5 Best Studio Headphones Under $100 In 2023

Headphones are a staple in today’s society and they come in all different shapes and forms. They’ve gone from headphones that could barely transfer audio to headphones that have countless of features. When it comes to studio sessions, someone has to be on the other side of the booth wearing a pair of headphones to see the sound quality is. A good pair of studio headphones are hard to come by, and it can get pretty confusing for people who don’t know anything about them to pick one out. That’s why we’ve made this list of the best studio headphones under 100.

A Quick Look at the Top Studio Headphones Under 100

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5 Best Studio Headphones Under 100 Reviewed

1. Sony MDRV6

If you like the feeling of leather then look no further. The Sony MDRV6 is an extremely durable studio monitor headphone that can do it all. The ear pads are comfortable while still delivering clear and precise audio for users to experience. Sony has been making high quality audio products for years, and they’re still here for a reason.

(Best Studio Headphones Under 100) Sony MDRV6 Studio Monitor Headphones
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High Quality Cord: The sound capabilities are only possible due to the cord being oxygen-free so it can conduct the electricity better. This allows the sound to transfer from your hardware straight to your studio headphones without any delay. It’s also curled to make things more neat and tidy for users.

Incredibly Durable: The leather on the headband is stitched so that you can see the embossing on the outside. This makes it so that the friction from wear won’t affect anything on the inside end. Not only that but the earpads are made to be thick enough so that it won’t tear from regular use.

Noise Cancelling: What makes this different from a lot of other headphones is the over the ear design. This makes it harder for outside noises to enter and interrupter any listening session. The neodymium magnets inside work with the drivers to deliver a high quality sound that you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Deep bass that reaches down to 5 Hz
  • Padded headband is wide enough to distribute weight over an expansive area
  • Foldable design makes it easy to take on the go and put away
  • The built in circum-aural cancels outside noise
  • Cord is made out of copper litz to minimize static
  • Isn’t wireless so you have to deal with cords and connecting things
  • No blue tooth so you can’t connect to devices
  • Simple design makes it look plain

2. OneOdio Studio Headphones

When it comes to professional studio headphones, the OneOdio is as sleek as it can get. It’s beautiful design and build quality makes it a headphone that a lot of people want for themselves. They’re lightweight and portable enough for you to take anywhere on the go.

OneOdio Studio Monitor Headphones,
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Foldable Design : The OneOdio has headbands that can be adjusted to fit any head size. The earpads on the sides can be rotated so that single side users can be more comfortable. You also have the option to fold the headphones flat to fit the pouch that it comes with. This makes it one of the easiest headphones to take with you when you’re on the way to the studio.

Stunning Sound: The OneOdio has everything and audiophile needs when it comes to sound quality. The dynamic bass is accompanied by the 50mm neodymium driver that lets you control the music dynamics. It works well with mixer panels, radios, recording studios, and more.

Share port Ability: What sets this studio headphone apart from others is the share port. Instead of taking off your headphones and handing it to someone else, you have the option to both listen at the same time. All you have to do is connect your second pair of headphones or earbuds to the 3.5mm port and you’re good to go.

  • The custom high powered drivers deliver sound that other headphones can’t
  • The cable it comes with can be stretched up to an extra 9 feet
  • The earpads are designed to have single sided monitoring
  • Leather padding on the headsets make them comfortable enough for long period use
  • Is compatible with bluetooth
  • You need more than one pair for the Shareport feature
  • They’re heavier than other headphones
  • The bass isn’t strong like other headphones

3. Sennheiser HD280PRO

Sennheiser has been a top brand in the audio industry for a reason. The Sennheiser HD280PRO is one of their best works that can support that fact. All of it’s features and qualities are only topped by it’s smooth and minimilistic design. It’s made to surpass the expectations of professional producers and audiophiles alike

Sennheiser HD280PRO
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Light Weight: The Sennheiser HD280PRO has an ergonomic design that’s meant to let users listen for long periods of time without having any headaches or sores. It’s only 10 inches in length and weighs 1.28 pounds so that anyone can pick it up without duress.

Extremely Comfortable : The ear pads on this headphone are closed ear so that there’s no wind or space for noise to enter through to your eardrums. The frequency response rate reproduces a warm and natural sound that can sooth anyone. The leather ear pads are matched by the two extra leather pads for the top of your head.

Long Lasting: With more padding means that this headphone can withstand more. You won’t have to worry about dropping these as long as you’re not purposely throwing it from the roof of a building. All of the pads and material make it so that the shock from a drop will be absorbed without fail.

  • Wraps around your ears instead of sitting on top of them
  • Pads and cords are detachable and replaceable
  • Has a nominal impedance of 64 ohm
  • Earcups can be rotated
  • Easily foldable for people to take on the go
  • Plug and cable are so sturdy that it’s stiff
  • Thick cable can get in the way
  • All of the leather padding can get hot after awhile

4. Koss Pro-4AA

Koss knows what it takes to make headphones that can capture live sound in high quality. That’s why music lovers and producers all love what Koss creates. Every one of their headphones are built to be unique while still having the features to make it what it is. Sit back and get ready to enjoy Koss’ superior sound quality.

Koss Pro-4AA Headphones
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Unique Build : When you look at a Koss Pro-4AA, you know immediately what it is and who made it. These are made out of a steel for the frame and rubber for the head strap. The exterior looks like something you’d find in an aviator scene, with the same color hues and materials that you’d find someone flying an aircraft would wear.

Live Sound: The sounds coming from the Pro-4AA is something that you can’t get anywhere else. The creators purposely made the drivers output sound that makes live instruments sound like they’re actually there. This unique sound filter will leave you in awe when you use it to listen to the same things you normally do.

Practically Unbreakable: If you’re a person that worries about dropping or breaking something on accident then have no fear. The Koss Pro-4AA is built to be more durable than most of the other studio headphones on the market. The outer layers of the headphone are made out of a thick plastic that won’t crack under any pressure.

  • There’s a knob on the side of the earpad for volume control
  • The thick materials make it incredibly durable
  • The best drivers for listening to live music
  • Earpads provide strong isolation and bass while cancelling noise
  • Any size can wear these with the adjustable bars on the side
  • Vintage style design might not be for modern users
  • The thick material makes your head sweat after long periods of use
  • It’s not wireless so you have to deal with connecting cords

5. GRADO SR80e

The GRADO SR80e headphones know how to combine the old times with the new times. The metal mesh design on the outside of the ear pads pop out and know how to make a statement. It’s an award winning headphone that has a large sound stage clear enough for anyone to hear.

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Impeccable Sound Quality : It’s built in a way that gives better bass resonance while bringing all of the other sounds to the next level. It doesn’t have a resonant air chamber, and the vented diaphragm makes sound come through to you in a different way.

Comfortable Cushions: The GRADO SR80e has the same cushions that you’d find on old style headphones. They’ve taken the most comfortable material and doubled it. The cushions are thick enough so that you can’t feel the metal frame and are big enough to fit over anyone’s ear

High Quality Material: You can tell with just one look that the GRADO SR80e is made out of expensive material. The black leather for the headband is so smooth that you can barely see any creases on it. The outer part of the ear pads are where the money is at, featuring a metal mesh design that puts their logo in the spotlight.

  • Overall look and details are impressive
  • The cushioning make it more comfortable than other headphones
  • Lightweight and easy to manuever
  • Not overly dry or powerful
  • On ear headphones may make you sore after long periods of time
  • Wires make handling the headphones difficult
  • Cushion material can rip easier than leather

Things to Consider When Buying a Studio Headphone

You can customize the look and feel of most of these headphones. No matter if you’re a producer who makes and listens to music or just a gamer that needs the best audio that they can get, these studio headphones can do it all. Here are a few things to consider when buying new headphones.

Comfort – This is one of the most overlooked factors to look at when it comes to headphones. Make sure you pick one with material that is comfortable enough to be on your head for hours on end. There’s no point to using them if they hurt your head or ears.

Weight – Are you someone who likes to have that weight on your head to let you know it’s still there, or someone who prefers something lightweight and easy to carry around? Headphone weight varies for a reason and they both have their good sides. Heavy headphones are more durable while light ones are easier to carry around.

Sound Quality – Having good sound quality is the most important factor when it comes to studio headphones. Make sure that the headphones you are looking at have a decibel range that fits your tastes. People who like lower end spectrum should go for headphones that excel in bass and etc.

Build – Does it have wires or is it wireless? If you’re going to need to connect the headphones to hardware or instruments, make sure that it comes with the correct wires and cords. If you’re not in a studio or are just using your headphones for regular everyday use then wireless should be just fine.

The Final Words (Summary)

As you can see there are a lot of things to consider when looking at studio headphones. Different tastes and preferences may lead to different choices, but you want the same thing in the end. You should always get a pair of headphones that are comfortable, sound good to you, and work with the devices you use. All of the reviews above should help you choose that one new best studio headphones under $100 that’s made for you.