5 Best Power Steering Stop Leak in 2023

Driving your vehicle is meant to be not only useful but also an enjoyable activity. However, if you notice that your power steering is becoming a bit ‘tight’, making it difficult to turn your vehicle, as well as making some odd, strange squealing noises, then you most certainly need to check your power steering system. The problem is usually a leak. While it is good to know how your power steering system works, usually all you’ll need to solve this problem is to use a power steering additive.

These products are known as ‘power steering stop leak’ fluids. These are thick, viscous fluids which work to revitalize the rubber seals, stop those pesky noises, and relax your power steering so that it is easy to use again. With the vast amount of stop leak products available on the market, we know it can be a headache to figure out which one to choose, so, we’ve assembled a list of our top 5 best power steering stop leak products for you to review.

A Quick Look at the Top Rated Power Steering Stop Leak

1.Lucas Oil 10011Lucas Oil
2.BlueDevil 00232 ReviewBlueDevil Products
3.Prestone AS263-6PKPrestone
4.Niteo Power SteeringNiteo
5.Bar’s Leaks 1630-6PKBar's Products

5 Best Power Steering Stop Leak Reviewed

While it is tempting to put things off to a later date, this is not one of those times. If you run your vehicle when your power steering pump reservoir is low, you risk damaging your entire power steering system, which will mean costly repairs down the road. In order to prevent this, we recommend you become familiar with the symptoms of a power steering leak.

First, you may notice that your vehicle is harder to steer, especially when trying to take corners. Next, you will hear a bothersome whirring noise, squeak or squeal when you steer. Both instances signal that your steering fluid is low or nonexistent and requires you to refill the reservoir.

All of the 5 stop leak products we’ve reviewed below are some of the best you’ll find on the market today, manufactured by well-respected companies. Some of the stop leak products are for specific vehicles, while others can be used in any vehicle, foreign or domestic.

1. Lucas Oil 10011

If you suddenly find that your cars power steering actuator starts leaking, there’s a good chance that you’ll require an application of Lucas Oil 10011. Lucas Oil 10011 Power Steering Stop Leak is our top product for sealing leaks with regards to your Power Steering System. This product combines to petrol extracted additives with special oils, and is free from solvents, ensuring that utilizing this product will result in no untoward effects.

Lucas Oil 10011
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This also functions as ‘preventative maintenance’ as well as ridding your vehicle of bothersome hard spots. Lucas Oil personally guarantees that this product will stop of each and every leak. Using 10011 works to rejuvenate your rack and pinions, deals with tight steering, and works with all power steering wheel fluids. If your system begins to make odd noises, such as whines, squeaks or squeals, top off your steering pump reservoir according to directions, and the unpleasant noises will end. Whether your steering is making noises or leaking, 10011 will immediately fix the issue, and leave you with lasting results.

  • Thick and easy to pour
  • Stops the leak immediately
  • Long lasting
  • Great for older vehicles
  • Stops power steering noises
  • It may make the steering harder when cold for some individuals
  • May only last a few weeks

Summary: If turning corners is getting a bit difficult, then this is a great product to choose if you need to revitalize your power steering system. Lucas Oil 10011 Power Steering Stop Leak works to slow and stop leaks immediately in your vehicles power steering system. Feel free to use it to stop leaks, quiet steering noises, as well as an affordable method to prevent leaks in the future. Lucas Stop Leak also functions to rejuvenates rack and pinions and helps reverse tight steering.

This is a universal product and works with all power steering fluids, as well as most vehicle makes and models. We recommend Lucas oil, as it’s is thick, easy to pour, lasts a long time, and works for older and newer vehicles equally well.

2. BlueDevil Products 00232

If you notice that it’s more difficult for you to take turns easily, or perhaps you are hearing a few squeaks or a whirring noise, then it might be time for some BlueDevil. BlueDevil Power Steering Stop Leak will seal your power steering leaks quickly and permanently, as well as rack and pinion systems and differentials. This easy to use, ‘Pour ‘n Go’ formula can be used by anyone from newbies to auto geeks with the same fantastic result.

BlueDevil Products 00232
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Simply turn off your engine, pour BlueDevil steering stop leak fluid into your power steering reservoir, and you should see permanent results in about 1 or 2 days time. If leaking continues, simply add more of the stop leak. BlueDevil can be used on diesel engines as well as gasoline engines, as it rejuvenates and repairs leaks while it flows throughout your power steering system. It also works to recondition your hardened and worn rubber seals, making them soft and pliable again. The manufacturers have made certain that BlueDevil can be used with commercial grade, import, and domestic vehicle power steering fluid.

  • Long lasting
  • Provides permanent protection
  • Reconditions rubber seals
  • Works on a rack and pinion systems and differentials
  • Eliminates power steering noises
  • May be thinner than some other stop leak fluids
  • Takes up to 1 to 2 days of driving to see results

Summary: If you are in the market for a good quality stop leak product which not only stop leaks but works on rack and pinion systems, and differentials, then try BlueDevil Power Steering Stop Leak. Easy to use, just pour and go, and see results after 1 to 2 days of driving. This is the perfect product if you need to recondition the rubber seals of either your gasoline or diesel powered vehicle, as well as providing you with much needed, permanent protection for commercial vehicles, imports and domestic.

3. Prestone AS263-6PK

Prevent expensive and unnecessary repairs to your power steering system by using Prestone AS263-6PK. Prestone AS263-6PK Power Steering Fluid with Stop Leak is just what you need when it comes to stopping those bothersome power steering system leaks and irritating noises. The formula blends a premium base oil with additives designed to extend the life of your power steering system by reducing the effects of wear and tear. It functions to keep this system running at the top of its game, smoothly while stopping system leaks due to old, worn and damaged seals, and protecting you pump components.

Prestone AS263-6PK
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Once applied, it will proceed to rejuvenate the hard, cracked and dried up seals, while corrosion inhibitors function to handle any metal components of the system, and antioxidants keep sludge from forming. Features include seal swell agents, anti-foaming agents, and pour point depressants. Prestone AS263-6PK has been developed for use for the following car makes Chrysler, Ford, GM vehicles as well as some import models. Prestone’s exclusive stop leak formula is compatible with all power steering fluids on the market.

  • Revitalizes old, time-worn seals
  • Corrosion inhibitors handle metal parts
  • Compatible with all power steering fluids
  • Quiets steering system noises
  • Slows and stops leaks
  • No instant results for some customers
  • May need more than two applications for results

Summary: Prestone is a well-respected maker of stop leak products which slow or stop steering system leakages. This is one of the best all-around stop leak products if you are looking for one that works well with your Chrysler, GM, or Ford vehicles. Prestone AS263 is compatible with all power steering fluids, and works to stop steering system noises, rejuvenate your seals and prevent corrosion on your metal parts, and is a great product if you are looking to extend the life of your power steering system.

4. Niteo Power Steering

When it comes time to top off your power steering fluid levels, Gunk provides you with an excellent product, Motor Medic. Motor Medic by Gunk is a non-corrosive fluid that works to rejuvenate your vehicles old, worn, hardened and shrunken seals using a blend of specially formulated detergent additives, anti-wear and anti-foaming additives. If you are concerned with the potential for clogs, don’t be, as this fluid will not clog or foam in your power steering system. This power steering fluid is designed to help return your system to its original state, running clean and smooth by softening your seals.

Niteo Power Steering
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If you have no leaks, but notice an unpleasant ‘squealing’ sound as you turn corners, adding Motor Medic should quell that as well. It also helps to guard your power steering system against future wear and tear due to day to day driving, as well as corrosion. Please note that this is not a universal power steering stop leak product. It is formulated for use in only for vehicles manufactured by the Japanese automaker, Honda. This also includes their luxury auto brand, Acura and their sedans and SUV’s. To use this in any other vehicle may damage your power steering system.

  • Non-corrosive fluid
  • Will not clog or foam
  • Revitalizes old, worn seals
  • Reduces or eliminates power steering noises
  • Works as a preventative agent
  • May slow the leak, not completely stop it for some customers
  • Only for Honda/Acura vehicles

Summary: Designed just for owners of Honda and Acura vehicles, Motor Medic by Gunk will handle your power steering system perfectly. This non-corrosive steering fluid will not clog or foam your power steering system as others will and works to revitalize your hard and cracked seals, as well as quieting those irritating steering squeaks and whirs. This is just the product you need to extend the life of your Honda or Acura’s power steering system, and is the perfect regular maintenance tool due to its preventative properties.

5. Bar’s Leaks 1630-6PK

No one wants to approach their vehicle and notice there is a new, fresh puddle of liquid underneath. If so, your power steering system may be leaking fluid. If this is the case, simply use Bar’s Leaks 1630-6PK Power Steering Stop Leak which will immediately stop the leak without clogging, foaming or contributing to corrosion. If your power steering system is making odd and strange sounds due to a low power steering fluid level, an application of Bar’s will end those noises on the spot.

Bar’s Leaks 1630-6PK
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This product is designed to quickly stop O-ring and seal leaks due to day to day wear and tear by working on the rack and pinion, pumps and gearboxes, even on heavy-duty power steering applications. It works to remove hard spots, by keeping your seals soft and flexible. Using this product is incredibly cost effective, as anyone can use it successfully so no visits to the mechanic will be necessary. Bar’s can be used with any petrol based, synthetic, mineral oil, Dexron/Mercon ATF fluids, as well as all makes and models of import, domestic vehicles.

  • Made in the USA
  • Works immediately
  • Easy to pour
  • Long lasting and affordable
  • Works on heavy duty steering applications
  • Works on minor seal damage only
  • May slow the leak only

Summary: If you’ve got leaks, then Bar’s Leaks Power Steering Stop Leak will work well to stop any steering leaks in their tracks, without clogging, foaming or corroding your power steering system. This is a great product if you need to reduce or eliminate distracting steering noises, as well as keep your seals flexible and soft. If you’re searching for a good quality stop leak that can be used with any fluid or any standard vehicle to maintain your rack and pinion, pumps and gearboxes, then give Bar’s Leak a try.

What are the benefits of using Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak?

There are many benefits of using Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak. Some of these benefits include:

  • Eliminating rack and pinion leaks
  • Preventing power steering problems
  • Extending the life of your power steering system
  • Compatible with all power steering fluids
  • Safe for all types of power steering systems

How to Use Power Steering Stop Leak?

Below we’ve included a brief, basic method of using power steering stop leak products. However, as always, please pay attention and follow the instructions which came with your preferred power steering stop leak product.

Remember, if you do not have a leak, but hear irritating sounds while you steer, it means your reservoir needs to be topped off. If you do not respond to these warnings and add steering fluid, you risk damaging your power steering system.

Step 1. Prep time

Park your vehicle on a level surface. Get a roll of paper towels, or an old bath towel ready to wipe up any spills that might occur. Power steering stop leak products are irritating to the skin, so get a good pair of gloves to protect your hands from any fluid contact, and goggles to prevent fluid from accidentally getting into the eyes.

This next part is important, as you want to place the stop leak in the correct reservoir. If you are not auto savvy, we strongly recommend taking some time to open up your vehicles owner manual to become familiar with the power steering system, especially the power steering pump reservoir. It may help to take the manual to the vehicle to help you locate the pump.

Step 2. Remove the Old Fluid

Pop the hood and locate your power steering reservoir. To remove the old fluid from the reservoir, you can simply use a turkey baster to suck the old fluid. Remember to place the old fluid in an used, plastic water bottle and dispose of it properly, depending on your local ordinances.

Step 3. Using the Stop Leak

Using any power steering stop leak product is quite simple, and can save you hundreds on a trip to the mechanic. Read the directions of your particular product, some may have you put 1/3 of a bottle in, others 1/2. Use a plastic funnel to ensure the liquid gets into the reservoir, and when completed, remember to replace the cap on the pump.

Step 4. Take Your Vehicle for a Drive

Most stop leak products are designed to work immediately, others in a day or two of driving. Once you use the stop leak, take it for a drive as leaking occurs when the vehicle is in operation.

Before you take your car or truck for a spin, it might be a good idea to place a sheet of cardboard underneath the car, so it will be there when you return. The purpose is to see if you power steering system is still leaking or not, if it is, the leaks will appear on the cardboard.

How to Stop Power Steering Leak?

Steering system leaks can occur for a variety of reasons, from damaged seals to a hose which needs replacing. If the damage is extensive, then you’ll need to see a mechanic or replace the parts of your self. If the leaks are minor, then most of the popular stop leak products on the market will help.

Step 1. Prep Time

If you are new to this, we strongly recommend that you find your vehicles owners manual and become familiar with the parts you’ll be working on, such as the power steering pump, seals and hoses, before you approach the project. if you cannot locate your users manual, then do a web search for the manual online.

Step 2. Getting Ready

As you’ll be working on your car, make certain you park your vehicle on an even surface, with plenty of room to move around your vehicle. A good idea is to grab some newspaper or cardboard and place it under your car to get an idea as to where the leak is coming from. Put on protective gloves and move a utility light into place, or a flashlight if you are working at night.

Step 3. The Power Steering Pump

If you suspect a steering pump leak, the first thing to do is to check your steering pump reservoir. Take a close look to make sure that this is what is causing the leak, as stains on your garage floor could also be caused by an engine leak. If your pump reservoir is low, you can try tightening the nuts on the pump to see if this is the problem.

Step 4. Check Seals and Hoses

First, locate the power steering system hose, and examine it for signs of wear, such as cracks. If there are cracks in the hose, the hose will need to be replaced. Next, look closely at the steering column seals, if any are badly damaged, then consider replacing them.

Step 5. Using a Stop Leak Product

After doing the aforementioned examination on your car’s system, consider using a stop leak formula. These products are designed to help save you dollars at the mechanic shop, as they stop or slow minor power steering leaks in their tracks. If you found a badly damaged hose and seals, then use your stop leak to give you some time to take it to the shop for repairs.


Will this product work the same as regular power steering fluid?

Although most power steering fluids contain stop leak properties, not all of them are combined together. To be on the safe side, it’s best to get a bottle of each and use the power steering solution after pouring in the stop leak fluid.

Should I pour the solution directly into the power steering reservoir?

Some containers do not require you to pour out the old liquid before adding the new one, but there are a few power steering stop leak fluids that will demand it. Be sure to double check the packet instructions before beginning application.

Can you mix Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak with regular power steering fluid?

Yes, you can mix Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak with regular power steering fluid. However, it is always best to check the packet instructions before beginning application to be on the safe side.

Will this treatment fix leaks permanently?

Power steering stop leak fluids seem to be a permanent solution, but they’re only If you want to fix the problem for good, you’ll need to take your car see a mechanic.

Is it possible to drive a car with a power steering leak?

If you don’t take action right away after noticing your car is leaking power steering fluid, the pump will eventually become dry and cause your steering to lock up. This leaves you unable to move your vehicle without force, and if you wait too long it could lead to even more costly repairs.

Will using power steering stop leak damage my car?

So long as you select a power steering stop leak product that is right for your car and its power steering system, it is completely safe to use. The only time damage or potential problems can occur is when someone chooses an incompatible product.

The Final Words (Summary)

The surest way to cause damage to your power steering system, is to run your vehicle when your steering pump reservoir is low. Telltale signs of a power steering system that needs to be looked at include: Difficult time turning the wheel; irritating sounds such as squeaking, squealing or whirring, stains on your driveway or garage appear after a drive. As soon as you notice any of these symptoms, it’s time to check your power steering system.

If your pump reservoir is low, then grab your favorite power steering stop leak product and top off your reservoir. If you have no leaks but notice the noises, then top off the reservoir as soon as possible, as this will help you avoid future issues. All of the stop leak products listing in our review are more than capable of handling these issues. We hope our review of the Best Power Steering Stop Leak products helped you to choose the fluid which will help you extend the life of your power steering system, and hope to see you when we review more new, exciting automotive products.