5 Best Kayaks for Dogs in 2023

Dogs are by far the best friends of man. That is why they have to be well taken care of. One of the most ingenious ways of doing so it to take them for a kayaking session. To be able to discharge this role well, you have to look out for the best kayaks for dogs.

Our team of product researchers has invested some of their time to find this information for you. They have showcased their findings by way of a review and buying guide. Read on to find out more about this wonderful equipment below.

A Quick Look at the Top Rated Kayaks for Dogs

1.Ocean Kayak MalibuOcean Kayak
2.Perception Pescador Pilot 12Perception Kayaks
4.Intex Explorer K2Intex
5.Sea Eagle SE330K_DT KayakSea Eagle

5 Best Kayaks For Dogs Reviewed

1. Ocean Kayak Malibu

Would you wish to enjoy some sun as you surf with your dog? Well, this indeed is the kayak that is meant for you. It is designed in such a way as to let in more light and air than most other kayaks. By using it, you are less likely to suffocate.

Ocean Kayak Malibu
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Large Open Cockpit – To let you steer the vehicle with ease, it comes along with some large open cockpit. This one provides for maximum visibility which in turn eliminates any ambiguities while sojourning. The cockpit is large enough to seat two occupants and a pet. It is hence sufficient to carry all you may need while traveling.

Two Comfort plus Seat Backs – In the course of kayaking for too long, it is not uncommon for your back to warp or develop some strains. That is why it is necessary to offer them adequate support. The manufacturers of this kayak understand this fact only too well. That is why they have fixed some foam padded seat backs.

Patented Overlapping Foot Wells – Lastly securing your feet firmly are these patented overlapping foot wells. They are placed at the center of the kayak and do play the role of bracing your feet comfortably. You are hence less likely to become too tired even when kayaking on the roughest kinds of waters.

  • Quite convenient to carry around as the need may determine
  • Allows for very reliable storage when not in use
  • Contains a skid plate and some screw-in drain plug
  • Has an awesome 425-pound weight capacity
  • Its dimensions are compact enough for easy steering
  • Requires extra storage space
  • If broken, it costs a lot to maintain
  • Requires huge muscle power to steer

Summary: If you cherish the sun while surfing, you have your answer in this Ocean Kayak. As you have already seen, it is truly great for these two roles.

2. Perception Pescador Pilot 12

If you are an experienced and seasoned kayaker, you definitely want to utilize one that is designed and intended for professional applications. Consider placing your bet on this particular kayak. As you are about to not, the kayak is stable, fast, and suited for varying kayaking conditions.

Perception Pescador Pilot 12
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Easily Replaceable Skid Plate – Topping the charts among its most awesome features is the easily replaceable skid plate. This part comes in handy while moving your kayak from one place to another. Being tough, it lets you drag your kayak without any worries or fears of imposing some undue structural damages to it.

Built-in Buoyancy and Stability – Unlike most other kayaks, the stability and buoyancy of this kayak are built into the system. With this superb arrangement, you will not have to worry at all about your safety while kayaking. Instead, you will reap and enjoy the benefits of fun and utmost relaxation. This goes a long way in making your time worthwhile.

Removable Pro Seat – Closing the list of its most desirable features is the removable pro seat. This is not an ordinary kayak seat. It does come along with some two levels of adjustments which work in such a way as to ensure the comfort of your back accordingly. It is also breathable enough to let in sufficient quantities of fresh air.

  • Provides an accessory mount and sufficient storage space for your gears
  • Very comfortable to sit on for prolonged use
  • Short and light enough for smooth maneuverability and easy transportation
  • Goes further into the water body than most other vessels
  • Has a secure attachment and storage zones for providing some easy access to your equipment
  • Only for professional applications
  • Too high acquisition costs
  • Time-consuming to inflate

Summary: For faster, more stable, and utmost performance in all conditions of use, you have this kayak for your answer. It does cost a premium granted. However, it is very rewarding to use indeed!


If you do happen to kayak for a prolonged duration of time, you do require some maximum comfort. This is to eliminate the strains, fatigue, and other kinds of dangers that come along with prolonged kayaking. Of all the kayaks under this review, nothing comes even close to this one.

SUNDOLPHIN Sun Dolphin Aruba
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Large Open Cockpit – A large and open cockpit comes in first among the list of its most desirable traits. With this length and openness, it is possible for multiple occupants to sit and engage the kayak conveniently at a time. Being spacious, the cockpit also lets you carry your larger dogs with relative ease.

Adjustable Padded Seat – To take care of your body throughout the entire duration of use, this kayak comes along with some adjustable and padded seats. They stretch and retract at will to let you alter your sitting positions without any undue hassles. It is one that allows for long-term use.

High Back Support – It also provides some excellent support to your back, by its sheer nature and design. Given that you require excellent support to your back, in the long run, this kayak has you properly covered. Say no to spinal warping and other forms of injuries that come along with long-term use.

  • Offers some convenience to the storage of all your gears
  • Its adjustable foot braces secure your feet for maximum support and comfort
  • Made of the durable and high-density polyethylene material
  • Spray deflector collar safeguards you from the water droplets
  • The carrying handles make the kayak easier to carry along
  • Smaller in size and less reliable
  • Not so stable enough for use against stronger waves
  • Brings about lower value for money

Summary: Here comes your answer for those kayaking moments that take some prolonged durations of time. It truly does exude some maximum comfort while you are in the water.

4. Intex Explorer K2

Could it be that the body of water you intend to kayak in is small? Well, you need not despair at all. That is because you have a kayak which can handle and perform well in such circumstances. Look to no other kayak than this one. It is great for mild rivers and other smaller water bodies.

Intex Explorer K2 Kayak
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Lightweight and Compact – On the whole, this kayak is light in weight and compact in size. Moreover, it is also snap to assemble. In light of these, the kayak allows you to enjoy the accompanying benefits regardless of wherever you might intend to go or do so. At the same time, it calls for limited input on your part.

Rugged Vinyl Construction- A rugged vinyl construction adorns much of the structural components of the kayak. These materials are well-known to be strong, durable, and very stable. They hence guarantee that your kayak shall perform optimally even when bombarded with the strongest waves. Further to these, the construction also reduces the incidences of breakdowns and the repair expenses.

Removable Skeg – While steering your kayak, it is not uncommon for it to trip and fall over. To prevent this unfortunate incident from happening, it has to be stabilized in the course of changing directions. That role is well-catered for by this removable skeg. You do not have to worry at all of your safety while on it.

  • Very comfortable for anyone
  • Possesses some great dimensions for top-notch stability and performance
  • Retains stability under all kayaking circumstances
  • During emergency situations, its bright yellow color allows for clear visibility
  • Inflates and deflates without too any hassles
  • Demands too much expertise to handle
  • Only for small water bodies
  • Limited capacity means reduced value for money

Summary: Well, you have this kayak for your companion in water bodies that are smaller in size. Its shortcomings notwithstanding, it is still a great purchase.

5. Sea Eagle SE330K_DT Kayak

Do you have some limited muscle power yet would still wish to enjoy great kayaking while in the water? Do not despair at all! This kayak is indeed yours for the taking. It is designed for persons who are weak yet may still be intent on taking their dogs for some excursions in the water.

Sea Eagle SE330K_DT Kayak
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Polykrylar Material Construction – In its entirety, this kayak is made of the Polykrylar material. It is hence very strong and truly reliable even in the roughest of waters. Given the awesome durability of this material, it less likely sustains tears, frays, and other forms of damages. This reduces your operational expenses drastically.

High-Frequency Welded Seams – All the constituent fabrics and materials that make up this kayak are fastened together with some strong and reliable seams. These seams are high in frequency and are also appropriately welded for maximum hold and impacts. They bear your weight and that of your dog pretty reliably in the long run.

Inflatable I-beam Construction Floor – Its floor is not left either. It is also constructed in such a way as to allow for maximum stability and minimal, if any, seepage of water into the kayak. That is because of the inflatable I-beam construction and materials. You have no need to worry at all about your safety while using it.

  • Lightest (weighs only 26 pounds) and easiest to steer around
  • Pretty convenient to carry around and deploy to the area of use
  • Fits the least storage spaces available
  • Can be easily paddled by just one user
  • Manufactured by a truly reputable brand
  • Accommodates limited occupants
  • May not perform well in turbulent waters
  • Its compromised stability is not good for your safety

Summary: Well, if you are short on muscle power, Sea Eagle SE330 is the kayak to leverage. Though lacking some quality features, it is still a great companion for your dog while in the water.

Things to Consider when Buying a Kayak for Your Dog

Inflatable vs. Non-inflatable Kayak – There are two main kinds of kayaks. These are the inflatable and the non-inflatable. The former may require some added skill and accessories to operationalize. They are however more convenient as they take up less space and are usable in many locations. Do prioritize them for your convenience.

Maintenance Costs and Requirements – From time to time, these pieces of equipment to break down and hence require some repairs and maintenance. It is definitely in your best interest to keep these costs as far down as you possibly can. That is why you want to purchase one whose material composition and construction techniques are beyond reproach.

Carrying Capacity – How many occupants or weight do you intend to carry or accommodate at any given time? You definitely would not want to purchase a kayak which is either too large or too small for your occupants. That is why you want to ascertain these parameters first and foremost before looking out for one which accommodates them.

Size of your Dog – The size of your dog definitely comes in handy at such times. Needless to say, your kayak of choice has to be large enough to be able to comfortably accommodate your dog. To be on the safer side, it also has to be larger to allow for the future growth and development of your dog.

Storage Space Available – How much space do you have at your disposal? It is common knowledge that these kayaks are not what you use day in day out. You thus have to set aside some sufficient space to be able to safeguard them while not in use. Just measure the dimensions of your space and then look up for a kayak that fits within those dimensions.

The Final Words (Summary)

We have done the much we can to showcase to you and examine how to identify the best kayak for dogs. What is left of you is to use the information we have provided above to find out yours. Simply determine your tastes and preferences and then use the guide above to narrow down to a specific product.

When do you intend to purchase your kayak? Who else shall you share this information with? Have you found this information truly useful? Let us here in the comment section below. All the best in your subsequent purchase!