5 Best soundbar under $500 in 2023 reviews & guide

Are you a sound or musical enthusiast? You definitely want some guidance on the best kinds of musical gadgets on the market today, right? Well, you have indeed landed on just the right page. In the proceeding conversations, we shall review five of the best Soundbar under $500 on the market today.

We shall also examine those factors which you have to pay attention to in order to arrive at the best purchasing decisions. By reading in between the lines, you will most definitely end up with the best possible gadget from a flood of many options.

What should I look for when buying a soundbar less than $500?

Sound Output – This refers to the highest levels of sound quality which the soundbar has the ability to emit. It is definitely in your best interest to find one which emits the highest realistic levels of sound output for the sake of accruing the highest levels of satisfaction.

Power Consumption – Needless to say, these devices derive their power from either mains electricity or battery. The amount of power they require to operate optimally, however, has a bearing on their operational expenses. You definitely want to lay your hand on one whose power consumption is as low as can possibly be.

Space Availability – Just like they differ in their sound output and power consumption levels, these devices also require different amounts of space to mount and operate optimally. For this reason, you have to first and foremost ascertain just how much space you have at your disposal. Go ahead and find the one whose dimensions can fit that amount of space.

Connectivity – Connectivity is the manner in which these gadgets pair and communicate with a couple of other like-minded gadgets. A good soundbar has to be able to communicate with as many like-minded devices as possible. On the same note, it should ideally be able to handle wireless communications for the sake of minimized clutter.

Controls Features and Options – Engaging a modern and sophisticated gadget ought not to be that much daunting. For this reason, the device of choice definitely has to possess excellent and up to date control features and options. These should include voice prompts, universal remote controls, one button controls, and so on.

5 Best soundbar under $500 reviewed

1. AccuVoice AV203

You can never at all compromise the quality of sound output especially if you are holding a party or even which requires the attendance of many people. You, by all means, have to lay your hand on a speaker which has the ability to emit awesome sound experience like this one.

AccuVoice AV203 Sound Bar
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2 by 3-inch Full-range Speakers: The sound output mechanism of this soundbar comes in the form of some three full-range speakers which measure 2 inches by 3 inches. The speakers also feature powerful neodymium magnets which do the actual act of emitting the sound output. You are thus assured of some unparalleled and clear sound output.

24-watt Class D Digital Amplifier: Also existing to enhance the quality of the sound output is the 24-watt Class D amplifier. This one accepts the input of sound at low levels and then magnifies the output to higher decibel levels. It is this particular trait that makes the speaker generate the awesome and professional sound output which are relevant for professional applications.

PhaseCue Virtual Surround: Lastly, the soundbar emits and distributes the sound output in the three-dimensional space thanks to this PhaseCue Virtual surround technology. Unlike the case with the ordinary kinds of speakers where you have to strain to listen to the sound output audibly, this one is immersive and clearly audible.


  • Extruded aluminum cabinet allows for easy storage
  • The large buttons on the remote control contain easy-to-read labels
  • Delivers stronger dialogue emphasis in each new level
  • Minimizes the non-vocal parts of the soundtrack
  • Voices are clearly comprehensible even at extremely low volumes


  • Repeated and prolonged use may cause hearing impairments
  • Excessive power consumption inflicts higher utility bills
  • Imposes higher operating expenses on your part

Summary: For your awesome sound experience, this indeed is the speaker to choose. Its immersive sound output quality is so tempting and unavoidable.

2. Sonos Beam and Wallmount

Are you a die-hard music enthusiast? You have to choose and make use of this durable soundbar for permanent, frequent and long-term use. It is only in this manner that you will be able to enjoy such sound output for a prolonged duration of time. Moreover, the device is also packed with a set of awesome features for your advantage.

All-new Sonos Beam and Wallmount
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Amazon Alexa Voice Controls: Engaging the various controls and mechanisms of the device is not so daunting a task. This is because it is compatible with the Amazon Alexa voice control. The technology basically let’s input commands and controls by simply speaking them. As such, you need not to possess any prior expertise to have your way in this device at all.

Wireless Sound System: Other than the voice prompts, the soundbar also transmits signals to and from other like-minded devices by means of the wireless sound system. For this reason, expect to confront less clutter and also enjoy some great convenience as you go about the business of enjoying the music output.

Compact Design: In all, the soundbar is encased in a compact design which is small, and easy to carry around. Due to this awesome size and dimensions, it is possible for you to mount the device on your wall or television stand, or just about any other available storage space. You have it for your taking if you have a small place at your disposal.


  • Comes pre-assembled and requires no initial set up
  • Backed with periodic software updates which enhances its performance
  • With this soundbar, your listening experience is always improving
  • The voice command allows you to start and manage shows and movies just by asking
  • Pairs and communicates with hundreds of other streaming services by use of the Sonos app


  • Complicated to manage by a simpler user
  • Higher acquisition costs
  • Requires constant updates to keep afloat

Summary: No other sound bars is as great for those permanent and frequent applications as this particular soundbar. Its strength, overall durability, and compact design all combine to guarantee unparalleled sound output.

3. Bose Solo 5 TV Sound System

For your maximum convenience as you listen to your music, you need one that is highly versatile and also allows for maximum connectivity. Think of this particular soundbar as it is the one which is intended for such kinds of applications. Its most notable advantage is the ability to pair and communicate with many like-minded gadgets.

Bose Solo 5 TV Sound System
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Bluetooth Connectivity: It does have the wireless Bluetooth connectivity feature which allows you to stream music and audio contents to and from any of your devices via wireless means. With regards to this, you will not have to expend too much of your time and effort besides reducing clutter to the absolute minimum.

Single Sound Bar: Unlike most other sound bars, this one has only one speaker which it uses to channel out the sound output. By reason of the existence of this single sound output speaker, you will only have to set aside a tiny amount of space yet still receive the same levels of output. Moreover, its audio output quality is also better than that of your ordinary TV.

Dialogue Mode: With the dialogue mode, it is possible for the device to magnify every word and also make every detail to stand out clearly. This eliminates ear strains and prevents any ambiguities in the course of deriving meaning from the sound output. The gadget is hence great for your movie and music.


  • Easy solution to otherwise complex concepts
  • Advanced technologies deliver clear audio your TV cannot achieve
  • Connects to other devices and television via a single connectivity
  • Operable by a universal remote controls TV
  • Generates deep bass sound output


  • Calls for great skill and expertise to handle
  • Sound output is not so great
  • Poor distribution of sound within a room

Summary: Being highly versatile with maximum connectivity, this soundbar is indeed great as it guarantees maximum convenience of use. It also eliminates all forms of interferences to ensure smooth operations and enjoyment.

4. Yamaha YAS-108 Sound Bar

You do not have to stay fixed in a particular location to be able to enjoy your favorite music tracks. Indeed, a good soundbar should give you the freedom to relocate to whichever position you might want to, without compromising your access to quality sound. This is the device to look up to for such a need.

Yamaha YAS-108 Sound Bar
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Dual Built-in Subwoofers: At the top of its most amazing features are the dual built-in subwoofers. These deliver deep bass sound output while maintaining a sleek design all along. In light of this, you will enjoy the convenience of carrying it around with ease wherever you might want to but still derive the great sound output.

Clear Voice: Owing to its excellent speaker construction, the soundbar produces and delivers excellent voice clarity output. This stems also from the enhanced vocal frequency range which the speaker operates in. These two jointly ensure that spoken dialogues are clearly audible. This is the soundbar to look up to for movies and television shows.

DTS Virtual: X: Also forming a part of this soundbar is the revolutionary DTS Virtual: X new audio technology. Courtesy of this technology, you get to obtain a full, three-dimensional surround sound experience without necessarily filling your room with speakers. As such, this device is great for those rooms that are smaller.


  • Produces deep bass sounds courtesy of the built-in subwoofers
  • Generates clear voices for enhanced dialogue clarity
  • Its Bluetooth streaming feature allows easy switching between any two devices
  • Simpler to set up with the HDMI, optical or aux connectivity
  • Compact and slim size enables simplified and hassle-free handling


  • Weighs a whopping 7.1 pounds (3.2 kg)
  • Incomprehensive in scope and is thus less convenient
  • Sound output power is a bit low

Summary: Lay your hand on this soundbar and enjoy the convenience to move around without forfeiting your sound output or experience at all. You also have it for your taking if you have a smaller room.

5. Sony HTX9000F Soundbar

Most ordinary sound bars are powered by wires and other physical connectivity devices. As such, they do impose too much clutter which often ends up entangling or tripping you as you walk about a room. This is not so with this particular device. Its unbridled wireless experience guarantees you minimal clutter and awesome sound experience at the same time.

Sony HTX9000F Soundbar
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Seven Sound Modes: This soundbar gives you the option to choose from seven different modes of sound. These are optimized and intended for different genres of entertainment. Among these are sports, news, gaming, music, and movies, among others. You, therefore, get to enjoy the sound quality that is relevant to your unique need at that time.

Voice Enhancement: Apart from allowing you to select the most appropriate sound for your precise needs, this device also enables you to alter the sound quality and output levels at any given time. Its voice enhancement feature makes room for greater sound clarity which in turn enhances your overall experience.

4K HDR Compatibility: To keep you abreast with the latest sound technology, the soundbar is also compatible with the latest 4K high dynamic range technology. This allows you to tap into the awesome benefits of the current technology which is quite awesome indeed. You have the benefit of unparalleled sound clarity for your leverage.


  • Seamless connectivity options like the HDMI, HDMI ear, and HDMI ARC
  • Lively audio contents and outputs courtesy of the 2.1 channel Dolby Atoms
  • The quick setup which requires almost no significant expertise on your part
  • Remote controllable and is hence convenient to utilize
  • Produces amazingly immersive sound which emanates from a 3-dimensional space


  • Requires plenty of installation space
  • Does not support remote applications
  • Inflicts unlimited hassles to engage

Summary: Take hold of this soundbar to enjoy the unbridled wireless experience and minimize clutter. What’s more? Your use of this sound equipment also confers to you the latest that the world of electronics technology has to offer.

The Final Words (Summary)

You cannot quench your thirst for music by just gaining superficial knowledge of the best Soundbar under 500 dollars. You clearly have to make an effort to identify and make use of at least one of the gadgets we have reviewed above. To do so, just skim the list above and read in between the explanations we have provided.

Go ahead to match each speaker with your needs and unique circumstances. Finish off by finding that one which closely mirrors your unique needs and expectations as possible. Why don’t you share this information as far wide as you can to let others enjoy the same benefits?

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