9 Best headphones under 100 USD in 2023 with buying tips

Headphones have become a vital component in everyone’s day to day life. Be it for entertainment or communication purposes, headphones play a significant role. Given that, selecting the best headphone becomes important to have a clarity and safe listening. While looking for the best one, the sound quality is the first thing that comes to our mind. But there are so many other factors to consider before choosing the best one.

The purpose for which we wish to use the headphones also influences the selection. This article discusses on some of the Best Headphones under 100 USD along with their key features. We will also discover the importance of selecting the best headphones and the ways of choosing them.

What should I look for when buying headphones?

The selection of headphones depends on the purpose for which we plan to use the headphones. The right choice of headphone will make our audio experience a pleasant one.

Sound Isolation : Sound isolation is important as they keep away the external noise while improving our experience of audio. The headphones with good sound isolation are good for our ears as they minimize the need to increase the volume to hear properly.

Frequency Range : The more the frequency range, the more we can hear through the headphone. The standard frequency range that is recommended for a good headphone is from 10 Hz to 25 KHz. The amount of audio we listen through the headphone is improved when it is designed to have a frequency range within these given values.

Noise-Cancellation : The headphones that are designed for noise-cancellation often have earplugs that are made out of sponge filling the ear canal. This feature is recommended for those who tend to use headphones in noisy environments. The noise-cancelling effect of headphones will enable us to hear the audio at much less volume even in the noisy situations.

Impedance : Impedance plays an important role in selecting the headphones for our audio device. It is suggested that the value of the impedance of the headphone matches that of the audio equipment with which we are planning to use the headphone.

Durability : It is always wise to invest on the best headphone with extreme durability rather than investing on cheap headphones that are fragile. With good durability, such headphones last longer and it is worth the money spent on them.

9 Best headphones under $100 reviewed

1. Sony MDR7506 Professional

This headphone driver size is 40 mm. The 9.8-foot cord is available in this headphone. Sound quality is very natural. Frequency ranges are very good.

Sony MDR7506 Professional
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This Sony MDR is not making any problem in your ear.  The design of this item is very stylish that’s why it is perfect for every age of people. People are always like the unique design so we are introducing this new headphone. You will enjoy your listening time by using this quality full headphone so take your one fast.

2. Sennheiser HD 280 Pro

This headphone is very stylish and different from another headphone. It’s completely unique and quality full.  This headphone is 64 ohms impedance, and response very quickly by 8Hz – 25 KHz frequency. Performances of this headphone are very smooth and the result is very positive for the ear. Frequency ranges are very good.

Sennheiser HD 280 Pro
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Comfortable are all the users to use this product. High-quality cable and elements are used. This headphone design is very different than others. This product is easily carried to anywhere. Professional users will like this item for its structure, quality and HD sound. The manufacturer of this product does not compromise to product quality.

3. Audio-Technica ATH-M40x

This headphone is fully over ear headphone. Drive size is 40 mm.  Sensitivity is 98 dB. Impedance is 35 ohms. Cable is 3.9-9.8’ coiled, 9.8’ straight. The weight of this headphone is 8.5 ounces. This headphone will provide clear and smooth sound. We need Quality full sound and this headphone is best for the quality.

Audio-Technica ATH-M40x Professional Headphones
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You can use this headphone in your phone, PC, laptop or other function. It’s also very cool for other works like conversation and meeting. The design of this headphone is very smart and stylish. Any age of people will like to use this headphone.  It is very comfortable for ear and also best for music.

4. Sony MDR-V55/WHI

The driver of this headphone is 40 mm and cable length is 3.94 ft. It has 40 ohms impedance. Sound mode is stereo. White and black colors are available. The design of this product is very smart. It makes powerful bass.

Sony MDR-V55 WHI DJ style Headphones
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The sound of this product is very clear. Music and sound quality are different from another headphone. It’s very flexible to use. Now this day’s DJ system are crazy for the world. So this headphone especially makes for DJ music and DJ guys will choose this headphone in the first look. It’s very comfortable to use and carry to anywhere.

5. Sennheiser HD 449 Headphones

The design in itself talks everything about this Sennheiser headphone. The audio reproduction is extremely appreciable with its advanced audio technology. Due to its light weight, the headphones are comfortable to be used with the portable audio systems.

Sennheiser HD 449
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It provides average impedance with a good sensitivity. The add-ons include the plugs that are gold-plated along with the extension adaptor and cable. This makes the connectivity possible across various audio sources. The ambient noise isolation is better with this headphone.

The cable is attached to the headphone. The extension cable provides a varied proximity between the audio system and the user. The headphone comes with an additional audio converter of 6.3mm for use with the large amplifiers.

You will like Sennheiser Headphones for the following specifications-

  • The headphone employs advanced acoustic technology with the use of neodymium magnets.
  • The diaphragms are made of lightweight materials.
  • The headphone is designed in a closed circumaural structure to prevent the external noises.
  • The cable is attached permanently to the headphone.
  • The stereo adapter and the plugs are included to give a varied connectivity.
  • It is optimally designed to use across various audio sources. 


  • It is lighter in weight.
  • It provides detailed and clarity audio output.
  • The sound isolation works better.
  • The padding is good.
  • The build and design are sleek and comfortable.
  • The extenders enable headphone to be used in a versatile manner.


  • The high-frequency values sometimes annoy the users with increased volume.
  • The lower end bass seems to be distorted.
  • The cable is not foldable.

Summary: If clarity of sound is important, this would be the better choice. Its advanced acoustic technology helps in the delivery of detailed and clarity audio output. The ambient noise reduction is an added advantage if you are going to opt for this one.

6. SOL REPUBLIC Headphones

The Sol Republic is another awesome headphone that fulfill your headphone buying requirement.  White and black colors are available in the Amazon. Apple, android, and other devices are easily used by this headphone.

SOL REPUBLIC 1211-02 Tracks On-Ear Interchangeable Headphones
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The sound of this headphone is top class quality. The producer does not compromise in their quality because they believe the quality in their identity. Designed of this headphone are unique and fashionable. This headphone is very easy to carry in anywhere. In relax time this is your best friend. Smooth sound systems will make your special moment.  This is also perfect for your health.

7. Sennheiser Momentum Headphone

It is another best headphone under 100 dollars. It impedance has 18 ohms. The weight of this headphone is 6.7 ounces. Pink, ivory, green and blue colors are available in all time. Headphone design is very beautiful and gorgeous. It’s completely unique from other companies headphone.

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This headphone audio is fantastic and crystal clear. It’s completely providing clear sound in the conversation or conference time. It’s not effect in your health.  It’s very easy to carry in anywhere and it also provides a long time good service. These headphone ingredients are the best quality. All type of people uses it very comfortably.

8. Sony MDRV6 Studio Monitor

The users will find the headphones comfortable even with the prolonged usage. This is attributed to the circumaural technology employed in the manufacture of this headphone.

(Best Headphones Under $100) Sony MDRV6 Studio Monitor
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The headbands are designed to be padded comfortably on the user’s head. Its cable is attached permanently to the headphone at the left. The audio is delivered in a well-balanced manner and makes it a unique one. It aids in the perfect grasping of the sound which makes it a wise choice for sound editing and recording purposes.

You will like Sony MDRV6 for the following key features- 

  • It utilizes neodymium magnets that provide detailed audio output. 
  • The coil wire is made up of copper and aluminum that helps in the power handling. 
  • The reduction of outside noise is handled by the over-ear design of the headphone. 
  • The frequency range for this headphone is from 5 Hz to 30 Hz.
  • The product also comes with an adapter that measures about 0.25 inch. 
  • The headphone from Sony has all the necessary features that an audio professional will look for.
  • The audio drivers are designed to deliver detailed sound output for the entire frequency range.


  • The cable is foldable.
  • The frequency range is wider.
  • The quality of the audio is unaltered even after prolonged usage.
  • It is very much suitable for the audio professionals.
  • The accuracy of the sound is superior compared to the other competing products.


  • The cable is coiled and susceptible to tangling.
  • The music is sometimes loud for certain volume settings.
  • In rare cases, the ear pads are susceptible to wear and tear with a rough use.

Summary: This headphone will prove helpful for the professionals who are looking for a compact audio headset. Its capability to produce accurate audio output for the entire frequency range makes it an ideal choice for all the audiophiles.

9. BOHM Wireless Headphones

The headphone with Bluetooth technology has various challenges to tackle and BOHM does that wisely. It has been equipped with the advanced noise cancellation technology that improves listening.

BOHM Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
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The stereo drivers are powerful and have a frequency range from 20 Hz to 20 KHz. This high range of frequency has made it possible for the headphone to cover a wider sound range. The very advantage of this headphone comes from the fact that they do not involve any wires for their connection with the audio system.

The headphone has a built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery that will be charged up to 18 hours. The charging time for this rechargeable battery is about 3 hours. The additional cord and carrying case are add-ons available with this product.

The BOHM Wireless Headphones has the following specifications- 

  • The headphone is equipped with the Bluetooth 4.0 technology.
  • The stereo drivers are advanced to provide a clear and distinguished audio with optimum bass.
  • It comes with an 18-hour rechargeable battery.
  • The headphone comes with an advanced noise cancellation technology.
  • The ear cups are made of soft leather and the headbands are designed to rest comfortably on the listeners. 


  • The headphone delivers good quality of sound.
  • It is lighter in weight.
  • It provides superior noise cancellation for the low-end noise.
  • The battery life is considerably high.
  • It can be easily set-up and used.
  • The product is compatible across various devices from Apple and Android.


  • The level of volume is sometimes less for a given audio setting.
  • Some control buttons perform two different tasks which make the user confusing.
  • Some devices fail to connect with the headphone via Bluetooth.

Summary: The headphone from BOHM is suitable for all those who are looking for a wireless headphone at an affordable price. The headphone is capable of producing uninterrupted music which will improve our audio experience. It is one of the few luxurious headphones that comes with high-quality features for the given price.

Why you should use the safest headphones

Before knowing the best headphones, let us first understand the importance of using the safest headphones available in the market. Headphones deal with one of the sensitive parts of our body, the ears. Since the use of headphones has become inevitable, it is always wise to choose the safest headphones available in the market. Some of the key features of safe headphones are discussed below.

Protective: Good headphones make sure that they protect our ears against the sound pressure which otherwise might cause ear fatigue or other complications.

Comfortable: The quality of a good headphone is not only decided by its sound quality but also the convenience it provides while wearing it. The headphones that are meant to be safe are designed such that they are comfortable to use even for a prolonged time.

High Fidelity: Headphone with high fidelity is another safety factor to consider. High fidelity(hi-fi) refers to the ability of the headphones to distinguish high-quality sound from the low-quality sound that might arise due to other audio sources. The high value of hi-fi reduces the need to increase the volume while we are on headphones thereby protecting our ears from high volume levels.

The Final Words (Conclusion)

By now, we would have learned about the importance of selecting the best headphones under 100 dollars. Having reviewed on the Top Rated Headphones, we have also made ourselves aware on some of the best selling headphones in the market. Keeping all these points in mind, it will be easy for you to opt for the right model of headphone for a great audio experience.

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