7 Best microphones for rapping in 2023 [For drake & stage use]

If you are looking for a microphone to record rap vocals with, there are important things to consider. You will need different specifications for a rap microphone than you would for a regular performance microphone. As far as the type of microphone goes, a condenser would be a good place to start, but you also have to consider your budget and balance price with needed features.

You will also need to consider what accessories are needed to use the microphone and whether additional purchases are required. Choosing a product can be tough, but this article will help you, and you will be able to find the best microphones for rapping.

How do I choose the right microphone for rapping?

Microphone Type- Although some people use dynamic microphones for rapping, it really is better to have a condenser microphone, not just for rapping but for vocals in general. Condenser microphones come in two varieties: large diaphragm (LDM) and small diaphragm (SDM). The LDM type excels at recording bass, while the SDM type has a wider frequency response.

Compatibility- Are you going to use this microphone with a mixer, or do you need a microphone that works with a desktop computer? For the latter, you will want a USB microphone. Otherwise, one with an XLR cable that can convert to an audio interface is ideal.

Don’t forget to look at what the phantom power requirements are. You have to make sure your mixer has enough phantom power. Generally, a USB microphone will draw power from the computer, so that should be okay.

Price- What is your microphone budget? In order to get a good quality microphone, you will probably have to spend quite a bit of money. However, some microphones are better quality than others of the same price. You should think of how much you are willing to spend, and then look for the best quality microphone in your price range.

Accessories- You need to look at what each microphone option comes with and what you will need to use it effectively. There is a good chance that you will need to buy additional accessories, and that really affects the total cost of your endeavor. Some things you may need include a pop filter to reduce plosive sounds, a shock mount to cut down on noise from surface movement, and adapters to use the microphone with your choice of device.

Another thing to consider is that a lot of the time, a microphone will be good quality, and come with a lot of accessories, but the accessories will be of very poor quality. Check reviews to see if the mic’s accessories will need an upgrade.

Sound Quality- You will want a microphone that makes you sound good. Often, reviews of microphones will mention the sound quality. Don’t settle for a mic that sounds sub-par. There are a lot of design elements that affect the sound quality of a microphone, and the mechanics of how it works is pretty complicated. One thing you should know about, however, is the polar pattern. The polar pattern describes which parts of a microphone are most sensitive to sound.

A microphone with an omnidirectional pattern will pick up sounds from any direction, undiscerning. A bidirectional microphone, on the other hand, will pick up sound from the front and back, while ignoring the sides. Finally, a microphone with a cardioid polar pattern will pick up sound mostly from the front and to a much lesser extent the sides, while completely ignoring the back.

The polar pattern has a huge impact on how much of an issue background noise will be for you. In addition to the polar pattern, look at the descriptions of each microphone and whether they mention being good for recording a specific sound range. This will be very important.

7 Best microphones for rapping reviewed

1.MXL 990

This is a great microphone if you are using it for vocals, so it should be a good choice for rapping. It will give you professional sound quality and is excellent at reproducing low and midrange sounds. Built with a sturdy design and reasonably priced, it might be the microphone you need.

MXL 990 Condenser Microphone
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Design: The MXL 990 has a gold-sputtered diaphragm. The body is constructed from heavy aluminum in an attractive style and has a champagne-colored finish. It comes with a shock mount and mic clip and is reported to have excellent quality for the price.

Sound Quality: This microphone has a 30Hz-20kHz frequency response. The sound is reported to be silky, with rich bass tones. It is definitely an improvement over other condenser microphones for a similar price – the quality for the price is excellent. It will give you a professional sound quality.

Other Features: This microphone comes with an XLR cable so you can hook it up to your mixer. It requires phantom power. If you want to use it with a computer, a USB version is available, or the computer can be hooked up to a mixer with the right converter cables. The microphone hooks up to the female end of an XLR cable, so it can be hooked up to a computer with an XLR to USB converter, but it won’t work unless the computer supplies phantom power.


  • It has excellent sound quality
  • It has an attractive design
  • It comes at a good price and is better than most similarly-priced microphones
  • It excels at low-range vocals, so it should be great to use for rapping
  • It is built out of sturdy materials


  • It doesn’t come with the equipment necessary to use it
  • The shock mount it comes with breaks easily

Summary: The MXL 990 is an excellent condenser mic and its quality far exceeds that of other microphones in the same price range. It might be perfect for you.

2.Fifine K669 Microphone

This microphone is extremely inexpensive. A desktop microphone that uses a plug-and-play setup, it is reported to have really good sound quality for the price. The reviews are overwhelmingly positive. If you are looking for a microphone on a budget, you should check this one out.

Fifine K669 Microphone
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Features: This microphone has a volume control knob and can be muted. It has an adjustable tripod desk stand and a 6ft long USB cable. It uses a cardioid polar pickup pattern and picks up vocals with great sensitivity. Considering the low price, it is a very good microphone.

Compatibility: Compatible with both Windows and Mac desktop computers, this microphone uses a plug-and-play setup. It should automatically install drivers when it is plugged in for the first time. Additionally, it is compatible with PS4. If you have been looking for a desktop microphone, this could be what you want.

Other Attributes: Priced at under $30, this microphone is reported to exceed all other microphones in the same price range when it comes to quality. It is also very lightweight and well-built. Offering a professional sound, it might be just what you were looking for.


  • It is a condenser microphone, which is the type you would want for rapping
  • It is designed to be used with a computer
  • It is inexpensive, and the quality is great for the price
  • It is lightweight
  • The build is decently sturdy


  • It doesn’t pick up sounds that are too quiet
  • Although the quality is good for the price, there are a lot of issues with the sound that another microphone could do better

Summary: The Fifine USB might be the perfect microphone for you if you are on a tight budget but want the most bang for your buck. It offers decent quality at an unbeatable price.

3.Audio Technica AT2020

This is a studio condenser microphone that matches the standard for affordable, high-quality studio microphones. It has good sound quality in a controlled environment and comes at a good price. However, you should be aware that it does not come with a USB or an XLR cable. Be sure to figure out what accessories you will need when considering the price.

Audio Technica AT2023 Microphone
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Design: This microphone is designed for home studio applications. It offers unmatched versatility because of its wide dynamic range and high SPL handling. It has a custom-engineered low-mass diaphragm that gives you a superior transient response as well as an extended frequency response.

Features: This microphone utilizes a cardioid polar pattern, reducing sound pickup from the sides and rear. This will help you to isolate the sound source you want. It has a pivoting, threaded stand mount that enables you to place the microphone wherever you need to.

Accessories: The AT2023 comes with a stand mount for 5/8”-27 threaded stands, a 5/8”-27 to 3/8”-16 adapter, and a soft pouch to protect it. It does not come with a USB cable or an XLR cable, so if you plan on using it with a PC, additional accessories must be purchased.


  • It offers excellent versatility
  • It gives you good sound isolation
  • It comes with a stand mount
  • It is a studio condenser, which is the type of microphone you want for rapping
  • The customer reviews are largely positive


  • It doesn’t come with the accessories needed to use with a PC
  • There have been some reports of it not working properly

Summary: The AT2023 is a decent home studio microphone that has the desired specifications to use for rapping. As far as quality and price goes, it sets the standard.

4.MXL Genesis FET HE Microphone

This is a high-quality microphone that delivers a nice, warm sound. Being a high-end microphone it uses solid-state electronics and a gold diaphragm. If you are willing to spend extra for fantastic sound quality, this might be the microphone you need.

MXL Genesis FET HE Microphone
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Design: The Genesis FET HE has all the features of the original Genesis, but with solid state electronics as well. It features a large 32mm capsule and low-noise FET circuitry. It can be used for vocals and instruments equally well. Designed to capture any performance with stunning sound quality, it is sure to be good for your rapping.

Specifications: This microphone requires a phantom power supply of 48 volts +/- 4 volts. It will not work unless the phantom power is turned on. It has a frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz. It uses a cardioid polar pattern and has a dynamic range of 127 decibels. It has a silver metal finish.

Accessories: The Genesis FET HE comes with a shock mount that is designed for its large size. A shock mount stops the microphone from picking up noise from the floor or from the stand being handled. It also comes with a pop filter made of metal mesh. The pop filter should be used when recording any kind of vocal work. Additionally, it comes with a silver carrying case as well as a microfiber cleaning cloth.


  • It is an extremely high-quality microphone, built out of quality materials
  • It is made by a leading manufacturer of high-performance audio products and is professional quality
  • It offers sound quality that is both clear and warm
  • It comes with a custom shock mount and a pop filter
  • It will give you professional results


  • The shock mount is hard to set up
  • It is more expensive than a lot of other microphones

Summary: The Genesis FET HE is a high-quality, high-end microphone that might be perfect for you if you can afford it and you need the professional results it offers.

5.TONOR TN562BU Microphone

This microphone offers good sound effects and is built to be durable. It features a protective pop filter and even comes with its own phantom power supply. Being very affordably priced as well, this microphone might meet your needs.

TONOR TN562BU Microphone
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Features: This microphone has a gold-plate diaphragm capsule and the circuit control is completely electronic. It has a cardioid polar pickup pattern and a 48V phantom power supply. This microphone is able to record subtle details of sound while keeping background noise to a minimum.

Compatibility and Usage: The TONOR Pro can be used for home recording and group gatherings, but also is suitable for professional recordings and radio broadcasting. Being a condenser microphone with decent sound quality, it should be good for rapping. It has a USB cable, so it can be used with PC and Mac computers.

Accessories: This microphone comes with a 3.5mm low noise XLR cable measuring 8.2 ft, as well as a microphone suspension scissor arm stand. Also included are a foam wind cap cover, a 48V phantom power supply, a table mounting clamp, a pop filter, a metal shock mount, and a USB cable. A user manual is also provided.


  • It is suitable for home or professional use
  • It has a lot of features for a very low price
  • It comes with a phantom power supply
  • It has a USB cable and can be plugged into a computer
  • It records subtle sound with minimal background noise


  • The accessories are cheaply made and break easily
  • The phantom power supply costs another $20 and is needed for the microphone to work

Summary: This microphone might be a good option if you are on a tight budget. It has a lot of positive reviews, and even the negative reviews say the microphone itself is good.

6.Archeer621 VHF Microphone

This microphone set is perfect for recording at outdoor weddings, parties, conferences, churches, classrooms, or karaoke night. It is built to be easy to control and to avoid interference. With good features at an amazing price, it might be just the microphone you need.

Archeer621 VHF Microphone
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Features: This microphone uses a dual channel system that gives you greater coverage, faster spread, and no sound delay. It operates on the VHF 170-280 MHz segment to avoid the interference frequency. It has a professional microphone core as well as a metal microphone head with a built-in thickened silencing sponge. It also has an LED display.

Compatibility and Use: The receiver requires 110-220V of AC power and 50Hz of frequency. This microphone comes with a wireless microphone system as well as two microphones rather than one. You will need cables in order to connect it to a PC or TV. It does not support Bluetooth. It requires four AA batteries, but they are not included.

Accessories: This is a microphone system. It comes with two microphones and one wireless microphone system. It also comes with a 6.35mm audio cable and a power cord. A user manual is also included, but the batteries required are not included.


  • This microphone system is good for karaoke, so it should be perfect for rapping
  • You get a lot of features for an amazingly low price
  • It is formulated to avoid interference
  • It is actually two microphones plus a system, so you can perform duets if you like
  • It is professional quality


  • It requires batteries that are not included
  • There are no customer reviews at this point

Summary: This microphone set is ideal for karaoke and comes at a great price. It might be just what you were looking for.

7.Blue Yeti USB Microphone

This is specifically the blackout edition of the Blue Yeti USB microphone, and it comes with a Dragonpad USA pop filter. It has some nifty features and mostly good reviews. Maybe this is just the microphone you need.

Blue Yeti USB Microphone
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Features: This microphone uses a tri-capsule array. With three condenser capsules, it can record in just about any situation. It has a multiple pattern selection that lets you choose between cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional, and stereo. Also featured are gain control, a mute button, and a zero-latency headphone output.

Compatibility and Usability: This Blue Yeti microphone can be used for vocals, musical instruments, podcasting, voiceovers, field recordings, interviews, conference calls, and more. It is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, XP, and Vista, as well as Mac OS X 10.4.11 and higher. It should be noted that 64 MB of RAM is required.

Accessories: This microphone comes with a Dragonpad USA pop filter. The filter has a windscreen and a gooseneck swivel with 360-degree flexibility. It is easy and convenient to use and is sure to greatly enhance the functionality of your microphone.


  • It has a tri-capsule array
  • It features multiple pattern selection, giving you an incredibly versatile range of options for use
  • There are so many different things you can use it for
  • It comes with a pop filter
  • It has a lot of good reviews


  • The USB cable it comes with isn’t very good quality
  • There have been reports of it not lasting very long and not being built from very sturdy materials

Summary: If you want a microphone that is versatile, easy to use and comes at a good price, the Blue Yeti might be just what you are looking for.

The Final Words (Summary)

There are a lot of factors that go into choosing a microphone for rapping. You have to consider what device you plan to use the mic with, your budget, what accessories you need, and whether a microphone will give you high-quality sound.

With so many existing products, it can be hard to make a decision and easy to become overwhelmed. Hopefully, these product reviews and explanations of what to look for in a microphone have been helpful. With any luck, you will now be able to find the best mics for rapping.

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