5 Best Inflatable Couches For 2019

(Best Inflatable Couches) WEKAPO Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa
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It is impossible to completely enjoy your time outdoors without making use of a suitable couch. Indeed, these wonderful pieces of outdoor furniture provide maximum comfort. This is not to mention that they also enhance the aesthetics of your compound. If you have any children in your household, you just cannot afford to overlook them.

Knowing all about them is the first and by far the most significant step towards leveraging their awesome benefits. We are here to do just that. In this review and buying guide, we are going to look into five of the best inflatable couches and how to arrive at the most suitable choice.

A quick look at the top inflatable couches

WEKAPO Inflatable Lounger Air SofaWEKAPO
Mockins Inflatable Lounger SofaMockins
Anglink Outdoor Inflatable CouchAnglink
ORSEN Inflatable LoungerORSEN

5 Best Inflatable Couches Reviewed

1. WEKAPO Inflatable Lounger

By its sheer construction and design, this couch is suited for all kinds of outdoor applications and events. These include music festivals, picnics, camping, traveling, beach, lakeside, and the backyard to mention but a few! It is a nice place to start if you lack any specific one in mind.

WEKAPO Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa
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Patented Headrest – Its headrest is unlike any other. Not only is it patented, but also is it shaped in the form of a pillow. Due to these two issues, it guarantees you maximum comfort and provides great support to your head and neck region. With this couch, chances of sustaining neck injuries are greatly suppressed.

Puncture-proof Fabric – The fabrics which are used to make up the couch are puncture-proof. They are as strong and reliable enough to endure prickles, scratches, and pierces. For this reason, expect to use the couch for a longer duration of time before having to replace it. You are hence guaranteed some huge financial savings.

Built-in Security Loop – A built-in security loop adorns its interior segment. Its role is to offer added security to the couch and to prevent it from being carried away even in the windiest times. You may hence count on it for your safety and that of your children. This is over and above the peace of mind it also brings along.

  • Provides comfortable support to your neck and upper back
  • No pump required to inflate it
  • Retains the air for around 5-6 hours after a typical inflation session
  • Convenient to store and carry around
  • Allows you to safeguard and carry your essentials with you
  • Shorter air retention capability
  • May not accommodate heavier users with ease
  • Has a shorter lifespan on the whole

Summary: Get hold of this couch to truly enjoy your outdoors effectively. You cannot run away from its tough construction and awesome durability.

2. Mockins Inflatable Couch

Are you an outdoor music enthusiast? Look to this inflatable couch. It is generally great for outdoor music festivals and performances like concerts and live shows. Not only does it provide a nice vantage point to catch up with the shows but also is it quite comfortable.

Mockins Inflatable Lounger Sofa
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Polyester (210T) Construction – Topping the list of this couch is the polyester (210T) construction. The material is generally breathable, lighter in weight, and takes shorter to dry when cleaned. It is hence great for your use as it will hardly subject you to the risks of suffocation. You cannot afford to gamble with your respiration.

Anti-tear Feature – The fabric component of this couch is also resistant to any tears. This is given their possession of the first-of-its-kind anti-tear feature. You will come to realize that the couch lasts longer and is also convenient to handle and utilize. If you care for your peace of mind, you have no choice but to incorporate this couch.

2018 Unique Design – Generally speaking, the couch comes in the form of a new and improved 2018 design. What sets this design apart from others is its effectiveness in holding optimal amounts of air for a longer duration of time. The use of this couch, therefore, spares you of unnecessary hassles which are characteristic of other kinds of couches.

  • Good for the beach as it is highly breathable
  • Fits most backyards due to the compact size
  • Very comfortable to sleep on
  • Portable enough to carry around and deploy for use in remote locations
  • Extra spacious to accommodate multiple adult occupants
  • Requires some muscle power to engage
  • Demands the use of a pump to inflate
  • Weaker fabrics which are prone to damages

Summary: We started by asking whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, didn’t we? You have your answer in this particular couch. Its design and comfort features are indeed your best bets for such environment.


Do you have small children in your custody? Would you wish to make their weekend or child plays memorable? This is the inflatable couch to look up to. It is the ultimate open-air plaything as it provides your children large and nice play areas. Did we say it is also comfortable and secure?

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Innovative Swooping System – In your use of this couch, you will find it pretty simple to inflate or deflate. This is made possible by the innovative swooping system. The system also makes the packing and ultimate transportation of this furniture simpler to implement. Get hold of this couch and say no to unnecessary inconveniences.

Top-quality Materials – Only top quality materials are used to make up this couch. These include breathable materials, anti-tear features, durable frames, and long lasting headrest among others. They guarantee you long term reliability and also reduce the repair and maintenance costs. Over and above this, the couch also guarantees higher returns on investments.

Built-to-last – In all, this couch is built to last. It features the rugged Shwaggins which are pretty resilient to all forms of possible damages. You should hence expect this couch to last you long and also bring to you more value for your money. At the same time, say bye to all manner of worries and unnecessary stress.

  • As portable as can be owing to the lightweight design
  • Quite beautiful and breathtaking to behold
  • Usable in multiple locations and for various occasions
  • Hooks to the ground firmly to prevent being blown away by the wind
  • Comprises some larger side pockets to safeguard your gears
  • Slightly complicated to handle and comprehend
  • Imposes too many strains on your part
  • Cumbersome to deploy and set up

Summary: As you may well have noted, this couch is your ultimate open-air plaything. You can never hope to enjoy your time outdoors without making use of it at all!

4. Anglink Outdoor Couch

If you are that kind of a person whose entire life centers around outdoors and associated activities? You want to incorporate and use that couch which is both tough and durable. By reason of being optimized for repeated outdoor use, this indeed is the couch for your consideration.

Anglink Outdoor Inflatable Couch
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Utmost Support and Comfort – On the whole, anticipate enjoying some utmost comfort and support from this couch. This stems from its tough and stable construction. It negates the possibilities of back strains, spinal cord injuries, and the other issues which arise due to poor posture. You hence stand to accrue the highest comfort levels.

Convenient Storage and Transportation – You will also find this couch pretty convenient to store and transport around. This is because it comes along with some convenient carry bag. In this bag, you get to safeguard not only the couch but the associated accessories. Chances of pilferage or misplacement of these gears are hence kept to absolute minimum.

Security Stake – Also accompanying this couch is a security stake. This accessory is used to secure the blow up firmly in position. The arrangement hence lets the couch stay in an upright position at all times even when the external environment is extremely windy. It hence assures you the reliability you require to enjoy your time to the maximum.

  • Weighs a paltry 2.6 pounds when stored
  • Folds easily to take up less space and allow for unconstrained transportation
  • Eradicates the leakage of air and thus retains the sturdiness of the couch
  • Holds air for well over 7 days per inflation
  • Tested and tried for maximum reliability
  • Quite bulky to carry around with ease
  • Catches and displays dirt quite visibly
  • A bit stressful to care for and maintain

Summary: For repeated outdoor use, you truly have no better or more reliable companion than this one. Its strong construction and composition is a trait you do not want to overlook.

5. ORSEN Inflatable Lounger

To save yourself a bit of time, money and effort, you want to make use of a couch that is designed and constructed for prolonged use as this one. As you are about to note, this couch is indeed very tough and hardly wears out or sustains damages unnecessarily.

ORSEN Inflatable Lounger
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Manganese Steel Strips – To provide the material fabric component of the couch the strength it requires to stay firm and provide the necessary support, this couch has some Manganese Steel Strips. They form the skeleton of the couch and are pretty stable. You may be sure that they will not harm you regardless of your weight.

Unique Pillow-shaped Headrest – Its headrest comes in the shape of a pillow whose design is unique. It is also softer, highly breathable, warm, and extremely comfortable. You are sure not to strain your neck unnecessarily or even sustain some permanent injuries as is the case with ordinary couches. Your health is hence appropriately guaranteed.

Anti-deflation Technology – Also constituting a vital makeup of this couch is the anti-deflation technology. As the designation suggests, it basically prevents the effusion of air from the couch. In so doing, it sees to it that the couch retains its form and sturdiness throughout the entire duration of use.

  • Waterproof and resists the percolation of moisture
  • Tear resistance ensures that it retains its form against all odds
  • Accompanied by a carry bag for ease of transportation
  • Easy to wash and dry more so when compared to other couches
  • Longer lifespan of around 2-3 years
  • You will have too deep into your pocket to afford it
  • Needs some expertise which you might not possess
  • Takes up plenty of mounting space

Summary: Here is your answer if all you are looking for is utmost reliability for prolonged use and applications. Its strong and durable construction is a strong point indeed!

Things to consider when buying an inflatable couch

Location and Intended Use – How far from your home do you plan to use these couches? Generally speaking, you will require a tougher and more durable couch if you intend to travel farther away from your home or stay out for a prolonged duration of time. This is to be certain that the couch you settle on can endure the intense agents of wear and tear.

Material Construction – You definitely have to factor the kinds of materials that are used to make up the entire couch. A good material has to be highly breathable, easy to clean, resistant to dirt, and of course, long lasting. You definitely want utmost peace of mind while going about the business of utilizing the couch.

Inflation Speed – This refers to the speed with which the couch inflates and/or deflates. A good couch should be that one which takes the shortest time to do so. This is necessary to minimize the hassles and the inconveniences which are generally bound to arise. On the same note, the couch of choice has to preferably be inflatable without the use of a pump.

Weight Capacity – To prevent inflicting any damages to the couch in the course of use, it is necessary that you settle for one which is as strong as can realistically be. You want a couch that can bear as much weight as possible without rupturing or sustaining permanent damages too soon.

Color and Aesthetics – As has been hinted above, these couches also play some aesthetic roles. You, therefore, want to find and make use of one which is colorful and elegant to behold. The colors of choice, needless to say, have to blend seamlessly with your surrounding and also be breathtaking indeed.

The Final Words (Summary)

It is not enough just to know about the best inflatable couch. That alone will not guarantee that you will enjoy the benefits they potentially bring about. It is only wise to take the next bold step towards leveraging their benefits. This can only happen if you purchase at least one of the pieces of furniture we have reviewed above.

There is never the right time to do something. As a matter of fact, the earlier you take the necessary action, the better for you. Why not skim the list above and place an order right away? We look forward to serving you soon!