9 Best Microphones for PS4: Best for Recording & Streaming

Choosing a PS4 microphone can be tricky, as you have to balance sound quality with ease of use and price. Fortunately, it is not necessary for your microphone to have the highest possible sound quality. You will be on your way to finding a decent microphone after reading this article and its analysis of the best microphones for PS4.

What kind of mic do I need for ps4?

Audio Quality- Whether you are streaming games or just voice chatting within a multiplayer game, audio quality is important. If your microphone picks up a lot of background noise or has a lot of interference, it will be hard for others to hear what you are saying.

This can be very frustrating. It can be tricky to choose a microphone with good audio quality because there are a lot of design factors which influence the sound. For one thing, some microphones are omnidirectional, meaning they pick up sounds from every direction.

Other mics feature a cardioid pickup pattern- That means it focuses in on sounds coming in from the front while rejecting noises from behind. The material used to construct the diaphragm also factors into the quality of the sound you get. A pop filter cuts way down on annoying internal sounds called “plosives”.

This means a microphone equipped with a pop filter might feature a clearer sound. Another factor is how the stand is constructed and how close your mouth is to the microphone. It is good to look for a microphone with features that offer clear, crisp sound.

Compatibility- You want your microphone to be compatible with PS4 of course. A question you want to ask yourself is, do you want to be able to use the microphone with other devices? Maybe you also game on a PC or an Xbox, or maybe you want to use the same microphone for recording podcasts or YouTube videos.

Most USB microphones that are compatible with a PS4 are also compatible with Windows and Mac computers, but it is worth checking. Do you want to use the same microphone with a computer that runs a different operating system like Linux? Check the compatibility with all devices you might want to use the microphone with, and factor that into your purchasing decisions.

Construction and Durability- Some microphones are built from metal while others are constructed out of plastic. A metal microphone will often cost more and be considered higher quality. However, there is a range of durability in microphones no matter what the material. Nothing lasts forever, but if you are concerned about a microphone becoming damaged from accidentally being dropped on the floor, it may be worthwhile to try and get one that can stand up to a fair amount of wear and tear.

Keep in mind that some microphones may be mostly metal, but have plastic parts that easily break and make the whole thing unusable, so look beyond the material. It might also be worthwhile to check to see if the microphone you have your eyes on comes with any kind of warranty.

Ease of Use- What features does the microphone have? Is it easy to adjust the position of the microphone and the volume? How difficult will it be to set up and sync with your device? You want it to be convenient and comfortable to use. An ergonomically poor or non-intuitive design can be frustrating, and possibly not worth your money. Think about how and where you plan to use the microphone, and what will be convenient for you.

Price- You have to find a balance between quality and affordability. Usually higher quality microphones will cost more, which is understandable. However, there will often be a microphone that is better quality than other microphones that cost a lot more.

Or on the flip side, a microphone might be expensive and look flashy, but another, cheaper option actually works better. The amount of money you spend on a microphone will be influenced by what your needs are, but you should also be smart. It pays to try to find the best possible microphone for your needs at the lowest price.

9 Best microphones for PS4 reviewed

1.TURTLE BEACH Universal Microphone

Designed for gamers, this professional-quality desktop microphone is compatible with PS4, PS4 Pro, and Xbox One. It has several mounting options as well as multiple recording patterns to help you customize your streaming setup. The microphone patterns are adaptive, with TruSpeak technology.

Turtle Beach Universal digital Microphone
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The digital processor in this microphone is studio-quality and will automatically balance EQ, gain, and compression. It comes with a built-in headphone amplifier that features voice level mixing, so you can hear audio from your game and chat while your headphones are plugged into the microphone. Ear Force Audio Hub Software allows you to personalize your streaming with voice tuning presets.

With universal plug-and-play compatibility, this microphone can be used with a Windows or Mac computer as well as a console. This microphone has a lot of features that are sure to take your gaming to the next level. Designed for streaming games, this microphone will allow you to stream like a professional.


  • It is compatible with other gaming consoles in addition to PS4
  • This microphone will enable you to customize your voice
  • It delivers superior voice performance
  • It has a variety of mounting options
  • It is specifically designed for gaming


  • There have been complaints of the microphone picking up every sound in the area
  • It isn’t a cheap microphone, and some say there are better microphones available at a lower price

Summary: This Turtle Beach microphone might be perfect for you if you are an avid gamer and want to take your audio to the next level.

2.KLIM Voice USB Microphone

The KLIM microphone is specifically designed for gamers. It has excellent audio quality and is inexpensive. As well as being very sturdy and stable, it can be used without the installation of extra software. Not only is it compatible with PS4, but it can also be used with a PC, whether that computer runs Windows, Mac OS, or Linux.

KLIM Voice Desktop USB Microphone
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Utilizing a USB connection, the KLIM microphone can be used right away after simply plugging it in, with no additional steps required. It uses a patented audio filter that focuses in on your voice while suppressing background noise, giving you superior audio quality. It also features an anti-pop filter to cut down on annoying static. Your friends will no longer complain about poor and unclear audio.

The KLIM microphone has a sturdy design and comes at a great price, being an excellent quality microphone under $30. It comes with two LED lights at the base and a button that turns them on and off as well as functioning as a volume control wheel. Additionally, it comes with an integrated smartphone stand.


  • It is sturdy and doesn’t break easily
  • It has good audio quality
  • It comes at an affordable price
  • It is compatible with a desktop PC as well as a PS4, making it a versatile option
  • It is a microphone specifically designed for gaming


  • Some individuals have encountered problems with the sound quality and functionality
  • There have been a few reports of inability to get this microphone to work

Summary: This KLIM microphone is designed for gaming and comes at an affordable price. If you are looking for a decent microphone, this one looks like a good option.

3.Razer Seiren X Microphone

Many microphones do suffer the issue of latency. This is a time lag between when you feed it with the signal to the time it transmits the same signal to the speakers. Such microphones manage poor recording and unpleasant experiences. Moreover, they also bring about the issue of echoes. This one exists to ward off those issues.

Razer Seiren X Microphone
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Ultra-Precise Pickup Pattern: Its pickup system is what is responsible for a large part of these awesome advantages. The system is ultra-precise in the sense that it does not miss out on any time aspects. Further to that, it also records sound at tighter angles. Thanks to these two arrangements, the microphone reduces background noise to a great extent.

Shock Resistant: Other than the issue of latency, many microphones also suffer from heavy shocks, accidental bumps, and knocks. This again goes a long way in compromising the sound outputs and recording. The manufacturer of this microphone also has that issue taken good care of. It avails the microphone with some shock resistance traits.

Slim in Size. Big on Quality: Though loaded with tons of great features, this microphone is compact in size. Due to this compactness, you will find it pretty easy to carry around and transport to the place you need to use it. Also, the small size diminishes the clutter you would otherwise have to contend with.

Sounds like a Pro: The sound output quality of this microphone, when compared to those of other competitors, is simply superb. It boasts of the transient response and the extender frequency, both of which up its clarity and audibility. Also, these two features allow the microphone to pick ambient sounds from a wide range of nuances.


  • Diminishes unwanted background noise
  • Provides crisp clear audio output
  • Safeguards your streams against sound anomalies
  • Lets you monitor yourself as you record
  • Minimizes clutter and inconveniences in your room


  • Its tip is a bit delicate
  • Cannot pair with many other gadgets
  • Low power rating means compromised sound output

Summary: For prompt and expedited recording, this is the microphone to place your bet on. Its zero-latency monitoring system certainly boosts your own recording and sound outputs.

4.FIFINE PS4 Microphone

This microphone is great for gaming, as well as podcasting and streaming games on Twitch. With a smooth, flat frequency response, it delivers a rounder and warmer sound quality. In addition to being compatible with PS4, it can also be used with a Windows or Mac computer.

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A large diaphragm condenser, this microphone can be simply plugged in and used without the need to install drivers. It has a low-profile design and comes with a headphone jack, in case you need to listen to what you are recording. A detachable metal construction stand makes this microphone both flexible and portable.

This microphone comes with a high-speed USB cable that is up to 6.56′ long and is double shielded to reduce interference. If you register online, you can get a 2 year extended warranty on it for free. This is not the cheapest microphone, but it is high quality and still very reasonably priced.


  • This microphone has a very good-quality build
  • It delivers clear audio quality
  • It is reported to be better than other microphones that cost a lot more
  • It doesn’t have the problems other microphones tend to have when used at a high volume
  • It is sturdy and can stand up to a fair amount of damage


  • It doesn’t have a mute button
  • It might stop working when Windows 10 is updated if used with a PC, however, this issue is easily fixed

Summary: This microphone might have the best balance between quality and price. Although other microphones cost less, the quality of this one rivals models that cost far more.

5.CMTECK USB Gaming Mic

This microphone is compatible with Windows and Mac computers as well as your PS4. It utilizes a plug and play setup and does not require the installation of additional drivers or other software. A built-in sound card offers effective noise blocking and clearer audio quality.

Cmteck USB Computer Microphone
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Ideal for gaming, this microphone has LED working indicator lights that inform you whether it has been connected, is working or is muted. It also features glaring blue LED lights on the base, which can be turned off by a switch. It captures sound from all angles and is useful for a variety of purposes in addition to gaming.

This microphone is highly sensitive and able to transmit your voice with clearness and fluency. Its construction is sturdy and the design is ergonomic, featuring a flexible, gooseneck design. Additionally, selling for under $20, it comes at a very affordable price. The quality of this microphone for the price is said to be very good. As it is a condenser microphone, it will pick up a lot of noise, so be mindful of that when making a purchasing decision.


  • It isn’t too fragile or easily broken
  • Its design makes it easy and comfortable to use
  • It is plug and play and doesn’t require you to install drivers
  • The quality is very decent for the price
  • It has good sound quality features


  • It is rather cheaply designed
  • The buttons could be placed better

Summary: If you are looking for an extremely low priced microphone that still works fairly well, this Cmteck microphone is a good option.

6.Fifine Podcast Microphone

This microphone has a cardioid pickup pattern, making it ideal for gaming and podcasting. It uses a plug-and-play setup and is designed to be USB powered, so there is no need for an external power source. A desktop microphone, it is compatible with Windows and Macintosh computers as well as PS4.

Fifine Podcast Microphone - K669
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A pair of rotary knobs on this microphone allows you to control both volume and echo, adjusting the sound quality as needed. It is solidly built out of metal and comes with a sturdy tripod desk stand, as well as an anti-wind foam cap and a USB cable measuring 75 inches.

This microphone has a good frequency range and delivers clean and natural sound. It is easy to use and does not require drivers, an external power source, or additional accessories. It appears to be a high-quality microphone that comes at a reasonable price and is sure to enhance your gaming experience.


  • It is sturdy and constructed of metal
  • It has a good frequency range and delivers good sound quality
  • Its plug and play setup makes it easy to use
  • It does not require the purchase of any extra equipment
  • It does not require drivers or a power supply


  • There have been a lot of complaints that this microphone has poor sound quality and picks up a lot of background noise
  • It isn’t directional, so it picks up sound from all sources

Summary: The FIFINE USB Condenser Mic is high quality and comes at a very reasonable price. If it seems to be the sort of microphone you are looking for, you might be in luck.

7. ZAFFIRO PC Gaming Microphone

This USB condenser microphone utilizes a plug-and-play setup. It is omnidirectional and designed to filter out background noise to give you crisp, clear sound quality. With a sponge cover to isolate the main sound source and protect the sound quality, this microphone will allow you to be heard loudly and clearly.

NEWHAODI USB Condenser Microphone
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This microphone is versatile. It can be used for Youtube, Google Voice Search, studio recording, Skype, and Discord, in addition to gaming. The adjustable gooseneck allows you to get the perfect angle and height for your recording. Its stand is steady and wide and an on/off button is featured.

This microphone is compatible with Windows and Mac computers in addition to PS4. The package includes the microphone, an anti-spray sponge, a 48” USB cable, and instructions. It also comes with a 1-year warranty and a 100% money back guarantee in the event that you are dissatisfied with the product.


  • It can be used with a computer or PS4
  • It has an adjustable gooseneck
  • This microphone is versatile and can be used for a lot of things, including gaming
  • It comes at an excellent price
  • It comes with warranty


  • It is not compatible with any device that does not have a USB port
  • It is made of plastic, so it might not be as sturdy as a metal microphone

Summary: The ZAFFIRO USB microphone is versatile and functional, as well as being priced under $50. Thus far it has nothing but five-star reviews on Amazon. This microphone just might be the perfect one for you.


This microphone is designed for gaming or to be used with a computer or laptop and comes at a great price. It is plug and play, so you can begin using it immediately. It has built-in controls and can be turned on and off using a slider function on the arm. On the base, there is a switch that allows you to change the volume of the microphone as well as toggle the LED function.

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This is an omnidirectional microphone, so it picks up sound from all sides equally. The stand is flexible and it has an adjustable boom arm. A phone stand on the base allows you to monitor calls or notifications on your phone while you are gaming. This microphone is compatible with PS4. It is an extremely good quality microphone for how low it is priced. The LIANGSTAR Gaming Microphone has a very good chance of meeting your needs as a gamer.


  • This microphone has a great value for the price
  • It has volume control
  • The phone stand gives you a convenient gaming experience
  • It has a flexible stand
  • It has a decent size and is sturdy


  • The volume of this microphone is reportedly difficult to control properly
  • It is decent, but not a top-quality microphone

Summary: This microphone is very affordably priced and the quality is decent. If its black color matches your aesthetic, the LIANGSTAR Gaming Microphone might be just the microphone you need to meet your gaming needs.

9.Antlion Audio GDL-1420

Intending to capture the sound of a large group of people? The microphone you pick should be able to capture sounds in all directions. If possible, it should also possess a noise-canceling technology to filter out unwanted background noise. All these twin issues are encapsulated in this microphone.

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High-quality Audio Output: All factors considered, the audio output of this microphone is high. Unlike your ordinary microphone, this one possesses dual mic capsule which gives you the leeway to toggle between the cardioid uni noise-canceling and the Omni high-fidelity audio. This you do with the flick of a switch.

Flexible Steel Boom Arm: Its arm is flexible while at the same time featuring the steel material makeup. With this flexibility and strong material makeup, you have the luxury of custom and prompt positioning at any time you want. This is certainly good news if you have to constantly the position of the microphone while recording.

Adhesives: The gadget also comes equipped with the super-strong adhesives. You will find this adhesive exceedingly crucial when pairing your headphones with other like-minded gadgets. Specifically, the adhesive will attach your headphones and hearing buds well. It also minimizes clutter and excess weight which makes for convenient handling.

Noise-canceling Cardioid Capsule: Lastly comes the noise-canceling cardioid capsule. As the name implies, this one is designed primarily to filter out the ambient sounds. This, in turn, results in the studio-quality recording output. You will feel as if you are operating in some controlled environments. What more can you ask of with regard to large crowd applications?


  • Compatible with the standard 3.5 mm jack
  • Plug-and-play as it does not require any installations before use
  • Works with all manner of electronic devices and gadgets
  • Delivers outstanding performances
  • Very flexible and easier to handle


  • Takes a lot of storage space
  • Likely to clutter your workstation
  • Consumes higher levels of utility bills

Summary: The ModMic presents a debut involvement in a connectable blast receiver. It has an outstanding performance. So why you wait, lets check the exclusive PlayStation 4 supported microphone now.

The Final Words (Summary)

A lot of factors go into choosing a PS4 microphone. You have to consider what qualities you are looking for as well as find the right balance between quality and cost. The amount of information available can be confusing and overwhelming, and you may not know where to begin.

Hopefully, you now know a bit more about what to look for in a gaming microphone. With any luck, you will able to find what you were looking for, and maybe you will discover the best microphone for PS4.

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