7 Best projectors under 300 dollars [Portable & Inexpensive]

Are you a home entertainment enthusiast? Have you been searching for an electronic gadget that can guarantee your enjoyment of the home entertainment? Your answer lies in the acquisition and use of the projector. These are devices that can receive inputs from various electronic gadgets. They thereafter display the contents on a screen by way of strong beams of light.

We have sampled some of the best projectors under $300. We are going to review each of them and accompany the reviews with a buying guide. These we hope shall give you the psychological preparation you require to make the best ever purchasing decision.

What should I look for in a cheap projector?

Intended Use and Application – These machines are designed for different kinds of uses and applications. Some are meant strictly for home use yet others are only for business. You have to be sure to match the kind of appliance with the intended use to keep off unnecessary inconveniences at bay. If you can find one that may work well for both tasks and purposes, by all means, go for it.

Exact Location of Use – Just like the specific applications, these projectors are also suited to different locations. Some are only for indoor use yet others are for outdoor use. Yet again, if you can find one that can function optimally both indoors and outdoors, you are by all means urged to settle for it. Otherwise, do select the one that works better in your preferred location of use.

Screen Size – They also generate screens that vary greatly in sizes. This has the impact of determining to a great extent the kind of details and overall experience you may accrue from the images. You have to select a wider screen size for outdoor applications and smaller screen sizes for indoor applications.

Projection Distance – To be able to beam signals on the walls, you will have to place the projector at some distance from the said structures. These distances, however, vary from one projector to another. This again calls for your discretion. If the room or location you have in mind is too small and congested, you have to look for a projector that can generate images from a shorter distance and vice versa.

Power Consumption – Needless to say, these projectors are powered by either batteries or mains electricity. They, however, consume varying amounts of electrical energy. You have to factor this parameter as well. It is in your best interest to settle for one that consumes the least realistic amount of energy. This is to spare you from unnecessary utility bills.

Cost vs. Financial resource Endowment – Lastly, you have to take care of the costs of these gadgets and the financial resources you have in your possession. Obtaining the right projector ought not to be too much of a headache on your part. Compare the prices of the various sellers for you to be able to arrive at the one that falls well within your financial budget space.

7 Best projectors under 300 reviewed

1. QKK 2400Lumens Mini Projector

If your search for a suitable projector is dictated by both the outdoor and indoor use, this could as well be the one you might be looking for. It is highly versatile and works well in those circumstances. This stems from its possession of many relevant parts, features, and components.

QKK 2400Lumens Mini Projector
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Full HD 1080P Projector: This projector has a pretty awesome resolution of around 1,080 pixels. This enables it to perform equally well in both day and night lighting conditions. It also ensures that the pictures are clearly legible and that no details are left out at all. What a nice and awesome way to watch your movies!

Multimedia Home Theater: It also has the ability to pair and communicate with a host of like-minded devices. This is due to the fact that it has numerous ports and connectivity features. Among the various devices, it can communicate with are tablets, laptops, and desktops. The pleasure of maximum convenience is thus yours to leverage.

Highest Native Resolutions: Lastly, it has perhaps the highest native resolution on the market. This lets it duplicate images as though they were the real-life ones. You will enjoy the salient benefit of viewing images in their most natural conditions at any given time. This arrangement also eliminates all forms of ambiguities that may ordinarily arise.


  • Longer lamp life of 50,000 hours
  • Backed by a generous 3-year warranty
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Possesses 2 USB slots for added convenience
  • Has a shorter display distance


  • Produces intense and uncomfortable heat
  • Potentially complicated to a less skilled user
  • Has a narrower screen size

Summary: Well, for both your outdoor and indoor use, you have this projector for your taking. It has all that may be necessary for you to achieve this particular feat well.

2. VANKYO Leisure 3 Projector

If you are a person who sleeps, walks, and eats entertainment, you want one that is indeed designed for frequent and prolonged use. This can only happen if the projector is strong, durable, and pretty reliable in scope. This specific one has all these and indeed so much more relevant features.

Vankyo Leisure 3 Projector
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+60% Brightness: Top of its key features is the 60% plus brightness. It indeed produces images that are sharper than those of the other projectors of its caliber. This feature enhances the clarity of the images of the projector and leads to an enhanced degree of satisfaction on your part. It also leaves out no crucial detail.

2000:1 Contrast Ratio: Apart from being too bright, the projector also produces great contrasts indeed. As a matter of fact, it has a comfortable 2000:1 contrast ratio. This ensures that the minutest of details are captured and displayed on the screen. This again goes a long way in enhancing the quality of the images of the produced.

Plug & Play: You will not have to go through the lengthy and complicated bureaucracy to be able to leverage the benefits of the projector. This is because it comes ready for use and applications. This is not to mention also that it can fit and work well with a wide variety of like-minded electronic gadgets.


  • Comes second to none with regards to awesome picture quality
  • Generates comparatively less fan sound
  • Has a longer viewing distance of around 6.5 feet
  • Very convenient to carry around to remote locations
  • Pretty secure to purchase by reason of money back guarantee


  • Not recommend for PowerPoint presentations
  • Prolonged exposure may damage eyes
  • Strictly for indoor use

Summary: For your frequent and prolonged use, this indeed is the projector to look up to. It incorporates all the vital features that a machine of its kind ought to possess.

3. APEMAN Mini Portable Projector

Do you travel a lot? If you do, and you also fancy movies at the same time, your solution rests in a compact, portable, and universal projector of this kind. It is able to perform well in the dark and indoor environments also. This is the one to settle for while planning your next camping and indoor use.

APEMAN Mini Portable Projector
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Digital Light Processing Technology: Coming in first in the list of its awesome features is the digital light processing technology. This one automatically adjusts the strength and intensity of the light and screen brightness. This way, it is able to exude both the high contrast and strong colors when needed but seamlessly.

Built-in Battery: The built-in battery comes in next. This battery is a permanent part and parcel of the projector. It is also rechargeable and lasts a whopping 20 minutes per session. This arrangement makes you leverage the attendant benefits without unnecessary apprehensions that others go through. It bestows to you the benefit of maximum convenience.

Efficient Cooling Technology: Also forming a vital part of this projector is the efficient cooling technology. This one basically cools the heating element of the lamp. This way, it prevents it from overheating and posing unnecessary damages to the interior components of the projector. The fan also emits less noise and thus makes the ambiance habitable.


  • Pretty simple and convenient to carry around
  • Fits the home theater systems perfectly well
  • Does not require a power cable and is hence convenient to engage
  • Has a longer battery life of around 2 hours
  • Its lamp hardly breaks or sustains damages easily


  • High power consumption
  • Shorter projection distance
  • Produces not so clear pictures

Summary: You have no better companion in your frequent travels than this specific projector. It indeed fits such applications perfectly better than any other projector.

4. VANKYO Leisure 410 LED Projector

If all you are looking for in a projector is the need for indoor use, you have no other better friend than this one. By its sheer construction and design, it is great for such kind of an environment. It mainly produces awesome pictures when utilized in the dark.

VANKYO Leisure 410 LED Projector
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Full HD Professional Video Projector: As opposed to the other projectors of its kind, this one is of the full high definition picture quality construction. This construction brings about awesome images that are very clear and breathtaking to behold indeed. It leaves out no detail untouched or beamed. It is particularly great for home entertainment.

MStar Advanced Color Engine: The MStar advanced color engine comes in next. This feature reproduces very accurate colors as well as great contrasts for the images. By reason of this feature, the projector produces breathtaking and reliable outcomes on the whole. It makes those movie moments very cherished and enjoyable. You want to grab it to enjoy those moments.

Built-in Speaker: Unlike most other projectors, this one comes with built-in speakers. These speakers are designed in such a manner as to confer excellent audio support and help. They also negate the need to acquire separate external speakers and therefore save a great deal of your time and resources.


  • Does not require the costly external speakers
  • Comes along with a customized bag which facilitates transportation and storage
  • Connects to a wide array of HD devices
  • Compatible with many like-minded devices
  • Has an innovative cooling system which disperses heat efficiently


  • Possesses some delicate parts and components
  • Does not last longer
  • Quite bulky to move around with ease

Summary: You clearly have no better friend than this one for your indoor entertainment. It has all that you may seek from a machine of this kind.

5. RocketPRO 1080P Video Projector

You can never hope to view images for a prolonged duration of time without the fear of straining your eyes. This is because the light that is emitted by the projectors is often too strong and blinding. As such, a specially designed projector like this which guarantees comfort to your eyes is a welcome relief.

RocketPRO 1080P Video Projector
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Heavy-duty Heat-resistant Materials: In all, the projector is constructed using very strong and durable materials. For this reason, you should expect it to break down the fewer number of times in the course of use. These materials also reduce noise levels and bring about a comfortable environment of use. You will, therefore, experience maximum comfort and minimum use of money.

Large and Clear Screen: Its screen is also larger in size when compared to those of the competing projectors. It measures a whopping 120 inches in size and is also accompanied by a resolution of around 1080 pixels. This makes it suited for high-end home theater entertainment needs. Why would you even look elsewhere for your needs?

Maximum Portability: All factors considered, the projector is very portable. It weighs less and is also compact in size. You will not have to confront too much hassle to be able to carry it out and about the desired location. On the contrary, you will find it pretty convenient to engage as a whole.


  • More reliable to acquire by reason of the 2-year warranty
  • Shields the eyes of your kids from potential harms
  • Simpler and more convenient to install
  • May be controlled by remote and is hence more convenient
  • Supports several accessories which adjust the image height


  • Comes incomplete and requires several co-operant tools
  • Shorter life lamp on the whole
  • Costs a fortune to acquire

Summary: For the maximum comfort of your eyes, you have no better friend than this one. Its awesome picture quality is simply irresistible!

6. DBPOWER Portable Mini Projector

Are you constantly on the go? If you responded in the affirmative, you require an extremely light and portable projector. The projector of that kind also has to be compact in size and convenient to store and package. Look no further than this particular machine as it embodies all those vital traits at a time.

DBPOWER Portable Mini Projector
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Higher Resolution Pictures: With the ability to exude images of up to 1,080 dots-per-inch, this projector has a pretty high resolution indeed. This allows you to easily see the minutest of details in their most natural form and shape. You have no better companion when it comes to reliable pictures and outcomes.

Comfortable Projection Distance: You will not have to place the projector too far from the wall or surface where you intend to beam the signals. You only need a minimum distance of 1.5 meters and a maximum of 5 meters to have your way. This makes the projector suited for those congested and crammed up interior spaces.

Extra-bright Pictures: All factors considered, the projector produces images that are 70% brighter and a further 50% sharper than those of the ordinary projectors. By placing your bet on this specific projector, you, therefore, stand to derive so much more than you actually pay for. You, therefore, stand to accrue more than what you invest in their purchase.


  • Accompanied by a reliable back-end technical support
  • Generates less noise on average
  • More durable than previous models
  • Fitted with an advanced fan cooling technology
  • Safeguards you from unnecessary dangers and inconveniences


  • Less comprehensive in scope
  • Accommodates relatively fewer accessories
  • Performs comparatively fewer chores

Summary: There you have it! Your solution for remote locations rests with this specific projector. Get hold of it wherever you can find it soonest possible.

7. SOMEK 2400 lumen LED Projector

For your home entertainment needs, an easy-to-use and simple projector like this one is a ‘must have.’ The projector prides itself in its simplicities of design, construction, applications, and transportation. Regardless of your skill level or experience, you will definitely find it handy and relevant to your specific needs.

SOMEK 2400 lumen LED Projector
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Large Display Size: Perhaps its most outstanding trait is the extremely large display size it exudes. It can stretch from 30 to 130 inches to let you view the details legibly. This means that you will not strain or miss out on the crucial details if you happen to prefer this projector over and above the others.

Safe Projection Distance: You will also not place your projector too far from the wall or surface you intend to beam the images. This stems from the fact that the projector can generate awesome images from the safe minimum distance of just 1 meter and a maximum of 3 meters. Regardless of the size of your room, you may count on it to deliver.

Multiple Speakers: Lastly, the projector has two speakers built into it. With these two speakers, you will accrue higher sound outputs and maximum reliability at all times. These two speakers shall also reduce the costs of operations in that they will negate the need for you to acquire extra speakers separately.


  • Delivers amazing home theater experience right at the comfort of your home
  • Produces great picture quality at night
  • Free of any unnecessary risks
  • High native picture resolution
  • 80% brighter than most competing mini-projectors


  • Unsuitable for business presentations
  • Has a nondescript appearance
  • Gets too hot unnecessarily

Summary: Well, for your home entertainment needs, this indeed is the projector of choice. Why look elsewhere? Get hold of them as soon as you can!

The Final Words (Summary)

You can now go ahead and acquire the best projectors under 300 dollars with confidence. The information we have furnished is indeed great and relevant. They will surely help you to arrive at the best ever purchasing decision you might want.

You are not the only one who might need to acquire the right projector. Indeed, most of your colleagues might also be in the same shoe as you. This is why we urge you to consider sharing this information with them as well. All the best as you take the next step in acquiring the right projector.

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