extension for wide cuts
  • Electric brake to stop the saw immediately
  • If dust is allowed inside, alignment may be difficult
  • Large and heavy, may be difficult to move from job site to job site

Summary: The Makita 2705X1 10-Inch Table Saw provides heavy duty power for professional or home use, and comes with a sturdy, wheeled stand. The wheeled stand means you can move it from area to area without worry.

This contractor saw has a 15 Amp motor with 4800 RPM, and a large 22.25 x 29.63 inch cutting table. Features such as the No Tool Blade Change, Blade Guard System, and Electric brake make this the perfect table saw for your home or business.

3.DEWALT Table Saw For Gardening

DEWALT  Table Saw For Gardening
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Compact, Durable and Hardworking: The DEWALT DWE7480XA Compact Table Saw is a hardworking model that offers you high performance and durability. The unit is comprised of a 15 amp motor that runs at 4800 RPM.

This gives you more than enough power to tear through the toughest hardwoods you’ll encounter on the job. Easy to transport from job site to job site at 45 pounds and has a convenient on-board storage for easy access to tools.

Cutting Capacity: The DWE7480XA offers you a miter angle of 60 degrees both right and left. Maximum cutting depth for a 0 degree bevel is 3-1/8 inch, and 2-1/4 inch for a 45 degree angle.

The 24T carbide blade can be adjusted for 0 to 45 degree beveled cuts. It comes with a 24.5 inch Right Rip Capacity, and 12 inch Left Rip Capacity, to cut a variety of materials.

Features: Features include a 6 foot power cord, adjustable depth control, adjustable rear feet for uneven surfaces, and a 2.5 inch dust port with vacuum connection. The Site-Pro Modular Guarding Feature allows you to make tool-free adjustments to the system.

The Rack and Pinion Telescoping Fence provides easy adjustments to the fence. The table is 19.094 inches long and 22.441 inches wide, and coated for smoother cutting.

  • Lightweight at 45 pounds, easy to use and maintain
  • Stable design
  • Good dust collection system
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Powerful 15 Amp motor operates at 4800 RPM
  • Too loud for some users
  • Blades dull quickly and need to be replaced

Summary: The DEWALT DWE7480XA is the perfect table saw for those looking for high performance, durability and excellent cutting capacity. Features such as the Site-Pro Modular Guard and Rack and Pinion Telescoping Fence make for accurate and smooth cuts.

This strong, 15 AMP 4800 RPM saw comes with a well-made dust collection system to prevent dust from entering the motor. Lightweight at 45 pounds and portable, it suits the home workshop, and excels at DIY projects.

4.DEWALT Table Saw For Job Site

DEWALT Table Saw For Job Site
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Perfect Choice for DIY or Professional Woodworkers: The DEWALT DWE7491RS 10 inch Job Site Table Saw is the perfect choice for both the DIY and professional woodworker, with its 26.25 x 22 inch table.

Its No-Tool Blade Change system makes for easy adjustments to blade guard components. This stationary, 110 pound, 15 Amp table saw has a maximum cutting speed of 4800 RPM, a centered blade location, and adjustable depth control.

Cutting Capacity: The DEWALT has a 32.5 inch rip capacity which should handle most trims and shelving boards with ease. As for depth of cut, it has a 3-1/8 inch for 90 degrees and a 2-1/4 inch depth of cut at 45 degrees. Dewalt’s own, exclusive patented material support, and flip-over ripping fence comes in handy for those narrow rip cuts.

Features: This unit comes with DWE7402DI Dado Throatplate, 2 inch dust collection port, 6 foot power cord, rack and pinion fence system, and 24 tooth carbide blade. The convenient, rolling stand makes handling this heavy-duty table saw easy from job site to job site.

  • On-board storage area
  • Powerful 15 Amp, 4800 RPM motor
  • 32.5 inch rip capacity
  • Patented material support
  • Convenient and sturdy rolling stand
  • May be too heavy for some
  • The cutting table surface may get rough over time

Summary: DEWALT DWE7491RS 10-Inch Table Saw comes with a 26.25 x 22 inch cutting table and a convenient, easy to use No-Tool Blade Change system.

It’s patented material support system is geared to making accurate cuts, and the rolling stand makes it perfect for newbies and pros alike.

The on-board storage, powerful 15 Amp, 4800 RPM motor and 32.5 inch rip capacity mean you can tackle almost any DIY or professional job with ease.

5.Tacklife PTSG1A Table Saw

Tacklife PTSG1A Table Saw
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Durable Saw with On-Board Storage: The Tacklife PTSG1A 10 inch, 57 pound Table Saw is made with a powerful 15 Amp motor, which drives 4800 RPM to rip through most hard construction materials.

Professionals will benefit from its on-board storage which makes accessories such as the rip fence and miter gauge easily accessible. Tacklife’s Overload Protection system works to ensure that any cutting made through damp, wet or frozen wood is handled correctly.

Cutting Capacity: Enjoy being able to control your cutting angle and depth, from 0 to 45 degrees on an easy to extend, 40 x 20 inch cutting table. Once extended to its full, 40 inch capacity you’ll be able to handle sheets of plywood, as well as unwieldy trim with ease.

It has a maximum cutting depth of 3-1/8 inches at 0 degree, and 2-1/4 inch at 45 degrees. The maximum capacity rip to the right is 24 inches, and the maximum rip you get to the left is 12 inches.

Features: This saw comes complete with a 2.5 inch dust port for easy clean up, blade guard, arbor size of 5/8 inch, overload protection, and push stick. Your purchase includes a 60 tooth carbide blade, carbon brush, blade guard, push stick, and 1 inch blade arbor. If you are desiring the stand, it is available but sold separately.

  • Large cutting table extendable to 40 x 20 inches
  • Adjustable cutting depth and angle control
  • Maximum rip capacity to the right: 24 inches, to the left: 12 inches
  • On-board storage capacity
  • Overload protection and blade guard system
  • Can be a little loud for some users
  • The overall design may be too bulky for some

Summary: The Tacklife PTSG1A 10 inch, 15 Amp, 4800 RPM table saw comes with on-board storage for accessories to make your work easier.

Features like Tacklife’s Overload Protection System, large 40 x 20 inch table, and Blade Guard System ensure you get secure and accurate cuts.

Along with the Adjustable cutting depth and angle control, large rip capacity all mean you get a choice table saw for your home or business.

How To Choose A Table Saw?

What are Your Needs?: When shopping for your table saw, carefully consider what you plan on using it for. Are you a weekend warrior and only plan on making flower boxes? Are you a skilled carpenter which needs it for your business? By careful consideration of your needs, you’ll never pay too much for features you do not need.

Cutting Ability: Once you become a serious woodworker, basic hand saw, or handheld jig saws simply won’t do. The purpose of having a table saw is to be able to perform a vast variety of cuts. When looking at specs, look for a table saw that can perform accurate miter, beveled, cross, rip and compound cuts. Look at adjustable depth, maximum cutting depth, and rip capacity.

Table Saw Types

Job or Work Site: These table saws can be mounted on a sturdy stand, with some stands designed with heavy duty wheels. Most also come with handles for easy transport from site to site. If your job sites include areas of tough terrain, make sure you purchase a stand with treaded, pneumatic wheels.

Bench: Bench table saws do not come with a stand. You’ll have to install them on your work table or workbench. Many of these models have handles so you can transport them easily.

Contractor: Contractor table saws are usually some of the largest table saws available. These saws can weigh over 100 pounds and are built for heavy duty construction projects. When you purchase one, look for one that comes with a wheeled stand to make moving easier.

Safety Features: Look for a table saw that has a good set of safety features. You are operating a 15 Amp power tool where a carbide blade is rotating at 4800 RPM. So, look for table saws with blade guards, riving knives, push sticks, anti-kickback pawls or splitters.

Dust Collection System: No matter what type of air filter you run in your shop, your saw still needs a good dust collection system. If sawdust collects inside the interior of your table saw, your saw could malfunction or the motor burn out. So look for a table saw that has a dust port which can hook up to your Shop Vac.

How To Use A Table Saw?

Welcome to our basic guide on table saw operation. Please remember this is a general guide. Under no circumstances should it take precedence over the instructions in your owners manual.

Step 1. Preparation- Before you begin to operate your table saw, gather and apply the necessary gear. You should always wear industrial strength safety glasses or goggles. If you do not wish to get sawdust all over your clothes, wear a jumpsuit or purchase a work apron. Make sure your area is free from clutter and loose cords, to prevent you from tripping while operating the saw.

Step 2. Parts of the Saw- Read and study your owners manual carefully before you begin, to ensure you are familiar with the saw. Know the following parts, where they are located and their function:

  • Blade
  • Fence and fence dog
  • Power button
  • Electric brakes (if your model has this feature)
  • Blade angle/height adjustment features

Step 3. Set the Blade Height- Check with your manual first. Generally, woodworkers either set the blade around 1/8 inch above the material, or much higher. This depends on how they work, and who instructed them.

Step 4. Miter Gauge and Table Saw Fence- In order to cut pieces of lumber length wise accurately, you must adjust your fence. Once you have your width chosen, secure it with the lever. If you are planning on making accurate cross or angled cuts, adjust your miter gauge.

Step 5. Make Your Cuts- Once you are familiar with your particular saw, including the parts their location and function, it’s time to cut. If you feel nervous, simply watch some videos online to familiarize yourself with the process of each cut. Your table saw should be able to make 3 types of cuts:

  • Cross Cut: When you cut across the grain and uses a miter gauge
  • Ripping Cut: Cuts the board lengthwise. The fence is used to guide your width
  • Dado Cut: Used for making joints. These cuts can use either a fence, miter gauge or specially purchased blades.

Before you cut, check your wood for any foreign objects such as nails. Always use a push stick, and never your hands. Also, do not use your saw for any material the manufacturer does not advise. For instance, do not use it to slice gourds, watermelon or metals.

The Final Words (Summary)

Thank you for reading our table saw review and buyers guide. We hope that you’ve learned a bit more about table saws, and how to choose the best table saw under $1000 for you. As long as you know what you plan on using your table saw for selecting one should be simple.

Remember to wear eye protection, work clothes, and to keep the area around you free from clutter. Remember, you are dealing with a power tool with a 15 AMP motor that rotates 4800 RPM, so focus is extremely important.

Once you become skilled, you will be well on your way to creating everything from intricate cabinets and furniture to replacing the trim on your door. Before you know it, your table saw will have paid for itself in deeds done, and serve you many years more to come.