8 Best PS4 Headsets under 100 for Extreme Gaming

Best defined as a set of portable speakers that can be worn around the neck, over the head, or (in the case of earbuds) placed into the ear headphone technology has greatly evolved since its invention during the early 1900s before it originated from the telephone receiver. Today, headphones serve a multitude of purposes and come in all shapes and sizes. While all are equally portable, several headphones are multi-purpose in that they can be used for gaming as well as traditional entertainment purposes.

This guide will provide some of the basics to purchasing the best PS4 headsets under 100 and will review a few pre-selected headphones.

What is the best PS4 gaming headset under $100?

After reviewing the 30 PS4 supported gaming headsets depending on many criteria’s, this SteelSeries Arctis 5 is taking number one position for PS4 gaming headsets less than $100.

(Best PS4 Headsets Under $100) SteelSeries Arctis 5

What should I look for in a PS4 headset?

Quality of Materials Used – When it comes to any type product high-quality is one of the most important factors to be made when deciding on purchasing that particular product. As such, electronics are no exception and (in fact) should be placed at the top of the list of products that should be made from high-quality material. However, as it pertains to gaming headphones some things to consider in terms of the sturdiness and durability involve the type of material used a longer headband.

Of course, a headset made from high-grade plastic is among the best material used but there are also other materials used in the manufacturing of several headphone types. Another factor to note as it pertains to the quality of material is in regards to various aspects of the headphones that may include the microphone as well as the ear cups if the design allows them to pull up for easy storage.

Audio Type – Let’s face it, rather your gaming or watching an epic movie sound quality is everything. Because gaming headphones are designed with two types of audio (digital and analog) the overall results can prove to be quite different. In the case of an analog-based headphone set, it is more common to find surround sound quality in these types headphones however the lack of pure and clear overall sound is thwarted due to distortion that comes from an interruption between sound waves traveling between speakers.

On the other hand, digital headphones don’t necessarily have the capability to produce a surround sound experience (partially due to the difficulty of incorporating surround sound into a digital product such as this). However, digital gaming headphones have improved the overall sound that is both clear and pure thus producing an environment that emulates a surround sound system.

Wireless/Wired – Just as there are several different gaming headphone brands there too are different types of headphones: cordless and corded. While this particular factor may come down to personal preference but here are a couple advantages/disadvantages to both. When using a wireless set of headphones it will be easier to maneuver around any room as needed versus being required to stay stationary while playing a game with the corded set of headphones attached to the audio source. Another advantage to consider when factoring this consideration into a purchasing decision is that while wireless headphones do typically require charge time the headphones themselves can typically go a long time without the need to charge.

Compatibility – While all headphones are compatible with just about any type of electronic device that includes an input jack another important factor to consider when looking to purchase a particular pair of headphones is the fact that some corded headphones will only plug into a certain type of input jack. Typically, a normal input jack measures 3.5mm thus incorporated into several electronic devices that include everything from cell phones to stereos and PCs. Ultimately, having a headphone set that is universally compatible with all types of electronic devices is paramount so the choice speed to go for corded headphone set.

Software Requirement – Much like the way corded headphones require a universal headphone jack that is compatible wireless headphones may also require additional software downloads to the desired platform being used. Although this is not the case for all wireless gaming headphones it is, nonetheless, required for many. Additionally, in most cases, additional software is required for use on most home-based devices. A good example of this would be the plug and play method commonly used when plugging the transmitter from a wireless headphone set into a laptop or PC. Furthermore, certain gaming consoles may also ask its users to download additional software that will allow their gaming headphones to operate properly.

Review of 8 best PS4 headsets under 100 in 2023

1. SteelSeries Arctis 5 Headset

Want some headphones that can completely surround and submerge you with the sound output? Here you have them. These headphones indeed generate sound outputs that seem to completely surround the listener. They also have illuminated ear cups for added comfort while listening. Moreover, they also pair and communicate with PS4 and personal computers.

(Best PS4 Headsets Under $100) SteelSeries Arctis 5
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Cutting-edge Audio Technology: At the first spot of its most favorable features is the cutting-edge audio technology. Thanks to this audio technology, the headphones manage some immersive gaming experience. They allow for independent gaming controls. Also present are some RGB illumination for enhanced comfort and stature. All these keep you ahead of the game.

Award-winning Arctis Speaker Drivers: Its sound output comes in the form of the award-winning Arctis Speaker drivers. They generally produce low to negligible distortions. Further to that, they pair with the DTS headphones. Together, this mix of features yields truly rich surround sounds as well as immersive audio. Have we also stated that they last longer?

Arctis ClearCast Bi-directional Microphone: Other than listening to audio outputs, these headphones also give you the leeway to input some audio into the various systems you handle at any given time. To do this, the headphones grant to you the Arctis ClearCast bidirectional microphones. It hence goes that you derive higher returns on your money.

Inline USB ChatMix Dial: Many headphones are complicated to engage in. Their gaming and chat volumes do get mixed up in the process of use. Not so with this specific one. On the contrary, it allows for smooth engagements which in turn yields smoother balancing of these two vital metrics. All these are made possible by the inline USB ChatMix dial.


  • Strikes a comfortable balance between the chat volume and the game audio
  • Adjustable ear cushions provide much of the comfort you need
  • Lasts longer and are more durable than many other headphones
  • Permeated with some aesthetic appearances
  • Produces unmatched sound clarity


  • Some features require extra accessories to operationalize
  • Too bulky to put on for too long
  • Constrains the movements of your head

Summary: Well, you have no better bet than this headphone, insofar as the attainment of the best audio quality is concerned. Get hold of it to enrich your gaming going forward.

2. Razer Kraken Gaming Headset

Are you a competitive or an aspiring competitive gamer? You can never hope to attain such a station without acquiring and incorporating a reliable set of headphones for the job. For this role, we recommend that you place your bet on these specific 3rd generation gaming headsets.

Razer Kraken Gaming Headset
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50 mm Drivers: Topping the charts with regards to the most outstanding aspects of these headphones are the extra-large drivers that measure 50 mm. Thanks to this massive size and stature, the drivers are capable of exuding clear sounds and extremely powerful tones. You will find it a crucial gadget to lay your hands on for exceptional gaming.

Retractable Microphone: A retractable microphone also exists as a part of the entire packaging of this set of headphones. Being retractable, the microphones see to it that you enjoy unparalleled clarity whenever you have to make your shots. They also allow for smooth operations; more so with regards to storage and transportation.

Seamless Compatibility: Other than the retractable nature, these microphones are also able to pair and work alongside many other like-minded devices. Among these are the Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox, and the personal computer. On account of this, you are assured smooth operations and unhindered sound outputs in times of use.

In-Line Audio Controls: A set of inline audio controls round up the lists of the top features of the gadget. They allow for the smooth engagements of the various metrics of the audio equipment. A mic mute switch and an analog volume control wheel are these two. The pleasure of smooth controls hence awaits you.


  • Delivers long-lasting comforts
  • Padded with the cooling-gel cushions
  • Delivers the comfort you need all day long
  • Cancels out the background noises for exceptionally clear sounds
  • Enables smooth controls of the audio parameters


  • Quite complicated to a beginner
  • Requires many upgrades and accessories to operationalize
  • Clutters your worktop considerably

Summary: Perhaps no other companion is as great for competitive gaming solutions as this headphone. Why would you look elsewhere for your solutions? Grab it soonest possible!

3. Creative Sound BlasterX H7

When it comes to the Creative Sound BlasterX gaming headphones it’s all about feature enhancements and improvements. Driven by a high-quality surround sound system that boasts rich and clear sound, the headphones contain upgrades 50mm drivers to further boost audio heard during all facets of entertainment, especially as it pertains to gameplay.

Creative Sound BlasterX H7 Review
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Furthermore, these headphones are designed with noise cancellation technology that blocks out any unwanted outside noise allowing for complete submersion. Another feature that further enhances the entertainment environment comes in the form of various sound profile settings that includes a bass mode in addition to sound profiles made specifically for esports based game titles.

All this is compactly built into a sturdy and stylish steel design that will withstand extended gaming sessions and is sure to last longer. Overall, all the features presented offer plenty of benefits that start and end with complete submersion. While the headphones present several features that exponentially enhance the sound quality the design provides peace of mind that the product will last a long time with no need to continually replace.

You May Like Creative Sound Blaster for the Following Key Specifications:

  • Enhanced high-quality sound system.
  • Durable Steel design.
  • Noise cancellation technology.
  • Improved microphone.
  • Various sound profiles.

Summary- All in all, the Creative Sound BlasterX gaming headphones are an excellent product well worth the purchasing consideration. Given the fact that these gaming headphones integrate surround sound and further enhance the audio experience with various sound settings that include bass boost mode the entertainment experience with these headphones is literally out of this world.

Coupled with the fact that these headphones can be used on a wide variety of different devices along with an improved microphone that picks up talk time easily there are seemingly no limits to what these headphones have to offer. Furthermore, the benefits further extend the overall span of audio quality as these headphones have been built and designed to last yet are comfortable to use over long gaming sessions.

4. Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 400

Considered as one of the leading manufacturers of gaming headphones, the Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth gaming headphones have a lot to offer aside from it’s sleek and stylish (not to mention comfortable) design.

Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 400 Review
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Equipped with 50mm earcups, these gaming headphones have integrated high-quality sound that is not only clear and pure but comes with enhanced bass boost. As a whole, these headphones are perfect for all forms of digital entertainment as the headphones are compatible across multiple cross-platform devices including but not limited to PS4, laptops, and smartphones.

As a matter of fact, a cable is included for making phone calls while on the go. Additionally, since the design is lightweight but sturdy the headphones can be used anywhere while on the go; just not in the pool as they are not waterproof. Other features represented on these headphones worth mentioning include the 15-hour battery life which means less charge time and more entertainment time. Furthermore, these wireless headphones also come with EQ settings to further enhance the listening and entertainment experience.

You May Like Turtle Beach Stealth 400 for the Following Key Specifications:

  • Crystal-clear sound with bass boost.
  • Wireless sturdy design.
  • 15-hour battery life.
  • Enhanced sound via EQ sound profiles.
  • Cross-platform compatibility.

Summary- In its entirety, the Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth gaming headphones are a good option when it comes to gaming and entertainment headphones. Although it is made more for use with a PS4 there are many other electronic devices that they are compatible with including laptops, PCs, and smartphones (although the included cord is required to use these headphones with a smartphone; other devices can be used.

That said, many of the features represented and integrated into these headphones make these headphones the perfect option for any and all entertainment needs as the sound is not only high-quality but is further enhanced with bass boost as well as various customizable EQ settings.

5. Sades SA926 (Gaming Headset)

Presented as a high-quality pair of headphones, the Sades SA926 Gaming headset appears to have every feature available to be integrated into a single pair of gaming headphones.

Sades SA926 Review
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For starters, the overall design (although a bit bulky) is high-quality and is made from metal and also consists of two large earmuff style ear cups. There is no stopping the features from coming there though as the headphones are actually quite comfortable and even has a feature built-in that reduces sweat during extended gaming sessions. Another unique feature, however, is the omni-directional microphone that is capable of moving where it is needed the most. This is perfect for getting the perfect microphone position while honing and further mastering various gaming skills.

Finally, there is also no end to the sound related features as this pair of gaming headphones are almost endless as the headphones are designed with high-quality sound which includes a bass boost for further enhanced sound. Furthermore, this headset too is compatible with many different platforms including (but not limited to) PCs and laptops – including Apple laptops, smartphones, and gaming consoles.

You May Like Sades SA926 for the Following Key Specifications:

  • Comfortable sturdy design.
  • Cross-platform compatible.
  • High-quality sound with enhanced bass boost.
  • Flexible microphone.
  • Adjustable headband.

Summary- Overall, despite the bulkiness of this particular pair of gaming headphones, the headphones themselves are high-quality as it pertains to sound quality as there are many surrounding features that cater to the overall enhancement of the sound quality. While this is done by integrating bass enhancement and clear pure sound coupled with noise cancellation the listener experience is undeniably great.

Furthermore, thanks to its lightweight design these headphones are easily portable and even works well with other electronic devices such as laptops, PCs, and the like. All of this is greatly beneficial because the consumer gets more out of the product for a great price.

6. PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset

Specifically manufactured and designed by PlayStation the Sony PlayStation Gold wireless headset has been designed as a gamer’s headphone set. The headphones are made from a sturdy material and are the result of a durable design. Additionally, this wireless option is lightweight and can easily be folded up making this pair of headphones perfect for travel.

PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset Review
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Another great feature of this pair of headphones is that they are compatible with just about any type of electronic device ranging from laptops and PCs to mobile devices and gaming consoles (including the PS4). However, all of these play second fiddle to the main highlight of the entire headphones as the sound is integrated as a surround sound system and also has built-in noise cancellation.

Furthermore, the high-quality sound is further enhanced by a crystal-clear sound that will bring every sound to the forefront of every game environment and overall entertainment experience. Additional features include a comfortable padded design in addition to wireless connectivity to computers, laptops, and all PS systems.

You May Like Sony PlayStation Gold for the Following Key Specifications:

  • Clear sound quality w/ surround-sound and noise-canceling technology.
  • Easily portable.
  • Wireless.
  • Sturdy and durable design.
  • Cross-platform compatible.

Summary- Overall, the Sony PlayStation Gold wireless headset is a good choice when it comes to selecting a reputable pair of gaming headphones. The headphones are made in-house by Sony’s PlayStation division and, as such, represent everything gamers want in a good high-quality pair of headphones. Furthermore, this particular pair of gaming headphones is designed from lightweight yet durable materials thus making it a sturdy product that is sure to last a long time, even through extended gaming sessions and overall wear and tear.

Another worthwhile mention is that the headphones fold up for easy storage when not in use or during travel. Aside from all the aesthetic features incorporated on the exterior of the headphones, the entire product is driven by crystal-clear surround sound with noise canceling technology. Although this particular pair of headphones is made specifically for gaming, however, they are also compatible with other platforms such as PCs and laptops and gaming consoles. Ultimately, this is beneficial to anyone who is looking to purchase a solid headphone product because these headphones allow listeners to be completely submerged into the entertainment environment albeit a movie, a song, or a video game.

7. Skullcandy SLYR Gaming Headset

Although the overall design of the Skullcandy SLYR gaming headphones can best be described as the average design this particular pair of phones does boast that it’s among the best headphones around due to its high-quality crystal-clear sound complete with enhanced bass boost.

Skullcandy SLYR Gaming Headset Review
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Furthermore, gaming and entertainment enthusiasts alike get more bang for the buck because this particular pair of headphones can be used on just about any electronic device ranging from laptops and computers to gaming councils and even mobile phones. This is beneficial due to the vast amount of chart devices that are mass-produced across the world given the digital age in which we live.

Another unique feature that sets this particular pair of headphones apart from others in this list revolves around the customization settings that further enhance the audio specifically tailored to the type of entertainment medium the user is involved in. Along with this comes additional settings that are specific to the microphone that can also slide inward alongside the headset for compact storage. One final feature worth mentioning is the different sound modes that include bass, precision, and a supreme mode made for the different types of entertainment that would be experienced with these types of headphones.

You May Like Skullcandy SLYR for the Following Key Specifications:

  • High-quality crystal-clear sound with enhanced bass.
  • Stow-away microphone.
  • Cross-platform compatibility.
  • Various settings.
  • Works for all entertainment purposes.

Summary- Overall, these Skullcandy gaming headphones offer a vast amount of available features and settings tailored toward enhanced sound for any type of entertainment ranging from games to music and everything in between. Although the overall design is fairly generic in terms of the materials used as well as the design itself the integrated sound system is the highlight that sets these headphones apart from the rest. Additionally, because the headphones are made from lightweight materials they are easily portable and are also compatible with several mobile and stationary devices.

8. HyperX KHX-H3CLW

Measuring approximately 7″ x 5″ x 3″, the HyperX gaming headphones are made from a sturdy and durable design that offers comfortability as well as functionality. While it’s durable materials provides a safeguard from wear and tear over an extended period of time this particular set of headphones contains more than enough features.

HyperX KHX-H3CLW Cloud Review
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Overall, this particular pair of headphones offers a great option for the price especially given the fact that they can be used on any type of electronic device thanks to its cross-platform compatibility. Furthermore, this pair of headphones is not all about sporting a sleek and stylish look but is also a functioning piece of electronic equipment as the integrated sound system is one that is crystal clear and even has enhanced bass.

Although this is ideal to further immerse oneself into any game environment is also perfect for listing to movies as well as music. Additionally, one nice feature that has been incorporated into the overall design is that of the removable microphone that can be detached from the headset when not in use. One final feature worth mentioning is the built-in volume in microphone controls that are located along the braided cable for quick and easy access.

You May Like this HyperX for the Following Key Specifications:

  • Sturdy, durable design.
  • Cross-platform compatible.
  • Built-in volume and microphone/mute controls.
  • Removable Microphone.
  • Noise isolation w/crystal-clear sound and enhanced bass.

Summary-  Ultimately, this particular pair of gaming headphones has a lot to offer. While the design offers style and high-quality functionality gamers all over will get a thrill out of extended gameplay thanks to the level of comfort that these headphones have. Furthermore, the design has a special feature that allows gamers to go offline as it pertains to the built-in removable microphone. Additional features that are beneficial is the enhanced sound quality that places gamers into a submersive environment every time. However, even the typical entertainment enthusiasts can get in on the action as this headset is compatible with a wide range of electronic devices.

Finally, perfect for times when the action needs to be toned down or paused there is a built-in mute and volume controls directly on the wireless headset. Alternatively, when the need comes to block out all outside noise there is a built-in feature for that as well via the noise cancellation technology.

The final words (Conclusion)

In conclusion, getting the best pair of headphones is paramount to a good personal entertainment experience, especially when gaming. While there are several different factors that should be considered when deciding on purchasing the best PS4 headset under $100, some factors that should be remembered include wireless or corded options, compatibility, connectivity, and brand.

Of course, getting the best deal for gaming headphone is an entirely different fact it still is important. Ultimately, in the end having a pair of gaming headphones that has a wide variety of features is equivalently paramount and it shouldn’t all be about the style and design. Instead, think of the type of entertainment environment that is considered to be the dream listening experience. Base preferences on that then look at the different available options, much like the way the above list is compiled.

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