5 Best Gaming Monitors under 300 Dollars in 2023 for Pro Gamers

Computer games are very complicated. They require a lot of attentiveness to details, are rigorous, and entail the putting in of too much effort. In light of this, only specially designed gaming monitors may offer the needed performance and reliability. The field of the gaming monitors is ordinarily awash with numerous players and manufacturers. An ordinary would-be user of these gaming monitors like you may, therefore, lack the skill and expertise required to make the right purchasing decision.

This is the need we have voluntarily decided to step in and meet. We are going to do so by discussing the factors to consider while searching for the right gaming monitor. We have also identified and are going to review the five best gaming monitors under 300. At the end of the review, you shall have obtained the guidance you require to get started well.

(Best gaming monitors under 300) Acer KG271
Editor Pick: Acer KG271

Gaming monitor Vs. regular monitor

Dimensions: Generally speaking, the gaming monitors are larger than their ordinary counterparts. This is due to their need to display minutes of details as legibly as possible. As such, they are better off in terms of image quality output but nevertheless require a huge amount of space to install and store.

Applicability: The gaming monitors are almost exclusively designed for gaming. They can hardly perform any other chore besides this. The regular monitors are however highly versatile. They are able to handle a wide range of tasks and purposes. It, therefore, follows that they are handier and generate higher returns than the gaming monitors.

Resolution: Resolution refers to the quality of the images. It is measured by the number of pixels that exist per square inch of the monitor. Given that they are designed mainly to deliver crisp clear images, the gaming monitors have higher resolutions than the regular monitors. Count on them if you have a movie to watch too!

Connectivity: As stated, the regular monitors are highly versatile. They are designed to perform several chores at a time. For this reason, they are highly compatible. They can connect and communicate with several like-minded devices seamlessly. They allow you to share data and signals without any hitches of whichever kind.

Cost: All factors considered, the gaming monitors are costlier than the regular monitors. This stems from the fact that they are generally of higher quality and larger sizes. They, however, return fewer benefits. They are able to discharge only a few tasks and purposes than the regular monitors. They are also not as compatible with as many devices as possible.

5 Best gaming monitors under 300 USD reviewed

1.Acer KG271

Do you intend to play competitively with others? Your answer lies in a faster, more complicated, and durable gaming monitor. This monitor satisfies all those preconditions. Moreover, it is also kind to the eyes, gives faster responses, and may work longer without sustaining damages.

Acer KG271
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Supercharged Refresh Rate: It refreshes the images at the rate of 144Hz i.e. frames per second. This gives rise to ultra—smooth two-dimensional shots and pictures. This also reduces the rendering time, lowers the input lag, and confers you excellent experiences possible.

Highly Responsive: With a faster response time of around 1 millisecond (gray-to-gray), you may count on it to enhance your gaming experience. This also allows it to display faster actions smoothly without any distortions at all. You will less likely also to observe ghosts or smears.

Quality Visuals: You will also get to enjoy great visuals and picture quality. The monitor comes along with 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution. It has an aspect ratio of about 16:9. Because of this, it gives off stunning and high-quality images that have excellent details.


  • Quite comfortable to behold in times of gaming
  • Requires minimal storage and installation space
  • Can attach to several other monitors at a time
  • Minimizes the strains of the eyes even when viewed for long
  • Eliminates the need for screen tearing


  • Moderately expensive and unaffordable
  • Quite complicated to a beginner
  • Consumes higher electrical power

Summary: Go ahead and compete against your opponents using this gaming monitor. As you can see, it has all you may possibly want. You will surely enjoy your gaming sessions.

2.Asus VG278Q

In case you intend to spend too much of your time playing games, you require a comfortable monitor. This is to minimize fatigue and guarantee awesome outcomes at all times. As you are about to see, this monitor is suited for that particular purpose, and well for that matter.

Asus VG278Q Review (Best Eye Care Gaming Monitor)
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ASUS-exclusive GamePlus technology: This technology comes in the form of a hotkey. The key is designed to grant you in-game enhancements that bring out the best from your game. The key also allows you to improve your gaming skills. It is therefore great for starters.

Ergonomic Design: On the whole, the gaming monitor features an ergonomic design. It this design that makes the monitor suited for longer gaming sessions. Through this design, you may easily tilt the monitor, alter its height, and swivel and change its pivot, as the need may so dictate.

Flicker-Free Technology: Lastly, the screen features the innovative and revolutionary flicker-free technology. This technology reduces the strains that your eyes are subjected to in the course of viewing the images. This, in turn, prevents any damages your eyes might confront.


  • Reduces the amount of blue light and is hence great for your eyes
  • Exudes fully responsive gaming experience
  • Delivers great sound courtesy of the Stereo 2W speakers
  • Does not require external speakers at all
  • Enhances the performance and controls of color


  • Prolonged exposure to the monitor may damage the eyes
  • Requires too much space to install and store
  • Not so reputable brand

Summary: Your options are clearly limited if all you want is a screen you can use continuously for a prolonged duration of time. This indeed is the one that is best suited for this role. You, therefore, have no choice but to acquire it.

3.BenQ Zowie RL2455

In some instances, you may have not to compromise the picture quality. This is especially the case when you are competing against others professionally. This gaming monitor has a perfect resolution of about 1920 x 1080 pixels. This makes it all the more suited for the job.

BenQ Zowie RL2455
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Seamless Connectivity: On the whole, this gaming monitor with a variety of like-minded devices. These include consoles, personal computers, headphones, and High definition multimedia interface ports, among others. This assures you maximum convenience and ease of use. It also enables you to transmit data seamlessly.

Great Visual Clarity: In all, you will find it easier and hassle-free to view images from the screen. This stems from the fact that the monitor is designed in such a way as to increase visibility in darker environments. It does so without necessarily overexposing the brighter areas to excess light.

Variable Display Modes: Unlike most other gaming monitors, this one has variable display modes. These include fighting modes, smart scaling, real-time strategy (RTS), and first-person shooter (FPS), among others. These allow you to choose the option that closely mirrors your unique need.


  • Reduces glares and reflections for great eye health
  • Provides an ideal space for the storage of controller
  • Allows for full tilt adjustment
  • VESA-mount ready
  • Possesses built-in speakers


  • Brings about 24% fewer returns compared to similar products
  • Quite cumbersome to carry around due to bulky nature
  • Requires plenty of space to mount

Summary: Do not compromise your picture quality. Go for this gaming monitor to guarantee you this. Its complex and great picture quality are way too irresistible.

4.Samsung LS27E330HZX

Are you staying in an area that receives a limited amount of sunlight? If you answered yes, then you, by all means, want a gaming monitor that is able to perform well in such circumstances or areas. By reason of producing excellent picture qualities, this monitor fits that bill well.

Samsung LS27E330HZX
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27-inch Full High-Definition Monitor: Top of its key features is the 27-inch full high definition monitor. This is larger than most gaming monitors in vogue today. It sees to it that you clearly see the minutest of details. Surely, you have no other way of enjoying your games.

Game Mode Feature: It does come along with a game mode feature. This basically enables you to view darker blacks and crisp colors in equal measure. You will not have to strain or miss out on certain details regardless of their colors. What a nice way to enjoy your games?

Eye-saver Mode: Most people sustain hurts in their eyes when they view light for a prolonged duration of time. This is not so with this gaming monitor. It has an eye-saver mode that is accompanied by eco-saving plus feature. They work hand in hand to safeguard your eyes.


  • Pretty large screen that measures a whopping 27 inches
  • Has a faster response time of around 1ms for smooth plays
  • Contains darker black colors with the game mode
  • Allows for a more natural view for added comfort
  • Higher frequency of the images reduces blurs


  • Returns around 26% fewer benefits than its competitors
  • Possesses fewer video interfaces
  • Lacks the display port

Summary: There you have it! If you play in darker rooms, this gaming monitor will be a worthy companion indeed. You should, therefore, make every effort to acquire and utilize it for your enjoyment of the game.


To be assured of comfortable views, you, by all means, require a larger screen. This is to let you view the images from a comfortable distance and with minimal strains possible. This screen, as you shall see shortly, fits this description well.

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Multiple Connection Options: This monitor comes along with high definition multiple media interface (HDMI), Digital Visual Interface (DVI), and Video Graphics Array (VGA) ports. These confer some degree of freedom to you. You, therefore, get to enjoy your videos using your preferred channels.

Variable Set-up Modes: With the mere press of the appropriate button, you may open and optimize your monitor as you wish. The monitor further allows you to choose from a predefined list of specialized and built-in modes to play a game or watch a movie.

All-round Optimal Viewing: Lastly, you will get to watch your movies and games just about anywhere. These range from congested rooms to open spaces. This is due to its sheer large size, curved nature, and clearer images. Surely, where else would you look for maximum comfort?


  • Reduces eye strain
  • Makes the monitor easily viewable from just about any angle
  • Delivers the pre-set gaming and movie modes
  • Eliminates motion blurs
  • Provides a lag-free overall gaming experience


  • Quite weighty (weighs 17.15 pounds/7.8 kg)
  • Less prestigious than most models
  • Backed by less comprehensive warranty

Summary: Reduce the strains on your eyes and enjoy your games with this extra large gaming monitor. As you may see from the foregoing review the screen is indeed perfect for such circumstances.

How to setup gaming monitor?

Step 1. Position the Monitor Appropriately

Start by positioning the monitor appropriately. As a general rule, the monitor should be directly in front of you. The top edge of the monitor has to align with your eyes. In all the monitor ought to be an arm’s length away from you. Your back should also be as straight as possible for maximum spine health.

Step 2. Calibrate the Image

Calibration of the image simply means setting the right level of brightness, contrast, tone, and color. Do not set the brightness too high as this may strain the eyes. Do not make the images too dark either as this makes them quite difficult to look and comprehend. Follow the manufacturer’s manual to obtain the best possible results.

Step 3. Look out for the Dead Pixels

Depending on the age of the monitor and how often it has been utilized, it may contain some dead pixels. These are portions of the screen that are damaged and cannot display images as should be the case. Use the LCD Dead Pixel test page to check whether your screen has this issue, and if so, where exactly.

Step 4. Clean the Screen Thoroughly

Use a soft and clean piece of cloth to get rid of any ugly marks, scratches, or fingerprints on the screen. You definitely do not want any distractions that may hinder your viewing experience, do you? Use may use some methylated spirit to do a more thorough job. Repeat the procedure severally until you obtain the best outcomes.

Step 5. Test the Monitor

Now finish off by testing the monitor. Switch it on and play a dummy game on it. Observe how it functions and makes arrangements to rectify any emerging issues. Depending on the severity of the problem, you have to repeat two or more procedures outlined and explained above.

The Final Words (Summary)

We do hope that you have found our review and buying guide insightful and eye-opening. Indeed, each of the best gaming monitor under 300 dollars we have reviewed above is great for you.

You should in fact not even ask whether it is indeed alright for you to buy one or not. These electronics are great and relevant to any household. In this regard, it is in your best interest to pick one soonest possible.

In case you do not have any in mind as of now, we recommend the BenQ ZOWIE Full HD Gaming Monitor. It is compatible with several like-minded devices. Because of this, you stand to enjoy a greater degree of convenience than if you choose any other monitor.

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