6 Best over-ear headphones under 100 USD in 2023 [Wireless & Wired]

Back in the days, having a best over-ear headphones under 100-50 dollar were considered expensive things and a common man would have to rely on the low-quality sound gadgets. But, the latest innovation and the competitive pricing have done the favor to all. It has made possible the availability of earphones in top-notch quality that can easily be bought in the pocket money of a teenager.

Headphones have become mandatory whether you have to perform routine business calls or enjoy the music. A quality sound device is the one that fits your needs without paying more for it. Following are some of the valuable options you need to consider while shopping for a headphone.

6 Best over-ear headphones under 100 dollars reviewed

1. Audio-Technica ATH-M20x

Audio-Technica headphone has got a lead in delivering a supreme quality with the advanced engineering implied in its design. It is powered by 40 mm drivers that make the music a retreat. It has been tuned for low-frequency performance to allow the user continue listening to the high-quality sound regardless of the file.

Audio-Technica ATH-M20x Review (Best Over Ear Headphones under 50 in 2017)
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The attractive features of this headphones include the around the ear contours to set the user free from the loud noises. It takes you to a peaceful environment despite the noise in your surroundings to let you enjoy music in serenity.

Additionally, the single-side cable ensures mobility so that a user continues routine work without any hindrance. Being build with the latest engineering technology, Audi-technica is counted in the best over ear headphones under 50 dollars that are hard to find in the markets. It proves to be a perfect match for call centers, custom support, music lovers and anyone craving for a high-quality sound gadget.

You may like Audio-Technica ATH-M20x for the following key specifications:

  • Purpose build engineering for comfortable usage.
  • 40mm drivers with rare earth magnets.
  • Perfectly tuned for low-frequency sound files.
  • Perfect ear cups to deliver distraction free experience.
  • Single-side cable for powering up both speaker units.

Summary- In my opinion, Audio-Technica is a perfect match for an improved quality of sound and design that is available within the budget of a common man. It suits the needs of a person who would like to listen to music without being disturbed. The music enthusiasts, who are willing to pay higher for quality earphones, may find it attractive for its value-added features and affordability.

2. Sony MDR-7506

Sony has a reliable track record in electronics and sound gadgets. The headphones also bear a quality that is praiseworthy. The 40mm drivers combine with a neodymium magnet to produce a magnanimous quality of sound for the end users. It is a valuable gadget for professionals looking for isolation proof headset. This headphone is designed with closed head cups to prevent even the smallest noise penetration.

Sony MDR7506 Professional Headphone
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It keeps the external noise aside and let the user concentrate on the sound coming through the speakers. The appealing part of this gadget is the 9.8 feet cable that has a golden plug. A user can keep the cable in a soft case provided with the headset. Additionally, the coiled cord is not detachable which is for the comfort of managing cable while listening to music. It elongates as the user move away from the music mouse and never becomes a hindrance. Users can have their comfort with the cord that extends and shrinks easily.

You may like Sony MDR-7506 Headphones for the following key features:

  • 40mm drivers and neodymium magnets for supreme sound quality.
  • Closed ear cups is a fool-proof solution to isolation.
  • 8 feet coiled cable for comfort and ease.
  • Soft case to keep the cable safe when not in use.
  • Golden plug for quick connectivity.

Summary- It is a viable option for most of the professionals who need no compromise on the noise in their surroundings. Every working environment is filled with distraction and noises, which may not allow them to work productively. In my opinion, it has all the features that may relax a professional in dealing confidently with clients, customers, and employers. According to this over-ear headphone reviews 2023, this Sony MDR-7506 is one of the best over-ear headphones under $100 only.

3. August EP650

The most astonishing cordless headphone is here to let you instantly connect it either with a smart phone or tablet. It removes the hassle of managing cable or threading across your shirts and bags. The additional button gives you complete control to play, pause or stop the music, or take calls without making your hands busy in holding a phone. With NFC connectivity, users can easily pair NTC devices with their headphones.

August EP650 Review (Best Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones under 100)
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The built-in battery allows users to enjoy the longest standby time. On average, you can listen to music or talk to your loved ones for about 10 yours. The battery easily gets recharged to give you another ten hours of fun and amusement. This headphone has an additional 3.5mm audio in the socket that easily connects it with a device that is powered with Bluetooth. If not traveling, users can easily connect it to a computer system or laptop, and enjoy the sensational sound quality.

You may choose August EP650 Bluetooth Headphone for the following key specifications:

  • Wireless Headphone with easy Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Control buttons to play, pause or skip music files, or take calls.
  • Built-in microphone for quick and hassle free communication.
  • Li-ion battery that gives more than 10 hours of talk time.
  • NFC Connectivity.

Summary- August EP650 headphones have a competitive edge of Bluetooth connectivity. It provides an amazing experience of taking calls and enjoying music with easy to use buttons. The rich features make it a strong opponent for other headsets that have connectivity issues. It can easily connect through an NFC, Bluetooth, and audio in socket.

4. Panasonic Retro Headphones

It is the headphone with an absolute beauty. The design is a hallmark of style and an award winner. It brings the ultimate in your life with its retro design and over the ear structure. It also has 40mm drivers to ensure you listen to the sound quality that is close to nature and seems realistic. It allows the users to listen to carefully regardless of the noisy environment.

Panasonic Retro Headphones Review (Best Lightweight Over-ear Headphones)
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This Panasonic retro headset is extremely light in weights and comfortable to wear. The single-side cable allows users to enjoy uninterrupted music by threading the cable through jackets and shirts. It will never be an obstacle in listening to music on the move. It is counted as the best over ear headphones under $50 dollars with its preciously admirable features.

Panasonic has to offer a wide color variety for the users to choose from. Now, you can set aside the common black colors in headphones and select from the available 8 vivid colors. For continuous listening to the music, it has all the comfort features to enjoy without breaks and interruptions.

You may like Panasonic Retro headphones for the following key features:

  • Award winning retro design.
  • 40mm neodymium drivers for best quality.
  • 4-ounce weight makes is light and comfortable.
  • Single-side cable to easily thread along your coat.
  • Variety of colors to select from.

Summary- The award-winning design, comfort and a wide range of colors make these headphones a perfect fit for people searching for a valuable gadget. This is one of the sound gadgets looks a million bucks in spite of the economical price. If you are aspiring for the true sound gadget that has an appealing style, shape, and style, get this one for sure.

5. Sennheiser HD 202 II

Being equipped with the total harmonic distortion features, it proves to be a handy pick for professionals like DJs, inbound and outbound call centers, and corporate executives. The jack plug of 3.5/6.3mm stereo is surely the reason for its surround base.

Sennheiser HD 202 II Review (Best Sennheiser Over-Ear Headphones)
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The professionals can remove the ear cups as they are detachable as they feel comfortable, whereas, beginners or gamers can enjoy the comfort and sound isolation with it. For an improved sound quality, lightweight diaphragm and neodymium magnets are installed in the headset. It also accompanies a clip to belt to let you manage the cable when required.

Individuals who like to play music for an unprecedented number of hours would like to have it for limitless sound quality. The lightweight and comfortable design is the real reason to use it without any exhaustion. Additionally, it comes a warranty period of two years which is a major attraction to have it and replace it peacefully.

You may choose Sennheiser HD 202 II for the following key features:

  • Supra-aural and dynamic hi-fi stereo headset.
  • Rich and deep bass response.
  • Light-weight and ultra comfortable design.
  • Clip to belt for easily managing cable.
  • 10 feet Y style cable.

Summary- Sennheiser HD 202 II is among the few headphones that suffice the needs of professionals as well. The detachable head cups give them the freedom to continue using or remove them whenever needed. The deep base enhances the quality of surround music which is a dire need of a DJ. The warranty period of 2 years is an assurance for starters to have it for a long lasting usage.

6. MEE Audio Matrix2

MEE Audio Matrix2 headphone has multiple connectivity options. Users can instantly streamline music from their handheld devices either through Bluetooth or audio plug. The deep bass with the speakers is the secret of its trembling sound quality. Its advanced Bluetooth technology i.e. 4.0 allows you to quickly sync it with your smart phone and other mobile gadgets. The NFC support makes it a whooping sound device for music admirers. You can easily peer your NFC devices with the headphone.

MEE Audio Matrix2 Review (Best Wireless Over Ear Headphones under 100 in 2017)
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On the other hand, the built-in microphone can help you communicate with free hands. The quick control buttons give you ample amount of ease in talking or canceling calls. These power buttons are also useful in playing and stopping the music. Once it is fully charged, you can enjoy talking and music consecutively for 22 hours. Additionally, you can avail the one year warranty with its purchase that assures it can be replaced whenever required.

You may choose MEE Audio Matrix2 for the following features:

  • Bluetooth wireless as well as audio plug-in connectivity.
  • Wireless experience, clear voice, and high-quality sound.
  • Support NFC and quick syncing.
  • Built in microphone for taking calls.
  • 22 hours of talk time or playback music.

Summary- It is one of the handy devices that are appealing because of wireless connectivity. The cordless life is an ultimate dream of hardcore music listeners. To me, the attractive feature is the longest talk time of about 22 hours.

The Final Words (Conclusion)

Headphones are our companions when we are alone and need someone to talk. It instantly gets us connected to our loved ones so that we can talk and share our feelings, whereas, the music admirers find peace and harmony by listening to their favorite artists and singers. It also quenches their thirst. The professionals also need a high-quality headphone to focus on their calls and produce better results.

If you are also wondering for a remarkable headset for you, your kids or employees, you can review the above-discussed items that may suffice your needs. They are among the best over ear headphones under $100 dollars and justify the price against a high-quality sound result. Have a glance at them and you will realize how easy it is to shop for sound gadgets that are within your financial allowing.

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