7 Best Mouse for CS GO in 2023 [Pro Gamers]

Gone are the days when the ordinary mouse was used for gaming purposes. To these days, there are many gaming mice available in the market. These mice are designed exclusively to address the needs of the gamers. Though wired mouse is preferred by most of the pro-gamers, wireless mouse too is getting popular among the players.

There are various genres of games like CS GO, FPS. Some gaming mouses are constructed to serve the purpose of certain types of games. If you are a serious CS GO player and looking for a good gaming mouse, you have landed at the right spot. This article discusses on some of the seven best mouse for CS GO.

7 Best mouse for CS GO reviewed

1. Razer DeathAdder Elite

The Razer’s gaming mouse has one of the best optical sensors. It comes with the professional grade Razer Mechanical mouse switches. The DPI is amazing with the value of 16,000. The tracking happens at 450 inches per second (IPS).

Razer DeathAdder Elite Review (Best Ergonomic Mouse for CS GO)
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It has the ultimate accuracy to give you the best possible precision. The company worked with Omron, a leading mouse switch supplier to develop its mouse switches. They are designed to give the fastest response time.

The mouse provides a good hold with the two rubber side grips. The scroll wheel is designed to give you more control. While scrolling, you will feel the control with the tactile feedback. The lifetime of this mouse is more than what you can expect. It is about 50 million clicks.

As for the lighting, you have multiple options to customize it. There are about 16 million colors and effects from which you can choose your desired effects. To be very specific you can even customize the in-game effects.

You may choose Razer DeathAdder Elite for the following key features:

  • It comes with the gaming-grade scroll wheel.
  • It has an advanced optical sensor with 16,000 DPI.
  • It has a good ergonomic form factor.
  • The resolution accuracy is far superior which is about 99.4%.
  • The DPI buttons are easily accessible.

Summary- This one has some of the professional-grade features, any gamer will desire for. It has a good accuracy and ergonomics. It is one another product which you should not ignore.

2. Logitech G900

This is one another Logitech gaming mouse that comes with various features. It comes as an ultra-speed mouse that is absolutely lag-free. This is something not seen in every product. It can also be used as the wired or wireless mode.

Logitech G900 Mouse
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The PMW3366 optical sensor comes with the clock tuning technology. It helps in a better interruption of the every hand movement onto the screen. The tracking accuracy is superior with this gaming mouse. The clock tuning technology also saves battery. A single charging can extend the usage up to a week. You need not worry about running out of power in the mid of the games. It does have a low-battery alert system.

The report rate is very quick which is about 1 millisecond and it weighs very light. It is an ambidextrous mouse and handy to be used by all the gamers. The physical button layout is customizable. It fits well in any hand and provides a good grip.

You may choose Logitech G900 for the following key specifications:

  • It is an ultra-fast gaming mouse.
  • It can be used as both wired as well as wireless.
  • The mouse is ambidextrous in design.
  • It has an adjustable DPI.
  • It has a pivoted button design.

Summary- This is a gaming mouse with numerous beneficial features. It does have an option to be used as a wireless mouse. Being ambidextrous, anyone will feel comfortable using this mouse.

3. Zowie FK2-B

This gaming mouse from Zowie comes with various interesting features for the game plays. If you are interested in a mouse with Avago 3310, this is probably the one you should pick up.

Zowie fk1 Review (Best CS GO Mouse 2017)
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The Avago 3310 optical sensor has been wisely incorporated in this mouse without affecting its standards to deliver a high-quality gaming experience.It does a good job in utilizing the maximum benefits of this optical sensor.

It comes with two thumb buttons. No matter if you are right-handed or left-handed user, this mouse will work well for you. It also comes with the functionalities that work well for both sorts of users. You can easily switch between both the right and the left-hand features.

Another interesting fact about this mouse is that it comes with the low lift-off distance. If you are a serious player, you would probably know how important it is to have a low lift-off during critical parts of any games. It lies between 1.5 mm to 1.8mm.

You may like Zowie Gear FK1 for the following key specifications:

  • It is an ambidextrous mouse.
  • There are two thumb buttons on either side.
  • Both the right and left-hand features can be switched easily.
  • It has an adjustable USB rate.
  • It works with OS such as Windows, Mac.

Summary- This gaming mouse is the right option for all the serious gamers out there. It comes with a neat configuration and design. Both the left and right-hand users can use this gaming mouse with ease.

4. Logitech G303 Daedalus Apex

Logitech has delivered many successful products and this gaming mouse is no exception. The company has worked closely with the game enthusiasts to understand the real needs of a gamer. This has helped them to come up with a great product.

Logitech G303 Daedalus Apex Review (Budget Choice)
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The mouse excels well in speed, accuracy, and performance. It comes in a lightweight design. This will boost the comforts, accuracy, and responsiveness during the game plays. The Delta Zero sensor technology helps in a precise movement of the mouse. This is important in high-paced games, where every second counts. This technology does its best to minimize the mouse acceleration, a speed related variance caused by the mouse.

There are about five DPI settings, right from 200 DPI (pixel-precise targeting) to about 12,000 DPI (lightning-fast maneuvers). You can change the settings as per your needs. The mouse also has an extended lifetime. Both the right and left buttons are tested to work well for 20 million clicks, which is equivalent to practicing 10 hours for one day daily for two years.

You may like Logitech G303 Daedalus for the following key features:

  • It has an advanced Delta Optical Sensor technology for precise movements.
  • It has enhanced accuracy.
  • The RGB customized lighting improves its looks.
  • It is durable and very light in weight.
  • It comes with five DPI settings.

Summary- As you can see, this gaming mouse is packed with lots of beneficial features for the gamers. It comes as the promising mouse for the players. It does have a good lifetime, so don’t miss to check this exclusive gaming mouse.

5. SteelSeries Rival 100

This mouse from SteelSeries is a mouse for all the gamers. It works well for all the people, right from the beginners to the game enthusiasts. It comes with an ergonomic design. This product too is designed after getting suggestions from the professional gamers. It has the 3059-SS optical sensor with eight CPI and IPS of 143.

SteelSeries Rival 100 Review
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The optical tracking experience of 1:1 makes it possible for you to have an enhanced accuracy. There is a usual tendency to reduce tracking performance to have a better lower lift off distance. But this mouse is different in that it achieves the tracking performance without compromising.

It is right-handed in shape and comes with the six-button layout design. The side grips are textured to give you maximum comfort. It does come in a variety of colors. The onboard zero hardware acceleration helps to achieve a zero mouse acceleration. You can adjust the CPI of the optical sensor as per your gaming needs. The mouse also offers you to create personalized configurations.

You may choose SteelSeries Rival 100 for the following features:

  • It has a superior sensor.
  • It comes with six programmable buttons.
  • The CPI is customization up to 4000.
  • The lifetime is about 30 million click switches.
  • It has a versatile option for lighting customization.

Summary- This mouse does have various appreciable features. It comes with a good accuracy and precision. The lifetime too is pretty good with this gaming mouse. You may check white gamer mice for making your gaming station more beautiful.

6. Mionix Castor Mouse

This gaming mouse from Mionix comes with ergonomic right-handed features. It has six buttons that are programmable by the user. Its shape has been devised such that is comfortable to be used for the right-hand players. The mouse has a flat design to support your palm, fingers, and claws.

Mionix Castor Mouse
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You will also have a perfect grip while using it. It has a special pinky- and ring- finger support which is normally ignored in mouse design. This enhances the comforts of the user. There are four layers of rubber coating. This provides the required grip for you. It also gives a good touch feel for your hands.

The Zero-Acceleration sensor has a good DPI of about 10,000. Hence, a 1:1 tracking is possible without positive or negative hardware acceleration. You can personalize this mouse as per your taste. It comes with 16.8 million enormous color options. Some of the lighting effects include the solid, pulsating, blinking, etc.

You may choose Mionix Castor Mouse for the following key features:

  • It is powered by 32-bit ARM processor.
  • The built-in memory is 128KB.
  • The Zero-Acceleration sensor has a DPI value of about 10,000.
  • It is designed to have a comfortable placement of all fingers.
  • It has four layers of rubber coating for maximum grip.

Summary- This gaming mouse comes with comfortable features for the right-hand users. It has a compact size and provides a good grip, which is an important aspect of the gaming mouse.

7. Fnatic Flick Review

This mouse from Fnatic comes with some of the best features you desire to have in your gaming mouse. It is designed by the professional gamers themselves. It delivers precise accuracy and control to the gamers.

Fnatic Flick Review
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The gaming mouse is developed with the inspiration from eSports. You need not worry about its reliability because the mouse is being tested continuously by the professional players. The mouse switches are delivered by one of the leading brand, Omron. The mouse does have a powerful Holtek Microprocessor to power it up. It has a reasonable memory capacity of 256KB.

The optical sensor is professional-grade Pixart 3310. It delivers ultimate responsiveness and accuracy for the high-paced games. It does come with an ergonomic design. The soft rubber coating helps you to have comfortable gaming sessions that will last for hours together.

It comes with drag reduction cord. This means that you can conveniently use the gaming mouse during your games. The elevated design eliminates the hassle faced by dragging your mouse while playing.

You may choose Fnatic Gear Flick for the following features:

  • It is powered by the Holtek HT68FB560 MCU.
  • The mouse switches are provided by Omron.
  • The Pixart 3310 acts as the basic sensor unit.
  • The memory capacity is 256KB.
  • The resolution is 5000 CPI.

Summary- This is a gaming mouse of professional standards. As it comes designed by the professionals, you can be assured of a better performance from this gaming mouse.

The Final Words (Conclusion)

With all the review on the best mouse for cs go, you should now have got an overview of the gaming mouse available in the market. Each of the gaming mouse discussed here is unique in its own way. These gaming mouses are especially beneficial to you if you are a serious CS GO player. They are bestowed with the exceptional features that will give you successful gaming sessions.

It is your personal choice and preference that will lead you to the appropriate product. We firmly believe that one or the other product discussed here will address your needs and you will enjoy your CS:GO with any of the above best cs go mouse. These products have earned a good reputation among the current customers. So, you can never go wrong with your selection.

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