5 Best Nerf Snipers In 2019

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Aspiring to be a professional archer or hunting enthusiast? You can never achieve either end without making use of a toy sniper. Indeed, these gadgets serve to introduce you to the fields of darts, sniping, archery, and shots with ease. That is why you have to make an effort to acquire at least one.

We have taken the pain of finding the right one from you. Indeed, our team of highly skilled and professional researchers has compiled the best Nerf snipers on the market today. Other than reviewing them below, we have also incorporated a buying guide for your further assistance.

A Quick Look at Top Rated Nerf Snipers

1.(best nerf sniper) Nerf A3700F01Nerf
2.Nerf E3013F07Nerf
3.NERF N-Strike Elite Sonic Ice Centurion BlasterNerf
4.Nerf N-StrikeNerf
5.(best nerf sniper) Nerf C1895Nerf

5 Best Nerf Snipers Reviewed

1. Nerf A3700F01

Do you have many persons in your household who are passionate about matters of gunshots and rifles? Well, this is a good one to set your eyes on. Why? It is universal in that it is relevant to the children, teenagers and adults alike. Its universal character and construction are what guarantees this.

(best nerf sniper) Nerf A3700F01
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Comfortable Range – The sniper is capable of firing darts and bullets to a maximum range of 100 feet (300 meters). This stems from its bolt action priming which generates the thrust necessary to achieve this very feat. While at it, the sniper requires negligible effort and input from you.

Eco-friendly Packaging – On the whole, the sniper comes in Eco-friendly packaging. The material that is used to enclose and carry it is wholly recyclable. It is also easier to open and close. Given this arrangement, you will enjoy unconstrained and frustration-free operations at all times of use.

Folding Bipod – A bipod that folds also comes along this sniper. It is on this bipod that you fix your sniper and uses as a base to shoot at a target. Being stable, the bipod allows you to aim and shoot without any room for errors or inaccuracies. The end result is some fruitful operations.

Mega-sized Dart Blasting – To generate the thrust required to do a good job, the sniper comes along with a mega-sized dart blasting feature. This one measures 40 inches and is truly designed for maximum power on your part. You put in less effort but have the same effort magnified to generate higher output force.

  • Operates without the use of batteries
  • Comes along with its own darts and dart clips
  • Approved for quality and performance
  • Made using foam which is softer and comfortable
  • Possesses flexible and hollow tips
  • Too bulky for the small hands of a child
  • Demands complex operational procedures
  • May be intriguing to care for and maintain

Summary: Though possessing its own share of downsides, this sniper is indeed a good one for your whole family use. Do make use of it for your entire family applications and enjoyments.

2. Longstrike Nerf E3013F07 

To appropriately minister to the unique needs of the members of your households, you want a sniper that is customizable. That is because different members of a typical household ordinarily have his own unique needs and requirements. This is the best sniper for the job if you do happen to desire this end.

Nerf E3013F07
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Long strike CS 6 Blaster – Standing tall among its most awesome features is the longstrikecs 6 blaster. This one is not only customizable but also handles those missions and battles which are strenuous to the ordinary sniper. Then again, it is reliable enough to take on the most intriguing of the sniping chores.

Precision Targeting – One unique benefit you will derive from this sniper is the fact that it targets the various locations precisely. This precision is made possible by the existence of the barrel extension. You simply engage it accordingly to be able to bring about the precision necessary. The end result is some accurate shots and reduced incidences of missed targets.

Comprehensive Packaging – This sniper comes along as a comprehensive package. You will receive 18 official Nerf darts and some six dart clips. You will hence not have to look elsewhere for your own use and application of this sniper. The good thing with this arrangement is that you handle all of your issues in-house and save some time too!

Faster Reloading – When measured against other snipers, this one reloads faster. The main reason underlying this is the simple construction and makeup thereof. With faster reloading comes the added benefit of being able to handle and perform your chores without any unnecessary hassles. You also won’t tire too soon!

  • Generates awesome power within the shortest duration of time
  • Availed in some recyclable packaging for your love of the environment
  • Comes with its own set of accessories to up your convenience
  • Simpler to set up and deploy for use
  • Capable of accommodating future upgrades
  • Requires some training before use
  • Likely to confuse your young one
  • May not be truly enjoyable to an unskilled user

Summary: Perhaps no other sniper is as capable in ministering to the needs of a general household as this one. To be able to enjoy the best of your shots, this undoubtedly is the one to look up to!

3. Nerf B0578

Wishing to fire shots at a comparatively longer range of target? You want a strong, stable, and enduring sniper such as this one. It indeed amplifies your power output in such a way as to impact areas that are located afar off. While at it, the sniper does not tire you unnecessarily.

NERF N-Strike Elite Sonic Ice Centurion Blaster
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Comfortable Range – As hinted above, this sniper is able to reach those areas or ranges which many others can hardly dream of. As a matter of fact, it impacts 100 feet of range. To reach out to this range, the sniper utilizes some 6 mega darts. In all, they really push the boundaries of your marksmanship to the next level.

MEGA Whistler Darts – Unlike the many snipers out there, this one makes do with the MEGA whistler darts as opposed to the ordinary shots. These darts have the tendency to scream through the air as they travel along the trajectory. You will subsequently derive the added benefit of being able to enjoy some lulling sounds.

Incredible High-caliber Blaster – Also contributing to this awesome power and long shooting range is the incredible high-caliber blaster. It is this one that amplifies the power input to give off a disproportionately higher power output. The blaster hence negates the need to put in too much of your effort and is hence safer for use.

Removable Bipod Stand – Lastly comes the removable bipod stand. The purpose of the stand is to provide a platform on which you may mount the sniper and launch an attack conveniently. Being removable, it allows for smoother operations and convenient performances under whichever circumstance you might find yourself in.

  • Prepares your young ones for larger battles
  • Fires farther and faster than most alternatives
  • Yields more accuracy than the many out there
  • Accepts many accessories and attachments
  • Manufactured by a reliable brand
  • Suitable for use by ages 8 and above
  • Does not make room for future upgrades
  • Too narrow in scope and impact

Summary: Well, for your long-range blasting, you have no better companion than this sniper. It is indeed well able to generate and amplifier your power input considerably to achieve this end.

4. Nerf N-Strike Longshot CS-6

Are you only keen on firing at close range? Well, there is no need to acquire a sniper that is too sophisticated. Instead, you want to place your bet on this one which is suitably intended to fire at close range. It is also on the whole simple enough to be able to comprehend and use with ease.

Nerf N-Strike
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Quick-reload Clips – In the course of engaging this sniper, you will find it easier to reload. Why is this the case? The blaster comprises some two clips which jointly hold 12 streamlined darts. They cut down the time you would otherwise expend to operate the sniper. This definitely leads to more convenient operations.

Targeting Scope – While leveraging the benefits of this sniper, you will find it more accurate than many of its counterparts. The main reason accounting for this is the targeting scope which you basically use to narrow down to a specific target. In this way, you will rarely miss your targets or suffer numerous missed targets.

Fold-down Bi-pod – For your successful mounting, you will make use of the fold-down bi-pod stand. As the designation implies, this bipod folds to take less space. Also, the folding trait ensures that you carry it around with maximum ease. This is not to mention the ease with which you will store it too!

3-feet Blaster – In total, the sniper measures the impressive 3 feet. Stemming from this impressive length, it manages to fire shots up to 35 feet away from a firing base. You definitely want to tap into this trait as it guarantees that you will enjoy more for less.

  • Aims with precision and high accuracy
  • Contains one quick-reload clip for your expedited use
  • Ups your blasting skills
  • A targeting scope complements your aiming
  • Its parts are removable to allow for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Only for close range
  • Cannot handle hunting missions successfully
  • Yields less value for money

Summary: For your short and quick close-range shots, no other sniper performs better than this one. You want to give it the highest priority if you happen to be desirous of achieving this very end.

5.Nerf C1895

Want to leverage the benefit of greater accuracy? This is a good companion to opt for. In its entirety, this sniper is optimized for matters higher accurate shots. The main reason underlying this is the fact that it incorporates many darts which are smooth flowing. Choose and use it for those roles.

Nerf C1895
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Bolt-action Raptor Strike Blaster – To fire the shots, this sniper makes use of the bolt-action RaptorStrike blaster. The blaster itself comprises two six-dart clips as well as 18 darts. Given their sheer large number, they see to it that your operations are not constrained at all throughout the moments of use.

Excellent for Kids – Of all the snipers we have in our crosshairs, it is this that is truly great for the kids. The reason being this is the fact that it is designed for greater accuracy. On account of this, the kids will smoothly and accurately fire the darts without any risk of sustaining dire injuries.

Adjustable Parameters – All the crucial parameters of this sniper adjust to allow for smoother operations. The legs, and pop up sights are the key of these. They let you determine your own unique parameters which are needful for smooth operations. This is not to mention the comfort that also comes about.

Nerf N-Strike Elite AccuStrike Series –This sniper is a part of the renowned Nerf N-Strike Elite AccuStrike Series. The series is famed for being very accurate and reliable. This is further evidenced by the kinds of shots on targets it manages. Then there is also the benefit of being compatible with many other kinds of darts.

  • Strikes your target with maximum confidence
  • Achieves a higher level of accuracy and shots on targets
  • Allows for smooth and unconstrained use
  • Its parts and features adjust for your maximum enjoyment
  • Targets your shots accurately courtesy of the pop-up sight
  • Costly to afford and make do with
  • Requires a fair mastery of expertise
  • May confuse a simple person or user

Summary: Well, for your more accurate shots and shooting outcomes, you have no better or reliable friend than this. You have it for your taking and use if you want to up your own skill and expertise in the field.

Things to Consider when Buying a Nerf Sniper

Accuracy and Range – Your topmost concern should be the accuracy and range of the sniper you are interested in. A good one has to be truly accurate and able to impact a further location of the target. To be able to guarantee these two, the snipers have to be equipped with a scope and have a powerful blaster.

Compatible Ammunition – Acquiring the sniper is one thing, making it achieve its desired ends is yet another thing altogether. It is because of this that the one you have in mind ought to be compatible with the ammunition you intend to use. Be sure to read through the manufacturer’s specifications carefully to know about this information.

Ammo Capacity – How many ammunitions can the sniper you have in mind accommodate at any given time? This consideration determines just how long and to what extent you might use your sniper in any given time or setting. A good sniper definitely has to be able to accommodate many ammunitions at a time.

Shooting Preference – These snipers are shot or engaged in diverse ways and means. You will, therefore, have to ascertain your own shooting preferences and match the same with your own expertise. It is necessary that you maintain a fair degree of honesty while at this stage to prevent any accidents from arising later.

Size and Weight – The size and the weight of the snipers also come in. You do not want to stress yourself too much. That is why you want to be sure that the one you choose is small enough to fit your storage spaces. The same case applies to the weight. You want one that is light enough for you to carry around with ease.

Design – Lastly comes the design. A good sniper has to possess an aesthetic and elegant design. The purpose of this awesome design is to guarantee that you enhance the aesthetics of your own room while not in use. Most importantly, the sniper of your liking has to be able to allow for future upgrades if need be.

The Final Words (Summary)

It is definitely not a wise thing to simply read through our reviews and buying guides of the best Nerf sniper without taking any necessary course of actions to their effects. That is why we now pass the ball to you to move with haste and identify the best one from the list above.

To arrive at the most appropriate choice, we ask that your time your purchase to coincide with the peak sales seasons. Also, compare the prices of the many dealers and retailers out there for the lowest possible prices. As always, we wish you all the best in your search!