5 Best soundbars under 100 USD in 2023 for large room & TV

We always spent most of our free time watching movies or music videos on television. TVs are mainly designed to give us fantastic video outputs, and the audio quality usually doesn’t match the pictures we get. We can get extra speakers to enhance the audio production, and a soundbar can be an impressive pick.

Soundbars are mostly used alongside other speakers to enhance the audio output from your entertainment system. They are usually sleek and compact in design hence take less space when you compare to home theatres. This article does a review of some of the best soundbars under 100 USD you can get in the market.

5 Best soundbars under 100 reviewed

1. Avantree BTSP-006P-BLK

The Torpedo Plus offers a low latency stereo sound and offers wireless connection via Bluetooth V4.2. A user can also use an auxiliary cable to connect the soundbar to their TV and enjoy the three different musical modes. It’s sleek and slim which would make it a perfect fit on your TV stand or areas with limited spaces.

Avantree BTSP-006P-BLK
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Sound Quality: The speakers offer a fantastic HD audio quality which is output by dual channel speakers. The 5-watts sound from each speaker delivers an impressive full-range sound. It also has a Digital Signal Processor to enhance its sound quality.

The three sound modes allow a user to choose the most appropriate sound mode. Its 3D sound output offers a three-dimensional sound effect to users. Its second mode is super-bass which produces extra bass. Its balanced audio-mode is the third, and the music levels are balanced to give clear mids, highs, and lows.

Connection: The Avantree Torpedo offers two means a user can connect their devices. The Bluetooth V4.2 allows one to connect all their Bluetooth enabled devices with ease. Also, it has an auxiliary input where you can connect your aux cable.

APT-X- Low Latency Enabled: The Torpedo Plus uses APT-X technology to ensure the sound produced doesn’t have a delay. You can use a transmitter which uses the APT-X technology to enjoy maximum sound synchronization. It reduces echo sounds if you are using both your television speakers and the Torpedo.


  • Stylish design
  • Quality sound output
  • Easy to set up
  • Three sound modes
  • Two methods of connectivity


  • Poor sound sync if used on devices without APT-X support
  • Low bass output

Summary: The sound quality is fantastic for your living room and also the aesthetic design would probably blend well. The three sound modes and two modes of connection make the Torpedo a versatile soundbar. The soundbar is easy to install and can connect to all your portable devices.

2. ELEGIANT Furmores 4778

Are you searching for a soundbar that will work well with your computer or laptop? The Elegiant soundbar is one of the best soundbars you can use to change your PC to a sound system. All you need to do is connect your soundbar to your PC using the USB input/ powering cable.

ELEGIANT Furmores 4778
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Design: The sound bar is compact and portable in design. It’s small enough to fit on the space below you PC’s screen with minimal interference. The speaker is also portable as you can easily fit in your bag and carry it with you.

The exterior design of the soundbar is also sleek. Its designed from premium ABS varnish material which is hardy making the soundbar to be long-lasting. The aluminum alloy grille has LED lights which makes its final design to be impressive.

Sound Quality: The soundbar offers audible sound output which allows you to enjoy your music for long durations. The mids and the highs are clear and crisp to give you the best music output. The lows produced by the speakers feel rounded and well balanced.

Connectivity: The Elegiant soundbar offers two modes of connection; USB interface and auxiliary input. Its USB interface doubles as its power and input source. The soundbar comes with a 3.5mm jack port which can support all your other devices which you can use to play your music.

Led Lighting: You can use your soundbar in the dark thanks to the RGB colors that are fitted on the speaker. Using a button at the back of the bar, you can control the lighting with ease. It allows you to see the soundbar in the dark and also access the control knob with ease.


  • High-quality sound output
  • Doesn’t need a power cord; the USB interface works as the power cord
  • Two modes of connection
  • LED lighting making it visible in the dark
  • Sleek design


  • The bass feels rounded
  • The elegiant doesn’t have mounting options

Summary: The soundbar’s build is robust and durable with an impressive grille. If you are looking for a compact soundbar, this could meet your needs. The sound quality is one of the best features of this Elegiant soundbar model.

3. Wohome Soundbar S11

The S11 is an impressive 38-inch soundbar that can produce up to 80W from its four drivers. The soundbar offers multiple connectivity options, and you can use a remote controller to change its settings. The soundbar also has wall mounts which allows it to be fixed on any wall.

Wohome Soundbar S11
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Sound Quality: The Wohome S11 offers an unbeatable audio experience. It has two built-in speakers each of 3-inch. The speakers have four drivers which provide an output of 105dB. The soundbar comes with a 3-inch subwoofer which produces deep bass. You can listen to all kind of music and enjoy a balanced audio experience.

The use of a 2.1 channel and DSP technology gives the S11 a clear and crisp sound output. The innovation ensures the sound levels are well balanced and the sound is sharp. You can choose either of the four audio modes for the ultimate sound experience.

Connectivity: S11 offers users multiple options you can connect your devices. A user can opt to use the wireless option where the soundbar has Bluetooth V4.0. If you need to use a wired connection, you can choose to use the optical input, auxiliary, USB input or RCA input.

Remote controller: Once you buy this soundbar, you will find a remote controller in the package. The controller makes it easier for you to operate your soundbar from your seat. It also has buttons at the side of the bar where you can control all the settings manually.


  • High-quality sound output
  • Remote controller for ease of operation
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Sleek and durable finish
  • The soundbar has wall mounts


  • The remote doesn’t come with batteries
  • The soundbar can’t connect to an external subwoofer

Summary: The soundbar offers a lot of amazing features you can hardly get at this price. The wall mounts make it a good pick for parents with young kids. The sound output is well balanced, and the four modes give you different levels which provide different moods.


Fuloxtech is one fantastic soundbar built with durability and quality in mind despite its low price. It offers a natural sound which would improve your watching experience. The soundbar has wired and wireless connectivity options that you can use.

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Sound Quality: The Hi-Fi sound produced by the speakers ensure you get an incredible audio output. It has four high-quality and high range speakers. The soundbar also has two radiators which offer one with incredible bass output. Each speaker produces an output of 40-watts which give you a fantastic sound output.

Connectivity: Fuloxtech has multiple connectivity options both wireless and wired. It has Bluetooth V4.2 which you can connect to your wireless devices. The numerous wired options are auxiliary input, RCA or optical input.

Wall Mounts: The soundbar comes with wall mounts which enables one to fix the soundbar to any wall. It ensures that its securely attached and you can use it as an extra to your wall decor.

Design: The bar is made from durable PVC material, and the finishing is sleek. It has manual controls which you can control the multi-modes from with ease. The soundbar has an LED light which gives different colors which indicate the various devices connected to the speaker.

If you connect a Bluetooth device, the LED turns blue and orange for optical mode. Once you turn the soundbar to RCA mode, the LED light turns green. The LED turns white for auxiliary devices hence easier identification of which input is active.


  • Wall mounts for easier mounting
  • It has different connectivity options
  • Remote controller
  • Mode LED lighting indicator to show the different playing modes
  • Durable and sleek design


  • The auxiliary cable in the box is short
  • You can’t customize the equalizer

Summary: The Fuloxtech soundbar has all the features you can look for when shopping for a soundbar. Its fantastic sound output makes it a quality add on to your home entertainment system. Its sound is sharp and clear with well-balanced levels.


The Megacra soundbar can connect to any TV virtually and is easy to use. It comes with both wireless and wired connectivity options to connect your devices. A user can choose one of the three different audio modes.

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Sound Quality: Megacra soundbar has a fantastic sound quality thanks to its four 2.5-inch drivers which produce 15 watts of sound. It has two 1.5-inch 10 watts tweeters which provide a powerful bass. The six drivers give a total of 80 watts to enhance your watching experience.

Technology: The manufacturer uses two main innovations to deliver the best to its users. Megacra soundbar is fitted with a Digital Signal Processor which gives one the best highs and lows. You can also adjust the highs and lows to meet your preferences. It also has a dual TA amplifier which allows it to give you maximum volume with no distortion at all.

Connectivity: The soundbar has multiple connectivity options where you can connect both wireless and wired devices. Its Bluetooth V4.0 allows a user to connect wireless devices in a radius of up to 33 feet. There are multiple wired options from optical input, auxiliary and RCA input. You can also use your USB devices on the soundbar.


  • Stylish and tough design
  • The soundbar has a remote controller. It makes the use of the soundbar to be more comfortable
  • Incredible and high-quality sound output
  • Compatible with different brands of TV sets
  • Compact


  • Remote batteries not included in the pack
  • It doesn’t have a subwoofer

Summary: The soundbar is a fantastic pick for various models of TVs, and the sound is well balanced. The soundbar also offers a user an option to customize their audio thanks to the DSP technology.

The Final Words (Summary)

Getting a quality soundbar for $100 and below may prove to be challenging. When purchasing your soundbar remember to decide between a passive or an active one. For passive soundbars, the audio produced is more precise. An active soundbar set up is easy.

This article gives you a list of the best soundbars under 100 dollars you can get. They are some of the top picks from Amazon with superior qualities. Hopefully, this guide will get you what you are looking for in the market.

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