7 Best Subwoofers under 200 USD for Home Theater

Whether you’re an experienced audiophile or you’re just starting to build up your sound system or home theater, a subwoofer is a great addition to your setup. With the ability to produce amazingly clear bass sounds, your soundscape becomes more rich and immersive, taking your music or multimedia experiences to whole new levels.

While subwoofers can be extremely pricey, adding one to your sound system doesn’t actually have to be. There are many lower cost subwoofers that can help you experience the sound quality you’re looking for without costing an arm and a leg. Here’s out guide to the best subwoofers under 200 dollars with a detail buyer’s guide.

What should I look for when buying a subwoofer?

Making the decision to enhance your sound experience by the addition of a subwoofer is a great step forward in your audiophile journey. However, before you make the purchase, there are a few important factors to consider.

Size – The size of your new subwoofer is really going to depend on the size of the room that you will be using it in. Most subwoofers are available with either 10- or 12-inch cones, and if you have the room capacity to handle it, you should stick with the 12-inch. However, with most home theater systems, a 10-inch subwoofer will be perfectly sufficient.

Forward or down firing driver – The way the driver faces will affect how you experience sound. A forward facing driver may find you only experiencing the best sound when you’re sitting right in front of the speaker. A down firing driver, on the other hand, is able to project sound right around the room. For a more immersive sound, you should buy a subwoofer with a down firing driver.

Frequency response – The frequency response refers to the range of frequencies that a speaker is capable of producing. Subwoofers are focused on the lower end of the frequency spectrum, and each subwoofer will have a different range that will be suited to different listening styles. If you are interested in the super low bass sounds, then be sure that your subwoofer will hit those low notes.

Passive or powered – Passive subwoofers do not feature a built-in amplifier, and must be powered by an external one. If you have an amplifier as part of your sound system already, then this won’t be an issue. However, if you’re wanting a subwoofer to add to your home theater system, you may require a powered subwoofer with a built-in amplifier.

Fixed or variable crossover – The crossover circuit routes frequencies below a specific point to the subwoofer. You may find that you want this set point to change depending on what you’re using your subwoofer for, and therefore it is suggested that you get a subwoofer with a variably controlled crossover. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck with a constant sound.

Material Construction – Since these are devices that utilized repeatedly and continuously, it is necessary that they last the longest duration of time. This can only be assured if they are made of the strongest materials available. Stainless steel is by far the strongest materials available. The best materials should also be waterproof.

7 Best subwoofers under 200 dollars reviewed

1. Sony SACS9 Subwoofer

When it comes to high quality audio, Sony is a name you can trust. With many years of experience in developing a wide range of audio gear, Sony really know how to deliver superior rich sound. This modestly priced subwoofer is the perfect addition to your audio setup.

Sony SACS9 Subwoofer
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Thumping bass: The low ends produced by this subwoofer are, in short, thunderous. The 10-inch foamed-mica reinforced woofer produces an extremely tight yet very dynamic low end. The rich, responsive sound is exactly what you’re looking for in a subwoofer.

Turntable crossover: An extremely feature-rich unit, this subwoofer holds a turntable crossover which helps enable a great range especially at the low end. Paired with vibration suppression, this is the perfect little unit for your music, no matter the source.

Compact design: This woofer was built for easy integration into your busy audio setup. Compact yet powerful and with a slick black finish, you’ll experience great power with excellent clarity.


  • Under the front grill is a beautiful blue cone that will set your space apart
  • Features a turntable crossover to enable a wider range at the low end
  • Mica-reinforced cellular cone that holds its shape
  • Vibration dampening design so your sounds are clearer
  • Built in amplifier with up to 115W power output


  • The front grill isn’t that great looking and you’ll probably want to take it off
  • If the woofer detects no low frequencies in movies or TV, it will switch off

Summary: Overall, the Sony SACS9 is a full featured subwoofer that will deliver quality sound when you’re on a budget. If your focus is on thumping bass, you’ll get it from this small but powerful woofer.

2. Monoprice Powered Subwoofer

When something on the smaller size is ideal, the Monoprice 12-inch subwoofer allows you to save space without sacrificing sound. This all-black beauty is an unassuming, yet stylish subwoofer that really packs a punch thanks to its many stellar features.

Monoprice Powered Subwoofer
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Adjustable crossover: The Monoprice 12-inch subwoofer delivers rich, powerful sounds, thanks to the adjustable crossover. You can manually turn the dial for frequencies between 50 to 150Hz, and you’ll hear the best performance at about 120Hz.

Perfect for home theaters: While some audiophiles may find the sound of this unit thinner than pricier units, it is absolutely perfect for people who want to boost up their home theater experience. Movies and television sound excellent through this speaker thanks to the bass response.

Stylish finish: Not only will your subwoofer sound great in your home theater, but the clever cabinet design means that it will integrate seamlessly and look great, too. Built with a matte wooden finish, this sleek and elegant subwoofer can match just about any décor.


  • One of the most inexpensive subwoofers for the quality
  • 12-inch cone that delivers a great range of low-end sound
  • Removable front grill for a more authentic look
  • Can transmit to up to two Bluetooth receivers such as headphones
  • Built in 150W amplifier


  • Frequencies below 50Hz will seem a little lacking
  • Cabinet design is thinner which can alter the frequency response

Summary: If you’re starting to dabble in audio gear and you’re looking for a great subwoofer on a budget, then the Monoprice 12-inch subwoofer will definitely deliver. Built for great audio whether you’re listening to music or multimedia, you’ll get a great bass experience at a lwo price.

3. Theater Solutions SUB15DM

For the vintage audio purists, there’s nothing better than a mahogany sound system. The Theater Solutions subwoofer is designed to be true to the way things used to be done, and this speaker will look great as a centerpiece of your audio setup.

Theater Solutions SUB15DM
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Down firing driver: When you want to be able to hear the perfect clarity of your bass frequencies no matter where you are in the room, a forward firing driver just won’t cut it. The Theater Solutions subwoofer contains a down firing driver which can project the sound to every corner of the room so that you can hear every nuance no matter where you are.

Efficient low-frequency operation: Everything about this subwoofer says efficiency. The digital drive high efficiency amplifier ensures that you’ll experience the full range of sound without impedance, and the high efficiency transducer means that you’ll be able to produce more sound without drawing so much power.

Engineered for quality sound: Not only is the driver built for superior sound, but the cabinet is designed to enhance the bass without restriction. The high density MDF enclosure means that you’ll experience less resonance with excellent clarity.


  • Beautiful mahogany cabinet that looks great
  • Down firing driver that enables you to hear the music from anywhere
  • Built for high efficiency usage
  • High density MDF that helps to enhance sound clarity
  • Built in amplifier with 600W power output


  • Not as loud as other subwoofers at the same price point
  • The cables that come with it are not very good quality

Summary: The Theater Solutions subwoofer is a great looking unit that will elevate any home theater sound system. Built for both on the ground or wall-mounting use, this versatile unit is form and function combined into one.

4. Acoustic Audio PSW400

Sleek and unassuming, the Acoustic Audio subwoofer shouldn’t be taken for granted. With an extraordinarily wide frequency response as well as a powerful built in amplifier, this subwoofer is perfect for any home audio setup.

Acoustic Audio PSW400
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High efficiency amplifier: The Acoustic Audio subwoofer utilize a high efficiency amplifier to deliver the best sound. This feature ensures that you are delivered a consistently deep low frequency response so that you can enjoy your music the way you want to.

Advanced cabinet design: The high density MDF enclosure is built with the bass quality in mind, and reduces vibrations and distortions so you get excellent sound clarity. Coupled with a high rigidity PVA treated cone, this subwoofer makes for delightfully easy listening.

Designed for any kind of use: This subwoofer sounds great no matter where you want to listen to it. Its intuitive design means that you can use it on the ground, on the wall or even in the ceiling as part of your home theater system, enhancing your surround sound experience.


  • Extra wide frequency range of 25 to 250Hz
  • Built with high efficiency amplifier and driver
  • High density MDF cabinet reduces vibrations and resonance
  • Built in amplifier with 400W power output
  • 9.5 foot RCA/LFE cable with “Y” adapter included


  • Auto on function means it will turn off during quieter parts of movies
  • Suited more for a smaller room due to the size

Summary: The Acoustic Audio subwoofer is a great addition to the fledgling audiophile. Not only will it deliver a great range of frequencies with excellent response, but it won’t break the bank.

5. Yamaha YST-SW215PN Subwoofer

Yamaha is another name that you know you can trust when it comes to audio equipment, so it goes without saying that this powered subwoofer can help you to achieve the high quality lows that you’re looking for. Suited for use as part of a music setup and performing brilliantly for your home theater, this tiny subwoofer will help you get more out of your sound.

Yamaha YST-SW215PN Subwoofer
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Strong and accurate bass: Yamaha have used their Advanced Active Servo Technology to enable clear, strong bass with an accurate response. This system utilizes negative impedance feedback from the built in amplifier with a resonator in the speaker to deliver the highest quality dynamic sound.

Experience bass from all angles: Rather than build a directional speaker, Yamaha have used their QD-Bass technology to radiate the bass with higher efficiency. This technology uses a down firing driver, which pulses the bass sounds out in every direction so you’ll experience a great sound no matter where you are.

Tailor your sound: The continuously variable high-cut filter enables you to set the highest frequency cutoff so that you can determine which sounds are produced by your subwoofer. This allows you to match the sound for the room you are in, enhancing the experience and reducing uncomfortable sounds.


  • Features a BASS selector which allows you to optimize sound for video or music
  • In-built 120W amplifier with an 8-inch cone
  • Continuously variable high-cut filter allows you to tailor your sound
  • Easily phase the subwoofer to the other speakers in your setup
  • Uses a down-firing driver to radiate the sound around the room


  • Signal sensor will shut off the unit if it detects no low frequencies
  • Bass is not as punchier as some models

Summary: If you’re experienced with the Yamaha style of sound quality, then this subwoofer will be a delightful addition to your setup. With the flexibility of using it for both audio and as part of your home theater setup, you’ll be sure to get your money’s worth in no time.

6. Rockville RTB12A Subwoofer

When you want something that looks sharp and eye-catching in your audio gear, the Rockville RTB12A has got you covered. This powered subwoofer comes with many attractive features that will have you feeling the bass more thoroughly.

Rockville RTB12A Powered Subwoofer
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Powerful bass tube: With the RTB12A, Rockville have combined the best in sound quality and portability to deliver you a subwoofer that you can take with you anywhere. As they say themselves, good things come in small packages, but don’t let this fool you – the sound is richer and stronger than you can imagine!

Stunning design suited for many uses: No matter where you listen to your music – in your home or on the road you will experience the best in thumping bass sounds. Thanks to the innovative tube design, you can direct your music anywhere you want it to go. Just point the speaker end and enjoy away.

Packed with everything you need: Not only is the low end response of this woofer out of this world, but you also get everything you need to set it up. This subwoofer comes with a built in amplifier, as well as a wiring kit and remote control, so that you can start using it sooner.


  • Bass tubes produce punchier bass sounds
  • Comes with a wiring kit and everything you need to set it up
  • Contains a built in amplifier with 600W power output
  • Control it with the remote control
  • 12 inch woofer which optimizes output


  • Some users have experienced blowouts with intense usage
  • The materials used in the design aren’t as good as you’d expect

Summary: While the Rockville RTB12A has many features that you will find useful with a look that you’ll love, you might find that it is suited to users with moderate usage requirements. Though powerful, extended intense use may shorten the life of the unit.

7. Micca MS10 Subwoofer

If simplicity is your style, then the Micca 10-inch subwoofer is the perfect addition to your minimalist life. With the ability to deliver a great bass sound with a focus on integration into your existing audio setup, the Micca is the perfect accessory for your low end sound.

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New design for a new generation: Micca recognized that subwoofers in this price range can be a real mixed bag, and aimed to design a model that will fit into any existing sound system. With a focus on the ability to integrate, the subwoofer features a stylish design with a bass sound that really punches through.

Embrace your movie collection: This Micca media series subwoofer is designed to elevate your audio-visual experience, bringing you a truly immersive experience when it comes to your movies and television. With a bass sound so deep and rich, you’ll not only hear the sound but you’ll feel it too.

Capable driver for powerful sound: This subwoofer features a strong forward-facing driver that delivers the powerful frequencies that you love. The cabinet is designed in such a way as to maximize the experience, giving you beautiful, and unhindered bass.


  • Built in 120W Micca Media Series amplifier
  • Flexible connectivity so you can integrate it into any setup
  • Treated pulp paper cone which reduces resonance in your sound
  • Front firing woofer so your bass is delivered straight to you
  • One of the best speakers at this price point


  • At low volumes the speaker cuts out due to the auto-on feature
  • The volume leveling means that the sub is louder at low volumes

Summary: As an extremely budget friendly subwoofer, Micca have developed a speaker that has the power to deliver the best sound possible. Tiny yet robust, this subwoofer is the perfect addition to any stereo sound system.

The Final Words (Summary)

Finding the best subwoofer that’s within your budget can be a challenging task, but there are many quality options available on the market that can help you to elevate your sound to new levels.

Once you experience the power that a subwoofer can add to your home theater or sound system experience, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without one. Therefore, use this guide to the best home theater subwoofer under $200 to help you improve your audio system today.

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