5 Best Outdoor Toys For 4 Year Olds In 2020

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Do you have a four-year-old whom you would like to satisfy and captivate? To be able to do this, you have to find and make do with a suitable toy for a four-year-old. Finding the best outdoor toys for 4-year olds from a pool of so many options might never be that easy.

That is why you want to receive appropriate guidance to that effect. Pay some keen attention to our review hereunder. Our team of experienced researchers has compiled five of the best tools of this kind and are glad to shed more light about them below.

Top Outdoor Toys For 4 Year Olds

1.(Best outdoor toys for 4 year olds) High Bounce Extra Tall TricycleHigh Bounce
2.Mini Explorer Outdoor Exploration KitMini Explorer
3.PicassoTiles KC102PicassoTiles
4.Lifetime Heavy Duty A-Frame Metal Swing SetLifetime
5.EzyRoller Classic Ride OnEzyRoller

5 Best Outdoor Toys For 4 Year Olds Reviewed

1. High Bounce Extra Tall Tricycle

Four-year-olds are generally agile and restless. They never sit and focus on one task all along. To take care of their robustness, you are advised to make do with a specially designed bike like this one. It is quite easy to steer around and also confers added comfort to your child.

(Best outdoor toys for 4 year olds) High Bounce Extra Tall Tricycle
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Triangle shaped Steel Frame – At its core is the triangular steel frame. The role of the frame is to confer added stability to the bike. That is because steel is generally strong and firm enough to withstand all forms of fidgeting. On account of this makeup also, the bike is sturdy and stable in its entirety.

Pliable Handlebar – Its handlebar, which also includes a bell, is extremely pliable. This means it bends easily due to being highly flexible. Thanks to this arrangement, the bike will hardly inconvenience or disparage your child in the course of use. Instead, your child shall enjoy uninterrupted and smooth operations all the time.

Tested and Accredited – Other than being properly made, the bike is also tested and accredited by the various quality assurance bodies. This means it certifies the various standards that might be needful for your proper support and enjoyment. Moreover, it also assembles easily and requires not too technical expertise to handle.

  • Equipped with the super light Ethylene-vinyl acetate tires
  • Its wheelbase is wide enough to provide added stability
  • The pedals and wheels both resist slips
  • Accords easy grip when held and engaged
  • Makes the regulation of speed and directions easy
  • Requires that you dig deeper in your pockets to afford
  • Does not fold and hence demands too much space
  • Lacks the ability to take on harsh terrains

Summary: Well, to be able to let your child roam around with ease, you have no better companion than this bike. It is strong, tough, and truly reliable.

2. Mini Explorer Outdoor Exploration Kit

Want to inculcate the skills of hunting and exploration to your child? Well, this is the toy set to look up to. It is actually a compilation of many gears, all of which are intended and geared towards the two ends mentioned. Further to matters exploration, the set also boosts your child’s learning capabilities.

Mini Explorer Outdoor Exploration Kit
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Binoculars (4x30mm) – Some binoculars constitute part of this set. They measure 4 mm by 30 mm each. The binoculars are great for the exploration of nature, watching birds, and spying faraway lands. Given their strong and specialized construction, they yield awesome picture qualities. Moreover, they come along also with some neck strap for easy transportation.

Self-Energizing Flashlight – When in the dark, your four-year-old shall rely on a self-energizing flashlight to illuminate his path. Unlike many of the flashlights, this one does not require the dry cells as it is rechargeable. It operates for too long without necessarily requiring some recharge. Is it not quite convenient an item to use?

Handheld Fan – In case you plan to take your child out in the summer, worry not. This set yet again has got you covered and well taken care of. It does comprise some handheld fan whose role it is to cool your child off in the hot summer days. The fan derives its power from batteries.

  • Easy tracking of directions thanks to the existence of the compass
  • Tests and determines the prevailing temperature
  • Brings about lots of fun to your kid
  • Adds some fun and thrill when in the open
  • Magnifies the tiny and otherwise invisible items
  • Clutters your workspace unnecessarily
  • The constituent components may get lost easily
  • Demands too much care and attention on your part

Summary: Perhaps no other toy set brings out the exploration traits of your child as effectively as this one. Given its wholesome approach, you have no option but to choose it for that end.

3. PicassoTiles KC102Bouncer

You can never hope to satisfy your child fully without letting it bounce on a castle. Children, as we have already noted above, are naturally restless. By bringing in and making use of the bouncing castles, you will let them enjoy what they know how to do best – bouncing.

PicassoTiles KC102
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All-in-One Inflatable Bouncing House – This bouncing castle is inflatable and comprehensive. It features an advanced basketball rim, and extended size slide. The former is for practicing basketball while the latter stretches the size of the castle to accommodate more occupants. Lastly comes the innovative Velcro tape which fastens the various components together.

Built-in Basketball Rim – If your child loves basketball, this castle is yet again a suitable possession. It comes along with a built-in basketball rim. Apart from basketball, the rim also handles soccer balls, football, and baseball, respectively. By use of this equipment, the castle negates the need to look elsewhere.

Multiple Entry Doors – Then comes the multiple door entries. These allow for easy embarking and disembarking of the children in and out of the castle. Being many, these doors allow for smooth evacuations in times of emergencies. What’s more? They are large enough to accommodate three children with a joint weight of 250 pounds.

  • The large play area of 12 feet long by 10 feet wide
  • Accommodates three children with a combined weight of 250 pounds
  • Allows for easy entry and exit in times of emergency
  • Optimized for the safety and wellbeing of your child
  • Negates the need to acquire many other sporting items
  • Inflicts higher utility bills to inflate
  • Quite noisy and uncomfortable to work with
  • Unsuitable for use in cramped up spaces

Summary: Do grab this PicassoTiles bouncing castle and quench your child’s thirst for matters bouncing and plays. Use it also to introduce your child to the many ball games available.

4. Lifetime Swing Set

All children like to swing. It is only fair that you let them swing as smoothly and freely as they may wish. This is a feat you can only achieve if you bring in a swingset. Well, the one under this mini-review will not only take care of your four-year-olds but also handle children of all ages.

Lifetime Heavy Duty A-Frame Metal Swing Set
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Safe and Strong Steel-Pole Construction – All its constituent components are fixed onto a pole which is strong courtesy of the steel construction. Being strong and firm, the structure allows for repeated and intense use. Over and above this, the swing also passes the laid down playground safety and performance standards. The end results are unconstrained long-term enjoyment.

Utmost Safety – The manufacturer has taken deliberate steps to guarantee the safety of your child in the course of utilizing this machine. To do this, the manufacturer has deliberately made the edges of the swing rounded and covered by the use of plastic caps. The chains of the swings feature some soft rubber grips.

Tough Steel Construction – In its entirety, the swing is made of the tough, all-weather high-strength low-alloy steel material. Thanks to this toughness, the steel hardly peels, warps, rots, fades, chips, or cracks. On account of these, it lasts longer and manages to handle repeated incidences of use. This is besides the reduced operational expenses.

  • Requires no sand, cement, or external anchor to set up
  • Resists rust, dirt, and all weather conditions
  • Outlasts all other swings of its caliber
  • Effortless operations and handling
  • Rubber grips prevent the likelihood of pinching
  • Can only swing your child; nothing more!
  • Calls for huge storage and mounting spaces
  • Demands some heavy muscle power to engage

Summary: For your swinging needs, we ask that you set your eyes on this particular gadget. None is more suited for the role than it. Moreover, it guarantees exceptional experiences to all children.

5. EzyRoller Classic Ride On

You need not necessarily buy your child a bicycle for it to enjoy rides. Instead, you may opt for a smaller ride such as this. Though smaller and more compact in size, this ride is relevant to the indoor and outdoor riding conditions. Its weight capacity is an impressive 150 pounds.

EzyRoller Classic Ride On
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Low Seating – The seat of this bike is placed very close to the ground. Thanks to this arrangement, it allows for easy embarking and disembarking. This is also good for your child who is smaller and may not be tall enough to climb over a higher seat. It also comes handy in times of disasters and the need for evacuation.

Extremely Lightweight – All factors considered, the ride is very light in weight. Because of this, your child will not struggle to steer it out and about the desired area. Instead, it will only expend limited effort to do so. This means also that your child will be able to enjoy longer riding hours without necessarily feeling fatigued.

Non-marking Wheels – Lastly, the wheels are non-marking. This means they leave behind no ghastly marks and scratches as they move around. Moreover, they also provide some excellent traction as your four-year-old rides in them. Your child is hence less likely to trip and fall in the course of maneuvering out and about.

  • Does not require that your continuously holds the handle of the ride
  • Extends to ‘grow’ with your child
  • Simpler and easier to set up
  • Its frame is tough and reliable owing to the steel makeup
  • Usable both in the outdoor and indoor conditions
  • Weighs a whopping 12.8 pounds
  • Does not endure the test of time
  • Accepts no future upgrades or modifications

Summary: For your child’s indoor and outdoor rides, this is good equipment to lay your hands on. Being simple, smaller and easily maneuverable, the item is more likely to satisfy your child.

Things to Consider when Buying Outdoor Toys for Your Kids

Gaming Preferences – Different children have different gaming preferences. Some love adventure, other ball games, yet others exploration, and so on. It is important that you match the right toys with the right child. To do this, you will have to study your child for some time to determine his unique preferences.

Skills to Inculcate – Apart from your child’s own gaming preferences, you also would wish to inculcate some traits and skills to your child. This also informs the kinds of toys which you may use for the job. To arrive at the best toy under this consideration, you have to determine the skill beforehand and then pick the right toy.

Space Availability – These toys are never used by your child every now and then. As a matter of fact, they stay idle most of the time. It is for this reason that storage space should be a concern to you as well. Find out just how much space you might be willing to devote to them before embarking on a search.

Setup Expertise – Most of these toys require some set up before eventual use. To set them up, some skill is necessary. You have to be sure too that you are appropriately skilled to set the toys up. Be honest while assessing your own skill and competence. Lying to yourself will only land into more trouble later.

Safety Concerns – Children are generally quite restless and playful. It is not uncommon therefore for them hence to sustain some injuries while playing. You should, therefore, take care of their own safety concerns as well. Be sure that the toy you eventually settle on contains the necessary safety features.

Weather Conditions – The outdoor environments are highly vulnerable to the fluctuations in weather patterns. A good toy should, therefore, be able to withstand the adverse weather conditions. In particular, it has to be sun-proof and waterproof. These are the two agents who are chiefly responsible for the deterioration thereof.

The Final Words (Summary)

Our reviews and guides of the best outdoor toys for 4-year old ends there. We now pass the ball to your court by asking you to look for the most suitable one for your child. Spare yourself the hassle by prioritizing the ones we have already reviewed above.

Quite a number of past readers of our post have been unable to arrive at suitable options even after reading through our explanations. Do not be part of this statistic. That is why we ask that you ask us for further assistance if you happen not to be able to arrive at a suitable purchase. We are always willing to help!