7 Best Lift Chairs For 2019

(Best Lift Chair) Mega Motion LC-200
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At one point or another, a lift chair becomes a necessity in one’s life. This may be due to aging, or a bad back, necessitating for you to need help when sitting or standing up. After all, it is beneficial to be personally independent, since you cannot be sure to have company at all times. Once you have decided to get a lift chair be it for your self or your aging parents, how do you go about ensuring that you get the right lift chairs for the best value? In this article is a review of the best lift chairs and a guide to help you make the right choice. Keep reading and be sure to have an easy time when making your purchase.

A quick look at the top rated lift chairs

1.Mega Motion LC-200 Comfort ReclinerMega Motion
2.Easy Comfort LC-100 Lift Chair (Brandy)Mega Motion
3.Homelegance 8545-1LT Kellen Power ReclinerHomelegance
4.CATNAPPER 4825180043 Soother GalixyCatnapper
5.Furniture of America IDF-RC6933 Lift SystemFurniture of America
6.Med Lift 5555 Full Sleeper Lift ChairMed Lift
7.Coaster Home Furnishings 601025 ChairCoaster

7 Best Lift Chairs Reviewed

1. Mega Motion LC-200

This is a three position lift and recliner chair. This means that you can use it in the normal sitting position, while it is reclined, and use it as a lift chair when you want to stand up. The chair is durable since it features a sturdy frame to enable it to hold up to 329 pounds.

Mega Motion LC-200 Comfort Recliner
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Moreover, it features a durable polyester fabric that makes it makes it withstand heavy use to guarantee that it will last for long. More to that, it includes a heavy-duty steel lift mechanism to enable it to lift a 329lbs person with a lot of ease. This chair is ideal for use by individuals of a height of 5’4″ to 6’1″ tall. It measures 38.5 x 34 x 41.5 inches and weighs 130pounds. Whats more is that you can get it in three different colors including navy blue, chocolate brown and fawn tan to enable you to get one to match your decor.

  • Comfortable seat & easy to operate
  • Great price & good looking chair
  • It provides excellent support & it comes in a great package
  • Great fabric and color designs & does not require tools to set up
  • It includes easy-to-follow assembly instructions
  • Not suitable for use by tall persons
  • It is quite slow when going up and down

Summary: The Mega Motion Lift Chair Easy Comfort Recliner is a three-position recliner and lift chair. You can use it in its normal position, on the reclined position, or on the lift position. The chair is durably constructed with a sturdy frame and heavy-duty steel lift mechanism that enables it to hold a 329lbs person. It features a durable polyester fabric available in three shades which are navy blue, chocolate brown, and fawn tan.

2. Easy Comfort LC-100

Do you need help sitting or standing up from your chair? If you do, you might want to get one of these chairs. The chair includes dual motors that enable it to lie flat to place you in a sleeping or resting position. These motors also enable it to lift you from that position to a standing position, thereby enabling you to stand up with a lot of ease.

Easy Comfort LC-100 Lift Chair (Brandy)
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The chair includes a headrest and footrest that enables you to stretch comfortably while on it. What’s more is a padded chaise seat, split T style back, and roll arms to let it offer enough support for the most comfortable sitting experience. To recline the chair, you simply need to touch a button on the remote and have it in the position you need it. With it, you do not have to keep standing when you need your phone or magazines since it includes a convenient side pocket where you can place these items for easy access.

You can get the recliner for people with a weight of up to 325lbs. Thanks to the steel lift mechanism that enables it to support that weight without breaking. What’s more is that it is ideal for use when sleeping, watching television, reading, and relaxing. You can get it in your favorite color including navy, brandy, chocolate, chestnut vinyl, sage, and fawn.

  • Durable construction
  • Good looking chair
  • Smooth and quiet motors
  • It includes ample padding to offer comfort

Summary: Featured among the best recliner chairs in our review, this chair includes motors that offer a smooth transition from the recline position to the standing position. It is durable and features a steel lift mechanism that enables it to hold up to 325lbs. What’s more is that it is comfortable to use, thanks to the ample padding of the seat, back, and arms. The recliner features a side pocket suitable for holding the things you need at your fingertips. More to that is a footrest and headrest to support your entire body when resting on it.

3. Homelegance 8545-1LT

This is a dark brown bonded leather recliner. Not only is it durable and functional, but it is also aesthetically appealing to ensure that you get a chair that will match your decor. The chair features a sturdy stell power lift and recline mechanism. With this, you can be sure to have a recliner that will serve you for lots of years.

Homelegance 8545-1LT Kellen Power Recliner
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Serving as a lift chair and recliner in one, this chair offers you much convenience making it a great plus when bought for the elderly and persons with back problems. The reason behind this is that you can use the reclining function so that you can use it to nap and relax, while the lift mechanism helps you to stand up with a lot of ease. As such, this guarantees you of getting the best value for money since you do not have to get a lift chair and recliner separately.

The chair features padded armrest and a channel-tufted back. This aids in providing you with enough support to ensure that you remain comfortable at all times. Additionally, it features an ergonomic design so that it can support your back for the maximum comfort levels. The chair is powerful enough to hold a person of up to 300lbs. It is easy to assemble since it does not require any screws and tools. Hence you can be sure to use it minutes after it gets to your doorstep.

  • Reasonably priced recliner & it is aesthetically appealing
  • Easy to assemble and operate
  • Soft and comfortable upholstery
  • Powered by a smooth and silent motor
  • Easy to clean in case of spills & well packaged in a great shipping box
  • The leather fabric is a bit slippery
  • Narrow seat not suitable for the big-sized people

Summary: As the best chair on our review, The Homelegance Kellen Power Lift Bonded Leather Recliner serves as a recliner and lift chair. Therefore, it assures you of getting the best value for money since you do not have to get a recliner and lift chair separately, The chair features powerful, sturdy steel lift mechanism that takes you from the fully reclined position to a standing position. It features a dark brown bonded leather construction that makes it match most decors while making it durable and easy to clean. What’s more is a side pocket from where you can place things that you need at your fingertips.

4. CATNAPPER 4825180043

Not only do you get a lift chair after purchasing this chair, but you also get a chaise recliner with heating and massage functions. Hence, you can use it to benefit from warming comfort and ease tension and soreness for a spa-like soothing. The chair has a waterfall-style back that features ample padding to enable it to provide you enough support and comfort.

CATNAPPER 4825180043 Soother Galixy
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It features a synthetic composite fabric upholstery so that it is easy to clean. What’s more is padded arms that provide support and comfort when resting in it. Once you sit on this chair, you do not have to keep moving to get magazines, remotes, the phone or tablet since it includes a magazine pocket where you can place such items. The chair’s operation is through a remote control which further makes it convenient.

You can use the remote to recline the back and raise the footrest for more comfortable relaxation. The remote also engages the lift mechanism making it easier for you to exit the recliner. What’s more is that it helps to activate the massaging function enabling you to deal with all the features of the chair without having to move. Hence, you can be sure to have spent your money wisely since you will have gotten a recliner that that is convenient for you to use.

When you get one of these, you can be sure to have a durable recliner since it features a heavy-gauge steel seat box that enables it to remain highly stable. Additionally, it has a rugged solid hardwood frame that enables it to hold up to 350lbs. The recliner is available in blue, autumn brown, vino red, and green colors. It measures 36 x 39 x 43 inches and weighs 127 pounds.

  • Versatile chair, affordable price & easy to assemble
  • Sturdy and comfortable chair
  • Simple operating controls
  • It includes a smooth and quiet motor
  • It features a massage and heat function
  • The seat sits a little deep

Summary: The CATNAPPER 4825180043 Soother Galixy Power Lift chair gets to be among our reviewed products due to its durability, and convenient features that add to comfort. It not only serves as a lift chair but also a recliner. The recliner features massage and heat functions, making it a chair that will offer you the most comfort. Additionally, it is operated through a remote and includes a magazine pocket that lets you place the stuff you frequently use at an easy-to-access place.

5. Furniture of America

Featuring a cocoa brown Bella fabric, this chair can match most decors, and as such suitable for use in any room. Besides helping you stand from your sitting position, the chair can recline to enable you rest after a busy and tiresome day.

Furniture of America IDF-RC6933 Lift System
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It features a completely padded seat and arms so that you can sink into it for the utmost comfort. Its seat and back are wide making it ideal for use by even the big persons. The lift chair includes a small pocket on the side that lets you place the items you need by your side for fast access. It measures 34 x 39 x 39 inches and weighs 102 pounds.

  • Eay to assemble & well packaged
  • Soft and smooth fabric
  • Beautiful and rich color
  • Quiet operating lift mechanism
  • Great size that fits well in a room
  • There is no manual handle on the side to recline the leg support section

Summary: As one of the best recliners in our review, this chair does not need much assembly when it gets to you so that you can have it in use in the least possible time. It features padded leg supports that supports it while lifting while ensuring that your floor is protected. What’s more is that the chair features plush cushions on the seat and back to provide you with a comfortable resting place. Moreover, the fabric on it is soft and smooth making it perfect for relaxation. The chair’s upholstery is cocoa brown so that it can match to most decors.

6. Med Lift  5555 Full Sleeper

With a 38 x 36 x 43 inches product dimension, this chair will not take much space in your home. It is ideal for use by those who need help to sit or stand up. The chair offers different angles of reclining so that you can set it to a position to watch TV or even sleep. You can get the lift chair for persons with a height of 5’6″ to 6’4″ and a weight of up to 375lbs.

Med Lift 5555 Full Sleeper Lift Chair
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It features a biscuit-style back, padded chaise footrests, and padded arms. This lets it offer ample support to make it comfortable when resting. The seat includes two Okin super quiet motors that function independently to control the back and footrests so that you are completely supported when you recline the chair.

Whats more is a side pocket suitable for storing magazines. As such, this lift chair gives you an added advantage to ensure that you have the things you frequently use at your fingertips. The chair is convenient to operate since it lets you to recline it to any position at just the touch of a button.

More to that, it is durable and safe to use by even allergic persons. Thanks to the robust steel lift mechanism that enhances durability and the dustless, odorless, non-allergenic conjugated fiber that enhances safety, The lift chair comes with a battery backup making it reliable even in the case of a power failure.

  • Comfortable sear
  • Quiet and smooth operating motors
  • Includes a sturdy and lighted corded remote
  • Separate controls for the footrest and recline gives one full control
  • The chair does not have heat function

Summary: This is one of the top rated lift chairs for use by persons of up to 375lbs. It is a durable chair that features a robust steel lift mechanism to enhance its sturdiness. More to that, it is safe to use and suitable for allergic persons due to the incorporated fiber that is dustless, odorless, and non-allergenic. The chair features quiet and smooth functioning motors that independently to control the back and footrests. More to that is a side pocket suitable for storing stuff that you frequently use. You can get the chair for resting, sleeping, or aiding you to stand or sit down.

7. Coaster 601025 Lift Chair

As one of the best chairs in our review, this chair features a textured velvet fabric that makes it soft and smooth to relax on. It features the look of an automotive-style bustle back, and thick cushioned arms that make it comfortable to use. Additionally, the recliner features a sewn-in pocket on its side.

Coaster Home Furnishings 601025 Chair
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With this, you can be sure to have your phone or the remote at a reachable position. The seat is equipped with a lift function, making it ideal for people who need help exiting the chair. With it, you can be sure to control all the functions of the recliner from the seated position due to the included remote control. The chair is available in charcoal, brown, brick red, taupe, and chocolate colors.

  • Great price & soft velvet fabric
  • Comfortable seat
  • Easy to set up
  • Well packaged
  • It produces a clicking noise while in motion

Summary: This chair is designed to bring about a casual look in your home. It is wrapped in a textured velvet fabric that makes it comfortable to rest on. What’s more is that it features thick cushioned arms and seat making it offer a lot of support and as such comfort. The chair includes a sewn-in pocket from where you can place your phone or remote. It is remote-operated making it convenient to use. You can get it in your favorite color among the featured shades so that it matches with your decor style.

How to Choose a Lift Chair?

1. Comfort level : The comfort level of your lift chair you get is dictated by the padding, texture of the fabric, headrests, and footrest, and the smoothness of the reclining feature. As such, ensure that you get a chair that includes enough padding on the headrest, footrest, back, seat, and arms so that you can get enough support while seated. Moreover, check to ensure that the fabric featured is soft to touch while it has a reclining mechanism that enables it to glide smoothly.

2. Durability : What does the construction materials featured on the chair tell you about sturdiness? For you to spend your money wisely, you will need to get a chair that is highly durable so that it can last for a lot of years. Therefore, ensure that the lift chair features a sturdy frame and fabric that will withstand heavy use. Moreover, be sure that the chair you get is strong enough to hold the weight of the intended user.

3. Fabrics and colors : Lift chairs come in a variety of fabrics, some of which are very attractive that you fail to consider other factors and decide to go for the colors or designs. However, this is not the right way to go. You should consider the texture of the fabric, its resistance to stains, and even its breathability. Ensure that the fabric you get is soft, durable, easy to clean, breathable, and water resistant to make it comfortable to use and easy to maintain.

4. Size of the chair : A good lift chair should be of a perfect size to hold you comfortably. You should not struggle to fit into its seat, and you should not have your feet hanging out when resting on it. As such, be on the lookout for a chair that will hold you comfortably. Moreover, the chair should fit into space you have available for it even when fully reclined. So, measure the area you have available and ensure that it can fit.

5. Other considerations : Besides the factors discussed above, you will need to consider other factors that affect the convenience of the lift chair. Some of the factors to consider is the operating mechanism the chair incorporates. You might want to opt for the remote-controlled chair since this will let you handle the functionality of the chair while still seated. Moreover, check to find out if the chair includes a sewn-in pocket to hold the things you need by your side in an easy-to-reach place.

The Final Words (Summary)

Having looked at the lift chair review and the buyer’s guide, I hope that you now have an idea of the best lift chair to purchase. You can try the chairs reviewed above considering that they are durable and reasonably priced. Just be sure to get a chair within your budget and one to fit into the space you have available.