5 Best Gaming Routers for Xbox One in 2023

Game routers are a must-have, especially for people who like gaming on Xbox One. A bad router ruins your gaming experience either by frequent shutting up or delayed downloads. Therefore, it is of the essence you invest in an excellent game router. However, the market has several options for gaming routers, but the challenge comes in finding the most suitable to give you exciting gaming experience. That’s because most of them tend to be similar. In this article, we will discuss the five best gaming routers for Xbox One in 2023, thus helping you make an informed decision.

A Quick Look at the Top Gaming Routers for Xbox One

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5 Best Gaming Routers for Xbox One Reviewed


Having an exciting gaming experience is every gamer’s desire. NETGEAR Nighthawk router is one of the best brands of routers that will give you a memorable gaming time. That’s because it is composed of features that monitor speed as well as secure your Xbox One device from online threats and negative eventualities.

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Has dual-band router: NETGEAR Nighthawk has a dual-band that boosts wireless network coverage with a speed of between 600 and 1300mps. This feature improves the performance and the speed of the device, making your download faster. Also, the dual-band feature allows the router to serve other devices without delaying your gaming session. 

The flow of network traffic: This router ensures that there is no traffic in your downloads. That guarantees you an uninterrupted video streaming and easy download of games. Also, it gives you the expected performance from the provider due to the high speed.

Remote management: The NETGEAR router can be remotely monitored from home or anywhere. You can also perform other activities like adding wireless access points to your network or settings limits for your kid’s usage.

  • Easy to set up in a few minutes
  • Easy internet pausing reducing unnecessary consumption
  • Has a meter to show your internet consumption
  • Well secured from threats detection or blockage issues
  • Remotely manageable from anywhere anytime
  • It is costly
  • It easily gets heated in a short time
  • Has no warranty

Summary: If you are looking for a perfect gaming router for your Xbox one, then NETGEAR Nightawk is the best to go for a device. This router best suits professional gamers who are looking for durable routers to serve them consistently. Therefore, this is the best router to purchase and will assure you of good gaming experience. 

2. D-Link DIR-1950-US

D-Link router AC 1900 is one of the best gaming routers to consider buying. That’s because the routers easily handle anything that you want because it has a high-power processor. This router offers you control over other users, thus controlling their usage and helping you set schedules.

D-Link DIR-1950-US
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D-link Wi-Fi App: The D-LINK Router has a Wi-Fi app that enables you to set up and manage your internet by using your smartphone. This feature makes it easy to detect any online threat. That’s because, with your phone, you can easily solve the problem right on time.

Expandable Coverage: This route has high coverage and also allows extension of coverage anywhere in your house, whether in the bedroom or the sitting room. The D-link Wi -fi can easily mix with the routers extenders resulting in a customized network as well as maintaining a strong signal. The expansion also allows you to bring in more users without affecting the performance of the router.

Ethernet connectivity: The D-link router comes with five Ethernet ports that support four external antennas, thus making your network available to many users. This router equally serves as a hotspot for you either in the office or at home. Also, the connectivity helps the router serve your Xbox One if there is a network traffic issue.

Parental controls: D-Link router lets you set limits on how the internet is used and helps you monitor every person using the device more so your kids. It also allows you to set schedules according to your preference. Also, you can limit your kid’s access to the router.

Speed: This device is the perfect router for your Xbox One, especially if gaming from home. D-Link reduces network congestion by delivering greater speeds and increased capacity with greater range. Also, the router has a software whose features boost speed immensely.

  • Great signal strength
  • Good performance with high speed
  • Has parental control over kid’s usage
  • Easily manageable from anywhere
  • Has a wide coverage
  • It is expensive
  • It takes time to recognize external hard drives
  • Installation needs an expert

Summary: D-Link is one of the best routers in the market and comes with an additional package of Alexa and google assistant. It is well-designed and constructed with high performance for gaming. You should consider purchasing the router because it has a good internet speed. This router assures you of quick results without causing a delay in downloading your games.

3. ASUS ROG GT-AX11000

ASUS ROG router is the ultimate device to go for in the market. The system will offer you an uninterrupted and flawless fast-motion gaming experience, as it boasts fantastic security features and configurations that are centered on the gamer. ASUS is the best router with a robust long-range coverage making your gaming expectations come into reality. Your decision of purchasing this router will not be regrettable

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Dual-band: ASUS ROG is a dual-band router that is easy to install and gives you an excellent performance. The dual-band feature enables you to use the router in several devices and meets your expectations satisfactorily. The router is also equipped with the latest internet technology and proper protection features.

Mesh routers: The ASUS ROG router can create a mesh of routers from other routers. It is called ameish and takes a very short time to set it up. This ameish is compatible with other routers provided you use a dependable firmware to update. The ameish ‘s compatibility makes it durable, creating a reliable home Wi-Fi system with a strong signal.

Trend Micro Software: The trend micro software helps the ASUS router to detect any online threat and vulnerabilities. It comes with an ultimate heavy-duty online security app. The software can sense the strength of the password and can block any websites that tend to be a threat to your Xbox One. Also, the software allows gamers to register for their best games with the router.

Quad –dual processor: The ASUS ROG router has a high standard processor with enough space for firmware and settings. The router can feed each of its transmission bands with a 4.8Gps for each band. The dual-processor makes its internet speed work competitively.

  • It is versatile
  • Has many favorable features
  • Has optimized software elements
  • Has LED indicators showing what is happening in the router
  • Has parental controls
  • The router is expensive
  • It is Bulky
  • Doesn’t have a pleasant appearance

Summary: ASUS ROG router is the ideal solution for your gaming needs and ensures the utmost performance. The routers are fantastic, boasting an impeccable performance and should be on your number one to-do list. The router is what every game would want to have, and it is worth the purchase. The ASUS ROG router is also full of smart features meant to enhance your gaming experience.

4. Linksys EA7500

The Linksys dual-band router is a well-designed device with a passionate gamer in mind. The router comes with a Wi-Fi speed of up to 1.2Gps and works comfortably with an existing modem. Linksys has several features that favor your gaming sessions, leaving you contented. Also, it can handle many devices and serve them equally without frequent interruptions.

Linksys EA7500
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Ethernet ports: The Linksys router comes with several Ethernet ports enabling it to share the internet with every user. However, the devices served by the router cannot interfere with your gaming session. That’s because the router has a high data rate that can simultaneously help many tools.

Coverage range: The Linksys router boasts a wide range of coverage extending up to 1500 square feet. This coverage allows you to access the internet from any corner of your house. Additionally, the routers come with extenders in case you want to increase your internet coverage. Fortunately, the extenders are boosted by the primary router, increasing the signal of your internet.

Dual-band Wi-Fi speed: The router allows you to enjoy a high and dependable internet speed of up to 1.9 Gaps. With speed, you can do live streaming and gaming with quality assurance. It’s speed also enables it to manage internet traffic hence making your downloads on the Xbox One faster.

Has a cloud account: The Linksys router has a cloud account with new management capabilities and a user-friendly interface. Also, the account permits you to access your router, change settings, and check your home network anywhere and at any time.

  • Easy to set-up
  • High Wi-Fi speed
  • It has bandwidth for a rapid surfing speed
  • It is portable
  • Has a sleek design with the right colors
  • No app for remote management
  • It is restricted and slow, especially in block walls

Summary: The Linksys router is a better option for someone considering it for home-use. It is also affordable and has fantastic wireless connectivity. Therefore, you should give it the prospect of purchase since it is the best choice especially for beginners because its hardware configuration is simple.

5. TP-Link Archer A20

If you are shopping for a good gaming router, then TP-link might the brand you’re looking for. The router is affordable, and its performance is similar to other top brands of routers. The router is packaged with Gigabit LAN ports and a pair of 2.0 ports. Also, it’s physical and functional appearance makes it the best router in the market.

TP-Link Archer A20
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Small and Discrete: The Top-link smart Wi-Fi router is small enough, enabling it to be placed on a table, a shelf, or hung on a wall. It can also be hidden anywhere since its 80% smaller than most routers. The small size also makes it easily portable.

Dual-band: The router has a dual-band that is powered by a processor of 128 MB RAM. It also has a good storage capacity of 16MB that can comfortably hold the devices’ settings and firmware. This feature helps it to serve several devices within your home without interfering with the network speed.

LED Lights: The Tp-link router has green LED lights that display the router’s activities and power. The display is done on is 2.5 and 5 GHz channels, as well as internet connection status and Ethernet ports. With the router, you don’t need to turn off lights because the firmware settings can do so, scheduling the lights to turn off and on automatically.

Speed- boosting techniques: The router uses the latest speed-boosting techniques, which include beamforming and IPTV streaming. These features give the router a balanced performance. Also, the router’s firmware is well set to help boost the router’s speed, thus giving you a smooth gaming time.

  • Has parental control
  • Has a quality of service software
  • Has a two-year warranty
  • Good signal strength
  • Can be accessed by guests
  • No-user friendly Icons
  •  Slow web console
  • The bandwidth is not wholly effective

Summary: If you’re looking for a suitable gaming router for your Xbox One, consider the Tp-Link smart router. The router comes with four external antennae at the back that boost its signal strength. You will enjoy the smoothest and spectacular gaming experience since the user does not experience traffic on the internet.

Things to Consider when Buying a Gaming Router for Xbox One

A router is the most used device in offices or homes, and sometimes it can get strained. The internet has become of great demand, and with a reliable router, you can achieve maximum productivity. However, knowing the kind of a router that will suit your internet needs is of the essence. There are many types of routers in the market, and here are things you can consider before purchasing a gaming router for your Xbox One.

Price: The type of router to buy will first be dictated by how much you are willing to spend in the router purchase. Most tops of the range routers are costly but come with an assurance of proper service and longevity.

USB connectivity: A USB is used for storing important files and documents, especially in offices. Most of these files need to be transferred either to a router or a computer. Therefore, it is crucial to check whether the router you are considering buying has a USB port before making a purchase.

Longevity: A router is the most used device in the home or office setup, serving many people at the same time. Routers can hold up many devices that serve different purposes. However, these loads can strain it or make it work. That is why you should consider how long the router can effectively serve you.

Speed: Routers come with different megabits per second, and these megabits dictate their speed. The kind of work you want to do with the router will help you settle on a favorable speed, although most people prefer high speed. The market has various routers, but considering a high speeded router will enable you to do your downloads more quickly and effectively.

Single or dual-band: There are two types of routers one is single band connectivity while the other has dual connectivity. The single band routers work well in web-surfing, general downloading and social media browsing. On the other hand, dual routers are good for online gaming and high-end streaming. If you have only a few devices, you should use the single band router.

The internet range: The internet coverage is an essential factor to look into before buying a router for your Xbox One. Therefore, it is of the essence you understand the speed of your internet before proceeding with the purchase. The strength of the server and its speed settings are additional factors to help you choose the most appropriate router for your Xbox One. The range can be increased by adding extenders to cover your area of preference.

The Final Words (Summary)

Selecting a good gaming router for your Xbox One can be a daunting task even for a professional game. However, depending on the kind of games you play, other purposes you would like to use your router for, and the price range that favors your pocket, you will have to look at a couple of brands. This article has reviewed the five best gaming router for Xbox One on the market and the factors you should consider during your selection. We hope it will help you make an informed decision before your purchase.