8 Best Gaming Headsets under 200 [Wireless & Wired]

If you are an enthusiastic gamer looking for the best gaming headsets under 200, you have landed at the right place. Gaming headsets are as important as any other accessory of a video game. A good gaming headphone can greatly improve your gaming experience. The gaming headsets are specially designed to provide good sound isolation in any surrounding conditions.

There are various products available in the market and it is natural to have a dilemma in choosing the right gaming headset for you. To help you to deal with the same, this article discusses on some of the top rated gaming headsets in this year. But before that, let us first understand the ways of choosing the right headset for your gaming needs.

What should I look for when buying a gaming headset?

Compatibility: This is the first thing you should check before selecting the gaming headphone. It depends on of the games you play and the operating system you use to play the games. Not all the headphones come compatible with the platform you use. Hence this is one of the key factors to consider before buying a gaming headset.

Comfortness: A headphone that is light and rightly placed on your ears will make you less tired while playing games. It depends on the material out of which the gaming headset is made, the size of the headset and its adjusting capability.

Microphone: Initially, typing was the only option for communicating with the other players. Now, the gaming headsets have inbuilt microphone that allows you to talk with your fellow gamers instead of typing your message. Microphones with noise-cancellation features allow you to have a clear conversation with your game mates.

Quality of Sound: It depends on the individual’s choice. Some of you might enjoy a good bass but some of you would prefer a good frequency range. In any case, a good quality of sound is what is expected from the gaming headset.

Budget: Most of the gaming headsets are available in affordable price. The price depends on the extent of features you are looking for. Some of the best Bluetooth headsets have all the necessary features in them. The good thing is that most of them are available at a much lower price.

8 Best gaming headsets under 200 reviewed

1. Razer Nari Ultimate RZ04

Planning to a computer game in the company of so many people? This multichannel headset will really make your work a lot easier. It has the ability to pair and attach to a whopping 7 gadgets for extended coverage and simultaneous usage.

(Best gaming headsets under 200) Razer Nari Ultimate RZ04
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Razer Hypersense Haptic Feedback: A haptic feedback ranks tops among the many offerings it has to give off. These enable unparalleled immersion of the music and the audio outputs. At the same time, they enable greater positional accuracy on your part all along.

Lightweight and Auto-Adjusting Headband: When all factors are taken into consideration, the item is light enough to enable easier transportation to the designated locations of use well. Also, it is comfortable enough for extended gaming sessions. Choose to work with it in the long run.

Retractable Mic and an Audio Adjustment: Part of its input incorporates the microphone that retracts. In this way, it accepts the inputs from just about anywhere. Then, it also enables seamless adjustments whenever the same gadget is dedicated for the use thereof. That of course adds to better conveniences.

Soft Cloth Cushions and a Cooling Gel: For your added safety when in use, the item comes along with a soft cloth cushion. This is also accompanied by a cooling gel. You use these two to reduce the buildup of heat to confer added comfort to your ears when listening.


  • Gives off rich haptic effects
  • Compatible with many electronic gadgets
  • Enables great personalization of the music
  • Exceeds many standards and expectations
  • Adjusts for maximum comfort and stature


  • Quite complex to a simpler user
  • Needs many attachments to operationalize
  • Its power consumption is way too high

Summary: In a nutshell, this headphone gives you the power to play alongside many other persons. Its many channels and ports allow for unparalleled connectivity and engagements.

2. Corsair Virtuoso RGB

Different gaming headsets are designed for different tasks and settings. This one is specifically intended for the one who spends much of his time playing. It is light enough to use repeatedly for a prolonged duration (well over 20 hours) without fatiguing.

Corsair Virtuoso RGB Gaming Headset
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Immersive 7. 1 surround Sound: In its entirety, this item is capable of yielding forth some immersive surround sounds. That stems mainly from the seven channels that let it attach to seven peripherals and distribute the sound output uniformly. Regardless of where you are, you won’t strain.

Long-lasting Comfort: Many features exist to enhance your overall comfort as you play your games. Chief among these is the premium memory foam ear pads. They conform as nearly as can be to the unique shapes of your head and ears. Thus, they negate the strains and discomforts.

Wireless Connectivity: You won’t have to use physical wires to share and attach this headset to the other like-minded gadgets. The item is able to do that via wireless means. This also goes a long way in reducing the likelihood of clutter and the inconveniences that come along.

Exceptional Dynamic Range: Closing the list of the many benefits is the exceptional dynamic range of the sound output. Thanks to the existence of this range the audio output is clear, broad-cast grade, and able to impact every length and breadth of the entire room where it is used.


  • Light enough thanks to the Aluminum construction
  • Guarantees maximum comfort in the long run
  • Hardy and tolerant of impacts and tensions
  • Connects to other gadgets virtually
  • Delivers high fidelity sound systems


  • Highly prone to signal interference
  • Occupies plenty of space when mounted
  • Power consumption is way too high

Summary: You have no worthier companion when it comes to prolonged hearing of the sound outputs. This headphone has everything you need for that very purpose.

3. Avantree Bluetooth Headphone

This gaming headset from Avantree is a perfect headphone for gamers looking for a durable one. It comes with minimum audio delay undetectable by a human ear. This means that the audio experience is perfect. You will have an ideal gaming experience with this headset. The clarity of sound is superior.

Avantree Audition Pro
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It comes with the bass boost and bass off feature. So you can opt for the required setting of bass based on your gaming needs. With the noise-cancellation feature, you can experience a smooth gameplay without any external disturbances.

It can be used both as a wireless and wired mode. In wireless mode, it works up to 40 hours. The battery life is extremely high with this headset. In wired mode, you will have to use the provided 3.5 mm cable.

It does not consume in wired mode. The headset can be worn for longer periods without any trouble. It is designed with soft ear pads. The headband is adjustable and suitable for all people.

You will like Avantree Audition Pro for the following key features:

  • It has a built-in bass boost/off.
  • The sound quality is of high fidelity.
  • The audio delay is as low as 32 ms.
  • It comes with a free 3.5 mm cable that can be used in wired mode.
  • The ear pads are soft and the headband is adjustable.


  • The battery life is longer.
  • It is relatively cheaper.
  • The ear pads and muffs are comfortable for longer periods.
  • The audio latency is almost zero.
  • It comes with a tough case to carry the headset.


  • The treble sometimes goes down.
  • There are no options of color with this headset.

Summary: The Avantree gaming headset is for all the audio lovers. You will have enjoyable gaming sessions with its ultimate sound quality and clarity. The features are designed such that you can use the headphone with ease. This Avantree is one of the best bluetooth headset in this year. Hence, don’t miss to check out this headset when you decide to buy a gaming headset.

4. Sennheiser Game One

The gaming headset from Sennheiser is built exclusively for the gamers to have an ultimate gaming experience. Though the price seems a bit high, this gaming headset has the best sound quality features.

Sennheiser PC Gaming
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The microphone is designed to provide a clear conversation between the players. It can be easily muted with the rise of the boom arm. The ear pads are well built to give some relaxation to the ears. In addition, the open-back design reduces the stress exerted on the heads of the player. The mechanics are robust while the headset is built to be very light.

You will never feel the burden of the headsets while playing your games. The volume can be easily controlled as the control is placed on the right ear cup. With the warranty period of two years, you can never go wrong by choosing this gaming headset.

You will like Sennheiser PC Gaming for the following key features:

  • Comfortable ear pads for cushioned placement over ears.
  • Microphones with the noise-cancellation feature.
  • Sound quality is crystal clear and accurate with Sennheiser’s transducer technology.
  • Open-back design to provide convenient wearing.
  • Multiple platform usage possible with additional cables.


  • The open-back design enables prolonged gameplays.
  • It is light in weight.
  • It comes with plenty of cords.
  • It provides a clear and clarity audio for any games.
  • The open-back design makes the wear comfortable for longer periods.


  • It is expensive.
  • The microphone can’t be bent.

Summary: If you are a professional gamer, this headset will be the right choice for your gaming needs. It comes with various beneficial features that make the headset more user-friendly. The easy volume controls and microphone muting techniques will avoid unnecessary distractions during your game sessions. With the convenient open-back design, you can spend hours together in your games without any discomforts.

5. Logitech G933 Headset

The Logitech gaming headset is a promising one providing an eminent gaming experience for you. It can be adjusted to provide different lighting options and has about 16.8 million colors to offer.

Logitech G933 Wireless
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The headset can be used in both wired as well as wireless mode. As a Bluetooth headset, it works up to 12 hours without the need of charging. The microphone has an inbuilt noise cancellation property and provides a clear audio delivery. It has three programmable G-keys for you to program. This provides an everlasting gaming experience which you always desire for. The headset is compatible across various gaming platforms.

It gives you wider options of gameplays. Some of the platforms that it can work on are PC, XBOX One, PS4, home theater devices, mobile phones, etc. It is made of soft materials that act soft on your ears.

You will like Logitech G933 Wireless for the following key features:

  • Superior sound quality with 7.1 Dolby Surround sound.
  • The microphone is foldable with noise-cancellation feature.
  • Compatible across various platforms.
  • It comes with three programmable G-keys.
  • It is designed to provide long gaming sessions.


  • The sound quality is superior.
  • The ear cups are washable.
  • The headset rests on gamer’s head without any pressure.
  • It can be used in both wired as well as wireless mode.
  • It can be worn for longer periods.


  • The battery life is comparatively low.
  • It is a bit expensive.

Summary: This gaming headset has all the required features that a gamer will look for. The versatile compatibility and the everlasting comfort will make you feel rejoiced over the games you play. The programmable G-keys will further improve your gaming experience.

6. Turtle Beach Elite Pro

This gaming headset from Turtle Beach has some of the best features in it. It is designed for all the professional gamers who prefer a better audio quality in their games. It has the TruSpeak Technology that delivers a crystal clear audio. All the commands in your games can be heard in a clear way. The headset can also be worn comfortably by anyone.

Turtle Beach Elite Pro
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It comes with the ComforTec Fit system allowing you to adjust the headband as per your convenience. With the noise isolation technique imparted, the headset ensures good isolation from the surrounding distractions.

The ear pads are cushioned to facilitate long hours of game plays. The audio can be controlled by the fingertip slide system. The control functions include the outbound mic boost control and the background noise limiter. All these features ensure you to win the games you play.

You will like Turtle Beach Elite Pro for the following key features:

  • It comes with the ComforTec Fit Technology to have a fitting wear.
  • The microphone is equipped with the TruSpeak Technology.
  • The ProSpecs Relief System ensures reduced pressure on gamer’s ears.
  • It has the 50 mm Nanoclear Speakers with an impressive audio tuning.
  • The slide system aids in instant control of volume.


  • The length of the headset is adjustable.
  • The headband can be worn without any pressure.
  • The microphone provides a good audio conversation.
  • The headset is more durable.
  • It is very soft hence can be worn for longer periods.


  • It lacks the instant mute button.
  • It does not work in wireless mode.

Summary: If you are a passionate gamer looking for a professional gaming headset, this should find a place in your list. This Elite Pro version combined with the Elite Pro TAC provides you an exciting gameplay and leads you to the victory.

7. Playstation Gold

The gaming headset from PlayStation has some of the distinguished features that make it a perfect one for any game plays. The virtual 7.1 surround enables versatile volume controls, right from the big booms to the whispery sounds.

Playstation Gold Wireless Headset
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This makes sure that you do not miss even a tiny bit of your game. The noise cancellation feature makes the conversation clear even in the noisy environment. The audio quality can be further enhanced with the custom modes exclusively developed for this gaming headset. You can play your favorite games at the desired audio setting.

The headset itself is designed to be stylish. When you want to customize your looks, the removable faceplates can be swapped. You will also find that this gaming headset is compatible across multiple platforms and devices.

You will like PlayStation Gold for the following key features:

  • It comes with the virtual 7.1 surround sound.
  • The different audio modes enhance audio quality.
  • The adjustable faceplates make it more comfortable.
  • The headset is compatible across various devices.
  • It comes with a wireless adaptor, audio cable, and travel pouch.


  • The sound quality is better.
  • The volume can be controlled.
  • It is easy to use.
  • The headset is available at affordable price.
  • It provides a good range.


  • The ear pads are smaller in size.
  • The battery life is limited.

Summary: For all those looking for a customizable gaming headset, this should be the right option. The various custom modes available with this gaming headset enables you to play games of different genres. With comfortable wear and stylish look, what more you can ask for. Finally, In this gaming headset reviews, the PlayStation Gold is one of the top gaming headset under $100 with lots of features.

8. Skullcandy Plyr 2

This gaming headset from Skullcandy is designed to fulfill various requirements of the user such as games, music, and movies. The advanced EQ3 equalizer modes offer three different sound equalization settings.

Skullcandy Plyr 2
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They include the bass mode, the supreme mode, and the precision mode. The quality of sound it delivers is superior with the Skullcandy’s Supreme sound technology system.

The microphone can be instantly muted by the mere flipping of the mic’s position. The headset is designed to look more stylish and sleek. It comes in various color schemes such as black and yellow, white, teal and navy.

The important thing to note is that this gaming headset is compatible across different platforms and mobile devices. Some of the compatible platforms include the XBOX 360, PS3 and PC.

You can also use the headsets with most of the tablets, mobile phones as well as the MP3 players. According to this gaming headset reviews, this Skullcandy PLYR2 is one of the best xbox one headset under $100, so you may like this one without any doubt

You will like Skullcandy PLYR2 for the following key features:

  • Powerful bass and sound quality.
  • Stereo Audio is smooth and crystal clear.
  • An instant mute system with the flipping microphone.
  • It is designed for games, music as well as movies.
  • Compatible across versatile devices.


  • It has a good battery life.
  • It is very comfortable to wear.
  • It is suitable for anyone with any head size.
  • It has a good range.
  • The audio quality is better.


  • It is less durable.
  • The microphone is not detachable.

Summary: For those of you looking for versatile headphones that can be used for other purposes than the games, this gaming headset should suit you. It has various options for sound equalization and is sure to give you a superior audio experience.

The Final Words (Summary)

Gaming headsets have obvious benefits to offer you. It enhances your gaming experience and provides good isolation from the external environmental distractions. This will enable you to perform in well in your game plays. A right gaming headset for you can do wonders in the games you play. With all that discussions on some of the best gaming headset under 200 dollars, it will now be easy for you to choose the right headset for your gaming requirements. Finding the suitable gaming headset should not be hard or confusing anymore.

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