5 Best Speakers for Echo Dot: Smart Wired & Bluetooth

Commonly used for easy portability, wireless speakers are smaller versions of a typical loudspeaker found on most home theater stereos and the like. While portable speakers are used in just about every facet of portable technology there is another area where a portable speaker comes in handy; to be used with Amazon’s Echo Dot or Alexa.

The echo dot is best defined as a hands-free device that is voice activated and is usually used for searching or listening to music; among other things. During the 1980s a portable speaker was all but an unheard of idea, and with the increased pace of technological advancements, the portable speaker is just one of the trending technological devices that is quite popular at this time.

This article will be the go-to guide for purchasing the best speakers for echo dot in addition to providing a review for each of the 5 speakers that have been chosen as high-quality products. Additionally, this guide will offer some steps on connecting a portable speaker to the Echo Dot.

What is the best speaker to use with Echo dot?

We have listed 5 smart speakers depend on sound quality, size, brand, setup technology, price and experts and customer opinions. And Sony SRSXB12/B is the best external speaker to use with Echo dot.

Sony SRSXB12B Wireless Speaker
Editor Pick: Sony SRS-XB12/B

How to choose an external speaker for Echo Dot

When making any type of high-end purchase, such as the best speaker for echo dot, it is extremely important to consider various factors that determine what the best product is based on the overall needs, desires or wants. While this is ultimately important in the sense of getting a good deal in terms of cost it is also important because in the end high-quality goods are the main thing and everyone wants the best out of what they buy. Here are a few factors to consider when purchasing speakers for the Amazon Echo Dot.

1. Sound Quality- When it comes to listening to movies, games and all around good entertainment everybody wants the best sound that can be heard that according to an article found on Sound Revealer “enhances the audio experience”. Some things to look for (or listen for as it were) include the clarity of the sound, the decibel levels, and the amount of amp wattage that is produced. It will also be important to listen for any sound distortion as this is a big disadvantage to a speaker.

2. Size- Due to the overall functionality of being used as a portable speaker another factor that should be determined will be the size of the speaker(s) you are looking to purchase. Portable speakers come in just about any type of shape and size while most are relatively smaller than others. Although the speaker may be set up in a stationary location leaving enough room to be easily mobile will play a huge role in the final purchasing decision.

3. Brand- Just as there are several popular speaker brands no matter the speaker type the same goes for portable speakers. While high-quality brands, like SONOS, extend their marketed products to all types of customers there are also other brands that may appear questionable at best and may require a bit of extended research as there are, equivalently, many unknown brands as there are known.

4. Technology/Setup- As a whole, the existent technology built into the average speaker is PNP, or plug and play technology. This means that all that is required to get started is to simply plug the speaker(s) into a compatible device and presto. Additional technology features may require Bluetooth compatibility. This can also play a major role when it comes to setup, although most speaker setups are fairly standard. Consulting a product for a particular brand may require more. Overall, the setup and technology feature factors are both essential as the overall audio experience will be affected by this.

5. Price- One final factor that should be considered when purchasing the best echo dot speaker is the full price of the product. While the final price is determined by various stores, along with other factors, the basics are that one major pricing factor is highly dependent upon the extent of the built-in technology in the product. Generally, a good speaker could very well cost on upwards of $200 or more although some cost far less than that. Ultimately, it all depends on the above factors as well as the brand.

5 Best speakers for Echo Dot reviewed

1. Sony SRSXB12/B Wireless Speaker

Measuring roughly 3.39 x 3.39 x 4.25 inches, the Sony Portable speaker packs a big punch contained within its small design. The overall size makes it perfect for on the go while providing unique customization options given the four varying color options to choose from. Additionally, even with the customized skins and covers available for this particular speaker, it is one that blends in nicely with any decoration.

Furthermore, since it takes up very little space it can either remain in its stationary place or be stored away when not in use. Although there aren’t that many features available for this product the ones that have been built-in a more than adequate in terms of the mere basics providing what is needed.

Sony SRSXB12B Wireless Speaker
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For starters, this portable wireless speaker offers listeners to extend the reach of a home theater system by including a connection port that can house an additional speaker that can be used for stereo quality sound in addition to the already established crystal clear sound with the standalone portable wireless speaker. However, this speaker is not limited to just the home as it can be used anywhere at any time and, as such, takes up very little space when traveling.

Another great feature that is included in this speaker is the additional bass boost that further enhances the listening experience and is, in general, an awesome feature. Finally featured is the 16-hour battery life that provides listeners complete mobility with this speaker that operates via either Bluetooth methods and is simple to set up; only requiring the speaker to be paired to any smartphone. This speaker is also waterproof so no worries should the speaker get wet a little bit.

You may like Sony SRSXB12/B for the following Key Features:

  • Water-resistant.
  • Available in multiple colors.
  • 16-hour battery life.
  • Bluetooth compatible.
  • Small/compact design.
  • Available connector for additional speakers.

Summary- Overall, this portable wireless speaker designed by Sony is the perfect fit for anyone looking to get a lot of sound without the need to sacrifice a whole lot of space. While the design is small and compact the design does also allow for a lot of freedom when it comes to home decor and the like as there are four different color options that aid in unique individual customization. Additionally, since the speaker is easy to setup and transport listeners can enjoy all kinds of music no matter where thanks to the clear and crisp sound coupled with additional bass boost.

2. Oontz Angle 3 Plus

Slightly larger than most of the wireless home speakers on this list, the OontZ Angle portable Bluetooth Speaker measures roughly 7″ x 3″ x 3″, and weighs a little over 10 ounces. As a whole, this particular portable speaker is equipped with many great features (discussed later) in addition to its stylish triangular design. Furthermore, because the speaker is made with no harshly crafted edges or corners the speaker fits and looks great with almost any decor type.

Oontz Angle 3 Plus Review
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When it comes to the built-in features presented throughout the entire speaker system there is plenty to discuss. For starters, the sound quality is considered to be high-quality thanks to the crystal clear 10-watts of output power. Furthermore, because it is a portable system the speaker can be listened to anytime and anyplace; including beaches and pools as the speaker is waterproof. The sound quality of this speaker also extended via the bass boost for an enhanced listening experience.

Other mentionable features include hands-free communication when taking calls, operates via Bluetooth and is easy to setup (simple pair to connect). The tech features are also great too as this speaker is compatible with a wide range of different devices including iPhones, TVs, tablets, computers, and more. While the limits to what this speaker can do don’t stop at listening to music the speaker produces all types of sounds from movies, and videos to more and has a battery life set at 30-hours.

You may like Oontz Angle 3 Plus for the following Key Specifications:

  • High-quality rich sound with bass boost.
  • 30-hour battery life.
  • Sleek and stylish design.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Easy setup and 100% portable.
  • Compatible with nearly all Bluetooth devices.

Summary- In the end, the OontZ Angle 3 Portable Speaker is designed with sophistication and class and can be used anywhere as it is easily portable and can be connected to any type of device that has Bluetooth technology. While the sound is crystal clear the listening experience is further enhanced with a deep bass boost perfect for every type of audio experience ranging from music and games to TV and movies.

In addition to all the above, this speaker is the perfect solution to all entertainment needs as the design goes perfectly with any decor, the speaker can be used as a hands-free system when taking a call, and the system is waterproof so no damage will be done if the speaker gets wet.

3. Bose SoundLink Mini II

Measuring roughly 7″ x 2″ x 2″, the Bose Mini Bluetooth speaker is one of the Best Choice  Speaker for Echo Dot because of it’s overall high-quality design as well as it’s capability to handle various sound formats. While the mini speaker does initially come in two different color options, carbon, and pearl, there are additional options in the form of individualized covers that are available to be purchased separately.

(Best Speakers for Echo Dot) Bose SoundLink Mini II Review

Additionally, this mini Bluetooth speaker makes for a great addition to any room as it offers a modern and current look that blends in nicely. As far as the built-in features are concerned, there seems to be no limit to what this mini speaker is capable of doing. First and foremost is the high-quality sound that is clear, pure, and true to the Bose brand as a whole allowing the listener to be immersed into the overall audio environment.

Furthermore, setup is a quick and painless process as there is nothing more required than pairing this speaker to a Bluetooth compatible device and cranking up the jams. As if this isn’t enough features to discuss, this speaker is also is able to allow the user hands-free calling when there are other things to be done (such as driving). All of this is wrapped into a nice design that can be used for approximately 10 hours before charging is required. Speaking of charging, the ion-lithium battery can either be charged with the included wall charger or on most USB compatible ports while on the go.

You may like Bose SoundLink Mini II for the following Key Specifications:

  • Features a small/compact design that measures roughly 7″ x 2″ x 2″.
  • Take calls via the loudspeaker for hands-free communication.
  • Ion-Lithium battery operates for a full 10 hours before it needs to be charged.
  • Easily portable and can connect via Bluetooth on up to two devices simultaneously.
  • Easily paired with seamless charging.
  • Deep bass setting for further enriched sound experience.

Summary-  Overall, there are just a few benefits that come with the mini Bluetooth speaker. For starters, the easy plug-and-play setup is nice because it saves time to enjoy the music and other entertainment commonly enjoyed vs. having to spend hours on end connecting cables or whatnot just to get the system up and running. Instead, simply pair the speaker to any Bluetooth compatible device and that’s it!

Another great benefit is that this speaker can handle calls allowing users to go hands-free when it’s needed. This allows them to stay focused on various tasks and get more done. One final benefit worth mentioning is the 10-hour lifespan of the speaker before it needs charging. This allows for less charge time, although the speaker can still be used while charging, and more mobility. The speaker is versatile in its charging capabilities in that it can be charged on the go or while at home.

4. Sonos Play 5

Measuring roughly 14″ x 8″ x 6″, the Sonos ultimate wireless smart speaker is a mammoth speaker in comparison to other speakers of its kind. However, despite the fact that this speaker is in no way easily portable there are several features that make it the perfect candidate for the ultimate listening experience. Additionally, the overall stylish design is one that is modern and blends perfectly in any room and/or decor. As previously mentioned there are several unique features that have been built into this particular type of speaker.

Sonos Play 5 Review
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While it’s massive size makes it a bit difficult to easily maneuver the first feature that is almost immediately recognized, aside from the size and design, is the easy setup process that incorporates Wi-Fi connectivity vs. Bluetooth to minimalize any unnecessary interruptions encountered during music playback. Furthermore, another feature immediately recognized (when listening for the first time) is the crystal clear high-quality sound that is produced. This speaker is built with six amplifiers in addition to the three woofers that provide a perfect blend of crystal clear sound mixed with deep bass vibes sure to make the walls rumble.

Overall, as a whole, the setup process is simple and can be done fairly quickly as the speaker connects to the local Wi-Fi network and is then operated through the free app that can be downloaded on any smartphone. Additional features of this particular speaker include a vast amount of access to several different music streaming services in addition to the capability of playing different songs in each room of the house or a single song blasted throughout the whole house.

You may like Sonos Play 5 for the following Key Specifications:

  • 6 amplifiers resulting in clear and crisp high-quality sound.
  • Play different songs simultaneously.
  • Easy setup; integrated through Wi-Fi.
  • Wireless streaming capabilities via music streaming services.
  • Sleek design with plug-and-play.
  • Volume and track control via built-in touch sensors.

Summary- All in all, the Sonos Ultimate Wireless Smart Speaker is a massive speaker that produces high-quality sound with unique and balanced bass sound given the 6 amplifiers coupled with the 3 woofers that have been built into the stylish and modern design.

Additional to the sound quality and the benefit that comes from enjoying the ultimate listening experience listeners have the ability to play a single song throughout the entire house or a different song in each room thus further enhancing the listening experience. Furthermore, although its massive size and weight make it challenging to easily be moved the overall design works perfectly with almost any decor type.

5. Vaux Echo Dot Speaker

Although this particular home speaker measures roughly 4″ x 4″ x 6″, it’s overall size is slightly bigger than other home speakers like it. While the manufacturing company is not one that is as widely known as most this particular speaker boasts that it offers high-quality sound, stylish design, as well as easy portability.

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Designed with fairly standard features, this cordless home speaker is one of the top rated echo dot speaker for many reasons including its ability to operate wirelessly thus eliminating additional cords. Furthermore, although this particular speaker is a bit bigger than most portable speakers the speaker system is, in fact, portable allowing for easy placement throughout the house in addition to the ability to take the listening experience on the go. This speaker’s design also presents a stylish modern and current look that blends perfectly with just about any type of decor.

Yet another feature that is worth mentioning is a 6-hour run time limit after which time the ion lithium battery will need to be charged; via the fast charge feature. Last, but not least, is the amazing sound quality that the speakers produce via the dual 52mm drivers integrated with the passive radiator culminating in clear and crisp sound with a hint of the deep base sound integrated into the overall sound.

You may like Vaux Echo Dot Speaker for the following Key Specifications:

  • Easily portable.
  • Sleek and stylish design.
  • Wireless.
  • Easy setup/fast charging.
  • Clear high-quality sound.

Summary- In the end, the VAUX cordless home speaker appears to be a good speaker further features that are offered. Although this speaker comes from a brand that is typically nor widely known its standard features should adequately do for any low-end entertainment system. While the features and benefits are fairly standard two nice features that stand up most include that of the wireless set up in addition to the stylish design.

How to Connect the Amazon Echo Dot with a Bluetooth Speaker

Connectivity: Upon purchase, unpack the speaker and read over the instructions for exact particular instructions that need to be addressed aside from the normal steps taken to getting the speaker system connected to the Echo Dot and fully operational. Once unpacked it will be time to turn the Echo Dot on and get it connected to the local Wi-Fi network; fairly straight forward.

Pairing: From the previous step, it is now time to prepare the speaker to connect to your Echo Dot system via pairing mode. Each speaker is different in the exact steps to take, however, the general steps include reading the instructions and then going accordingly. Generally speaking, most speakers pair through a series of buttons pushed via the controls on the speaker itself.

App: Next, go to the Echo Dot app and tap on settings from the menu screen. This will take you to a list of all the devices that can be connected via Bluetooth directly from the local network. Simply find the Echo Dot and select it to initiate the request to connect.

Settings: Once the Echo Dot device as been selected from the list of available devices it will be required to tap on Bluetooth setting from the next signaled instruction that appears, this will officially pair the speaker with the Echo Dot.

Enjoy: Now that everything is connected and paired there is nothing more to do other than select a crowd favorite, crank up the volume and rock out. Pairing may take a couple seconds to fully complete.

The Final Words (Conclusion)

In conclusion, the Echo Dot is a voice activated device that is capable of playing music in addition to other voice activated commands. While this is a unique technological addition to any home theater system it can also be connected to various types of speakers, such as those that are portable.

Although the design of the speakers that have been discussed in the above reviews are modernly designed it is the sound quality that is important. Of course, nobody wants a speaker that is horribly distorted and produces band sound quality. As a result, the speakers that have been reviewed all come with moderate to high-quality sound; some even with enhanced bass features that further increase the overall listening experience.

All in all, there are ultimately certain factors that aid in determining what the best speaker truly is. Factors include price, brand, and sound quality. Finally, another huge factor to consider when making such a purchase is the required compatible technology in addition to how easy it is to set a speaker system up with something such as an Echo Dot.

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