7 Best monitors for photo editing & photography [4K & IPS]

Are you searching the Best Monitor for Photo Editing? Photographers need a computer and a monitor to see their photos and retouch them. They have to edit photos based on their needs. When your livelihood relies on staring at a screen all day, you want to be sure that the monitor you choose to perform your work fulfills everything you need to create perfect photo edits.

Not all monitors are built equally, and while some may look great in your office, they may not deliver the quality that can push your edits from the beginner to the professional. Here, we review the best monitors for photo editing and describe the features of each.

How to choose a monitor for photo editing?

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional photo editor, buying the right monitor for the job comes with a number of considerations.

Full HD versus QHD – Photo editing is all about quality, but do you need a QHD or can you use Full HD? A higher resolution will allow you to see more detail, and QHD has four times the resolution than Full HD. Unfortunately, this steep increase in resolution will come at a cost, so before outlaying that much on a monitor, be sure that Full HD won’t be enough for you to get the job done.

Will you use it for anything else? – Buying a monitor for photo editing is one thing, but if you’re an at-home editor then you’ll probably find that you’ll be using your monitor for other things too. If you’re a gamer or you watch movies on your computer then you’ll want to be sure that your monitor will support the input and response rate that will reduce any motion blur that movement will cause.

Screen size considerations – Monitors come in all shapes and sizes, so choosing the right one for you can take some time. You need to consider how much screen space you need. If you will only be using one monitor for your rig, then it might be best to choose one that is wide enough for you to be able to multitask without issue. If you are using your new monitor as part of a multi-monitor setup, then it probably doesn’t need to be so big.

What’s your budget? – The kind of monitor you are able to get will largely depend on your budget. If you are trying to keep your costs low, then you will be priced out of the more professional offerings. Thankfully, there are a lot of monitors available that fall within a reasonable price range while still delivering superb picture quality.

Curved versus flat – Curved monitors have really become the rage in recent years, but do you really need one? Curved monitors allow you to see more of the screen without moving your head too much, so if you’re the kind of person who darts around a screen very frequently, then curved monitors might be better for your neck.

7 Best monitors for photo editing reviewed

1. LG 32MA70HY-P Monitor

The LG 32 inch full HD monitor is the choice for those taking their photo editing to the next level. Designed to be a professional solution to your design requirements, this monitor is not only affordable but rich in features and quality.

LG 32MA70HY-P Monitor
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Superb connectivity: We’ve seen great monitors before on this list who offer quality while forgetting to focus on connectivity. The LG 32 inch monitor delivers both. With DisplayPort inputs, D-sub and HDMI, this monitor is a versatile addition to any design setup. Not only that, but it is fully VESA compliant for wall mounting.

Reader mode feature: It can be tough to sit in front of your monitor all day, but the LG 32 inch model has got you covered. With a feature called Reader Mode, you can reduce the amount of blue light that is emitted as you work, reducing your eye strain and fatigue. Not only will you be able to work longer and more efficiently, but your eyes will thank you for it.

70% larger screen area: A lot of the monitors we’ve offered you so far on this list feature a standard 24 inch 16:9 display. However, this 32 inch model features a screen area that is 70% larger. When you couple this with LG’s Screen Split 2.0, you’ll be able to arrange your work space so that it’s most conducive to your working progress.


  • Uses far less power than many standard monitors
  • Color and clarity is far superior than other models at this price point
  • Fully VESA compliant for wall mounting
  • LG’s Screen Split app allows you to multitask more efficiently
  • Reader mode allows you to work whilst saving your eyes


  • Some users may not like the glossy finish on the screen
  • The large power plug can be hard to accommodate

Summary: If you’re making the transition from photo editing as a hobby to a professional level, then the LG 32 inch monitor is the perfect choice for you. Not only will it allow you to work in an efficient manner, but you’ll experience the color and clarity that LG are known for.

2. EIZO CG2420-BK Coloredge

It’s time to get serious about design. While many other monitors offer you the flexibility to use them for multiple purposes, the EIZO ColorEdge is a professional solution for graphic designers and photo editors. This model is definitely at the higher end of the spectrum but comes with everything you would expect and more.

EIZO CG2420-BK coloredge Monitor
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Amazing color support: This monitor is all about the color support. Not only are the blacks the blackest you’ll see, but the contrasts are beautifully rendered and sharp every time. The wide color gamut of this monitor supports the entire Adobe color range and is not limited to sRGB, so you’ll get the most accurate representation of color you will find anywhere.

Self-calibrating monitor: Rather than perform maintenance on your monitor regularly, the EIZO ColorEdge has a built in calibration sensor that can detect when calibration is required and performs it without any effort on your part. This not only saves you time, but it will save the quality of your digital images.

Light shielding hood: When photo editing is your business, it can be hard to control the amount of light that creeps into your periphery as you work. It is essential that you perceive colors as they truly are. This monitor comes with a light shielding hood that eliminates ambient light from affecting your color perception, so your work quality can be the best.


  • Self-calibration feature that allows hassle-free maintenance
  • Light shielding hood that eliminates ambient light
  • Industry standard reproduction color gamut that supports all Adobe colors
  • Can show more than one billion colors simultaneously
  • Color stabilization occurs in just three minutes after turning the monitor on


  • Professional level monitor that comes with a very high price tag
  • While it supports Macs, the included cables do not fit with newer Mac models

Summary: As a professional level photo editor, you really want the best quality so that you can produce amazing images. The EIZO ColorEdge is an industry level monitor that provides support for the best colors and contrast that you require.

3. Sceptre E248W-19203R

Not every solution for a casual photo editing job requires a high priced, professional solution. The Sceptre Ultra Thin LED model is great for people who want a good quality monitor that will allow them to get the job done.

Sceptre E248W-19203R Monitor
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Sleek design: If you’re into a more modern look for your home office, then you’ll be happy to hear that the Sceptre Ultra Thin LED monitor boasts a sleek design with a polished metal finish. Though it is on the less expensive end of the spectrum, it certainly looks like a mature, stylish addition to your rig.

Good for work and play: The Sceptre Ultra Thin LED monitor is versatile enough to allow you to work on your design or photo edits without compromising clarity and quality, while allowing you to use it comfortably for everyday tasks. Not only that, but this monitor is also great for gaming and features a 5 millisecond response time so you’ll be able to keep up while battling your friends online.

Supreme gray scale performance: As a designer, you know how important it is to experience a color palette that displays grays properly. In fact, without this aspect in your editing work, you’ll not be able to convey the highlights and shades that you’re looking for. You’ll be pleased to know that this monitor does a good job at rendering accurate colors.


  • Sleek metal design that looks great in your office
  • Excellent performance for both editing and gaming experiences
  • Twisted-Nematic panel delivers rich colors
  • Affordable for the entry level user
  • Slim bezel borders so you can get more screen time


  • 12.6 millisecond input lag is slightly longer than other monitors in the same price range
  • Lacks a large number of features like additional USB ports and DisplayPort inputs

Summary: If you’re wanting performance but you’re on a budget, then the Sceptre offering is what you’re looking for. Delivering an acceptable amount of color and contrast for an entry level monitor, this model will allow you to gain experience as a photo editor.

4. HP VH240a FHD IPS Monitor

HP is a very well respected name when it comes to computer gear, so you’d expect a solid offering from them when it comes to monitors. Well, this monitor won’t disappoint, especially at its price point. Not only is this monitor good for your editing work, but it is robust enough to perform well for gaming too.

HP VH240a FHD IPS Monitor
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Super slim bezel: It’s really important when setting up a multi-monitor rig that the bezels on your monitors are small, otherwise you end up with an interrupted display between screens. The super slim bezel on the HP monitor allows you to create an almost seamless monitor panel for your work and gaming requirements.

Fast response time: Boasting a 5 millisecond response time, you’ll find that you can view even the fastest motions on this screen without any blur. When coupled with the 60Hz display, you’re presented with a crisp, fluid experience that can allow you to do whatever you want without issue.

Energy efficient design: Not all monitors are built with energy consumption in mind, but the HP monitor has got you covered. Featuring mercury-free LED backlighting and a low-voltage halogen design, you’ll be able to work for longer without worrying what it is costing you.


  • Full HD display with micro-edge IPS to give amazing quality
  • Vibrant images are delivered through 2 million pixels
  • Super quick response rate makes gaming and watching videos a smooth experience
  • Perfect size and small bezel allows for a multiple monitor setup
  • Can be set to portrait or landscape without any additional mounts


  • Audio quality is lacking
  • The adjustable support at the back takes up a lot of space

Summary: HP are known for creating acceptable gear that lasts. This monitor is not only affordable, but has enough guts to see you through your editing work whilst allowing you to use it for your downtime too. It’s a great option for those who perform their editing and design on an entry level basis.

5. LG 34UC80-B Curved Monitor

When it comes to photo editing, sometimes only an ultra wide display can help you get the job done. Having the real estate on the screen to view a larger area of the photo you’re editing can mean the difference between a doing good job and producing a beautiful final image. The LG Ultra Wide QHD monitor is a great way to get this list started.

LG 34UC80-B Curved Monitor
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Crystal clear display: Boasting a 21:9 aspect ratio with UltraWide QHD and a 3440 x 1440 pixel resolution, this monitor supports a screen size that is far superior than similar models with Full HD capability. This means that you get an amazingly sharp picture while you’re working on your photos. Not only does this help you capture every detail, but you’ll also be saving yourself some eye strain, to.

Excellent color support: One of the most important aspects of photo editing is the ability to visualize colors the way you see them in real life. Unfortunately, many monitors only show you part of the color spectrum, meaning that you can miss out on many important details. The LG Ultra Wide monitor not only delivers a super sharp picture, but it supports over 99% coverage of the sRGB spectrum, which means you’ll have perfectly accurate colors in your photos every time.

Multitask with ease: LG Screen Split is a feature that allows you to display multiple screens at once, allowing you to multitask without opening and closing windows or sliding between desktops. Whether you want a side by side image or a picture-in-picture configuration, this monitor gives you up to fourteen ways to organize your workspace.


  • 21:9 UltraWide QHD IPS monitor with a curved display for clear images
  • Features USB 3.0 quick charge ports on the back
  • Supports over 99% of the sRGB color spectrum
  • Contains full HDMI support for better connectivity
  • Allows the ability to split the screen into fourteen different configurations


  • You need to lower the resolution for compatibility with some Mac versions
  • Some users report vignetting at the screen edges

Summary: The LG UltraWide QHD IPS monitor sure boasts a lot of features that are useful for graphic designers and photo editors, and you won’t be disappointed with the quality that you’ll get from the display. Not only will your eyes thank you, but your clients will be overjoyed with what you produce.

6. VIOTEK NB27CB LED Monitor

The VIOTEK Curved LED monitor is a beautiful LED back-lit LCD hybrid model that is versatile enough to be used for both work and play. Built with simplicity in mind, the monitor can be set up in your home office or affixed to a wall depending on your needs.

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Bezel-less design: With an emphasis on maximizing screen space, the VIOTEK monitor is built without a bezel, which means your entire workspace is taken up by the screen and not the supporting frame. Not only is your screen area the focus of this monitor, but the whole design of the unit is extremely thin and therefore suitable for your minimalist office.

Good for business or gaming: One of the most superb features of the VIOTEK monitor is the emphasis on reducing motion blur and ghosting using the FreeSync feature. This feature can be activated or deactivated as you need it and will give you an advantage over others when playing first person shooters and real time strategy games.

Anti-glare screen technology: In the design business, our eyes are our tools, so taking care of them is paramount. The VIOTEK monitor features an anti-glare technology on the screen which can help reduce eye strain and fatigue, at the same time filtering out blue light which can harm your eyes.


  • Frameless 1800R LCD curved display that gives a professional look to your office
  • Perfect for photo editing all day and using for gaming in your downtime
  • Thin bezel that maximizes your on-screen real estate
  • Anti-glare treated screen that will reduce your eye strain
  • U.S. based customer support 24/7


  • Color support isn’t as good as some other models on this list
  • Full HD rather than QHD which means a lower resolution

Summary: If you’re looking for a decent photo editing monitor that can double as your gaming monitor, then the VIOTEK is a good solution for you. Not only is it versatile in its functionality, but it won’t break the bank.

7. VIOTEK H320 Computer Monitor

We’ve seen VIOTEK on this list already, but maybe you weren’t impressed at the previous model’s small display size. The VIOTEK brings the same features you want but with a bigger display, allowing you to work more efficiently.

VIOTEK H320 Computer Monitor
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Modern white finish: Every monitor you see these days are black, and while this can give a professional look, sometimes you just want something with a little more pop. The VIOTEK 32 inch widescreen monitor features a modern white finish and sits on a T-shaped stand, giving a clean and interesting look to your office. This model is also built with an ultra slim design that reduces the amount of space it takes up on your desk.

Energy efficient: With the cost of electricity creeping up and the ever growing focus on our resources, you’ll be happy to hear that the VIOTEK monitor is rated for excellent energy efficiency. Not only does this help you reduce your power bills, but the environment will thank you while you work as long as you like.

Superb picture quality: This ultra large widescreen delivers a stunning display with 1080p HD, supporting 16.7 million colors. You won’t get much better as far as photo editing monitors go at this price point, and when you see the depth and range of colors it produces, you’ll see why.


  • Ultra wide display that gives you more real estate on the screen
  • No adjustments are necessary to enable beautiful colors right out of the box
  • Minimal and modern design that would fit well in any contemporary office
  • Anti-glare technology that allows you to use the monitor for hours without strain
  • Wide viewing angle so you can view the image from anywhere in the room


  • There are no built in speakers
  • 14 millisecond delay which makes it less appealing for gaming

Summary: Overall, this is another stellar offering from VIOTEK. With amazing performance for a mid range monitor and a super sleek design that adds a touch of class to your office, you won’t be disappointed with this monitor.

The Final Words (Summary)

Searching for the perfect monitor that will allow you to edit photos in a consistent and practical way relies on many factors. No matter what the size and style of the monitor you choose, the best monitor for photo editing will deliver you superior clarity and color support so that you can learn and grow as a designer. We hope that this list has helped you choose the perfect monitor for photo editing.

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