Top 6 Best Gaming Keyboards under 100 [Reviews & Guide]

To bring your gaming skills to the next level, a gaming keyboard is an absolute must for any player. No way can a standard, everyday keyboard handle intense or competitive gaming. Whether your genre of choice are first person shooters, or role playing games, to get the best gaming experience, you need a top notch gaming keyboard. The gaming keyboard propels you into next generation of gaming, in that it enhances your gaming skill set via a variety of mechanics. One of the top benefits, are programmable keys which allow you instantly put forth complex movements, accentuating your performance.

These keyboards also have back lighting, which lets the gamer play in the dark, under cover of night. Other added benefits are increased durability and rapid fire response time. In this review for the best gaming keyboards under 100, we have included some of the absolute top rated gaming keyboards 2023 available. Each of these keyboards has been researched and developed to strict specifications designed to withstand intense and competitive game play. Each gamer keyboard is manufactured by reputable and well respected companies.

How do I choose a gaming keyboard less than 100 USD?

I’ve been a gamer for many years, and can tell you that no matter how good your PC gaming skill set is, if you do not have a durable, tough and highly responsive gaming keyboard, you will be wasting your time. Where console players depend on controllers, the PC gamer needs a powerful gaming keyboard which has features that cater to their gaming style.

Gaming Style– Players who are fans of the FPS, or first person shooter, will require a keyboard that has a quick, rapid fire response time. Those who are into fight games will most certainly require a keyboard that has programmable keys which will make initiating complex moves effortless. Players who are into making walk throughs or tutorial videos can benefit from the added connectivity of USB and audio ports.

How Much You Are Willing to Spend– Pricing plays an important part in the purchasing process. We have specifically created a review of some of the top budget friendly gaming keyboards on the market today, focusing on the top rated gaming keyboards under $100. When figuring in the pricing, it is extremely important to go over the features, as well as look at review videos in order to streamline your purchase so you get exactly the features you want, and don’t end up paying for features you have no use for.

Backlighting– Gamers are in it for the long haul. When they plan a weekend of gaming, there is a good chance it will run long into the night. Backlighting helps the player see the keys in a dark environment. Keyboards can have either one color backlight or full on RGB. Game keyboards that have individually programmable keys take lighting to a new level, as you can program a spell, or a complex fight move with specific color, which means it will be extremely easy to initiate.

Overall Customization of the Keyboard– Customization must be considered, as it is one of the main factors which can enhance your game play experience. Keys which can be customized individually are highly prized in games that require a quick change of weapons, spell casting or fight moves, not to mention the vast variety of cheat codes which one could use.

For example, GTA: San Andreas has some of the most enjoyable and useful cheat codes in gaming. With programmable keys, with the tap and click, C.J. is invincible with full weaponry. However, if your style of gaming does not require much in the way of customizable features, then best to by pass this consideration, as it does increase the price of the keyboard.

6 Best gaming keyboards under 100 dollars reviewed

1. Redragon K552-KR KUMARA LED

The Redragon K552-KR is a durable and solidly built gaming keyboard, constructed of a heavy duty aluminum and ABS plastic, 87 double shot injection keycaps and precision built switches with ultra last springs, with cherry green switches.

(Best gaming keyboards under 100) Redragon-K552-KR
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Be very aware, this is no lightweight model, as it weighs in at a hefty 12 pounds. If you are like me, you like to sit back, relax and just drive around San Andreas, doing some damage while snacking on some chips and soda. Fortunately for gamers such as myself, the Redragon K552 has a splash resistant surface.

This responsive gaming keyboard is a terrific value for the money, as its mechanical keys pack a power punch with medium resistance, a low click sound, along with tactile bump feedback. Multimedia controls are available for function keys, with the backlighting on the K552 having 3 settings: On, off and breathing, to help you game in darkness. For the price, this is an excellent keyboard for beginning gamers.

You may like Redragon K552 KUMARA LED Keyboard for the following Key Specifications:

  • Durable aluminum and ABS construction.
  • Adjustable red LED backlighting.
  • Gold plated USB connector.
  • Splash resistant design.
  • 100% Anti-ghosting.

Summary- The K552 is built like a tank, weighing in at a heavy 12 pounds, with mechanical keys that give medium resistance with multimedia controls for function keys, and windows key lock out ability. As far as tough and durable, you can’t beat this model. Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10. Red LED backlighting has 3 settings. Dimensions: 13.9 x 4.8 x 1.5 inches.

2. Logitech G610 Orion Red

Solidly built for high performance gaming, the Logitech G610 Orion Red Keyboard is definitely designed for mega gaming sessions. Blaze through Resident Evil 7 with speed and efficiency with its highly responsive Cherry MX Red mechanical key switches with linear keypress for the quite, precision, rapid firepower you crave during game play.

Logitech G610 Orion Red
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Players who love their fantasy RPGs will be happy to know that the G610 lets you customize the backlighting for each individual key, which is useful in spell heavy games. Get full power through keyboard control by customizing macros for F1 through F12. Gamers who are looking to kick it up a notch, have access to the G610’s 26 key rollover, which gives you the ability to perform intricate moves via a multi key input.

Held steady with rubber feet, the Logitech G610 lets you adjust your keyboard with 3 step angle adjustments to comfortably attain the best punch per keystroke. If you love your music, then the easy access media controls will let you skip songs, fix your volume, play or pause your music.

You may like Logitech G610 Orion Red for the following Key Specifications:

  • Mechanical Cherry MX switches.
  • Customizable back light.
  • Dedicated media controls.
  • Custom button macros for F1 through F12.
  • 26 key rollover.
  • Adjustable height to 3 levels.

Summary- Cherry MX mechanical switches are rated over 50 million keystrokes. Customization back lighting available for individual keys. Media controls, 6 foot cable, programmable function keys, USB speed: 2.0. Programmable white back lighting. Easily adjustable volume wheel. Dimensions: 6 x 17.5 x 1.4 inches, 2.6 pounds. This one would be my pick for gamers who love first person shooter game play. Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. One USB port. 2 year parts/labor warranty.

3. Razer BlackWidow Ultimate

If you’ve just downloaded GTA V and are looking forward to some awesome, all night game play, but don’t want to disturb your room mates, then this is the keyboard for you. The Stealth by Razer is designed to lessen the ‘click’ heard on mechanical keyboard keys by utilizing their own specific design, “Cherry MX Brown” key switches.

Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth Edition
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The lessened ‘click clack’ is welcomed in areas such as dorm rooms or small apartments with roommates, for gamers who like to sit up all night without disturbing others. The Stealth designers took a cue from typewriter design, and decided to move each row of keys into tiers, to increase ergonomic typing.

The Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth gaming keyboard has a standard, straight ergonomic design, an integrated number pad, with a wired connection, 5 stage blue backlighting. Backlit key effects include: Starlight, ripple, breathe, static, reactive and wave.The black, matte finish works to reduce fingerprints and smudges, which works out perfectly for gamers who enjoy snacking during game play.

You may like Razer BlackWidow for the following Key Specifications:

  • Adjustable height.
  • Special Keys: Programmable shortcuts.
  • Key mechanism: Razor Mechanical Switch.
  • Individually back lit keys.
  • Integrated number pad.
  • USB 3.0 3.5mm headphone and microphone ports.

Summary- The Stealth by Razer quiets your gameplay. Keys are responsive, quick and fresh. Keyboard Durability is backed by a 2 year warranty. 5-stage backlit, programmable keys for lights out or night time gameplay. 10 key rollover allows for anti-ghosting. Definitely my personal top pick of all keyboards in the review due to connectivity options and possibly making it easier to do game tutorials and walk throughs. Operating systems: Windows 10, Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger. Item dimensions: 7.17 x 17.69 x 1.62 inches, 3.03 pounds. 2 year manufacturers warranty.

4. Rosewill RK-9000V2 RE

The RK-9000V2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is loaded with customization options. With RGB backlighting, individual key programmability, various profile settings, and multi LED modes and multimedia control, you will be able to storm through the competition, no matter what style of game play you engage in.

Rosewill Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Model RK-9000V2 BR
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The Cherry MX switches offer you sweet and precise gaming with 2mm actuation distance for rapid fire play, along with a durability of 50 million key strokes. The RK-9000V2 also offers a full N-Key rollover complete with 100 percent anti-ghosting, which means that you are free to engage in massive intense gameplay and tournaments without concern for lapse. This model also has dedicated macro control along with 5 profile settings, and up to 50 macros, along with fully customizable LED backlight creates some serious game time.

What gamers will find intriguing, is that you can program your macros without the need for software. Each key on the RK-9000V2 gaming keyboard can be customized by function, macro, and lighting. The multimedia control is another plus for this keyboard, as the settings can be changed during game play.

You may like Rosewill Mechanical Keyboard for the following Key Specifications:

  • Cherry MX RGB Brown Mechanical Key Switch.
  • Full color Gaming Keyboard.
  • 8 LED Modes.
  • Up to 50 Macros.
  • N Key Rollover.
  • Windows key lock.

Summary- Key switch is a Cherry MX RGB. Life cycle is 50 million keystrokes. Gamer grade durability with high quality interior metal chassis. Comes with mini USB port. Windows key lock function. Rubber pads for stability during intense gameplay. Gold plated USB to reduce latency. This is a great keyboard for beginners interested in MMO and tournament play. Dimensions: 17.32 x 5.43 x 1.52 inches, 1.64 lbs.

5. EagleTec KG010 Gaming Keyboard

Those who are looking for an all around keyboard which can work doing daily tasks as well as gaming, should look no further than the EagleTec KG010. This is a durable and solidly built keyboard which combines aluminum and ABS plastic, to create a gaming keyboard that can more than withstand intensive game play.

EagleTec KG010 Gaming Keyboard
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The EagleTec’s custom mechanical switches are specifically designed to take a a rigorous pounding. The keys are plate mounted, double shot injection molded key caps, along with LED backlighting make it easy to see in darkened environments. For those of you who love to snack and sip sodas you can feel a bit at ease with the EagleTec KG010, as this keyboard is built to be splash and spill resistant, a huge plus for many gamers, including myself.

You may like EagleTec KG010 Keyboard for the following Key Specifications:

  • 100% anti-ghosting.
  • Plate mounted keys.
  • Multimedia controls for function keys.
  • Customizable WASD and arrow keys.
  • Blue LED backlighting.

Summary- Custom mechanical switches provide the player with ultra quick response time. Mechanical keys offer medium resistance, tactile feedback with a ‘click clack’ sound. The EagleTec has 104 double shot injection molded key caps, is spill proof, and 100 percent anti-ghosting, and is my choice for those who are looking for an industrial strength keyboard which can not only game, but handle regular computer operations, and do it with ease. Dimensions 17.6 x 7.01 x 1.06 inches. Operating system: Windows 7 and later.

6. Perixx PX-1100 Backlit Keyboard

The PX 1100 Gaming Keyboard is simple yet functional. This keyboard is as much at home doing your taxes as it is playing a top notch FPS. Its 3 level backlighting allows the player to enjoy playing at night, easily locating any key, and the red/blue/purple can be easily switched. Ergonomically speaking, the built in, adjustable, detachable palm rest comes in quite handy for a typical game play marathon.

Perixx PX-1100 Backlit Keyboard
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This solidly built gaming keyboard has no trouble staying stable during intense game play due to the large rubber padded feet on the corners. The adjustable tilt with two height settings to choose from, adds to the ergonomic design. The keys are coated in rubber for a no slip, tactile high performing gaming session.

You may like Perixx PX-1100 for the following Key Specifications:

  • Blue/red/purple LED.
  • Rubber painted finish.
  • Life cycle: 20 million keystroke.
  • Adjustable palm rest.
  • Brightness control wheel.

Summary- This smartly built and inexpensive keyboard has a built-in lighting control wheel, 8 available hot keys, audio controls, and a letter illumination feature. For your game play comfort, height is adjustable for 2 settings, plus a detachable palm rest is included. Newbies who are simply looking for a stable and dependable gaming keyboard should give the PeriXX a look. Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10. Dimensions: 19.5 x .83 x 6.69 inches, 1.7 pounds.

The Final Words (Conclusion)

Finding the top rated gaming keyboard for you is very important when it comes to maximizing your game play experience. I’ve been a gamer for many years, and when it comes to gaming, in some ways it can be said that you are only as good as your peripherals. In other words, no matter how quick your reflexes, or puzzle solving ability, unless you have a way to initiate and carry out game play in a rapid fire, lightening fast way, you will not be able to keep up with team mates, or even during solo play.

We have presented you with the some of the best keyboard for gaming under $100 available on the market today. Each one has its own special set of features and design, which are geared to the needs of specific game play styles, designed to enhance your game play. Thank you!

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