5 Best mechanical keyboards under 50 Dollars in 2023 [Office & home use]

Even though all keyboards are able to perform the same functions, you need special keyboards to perform some technical chores. These include gaming and programming. This is because such chores are way too complicated and cumbersome to be handled by normal keyboards. In case you use your ordinary keyboards to do them, you will most likely damage your keyboard or contribute to its deterioration.

The mechanical keyboards come in handy in such circumstances. This is because they are stronger and more stable than most standard keyboards. They are thus more likely to withstand great impacts and years and years of abuse.

We have researched and identified the five best mechanical keyboards under 50 dollars. We are going to review them in the proceeding discussions. We are going to examine their key features, technical specifications, pros, and downsides. These we hope will give you the guidance you require in getting started well with them.

How do I choose a mechanical keyboard?

Dimensions: How long, large, and heavy is your keyboard of choice? Your choice of the right keyboard under this consideration should be determined by several factors. These include your muscle power, how often you intend to carry the keyboard around, and the amount of space.

Intended Use(s): To what uses do you intend to devote the keyboard? Is it for programming, gaming, ordinary office work, or general uses? Be sure to ascertain your intended uses and proceed to acquire the one that mirrors those uses. Choose a multipurpose keyboard in case you have no specific task in mind.

Intended Frequency of Use: How often do you plan to use the keyboard? Is it once in a while or every now and then? If you plan to use the keyboard every now and then, let it be strong and durable. If it is only occasionally, select any that might be of help to you.

Brand: Not all keyboard brands can deliver the same degree of satisfaction. Some brands are indeed more outstanding than others. As of the year 2019, Eagletec, Redragon, Granvela, Velocifire, and Tomoko are the top brands. Give them the higher priority while searching for the right keyboard.

Cost vs. Budget: How much money are you willing to part with? Set a budget and then look for a keyboard that falls within the budget range. This is to spare you unnecessary agony and strains while searching for the right keyboard.

Space Availability: How much storage space do you have at your disposal? This will determine the maximum size of the keyboard you eventually settle on. Ascertain these dimensions. Use them as the basis for determining the size of your keyboard of choice.

5 Best mechanical keyboards under 50 reviewed

1.Eagletec KG011 (LED Backlit)

Is your search for the right keyboard dictated by the need for long-term use? If you answered yes, then this tough and durable keyboard is indeed yours for the taking. It is tough and very resilient to strong impacts and other elements of tear. You will find it a worthy purchase indeed.

Eagletec KG011 Review (Best Mechanical Keyboards under $50)
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Non-Slip Ergonomic Design: This keyboard comes equipped with non-slip adjustable rear feet. These provide the perfect typing angles so you can use it regardless of your posture or alignment. It does have a gold-plated and corrosion free USB connector. You will experience reliable connections to other like-minded devices such as laptops and monitors.

Spill-Resistant Design: Accidents inevitably happen. Perhaps the most common kind of keyboard related accident is the spilling of liquid on the keyboard. This keyboard is designed to withstand the percolation of the spills. You will hardly experience any accompanying damages or malfunctions that generally arise when such things happen.

Custom Mechanical Switches: Its switches are designed for longevity. This is by reason of being very durable and highly responsive. They are mechanical in nature, plate-mounted, have medium resistance, audible click sound, precise actuation, and tactile bump feedback. In all, the keyboard is built to last and is pretty good at handling strong impacts.


  • Sturdy base that is made of aircraft-grade Aluminum
  • Saves a great deal of space
  • Conflict-free and anti-ghosting tabs
  • Can be disabled for gaming
  • Interchangeable WASD and arrow keys


  • Unskilled users may find it complicated
  • Costs huge amounts of money
  • Consumes too much electrical power

Summary: As you can clearly see from the foregoing mini-review, this keyboard is very long lasting indeed. Your purchase of the keyboard will give you higher returns on investments. Why not purchase it to enjoy these benefits?

2.Redragon K552 KUMARA

Do you cherish style and aesthetics over and above functionality? If I heard you say yes, then this particular keyboard is yours for the taking. It is equipped with a host of features that can enable you to achieve these very goals.

Redragon K552 KUMARA Review
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Custom Mechanical Switches: Perhaps the most outstanding trait of this keyboard is the ability to let you customize certain features. These include the colors, sounds emitted, and thematic appearance. For this reason, you will be able to enjoy the benefit of ultimate gaming performance. This trait also enables you to improve the appearance of your room.

Crystal Clear Backlighting: It also exemplifies the characteristic of crystal clear backlighting. This is made possible by two main features. These are the red LED adjustable lighting and the double-shot injection molded keycaps. This backlight allows you to clearly see the keyboard even in pitch darkness. It also contributes to the overall elegance and appearance of the keyboard as a whole.

Metal and ABS Construction: In its entirety, the keyboard is manufactured using the metal and ABS materials. These two materials are known to be very durable and tough. They can stand up to hardcore gaming and also ensure the long-term reliability of the keyboards altogether. These materials also reduce the maintenance costs in the long run.


  • Comprises ultra-durable keys
  • Tested up to 50 million keystrokes for maximum reliability
  • Ideal for both office work and gaming
  • Withstands average liquid spill pretty well
  • Compact in size for convenient storage


  • Contains some delicate parts and components
  • Backed by less generous warranty
  • Weighty (weighs a whopping 2.16 pounds/1 kg)

Summary: Your options are limited in case you are a style enthusiast. This keyboard is your ultimate solution. What are you waiting for? Grab it right away to enjoy the benefits of enhanced aesthetics!

3.Mechanical Eagle Z77 (By Granvela)

Do you intend to boost the aesthetics of your computer besides enjoying your games? With this keyboard, you will be able to accrue both benefits at a time. This stems from the fact that it is specially designed to last longer and be fair to behold.

Mechanical Eagle Z77
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Switch Replacing Technology: This is the newest switching technology. It enables high-performance gaming. It is indeed simple to engage. All you have to do is to use a puller tool to pull it from the axle on a socket. You then proceed to mount a new switch in its place on the socket.

Anti-Ghosting 87 Keys: Each key on the keyboard is controlled independently. This gives rise to accurate responses even when hitting multiple keys simultaneously. Because of this, you will experience fewer delays or jammed signals as is ordinarily the case. This also shields your keyboard from sustaining unnecessary damages from time to time.

Gaote/Outemu Blue Mechanical Key Switches: When hit, the keys emit some nice and satisfying click sounds. These greatly enhance your overall gaming experiences. Other than that, the switches provide faster responses than common keyboard while engaging them. They therefore greatly expedite the process of playing the games. This trait also enhances the ambiance of your room.


  • Extremely cheap and affordable
  • Has a multi-colored backlight for improved visibility
  • Exudes 9 light effect modes for you to choose from
  • Built using the top-grade ABS material and metal which makes it quite sturdy
  • Possesses DIY replaceable switches


  • Lacks several elegant features
  • Takes plenty of space
  • Quite cumbersome to move around

Summary: For those high-performance games, you clearly require a tough and durable keyboard of this kind. Don’t waste your time looking elsewhere. This keyboard indeed has the key to what you could be looking for!

4.Velocifire VM01

Are you looking for a multipurpose keyboard? Well, you may wish to try this one out. It is indeed designed and suited for both gaming and office work. As such, it is a great purchase indeed because it returns higher value for money. It is also adaptable to various working environments.

Velocities VM01 Mechanical Keyboard Review
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MX Brown switches: Unlike most other keyboards, these ones do not produce the clicky sounds. For this reason, you will not have to fear or worry about disturbing your neighbors. This makes the keyboard handy for use in crowded locales or areas that are sensitive to noise pollution such as libraries.

Double-shot ABS Keycaps: On the whole, the keyboard is made of the robust and sturdy top-grade ABS materials. This material is perfect for warding off water and dust. What’s more? The entire construction of the keyboard entails the use of the laser-engraving process. It is also double-shot injected to keep them from fading.

Trusted Performance: In its entirety, the keyboard features the full-size 104-key standard design. It has the 100% anti-ghosting key rollover feature as well. This ensures that your commands and simultaneous keystrokes are always registering the way you intend them to be. For this reason, you stand to derive great pleasure and convenience while utilizing it.


  • Office-friendly and easy to use
  • Very reliable in the long run
  • Withstands heavy use well
  • Exudes better typing speeds and accuracy
  • Highly resistant to impacts


  • Not so reputable brand
  • Strenuous to hit the keys
  • Requires hefty costs to maintain

Summary: It is crystal clear from the foregoing mini-review that this keyboard is your ultimate solution to all of the computing needs. Save yourself unnecessary stress by acquiring it. You won’t have to look elsewhere for your keyboard needs!

5.VicTsing Keyboard (87 Color Keys)

If you possess multiple electronic gadgets at your disposal, chances are that you need a keyboard that can communicate freely with all of them. This is where this highly compatible keyboard comes in handy. As you shall see, it is indeed well able to interface and communicate with several like-minded gadgets.

VicTsing Keyboard Review (87 Color Keys)
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Incredible Compatibility: As stated, this keyboard is highly compatible. It can be used alongside the Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows Vista Windows 8, Mac OS X, and Windows XP operating systems. Moreover, it can also meet the needs of typists, gamers, writers, and programmers, among other users. Why look elsewhere if your life centers almost entirely on the computer?

Ergonomic Design: Generally speaking, the keyboard features ergonomic design. This comes in the form of the scientific stair-step keycap design. This design is very comfortable indeed. This is because it keeps your hands in the most natural state. This lets it minimize hand fatigue even after longtime use.

Splash-proof Performance: Given that keyboards are generally susceptible to spillages and splashes, a good keyboard ought to be as resistant to them as possible. This particular keyboard is one such. It has three drainage holes on the back. These are designed to enhance its splash-proof capability. You will not need to worry about spilling over your drink while enjoying your favorite games.


  • Allows for easy access to media controls
  • Has a cascading keycap design that fits your palm easily
  • Water-resistant by possessing drain holes
  • Prevents fatigue even after prolonged use
  • Backed by 45 days money-back guarantee


  • Lacks any aesthetic value
  • Less compatible with other electronics
  • Quite bulky and inconvenient to carry around

Summary: To easily utilize all your computing gadgets at a time, this indeed is the keyboard of choice. As you may well have realized, the keyboard has the ability to communicate seamlessly with all those devices. It will save you a great deal of time.

How to clean mechanical keyboard?

Step I: Remove all keycaps using the keycap puller

Use the keycap puller to get rid the keycaps. Separate the keycaps by ‘left’ and ‘right’ halves if your shift/ctrl/alt buttons have different sizes. This is to let you clean the hidden parts of the keyboard with ease.

Step II: Get rid of dust and debris

Get out of the room to the outside. Flip the keyboard over in order to get rid of the dust and debris. Use a clean piece of cloth or blower to dust the debris out. Be gentle while at it to avoid damages to the delicate portions of the keyboard.

Step III: Blast out the stubborn stains

To get rid of the extremely stubborn stains, blow a stream of compressed air into the keyboard. Such a strong stream of air shall peel off the dust that may have settled and got stuck on the parts of the keyboard.

Step IV: Remove the stubborn semi-loose particles as well

Apply the Cyber Clean compound onto the keyboard’s crevices to grab the semi-loose particles such as dead skin and hair. Complement this with the effort of your hands as the substance is not completely effective.

Step V: Remove the final dirt remnants

Use the 3M scrub brush and a solution to scrub-out what’s left. Be gentle yet thorough enough not to leave out any dirt or unwanted debris. Any scrub brush or pipe cleaner along with some rubbing alcohol can also do.

Step VI: Re-apply keycaps

As soon as you are done with getting rid of the dirt, you should reapply the keycaps. Do so gently and professionally. You may invoke the assistance of an expert to help you out. Seal tightly to prevent the pads from falling off.

The Final Words (Summary)

It is our hope that our review above has been insightful and eye-opening to you. We are now confident that our review of the five best mechanical keyboards under $50 dollars above has given you the guidance you require to get started.

We now invite you to place an order of at least one of the keyboards we have reviewed above. In case you do not have any in mind, we suggest the VicTsing Water-Resistant Mechanical Keyboard. This keyboard is relatively cheaper, yet highly compatible. It will not waste your time at all times of use. You will also be able to apply it anywhere you go.

You do not want to pay more money later, do you? Because of this, we urge you to make a purchasing decision soonest possible. We are always open to receive any incoming inquiries from you. We look forward to assisting you in obtaining the keyboard of choice!

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