9 Best Soundbars under 200 for TV & Home Theater

Televisions are getting thinner in dimension, unlike the olden days. This has led the manufacturers to compensate on the extent of sound production from the TVs. Hence, soundbars have become mandatory add-ons to your TV. Soundbars not only amplify the audio quality, they also come with various features to give you an ultimate audio experience.

The market is flooded with various products with enormous features in them. Given that, selecting the best soundbar for your needs is naturally a tedious task. This article will help you with your selection as it discusses on some of the best soundbars under 200. Before that, let us understand the various aspects of selecting the best soundbar 2023.

What should I look for when buying a soundbar?

Active/Passive Soundbars – Soundbars can be classified based on their design. Active soundbars have the amplifiers, speakers, etc housed within a single bar. But the passive soundbars are the other way as the amplifiers are placed outside the soundbars. They differ in the installation process and audio quality. While active soundbars provide cleaner installation, passive soundbars excel in the way you control the audio. The choice varies from person to person, hence you should decide as to which type of soundbars will serve you better.

Bluetooth Connectivity – Soundbars are not only confined to TV. You can even connect it with your smartphone or tablet provided that your soundbar has a Bluetooth option. You can directly stream the desired audio from your device during a get-together or party. Hence, Bluetooth connectivity is one of the important features you should check for.

Subwoofer – If you are a person who likes to have a complete experience of audio effects in a movie (fight, explosion, etc), the subwoofer is the one you should look for. Subwoofers are the external device that comes with the soundbars. It gives enhanced audio effects of your favorite action movies.

Dimension – Sound Bars come in various sizes and shapes. Not all the soundbars will fit with your TV or the stand. Hence, look for the dimensions of the soundbar you choose so that it fits well with your current setup of the TV.

Set-Up – A good soundbar should not involve hassle set-up processes. Most of the soundbars that come today are designed to be set-up and installed easily. Unlike the traditional sound system, soundbars do not involve many speakers or wires. They just come with a single cable for the connection with your device.

9 Best soundbars under 200 reviewed

1. Creative Stage MF8360

Short on space yet would still want to accrue the benefits that come along with listening to music? This soundbar that is smaller and compact will come to your rescue. It is also standalone and won’t take up too much space from your rooms also.

Creative Stage MF8360
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Small and Compact: For all practical purposes, this soundbar is small and compact. It is as a matter of fact capable of fitting the area under the monitors. That makes it a great choice for that kind of a person who is short on space.

Dual-driver with Subwoofer: Its core features the dual driver that attaches to a subwoofer also. These subwoofers give off some truly clear audio outputs that are devoid of any overtones. Moreover, the audio output of the gadgets also has the ability to completely fill the rooms.

Convenient Controls: A set of convenient controls exist for your own leverage and subsequent usage. They are strategically located at the bottom of the soundbar. Being within the easy reach, they enable more convenient and hassle-free controls of the system.

Various Connectivity Options: Also coming along is a set of connectivity options which you may tap into. Chief examples of these are optical audio inputs, auxiliary inputs, wireless Bluetooth connectivity, USB, and MP3. These give you some elevated degree of convenience to tap into.


  • Fills your whole home with the necessary sound outputs
  • Small enough to fit the area under your monitor
  • Generates deeper and thumping bass audio
  • Connects and shares seamlessly with other gadgets
  • Cheaper, on the whole, to come by


  • Unsuitable for larger halls
  • Delivers limited ends on investments
  • Likely to get obsolete a bit too soon!

Summary: If you have limited space at your disposal or do not have that much money, stress not yourself. Instead, pick and make good use of this gadget as it features those ends.

2. Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar

You can never hope to listen to music in an immersive way without incorporating a soundbar that bears the latest parts and features. Is it not amazing to try out this one? It also comes about with a universal remote control that greatly expedites operations.

(Best soundbars under 200) Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar
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Single Sound Bar: This is a single soundbar. It is smaller and compact enough to allow for easier handling. On the same note, it also delivers better sound quality outputs compared to your televisions. While at it, the item also manages easier handling and engagements.

Bluetooth Connectivity: To accept inputs from other like-minded gadgets, the item does make use of Bluetooth connectivity. Being wireless, this feature negates the need to clutter your areas with too many wires. It also manages faster applications and transfers of the respective signals.

Variable Inputs: You have the freedom to feed the soundbar with music from a diversity of sources and input methods. These include the optical audio input, coaxial audio input, and the auxiliary input, to name but a few! The pleasure of maximum convenience is hence yours to leverage.

Universal Remote Controls: As hinted in the introductory segment, this item is operable via a universal remote control. This remote is able to work other gadgets as well. Thus, it spares you of the hassles you may often have to undergo when attempting to juggle your way.


  • Amplifies every detail of the sound outputs
  • Light enough to transport everywhere
  • Transmits the signals wirelessly
  • Pairs and attaches to many other gadgets
  • Unlikely to cause too much noise


  • Its range of sound output is somewhat low
  • Cannot enhance the audio signals and contents
  • Likely to suffer from signal interference

Summary: Notwithstanding many of its shortcomings, this item still is the king of the interior audio listening. How about you getting your hands on it and dedicating it to that job?

3.  Bose SoundLink Mini II

This soundbar from Bose is just opposite to what it looks. Though small in size, it offers a huge sound and deep bass. It is compact in size and can be carried from one place to another with ease. As it is wireless, you can stream the audio from anywhere within its range. The voice prompts allow the easy pairing of the intended device and the speaker.

Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II (Best Bose Sound Bar)-
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The reconnection won’t be a problem for you as the speaker keeps track of the last eight devices used with it. Hence, it allows an instant pairing with your devices. It can be charged easily as it comes with the charging cradle. Even when you take it outside, charging won’t be a problem as it can be charged using the USB power sources. The product comes with soft covers to protect it from possible scratches.

You may like Bose SoundLink Speaker for the following Features:

  • It comes with huge sound with intense bass.
  • The soundbar is wireless making it easy to use anywhere.
  • It is designed to be compact and suits all types of system.
  • The use of Li-ion battery makes it work up to 10 hours.
  • The voice prompts feature makes pairing easy.


  • It comes with prolonged battery life.
  • It has a wider range of Bluetooth connectivity.
  • It comes with multifunctional buttons to change audio tracks.
  • It is robust in its design.
  • It can be charged with any of the USB cables.


  • The midbass is not too good.
  • The buttons lack pause/skip options.
  • The reconnection seems to be an issue in spite of voice prompt feature.

Summary: If you are more concerned about the size of the soundbar, this soundlink speaker from Bose should be the right option for you. As it is ultra-compact, it goes well with any of your devices like PC, laptop or TV. It has the benefit of wireless streaming, hence the extra burden of wires and manual connections is eliminated here.

4. Samsung HW-J355

The HW-J355 soundbar from Samsung is designed to give a convenient audio experience. With its wired subwoofer, the soundbar has the capability to deliver rich and dynamic bass. The Bluetooth connectivity enables the connection of various other devices. So, this soundbar will not be restricted to be used with your Samsung 3D TV alone. It is compatible with various devices like tablet, PC, smartphone, etc.

Samsung HW-J355
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Going further, you can even power on or control the soundbar with any of the Bluetooth devices being connected. Once the connection is established, you can enjoy your music seamlessly. The Samsung Audio Remote app is specially developed to control the soundbar from any of your Android devices.

It is high-powered with a total of 120W, equally shared between the subwoofer and the soundbar. This attributes to the rich and dynamic sound quality. It supports various formats like MP3, WMA, OGG, WAV, FLAC, etc.

You may like Samsung HW-J355 for the following Features:

  • The soundbar measures to 37 inches.
  • The subwoofer comes wired.
  • It has the Bluetooth connectivity.
  • It is wall mountable.
  • The USB port facilitates the connection with external devices.


  • he set-up process is easy.
  • The sound settings can be easily controlled with the remote.
  • The sound quality is superior for the given price.
  • It has various pre-programmed sound enhancements.
  • It is compatible across various devices.


  • The sound base is comparatively low.
  • The audio remote app is not available for iOS devices.
  • The subwoofer lacks wireless connectivity.

Summary: If you are looking for a reliable soundbar for your Samsung TV, this should be your first preference. It comes with all the necessary features and app to make things easy for you. The sound quality is exceedingly well with the provision of the subwoofer. As it comes compatible for various audio formats, you have the option to listen to any music of your choice.

5. Polk Audio Signa S2

Keen on transforming your interior infotainment systems into a home theater? We invite you to attempt this universal television soundbar. As its name suggests, it is able to pair and work hand in hand with much home-based entertainment equipment. What’s more? The bar delivers a crisp clear 4K HD picture output.

Polk Audio Signa S2
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Premium Ultra-slim Sound Bar: In all, the bar comes in a shape that is quite slim and compact. On account of this, the bar is able to fit just about every other space available on your premises. This small size notwithstanding, the speakers deliver an extremely powerful range of music that has the ability to ‘fill’ an entire house.

Excellent Sound Output and Value: Other than the ability to fill an entire room with audio output, the bar also guarantees excellent sound output. It is unlikely to block the bottom edge of your television or the infrared remote sensors. This way, it does not in any way block the outflow of the sound output of your gadgets.

5 powerful Full-range Drivers: Some five powerful full-range drivers exist to generate and deliver to you a beautifully rich sound. Accompanying this beautifully rich sound is some deep bass. Together, they make your room full of the relevant sound output. Regardless of where exactly you find yourself in a room, you will not strain to listen to the sound output.

Wireless Music Streaming: Lastly, the electronic also gives you the ability to stream music wirelessly. It pairs and works smoothly with popular streaming apps such as TuneIn, Spotify, Pandora, and so on. Then again, it can attach to your tablets, smartphones and other relevant gadgets. This is not to mention the built-in Bluetooth connectivity.


  • Capable of attaching to many audio gadgets.
  • Contains all the trappings of a good soundbar.
  • Manufactured using the extra-touch PVC material.
  • Its buffer tubing yields optimal signal transfers.
  • The removable rubber tips protect the cable when not plugged in.


  • Prolonged listening may deafen your ears.
  • Susceptible to the risks of signal interferences.
  • Some of its parts are too delicate to endure harsh impacts.

Summary: Notwithstanding its share of downsides, the soundbar is still a good one to use to ‘upgrade’ your home’s infotainment systems to that of a home theater.

6. Yamaha ATS1080-R

Could you be a person who cherishes music and sound outputs? Well, you can never resist or overlook this Yamaha ATS1080-R Sound Bar. In a nutshell, this bar contains a built-in subwoofer as well as Bluetooth connectivity. These allow for seamless wireless streaming and content-sharing too!

Yamaha ATS1080-R
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Dual Built-in Subwoofers: At its peak are some two subwoofers that are built into the system. These jointly deliver deep bass while at the same time maintain a sleek design. They hence take up limited space, a fact that greatly lets you enjoy every peace of mind you need to listen to your favorite tunes.

Clear Voice: Thanks to this ‘clear voice’ trait, the sound system enhances the vocal frequency range of the sound output. This, in turn, sees to it that you can hear and comprehend the spoken dialogues in all of your television and movie shows. You may consider leveraging it if you have a career in transcription.

DTS Virtual: X: With this set of a soundbar, it is possible for you to accrue three-dimensional sound output. These incorporate the sensations of height over and above length and breadth. Thus, the facility is capable of generating lifelike sound outputs from all your favorite games, movies, television shows, and so on.

Variable Control Options: As a last benefit, this electronic gives you some variable control options to choose from. The remote control unit and the high definition multimedia interface are top examples of these. As such, you stand to enjoy smooth operations and reduced incidences of inconveniences as is the norm with most other gadgets.


  • Comes about in a slim and simple design.
  • Delivers deep bass sound output without the need for a second box.
  • Its ‘clear voice’ enhances the clarity of the dialogues.
  • Manages Bluetooth wireless music streaming capability.
  • Simple to set up and make do with.


  • Some have complained of too loud sounds.
  • A simpler user may find it too complicated.
  • Consumes excessive levels of utility energy.

Summary: For your smooth music output, this equipment has you taken good care of. It does have the ability to spice up your rooms with awesome sound output.

7. Pyle WiFi Sound Bar Speakers

The Soundbar from Pyle is high-powered which means that it has the capability to deliver enormous audio output. The soundbar has the wireless music playback feature which makes it unique.

Pyle WiFi Sound Bar Speakers (Best WiFi Soundbar 2017)-
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The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are built-in features that will make it possible to wirelessly stream the desired sound through the home theater system. The sound base speakers reproduce the stereo sound in an exceptional manner.

Its bass response is impressive and provides a multimedia experience. It is designed to set-up easily with any of your desired devices. It can be connected to devices like laptop, PC, smartphone, tablet, HD TV, etc. The soundbar comes with a mid-woofer and dual tweeter. The next-generation sound processing technology gives you theatrical effects while watching your favorite movies.

You may like Pyle WiFi Sound Bar Speakers for the following Features:

  • It is high-powered and comes with surround sound speaker system.
  • It has a built-in Bluetooth connectivity for wireless music stream.
  • The soundbar connects with the external devices via Input Jacks.
  • It has five speakers with 3D surround system.
  • The soundbar is compatible with both mac and PC.


  • It establishes the connection in a quick way.
  • The control operations are easy.
  • It can be set-up and used instantly.
  • The USB ports enable easy charging.
  • It can also be used for listening FM radio.


  • The display is hard to perceive from a distance.
  • The display light is not adjustable.
  • The volume can only be controlled using remote and not on the soundbar unit.

Summary: If you are looking for an elaborative soundbar, this product from Pyle might address your needs. It comes with five speakers with surround system, providing an ultimate theatrical experience. As it provides a detailed bass and woofer, it should be an ideal choice for all the music lovers. According to the best sound bar gadget show, you may select this best 2.0 sound bar without any doubt.

8. Yamaha ATS-1050-R SoundBar

The soundbar from Yamaha has various benefits to offer. It is ultra-slim in its design, which itself is an advantage. It fits well with all the current TV models that come slim. The home theater controller app simplifies the control of the soundbar. The app is designed for both the iOS and Android devices.

Yamaha ATS-1050-R SoundBar (Best Bluetooth Soundbar 2017)-
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Hence, you can perform the desired operation right from your device. Some of the common operations include the input selection screen, sound adjustment screen, bass extension function, subwoofer volume, etc.

It comes with five surround modes namely movie, sports, game, music, TV program. This makes sure that you enjoy the audio appropriate for the program you watch. The learning feature is an amazing aspect wherein you can use the TV’s remote control to control the soundbar and its operation. This eliminates the need for many remote controls while you watch the TV.

You may like Yamaha ATS-1050-R SoundBar for the following Features:

  • It is slim in design.
  • The setup process is simple with this soundbar.
  • It comes with Bluetooth connectivity for wireless streaming.
  • It has the air surround xtreme technology for 7.1 channel surround sound reproduction.
  • It’s learning feature facilitates the use of the TV’s remote control for changing the volume level.


  • It can be used as a stand-alone sound system.
  • It is very compact.
  • It is wall-mountable.
  • The ‘clear-voice’ option enables crystal-clear sound delivery even at low volumes.
  • It delivers uniform sound quality for all the music and TV programs.


  • It lacks subwoofer.
  • The bass is limited.
  • Not all the functions can be controlled by the common remote control.

Summary: The soundbar from Yamaha is yet another product that is designed to be very compact. It goes well with any of your devices, thanks to its ultra-slim structure. It has some of the attractive features, namely the home theater controller app, surround modes, learning feature, etc. Hence, don’t forget to check out this best soundbar with built in subwoofer and bluetooth too.

9. BÖHM B2 SoundBar for TV

The B2 soundbar from BOHM is the second generation product designed for the home theater system. It is designed to be more compact in design as it comes sleek and slim than the previous BOHM model.

BÖHM B2 SoundBar (Best Soundbar for TV under 200)-
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The installation process is much simpler with this soundbar. You just have to plug in the soundbar to the audio output port of the TV. It provides the superior sound quality. You can enjoy the real thrill of some of your favorite Hollywood movies. The soundbar comes with three modes of audio namely music, movie, and TV preset listening mode.

You can select the appropriate mode to suit your environment, be it a party, or watch your favorite movie with your family members. With the touch of a button, you can change your room into a theater with amazing sound effects.

You may like BOHM B2 SoundBar for the following Features:

  • It is sleek and slim in design.
  • It is capable of delivering over 95 dB sound levels.
  • It consists of various connectivity options like Optical, Coaxial, etc.
  • The soundbar comes with a remote to control listening modes.
  • It produces a theatre-quality sound with its impressive power and technology.


  • It is compact.
  • It can be easily set and used.
  • The package comes with all the necessary accessories.
  • It can be easily controlled.
  • It has a wide range of adjustability.


  • It lacks room for the optical cable connection when it’s wall-mounted.
  • It lacks the digital display to show the volume level.
  • The Bluetooth connectivity range is limited.

Summary: The soundbar from BOHM offers a wireless streaming of audio from your TV. As it comes very compact and sleek, it goes well with almost any flat screen TV. If you are looking for an ultimate audio experience at your home, this should find a place in your list. As it comes with different listening modes, it suits well for various occasions at your home.

The Final Words (Conclusion)

Buying soundbar for your TV has various advantages. Soundbars do not cost much like that of stereo speakers. In particular, some of the best soundbar under $200 that we discussed here are known for their reliable performances. So, next time when you decide upon buying a soundbar system, have a look at these top performing soundbars before proceeding further. We are sure that you will end up with the right product.

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