8 Best Integrated Amplifier under 500 USD [Stereo & Sounding Amps]

It is no secret that the integrated amplifier plays a great role in enhancing our musical experience. Indeed, they intensify the weak signals and electrical currents to bring about more audible sounds. This is why they have to be incorporated into all kinds of musical production and output.

Given their importance in enhancing the quality of music, the main issue at hand is finding the best and most appropriate one. This is the need we have stepped in to solve. We have identified the best integrated amplifiers under $500 on the market. We are going to review them and discuss those factors you must take care of if you hope to make the right choice.

How do I choose an integrated amplifier?

Connection Ports – How many devices do you have in mind? These amplifiers have the ability to accommodate different numbers of devices at a time. You should take this into consideration to eliminate any inconsistencies and errors. By far the best amplifier under this consideration should be that one which can handle as many devices as possible.

Compatibility – Other than being able to accommodate the number of speakers you have in mind, these amplifiers must also be compatible with the same. This can only be achieved if the technical specifications match. You should, therefore, see to it that those specifications are in tandem with each other.

Power Consumption – How much power does the amplifier consume? Check the voltage rating of the said devices before purchase. Remember that a higher voltage rating translates into higher utility bills. This will definitely drain your pockets. You should, therefore, make appropriate arrangements to handle such an eventuality. A good amplifier is one that consumes moderate amounts of power.

Power Output Rating – Just like the power consumption is important, the power output is equally important. This is especially because it determines the degree of satisfaction you are likely to receive from the integrated amplifier. It is designated in watts. This rating also has a bearing on the utility bills. Make some consideration for this as well.

Nature of Use – What exactly are your expectations from the amplifier? Is it only for ordinary use or professional applications? This is also vital a consideration as they are constructed for different purposes. You have to be certain that the one you eventually settle for has what it takes to deliver to your expectations.

8 Best integrated amplifier under 500 reviewed

1. Denon PMA-600NE

When it comes to audio performance, you need to enjoy it to the best. This system has been designed with divided circuitry that will allow you to disengage digital circuits when you want to do it. The slim design makes it able to be used in diverse places with ease.

(Best Integrated Amplifier under 500) Denon-PMA-600NE
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Supports Bluetooth and digital connectivity: You can now extend your audio experience with diverse sources that you will be having. For instance, you will find 2 optical 1 phono and coaxial inputs that you can use to connect your CD players  

A slim design: The design that it has is slim and when it combines with the vibration resistant design, you can be sure that it is ready to work and serve your needs. It has the ability to power up to 70W speakers at 4ohms.  

Impeccable precision: This is unique as it ensures you enjoy the advanced high current and single circuit power to amplify sound to whichever length that you will need. That’s why it is able to balance power and music effectively.  

The best audio components: The company has vast experience when it comes to designing of premium audio components. That means that the quality cannot be compromised at all.


  • Comes made with the best sound quality
  • The clean aesthetics makes it look better
  • supports both Bluetooth and digital connectivity
  • affordable
  • has a slim made design


  • digital inputs are not the best
  • 4ohms is bit low for a bigger room

Summary: The vibration resistant design that it is been made with ensures its durability. That’s one of the key points that you will find it having. So listening to music and your movies will never be a problem anymore.

2. Fosi Audio Amplifier

Are you passionate about issues music and sound output? This high fidelity musical instrument is yours for consideration. It is pretty great at reproducing sound and is thus a reliable option for your taking. It is also able to channel the sound output to two devices at a time.

Fosi Audio Amplifier
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TI TPA3116D2 Chip: At the core of its processor is the TI TPA3116D2 chip. This one is pretty fast, efficient, and reliable. It is also able to execute numerous signals and activities at a time. This gives rise to clear sound output. It is this particular trait that makes the device able to amplify sound greatly.

Home Hi-Fi integrated Amplifier: In all, the device is great at reproducing sound to suit the typical home environment. It is as a matter of fact mainly suited for those people who cherish Hi-Fi sound. This is because its sound output is not too high as to cause disturbances or too low to strain the ears.

Aluminum Shell and Knob: Lastly, both its knob and shell are made of the lightweight yet sturdy Aluminum material. This material, as we all know, is pretty great at resisting the various agents of deterioration. It is hence reliable enough to exude the required levels of performance. This is not to mention the reduced repair and maintenance costs.


  • Comes along with the power cord and adapter for easy use
  • Embodies a simple compact design which is easy to handle
  • Combines both practicality and awesome power
  • Produces no audible noise whenever nothing is playing
  • Has the powerful 19V power supply which fits the amplifier well


  • Backed by the limited 18-month warranty
  • Slightly complicated to simple users
  • Not so energy efficient

Summary: Grab this Hi-Fi sound system and quench your thirst for awesome indoor entertainment. It truly possesses all the requisite features and components necessary for the job.

3. BT20C Bluetooth AMP

Are you a lover of awesome sound output? You badly want an integrated amplifier that can handle all kinds of music sources. A device of this kind should also be able to produce the Hi-Fi sound output. It is equipped with a set of features that make these dreams a reality.

BT20C Bluetooth AMP
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Texas Instruments TPA3116D2 Chip: This chip forms the basis of its motherboard and control apparatus. It is very fast, pretty efficient, and reliable indeed. The chip is what is responsible for the crisp sound outputs. The sound it generates is also devoid of any harmonic distortions or noise of whichever kind.

High Streaming Range: In all, you can send and receive signals from likeminded devices that are located up to 39 feet (12 meters) from the source. This high streaming range is convenient for you. This is because it minimizes the need for physical cables and also contributes to the decongestion of the room.

Bluetooth and AUX Selector: You will also enjoy the rare benefit of convenient operations. This is because the integrated amplifier does have some control features which allow you to select the Bluetooth and the auxiliary port you want. This contributes to the simplification of the operations of the amplifier and minimizes the need for too much effort.


  • Has a simple and compact design
  • Very powerful and practical sound output
  • Fits the desktops and the smaller workspaces conveniently
  • Connects easily to the audio systems
  • Produces no sparks when plugging the power supply


  • Prone to signal distortions
  • Produces some noise
  • Not great for outdoor environments

Summary: Get hold of this integrated amplifier and enjoy streaming music from whichever source you may have in mind. Its structural composition makes you achieve this noble object.

4. Marantz PM6006 Amplifier

Do you have several speakers in your possession? Are you on the lookout for an integrated amplifier that can feed those speakers at a time? If you answered in the affirmative, this indeed is the integrated amplifier to look up to. It does have the ability to handle two speakers at a time.

Marantz PM5005
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Speaker A/B Option: This is the option that basically allows you to connect up to two pairs of speakers to the integrated amplifier at a time. It also enables these two speakers to operate simultaneously or individually. The pleasures of maximum convenience and enhanced sound outputs are therefore yours to benefit from.

Metal Chassis and Front Metal Panel: All its crucial parts and components are made of metal. Perhaps the two most outstanding of these are the chassis and the front panel. The choice of the metal makes these two parts quite long lasting and resilient to scratches. They also jointly confer rigid and solid base for added reliability.

45W Sound Output: The integrated amplifier has the ability to exude a whopping 45W of sound output per channel. This is high enough to ensure unparalleled sound clarity and awesome audio quality. The feature, therefore, eliminates any possible distortions from the sound output as well. You have the benefit of maximum enjoyment of your musical contents.


  • Handles signals pretty fast and accurately
  • Brings about perfectly-balanced stereo and sound reproduction
  • Mimics the real-life sound outputs
  • Leads to great and amazing sound output
  • Exudes amazing levels of versatility imaginable


  • A bit weighty and cumbersome to move around
  • Calls for plenty of mounting space
  • Accommodates only a limited number of speakers at a time

Summary: Simplify the streaming of contents to your speakers by getting hold of this integrated amplifier. Its ability to fuse and work hand-in-hand with numerous speakers at a time is simply irresistible.

5. Yamaha A-S301BL

If all you want is to enjoy great sound for the least possible amount of money, you have this particularly integrated amplifier for your taking. It possesses the bare minimum features and specifications. It is also not so sophisticated and is, therefore, easier to manage. This makes it great to utilize and engage.

Yamaha A S301BL
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Excellent Cabling: This integrated amplifier is equipped with both the TOSLINK optical and the digital coax input cables. These are strong and great at conducting electrical power and audio signals. They offer unprecedented reliability at all times. The end result of their functioning is unprecedented sound quality and fewer distortions if any.

Analog Inputs: If you have analog electrical devices in your home, you ought to worry not. This integrated amplifier is still able to accommodate your case. It does accept signals via the analog inputs like the Phono. This means you will also enjoy the benefit of seamless convenience.

Great Sound Output: Lastly, the pleasure of great sound output is yours to leverage. This stems from the integrated amplifier’s possession of three main kinds of speakers namely A, B, and A+B as well as the subwoofer output. You will indeed receive sound outputs that are devoid of any ambiguities or distortions of whichever nature.


  • Awesome sound power output
  • Longer auto standby mode (up to 8 hours)
  • Has a beautiful appearance that enhances your living room
  • Compact size which allows for easier handling and storage
  • Lightweight which enables you to carry it around with ease


  • Possesses limited features
  • Performs fewer roles
  • Brings about fewer returns on investments

Summary: If you are short on cash, this indeed is the best-integrated amplifier to look up to. It possesses the bare minimum set of features which are necessary for the job.

6. Onkyo A-9010 Amplifier

You do not have to dispose of your analog devices in favor of the digital counterparts. This is especially the case if you are cash-strapped or are simply not in a position to make such a crossover. You can only achieve this feat if you get your hand on this wonderfully integrated amplifier.

Onkyo A-9010 Amplifier
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Built-in MM Phono Equalizer: Topping its awesome features is the built-in phono equalizer. This one is used to produce high-quality sound output that is uniform in strength and quality. It is this particular component that handles the analog signals. You have the pleasure of having to operate your analog items conveniently and without much hassles.

Wolfson WM8718 DAC Unit: A high-quality Wolfson WM8718 DAC unit comes in next. This one basically decodes the pulse code modulation signals. It can attain a whopping 192 kHz and the 24-bit resolutions respectively. This also goes a long way in enhancing the output of the audio signals. It subsequently confers to you the benefit of awesome outcomes.

192 kHz/24-bit-capable Coaxial Cable: Its input and output cables are also great. They are made of the coaxial and the optical cables respectively. These accept and handle all manner of signals. Among them are the high resolution, lossless and the high frequency, to mention but a few! You may be sure of your maximum enjoyment at all times.


  • Delivers detailed and clear sound outputs
  • Handles all kinds of source devices such as media streamers and personal computers
  • Can convert digital signals into analog sound outputs
  • Supports high current delivery with as minimal distortion as possible
  • Adds life and vitality to all kinds of audio


  • Has fewer ports
  • Possesses a nondescript appearance
  • Extra-large and cumbersome to handle

Summary: Save yourself a bit of stress and financial resources by settling on this integrated amplifier. It has the ability to handle all kinds of devices for your consideration.

7. Micca OriGain AD250

The home and the office environments are very distinct. The former is relaxed and care-free whereas the latter is squeezed and heavily regulated. You need an integrated amplifier that can easily switch between these two extremes for the best outcomes possible at a time. This indeed is the one to consider.

Micca OriGain AD250
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All Metal Construction: In its entirety, the integrated amplifier is made of metal. Metal is well known for durability and that ability to withstand the highest levels of impacts. By reason of this construction, the integrated amplifier is indeed long lasting and pretty reliable. It also calls for limited repairs and maintenance.

Seamless Compatibility: On the whole, the integrated amplifier can pair and communicate with as many electrical and musical devices as possible. These include but are not limited to the USB, computer, computers, television, and the optical audio output. This arrangement assures you of maximum reliability at all times and frees you from unnecessary strains.

Breathtaking Appearance: By its sheer appearance and external construction, the integrated amplifier exudes some breathtaking appearance indeed. This comes in the form of the smooth matte black aluminum finish. This not only excites the eyes but also imbues a uniquely modern addition and sophisticated appearance to your home or room ambiance.


  • Certified by the underwriter’s laboratory
  • Possesses the level VI energy efficiency rating
  • Works with speakers of all kinds and sizes
  • Exudes awesome power output
  • Achieves minimal harmonic distortions (less than 0.5%)


  • Calls for plenty of mounting space
  • Inconvenient to carry around
  • Demands some technical expertise before use

Summary: Choose this integrated amplifier, and enjoy uninterrupted music wherever and whenever the craving might strike. Its ability to adapt to those two environments is a factor you cannot overlook or ignore.

8. Pioneer R-S202BL

Are you a professional deejay or music producer? If you answered ‘yes,’ you have this particular amplifier for your taking. It has all the sophisticated sets of features which allow for such kinds of performances. It is also strong and durable enough to withstand persistent abuse. This makes it pretty reliable for use.

Pioneer R-S202BL
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High Sound Output: The integrated amplifier can deliver around 100 Watts in every channel. This output is pretty high enough to deliver unobstructed sound quality which is also free of distortions. It is so clear that it has no errors, inconsistencies, and ambiguities. You have no better friend than this one.

Precision Volume Controls: You will also get to regulate the volume of the sound output appropriately. This is due to the existence of the motorized and precision volume controls. This arrangement sees to it you do not struggle too much to bring about the desired ends. It also eliminates fatigue and makes the controls a convenient undertaking.

Clean Industrial Design: Generally speaking, the integrated amplifier features a heavy-duty and aluminum front panel. These two jointly come in the form of the clean industrial design. They subsequently make this amplifier an impressive piece of gear altogether. You badly want to acquire and incorporate it into your endeavors.


  • Great for building a good two-channel system
  • Features some breathtaking appearance that is great to behold
  • Dissipates heat pretty well and eliminates the likelihood of overheating
  • Awesome and pretty reliable brand indeed
  • Produces by far the most advanced audiophile-quality system


  • Does cost a fortune
  • Disparages simpler users
  • Only for professional applications

Summary: For all your professional applications, you have no better companion than this one. It has all the sophisticated parts and components necessary for the feat to be achievable.

The Final Words (Summary)

There you have them. Indeed, all the best integrated amplifier under $500 we have discussed above are great and reliable in their own rights. You definitely want to settle for at least one of them. This is the only way you will be to leverage their benefits and enrich your sound output and experience.

Do not drag your feet in this. This is because the longer you wait, the more you might pay or find none to buy. You also want your peers to gain from the amplifiers, don’t you? Do share this information with them as well! All the best in your subsequent music enjoyment.

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