5 Best Router Under $200 in 2023

The best router under $200 connects computers and other devices seamlessly. In a home set up, family members would have laptops and tablets which they would like to connect to the internet. To easily connect all of the devices to the internet, you have to buy a router and connect them to a single local area network, after which you can connect the computers in the local network to the internet. Some routers combine the function of a router and modem.

Having a gateway that combines both the function of the router and modem makes it easy to access the internet. The routers available come with different features. It is essential to check on the features available on the routers before buying a given router. Here we are going to reveal the most reliable routers to buy at affordable prices:

A Quick Look at the Top Routers Under $200

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5 Best Router Under $200 Reviewed

1. NETGEAR R7800-100NAS

The Wi-Fi router can reach a speed of 2600 Mbps. It is a highly reliable router to buy. People take into consideration the speed of the router. You need a device which can offer secure and fast connection. It will be easy to accomplish tasks fast after setting up a fast operating router. With the ability to connect devices in a range of up to 2500 square feet, it is a highly reliable router that assures users value for money. Features such as the two 3.0 USB port and the Ethernet connection makes the router highly reliable in everyday applications.

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Fast Wi-Fi performance: The router assures fast Wi-Fi performance. When buying a router, it is essential to go for one that can speed up the connection. It will save on time and make it easy to accomplish tasks. With the ability to reach up to 2600 Mbps, it is a fast router that stands out from the rest. Many users prefer it due to its high-speed performance.

Connects up to 45 devices: It is good to have a router that can accommodate as many devices as possible. The ability to connect up to 45 devices makes it very reliable for small to medium size families. It can stream videos, surf the internet, and play games. In a family set up, different individuals would have specific needs when accessing the internet. The router allows several devices to connect to the internet so that the various users can enjoy utilizing the internet.

Wired Ethernet ports: The Ethernet ports allow users to plug-in devices such as game consoles, computers, and streaming devices. The four Ethernet ports allow for easy connection to the internet. The use of secure connections makes it easy to access the internet and accomplish different operations. The device comes with inbuilt parental control making it highly effective in controlling the use of the internet at home. It is a router that employs the highest safety features making it very reliable in everyday applications.

  • Comes with smart parental control for safe handling with children
  • The USB connection makes it easy to share storage with any connected device
  • Safe and secure internet connections allow processing of sensitive data
  • Can connect up to 45 devices making it reliable for the whole business operations
  • Works with Alexa voice control for smooth operation
  • Can only allow Wi-Fi connection for over an area of 2500 square feet
  • A processor of 1.7 GHz dual-core may be slow when compared to the latest devices

2. TP-Link Archer A6

The smart Wi-Fi router comes with a high-speed operation making it highly efficient in speeding up operations. Long-range coverage makes it very reliable for small office spaces. The dual-band router can reach 1200 Mbps making it fast. You can utilize it to play games and other applications that require fast internet connections. The use of MU MIMO technology makes the device highly reliable in connecting devices where you intend to apply high-speed internet connections.

TP-Link Archer A6
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Dual-band wireless internet router: You can apply the router to connect to the internet. It has inbuilt features to allow you to get quick access to the internet. It simplifies the whole process of accessing high-speed internet connection for your daily applications. With the four antennas, it covers an extended range making it among highly reliable units in the market.

Shares the internet wirelessly: The devices can access the internet without access to the LAN ports. It is a router that employs the latest technology. Family members can easily access the internet wirelessly. You do not have to use running cables before the router can connect to other devices. It employs wireless technology, making it easy to apply it in any setup.

TP-link tether app: The router comes with an app that makes it easy to set up and manage your internet connection when at home or remotely. It is necessary to have full control of people who are accessing your internet. The router makes it very easy to have full control of the intent through the app. Cases of internet leaks are very minimal because you will have full control of the operation of your internet from the app.

  • Free 24/7 technical support from the manufacturers avoids your stress
  • Allows sharing of the internet connection work easy
  • Use of 5GHz band makes it easy to share a high-speed internet
  • Comes with four LAN ports for secure connection to other devices
  • Uses TP-link the app for easy internet management
  • Allows only a few devices connection
  • Does not support Alexa voice control for easy operations


The dual-band wireless router comes with high-speed processors of 1.8 GHz dual-core. It is a fast operating router that allows for fast internet connections. It comes in whole-home Wi-Fi compatibility, allowing for easy sharing of the internet with family members. The router comes in a unique design to support a lag-free online gaming adventure. ASUS router app will enable you to have full control of the internet connections in your home.

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Data transfer of up to 2900 Mbps: The router comes with dual-band capability. People prefer fast internet connections. The ability of the router to allow for high-speed internet connection saves on time. It allows for the perfect gaming experience. You will feel proud and safe while transferring data from one device to the other.

Allows lag-free online gaming adventure: Are you an online gamer. The issue of lag when playing games online can cause a lot of problems. The router comes in high-speed design, making it easy to avoid the stress of lag when playing online games. It assures users of the fastest internet connection when playing games.

Built-in 24/7 protection: External attacks can cause a lot of problem for your internet connections. It can lead to loss of data or even identity theft. The router stands out in offering the highest level of protection. With safe internet connections, you can exercise different activities without worry. It is a safe device for everyday internet connections.

ASUS router app: It is essential to check out the ease at which you can control the internet connections in your home before buying a router. The router comes with an app that allows easy management of the internet, even from remote places.

  • Can reach high-speed data transfer speeds of up to 2900 Mbps
  • Allows for a lag-free gaming adventure
  • Built-in 24/7 protection assures users the highest level of internet security
  • Uses the ASUS router app for easy management of the internet
  • Allows up to 4K UHD streaming capability
  • Can only devices of 1.75 a current max to be connected
  • Only four LAN ports supported

4. Securifi ALM-BLK-IN

It is a router that allows for fast internet set up. You will have less than three minutes to get it ready and start enjoying internet connections. The touchscreen wizard will enable people at all levels to connect it easily. Multipurpose usage makes it highly reliable when connecting to Wi-Fi. A range extender allows for easy connection to a wide range of devices in your business set up.

Securifi ALM-BLK-IN
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Three minutes set up: The router comes in a simple design to allow you the fastest setup process. You do not require a cd or detailed instruction to set it up. The router comes with a simple onscreen wizard to allow you to set it up. It does not need any experience to start using it.

Multipurpose usage: It does not only work as a router; the device can as well work as a router range extender, wireless bridge, or even an access point for the internet. The router can save you money in the long run.

Universal range extender mode: The extender allows easy extension of the range. It does not matter the type of devices you would like to connect; the router works with a wide range of routers. You can apply it to extend the range of your router easily at home.

  • The easy setup process of fewer than three minutes
  • Comes with the onscreen setup wizard
  • Universal range extender mode makes it easy to work with different routers
  • Only one year warranty
  • Does not come with an inbuilt DSL modem

5. Linksys EA7300

The Wi-Fi router comes with features such as dual-band capability, making it highly reliable. The fast streaming capability allows users to realize the best experience when connected to the device. The use of up to 10 devices in the network makes it ideal for a home. The router can connect to a stable network where you will enjoy a 4k HD streaming experience. High-speed Wi-Fi connection makes the device among the best where you can enjoy the fastest connection possible.

Linksys EA7300
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Provides up to 1,500 square feet of Wi-Fi connection: The router is highly reliable in small homes. You will have a wide range of Wi-Fi coverage, making it possible for you to have full coverage of the Wi-Fi network in your home.

Supports 4k streaming: You may like to enjoy high-quality picture streaming experience. In such a case, you would need a device that has high-speed streaming capability. The router can support 4k HD streaming, making it highly reliable in a home.

High-speed connections: The router operates on a 1.7 Gbps processor, making it very fast. Multiple input and output make it a router you can buy to meet your family’s internet connection needs. It makes it easy to connect several devices to the internet.

  • Woks with existing modems due to its compatibility
  • Easy to set up through Linksys app
  • Allows 4K HD streaming capability
  • Supports multiple input and output
  • Can only support up to 10 devices
  • Coverage of only 1,500 square feet

Router vs Modem (Why buy a router for home)

There is a difference between a router and a modem. A router allows several devices to connect to a network while a modem will enable devices in a network to connect to a network. Some routers come with an inbuilt modem; hence they allow the devices in a given network to access the internet. Here are the reasons why you need to buy a router instead of a modem:

1. Allows several devices to access the internet: A router will allow several devices to connect to the internet. Fast, it will create a local area network and connect all the devices. If it has an inbuilt modem, it will then combine all the devices to the internet. It is unlike a modem that will connect only a single device to the internet.

2. Creates a local network: You would have to create a local network where you would connect several devices before you can connect them to the internet. A router can play a great role in helping you create a local network of devices then connect it to the internet.

3. Provides a local IP address: Each device in your local network needs a local IP before it can connect to the internet. The routers are highly effective in creating the local IP address, which makes it easy to connect to the internet.

4. Secure LAN: Your local area network should be scare to avoid attacks. Routers come with inbuilt features that make it easy to secure the local area network, after which you can connect it to the internet. You will eliminate identity theft, among other features, after you create a secure connection.

5. Fast internet connection: Routers with inbuilt modems create fast Wi-Fi networks. A fast connection will save you on time as you try to carry out different tasks in your internet connection.

The Final Words (Summary)

Here we have listed the best router under 200 dollars. You may be after saving money, but you would like to buy a router with all the features you need to create a secure connection to the internet. You can find one of our top recommendations, and they will work correctly in allowing you to access the internet.