7 Best Floor Standing Speakers under 300 Dollars for Home Music

If you’re serious about sound, then you want to be make sure that the speakers you use can deliver superior quality. Not all speakers are built the same, and while some may emit a passable sound, audiophiles will notice the imperfections. Though quality floor speakers can seem like they are very expensive, if you look around you’ll find that there are many within your price range. In order to help you, we’ve put together a guide on the best floor standing speakers under 300 dollars.

Without a set of floor standing speakers in your home audio rig, you’ll be missing out on the rich, complex sounds that make up your music or soundtrack. Not only will a quality set of floor standing speakers give you a better sound, but they can be a really stylish addition to the way your room looks. Given that you can find a set without spending a ton of money, there’s no reason not to get a set to enhance your experience.

What should I look for in a floor standing speaker?

Before you decide to purchase your new floor standing speaker, there are several considerations that you need to take into account.

Drivers – Floor standing speakers have enough room to contain many drivers, and the performance of your speakers will depend on the balance of the sound the drivers produce. Tweeters are great for the high frequency sounds and voices, whereas woofers deliver the rich, full bass that you need for a dynamic sound. The combination of these, along with the mid-range drivers will determine your soundscape.

Cabinet construction – It’s not just the speakers that affect the sound. The cabinet that the drivers are housed in will also determine the kind of sound that you will achieve. If the cabinet is badly made, you can expect echoing and vibrations at certain frequencies. Choose a speaker that contains materials or construction that will dampen unwanted sounds.

Speaker size – You may be caught in a decision between a large speaker for lots of sound, and keeping your new speaker small in line with the rest of your furniture. The problem is that the way the speaker is made will affect the way you experience the sound. Be sure to choose a speaker with drivers that sit at the same height as where you’ll be listening to it from, otherwise you’ll be finding yourself propping your speaker up to make it higher.

Wire configurations – Not all speakers are made to connect to every device you have. You will often require an amplifier, so being sure that the speaker has compatible terminals with your amp is a must. Most speakers have either a spring clip terminal or a building post design. Be sure to know what will work with your amplifier before you decide.

How many do I need? – The best speaker setup will contain two floor standing speakers, as this will deliver a perfect, stereo sound. However, it largely depends on your existing setup. If you have many other speakers, like a sound bar or bookshelf speakers, then your needs may be different. It’s a good idea to consider the sound performance in your room first, then purchase on or two speakers depending on your needs.

7 Best floor standing speakers under 300 dollars reviewed

1. Pioneer SP-FS52 Floor Loudspeaker

The Pioneer Andrew Jones designed range of speakers are a highly acclaimed, award winning speaker series, and it’s no wonder that people are raving about them. With their extra-tall design and superior sound quality, these speakers are an excellent way to appreciate everything you want to listen to.

Pioneer SP-FS52 Floor standing Loudspeaker
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Experience a fuller sound: You don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to experience a rich and full sound. Pioneer pride themselves on delivering the best quality sound thanks to their 70+ years of experience. In fact, you’ll hear notes in your music that you’ve never experienced before, thanks to Pioneer’s attention to detail.

Curved design: The Pioneer floor standing speakers were designed with the listening experience in mind. Not only will they sit beautifully within your home theater, these speakers feature a curved design that reduces standing sound waves, which increases sound quality.

High capacity crossover: Most speakers you come across will include low-cost crossover made from a single capacitor and inductor. The Pioneer speakers, on the other hand, uses an 8-component crossover that has a sophistication that results in the high quality sound that you are looking for.


  • High quality crossover in woofer and tweeter speakers for superior sound quality
  • Curved design that reduces standing sound waves
  • Higher design so that the sound is closer to ear level
  • Powerful bass for a rich sound
  • Perfect balance of cost and quality


  • The high sounds can be very loud
  • May take some time to really break the speakers in

Summary: Overall, the Pioneer floor standing speakers are a great option for people who want to take the first step into building up their sound system. Not only are they able to deliver a high quality sound, but they come at a very affordable price.

2. Yamaha NS-F150 Standing Speaker

If your main concern with music is achieving a natural, impressive sound, then Yamaha is an ideal addition to your sound setup. In a beautiful piano black finish, these speakers are elegant whilst delivering a rich, strong sound.

Yamaha NS-F150 Floor Standing Speaker
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2-way, 3-speaker system: In order to deliver the most fullest sound possible, these floor standing cabinets house a 2-way, 3-speaker design which includes two 6-1/2” cone woofers and a 1” tweeter. As the sound they deliver is well rounded and strong, you will find that you can appreciate every aspect of your sound without imperfections and harshness.

Gold plated screw terminals: In order to deliver HD quality sound, the construction of these speakers utilizes gold plated screw terminals that maximize signal transmission and efficiency. What you’ll notice is that there is no reduction in sound quality, giving you a cinematic experience within your own home.

Elegant design: When buying an addition to your home theater setup, you want to be sure that your new speakers will compliment the décor of your room. These speakers, with their piano black finish, are modern and stylish, and you can remove the grills in order to get a more authentic look.


  • Gold plated screw terminals for maximum signal transmission efficiency
  • Modern and stylish piano black finish
  • Reproduces HD quality sound perfectly
  • 2-way 3-speaker design for fuller sound
  • Fully natural sound


  • Package contains only one speaker
  • Very light and easy to knock over

Summary: Should you require a natural sound that can deliver HD quality with ease, then the Yamaha standing floor speakers are the ideal choice for your home theater setup. With their beautiful, elegant look and amazing quality sound, they are a cost effective way to enhance your audio experience.

3. Polk Audio Monitor 70 Series II

We have seen Polk on this list before, and we are seeing them again thanks to the amazing quality products they produce. The Audio Monitor 70 Series II floorstanding speaker is a excellent offering for your home theater requirements thanks to the solid construction and design efficiency that Polk are known for.

Polk Audio Monitor 70 Series II
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Dynamic Balance: One of Polk’s mainstays is the use of Dynamic Balance in the construction of their speakers. The fabric/polymer composite dome tweeter is able to deliver realistic vocals as well as perfect instrumentals. Not only that, but the composite drivers give better damping to produce lower distortion when delivering bass and midranges.

Likelike quality: It’s not just the speakers themselves that are responsible for producing the quality sound. The non-resonant MDF enclosure construction also helps to deliver lifelike sound quality thanks to the way it provides internal bracing during operation which ensures sound clarity.

Precise imaging: The system contains a cascade tapered array with two drivers. They both play bass frequencies, but only the upper driver plays the upper and mid-range frequencies. Not only does this maximize the output of the bass but it allows for precise imaging and response.


  • Dynamic Balance dome tweeter for realistic vocals
  • Contains multiple small diameter drivers to ensure more detail
  • 2 and ½ way design for supreme bass and mid-range frequencies
  • Non-resonant design with ¾” thick baffles for internal bracing
  • Delivers a great sound at any volume


  • Deliver less bass than other Polk speakers
  • Performance can be limited by the amplifier used

Summary: The Polk 70 series has certainly made a name for itself as one of the best speakers on the market. If you value a robust sound with excellent clarity, then these are the speakers for you.

4. Klipsch R 24F Floor Standing Speaker

As another speaker at the higher end of our price range, Klipsch certainly delivers everything you could want for sound performance. Having been making speakers for more than 7 decades, Klipsch have made the floorstanding speaker capable of filling practically any room no matter the size.

Klipsch R 24F Floorstanding Speaker
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Modern, contemporary look: With a brushed polymer veneer cabinet finish and copper speaker cones, this speaker will shine at the focus point of your room. Manufactured to not only look great, but to maintain complete durability no matter how much you use it, this speaker is certainly going to last.

Tractrix Horn technology: Klipsch have utilized their proprietry Tractrix Horn technology, which, along with the aluminum tweeter, helps to deliver quality sound particularly in the high end. When you combine that with the boosted sound imaging that you’ll receive, you’ll experience a super crisp sound that travels well.

Superior speaker quality: The speaker contains a Linear Travel Suspension tweeter, which is designed to produce less distortion at any volume. Combined with the copper spun injection molded graphite woofer for the remarkable lows, you’re presented with a well balanced sound and superior speaker efficiency.


  • Uses proprietary Tractrix Horn technology
  • Injection molded graphite woofers which provide excellent low frequencies
  • Dual 5-way binding posts for bi-wiring and bi-amping
  • Brushed black polymer vaneer finished cabinet for style and durability
  • Linear travel suspension tweeter for excellent highs


  • At the higher end of the price range and is sold as a single speaker
  • The tweeter can be directional which can be fatiguing to listen to

Summary: The Klipsch floor standing speaker system is a great option for people who want an elegant speaker that delivers quality sound. At this price point you can expect the excellent quality and design that Klipsch are known for.

5. Polk Audio Signature S55 Speaker

The Polk American HiFi series are a beautiful speaker system to have in your home theater. With their eye-catching design and rich, powerful sound, you can expect an amazing sound experience that will compliment any décor.

Polk Audio Signature S55 Speaker
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Retro look: The Polk design encompasses a feel for the styles of the days of old. That’s why their cabinets are adorned with a beautiful wood grain finish and when combined with the mica-reinforced polypropylene speaker finish, you’re left with an elegant modern speaker with a vintage feel.

Deep bass technology: There’s nothing more unsatisfying than a speaker that can’t handle the bass. Polk have sought to combat this by using their patented Power Port technology, which delivers a deeper bass response than your typical speaker system.

Amazing home theater experience: The Polk signature series is perfect for your home theater, as it delivers elevated sound for movies and television. Not only that, but the rich sound performance allows you to experience music the way it was supposed to be experienced. These speakers feature Hi-Res certification, which means you’ll be able to hear the full harmonic structure of everything you listen to.


  • Hi-Res certified speakers
  • Beautiful modern design but with a retro feel
  • Dynamic Balance designed acoustic array for elevated sound and reduced distortion
  • Power Port technology for a deeper bass sound
  • Mica-reinforced speaker cones for lower distortion and clearer bass


  • Can be expensive if you need to buy two
  • The speakers are quite large

Summary: It’s hard to find something to complain about when it comes to Polk, and you’ll find that by incorporating these speakers into your home theater, you’ll soon be enjoying a vibrant sound experience. For the price, you can expect unmatched quality and depth in your sound.

6. Rockville TM150B Tower Speaker

As technology continues to get better, you would expect that your products would come with many useful features. The Rockville tower speakers are the perfect solution for people who love connectivity and versatility, thanks to its all-in-one design.

Rockville TM150B Tower Speakers
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Bluetooth capability: This speaker is truly all in one. What better way to get the most use out of your speaker than to use it to play music on through your smartphone or other Bluetooth enabled device? The speaker has a 150 food range and performs well with no interference so you can listen in style.

Built in FM radio: When you haven’t got anything to connect to your speaker but you want to experience some background noise while you do other things, you can take advantage of the built in FM radio. Reception is never an issue with this speaker, so just tune to your favorite station and listen away.

Complete accessibility: Not only does this speaker feature a digital display panel for ease of use, but it also features USB and SD ports on the front face which allow you to playback music on your storage devices with ease. You can control the playback, volume or any other feature using the handy remote control, too.


  • All-in-one system that allows you to connect to any device
  • Features a built-in amplifier with a quad amp design
  • RCA outputs enable you to expand the system
  • 10” sub-woofers for an incredibly deep bass
  • Comes in a pair


  • Possible for speaker to develop a hum
  • Lots of features that may detract from sound quality

Summary: If you’re looking for a speaker that can allow you to use it in many ways, then the Rockville tower speaker is the perfect solution for you. Not only can you use it for your home theater needs, but you can connect to it from your smartphone in order to listen to your music apps.

7. Dayton Audio T652 AIR Tower Speaker

Why buy just one speaker when you can get two for under $300? Dayton have managed to incorporate superb sound and functionality to deliver deeper bass with a modern aesthetic, all in an affordable and complete package.

Dayton Audio T652-AIR tower speakers
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Superior speaker setup: The Dayton speakers feature dual 6-1/2” woofers that are able to deliver amazing bass quality and a deeper sound. To balance this, they have included 1” AMT tweeters that are able to produce smooth qualities for your mids and highs. You’ll experience clarity and amazing detail in your sound.

Tower design for larger listening area: The large design of these speakers make for a great listening experience. Not only is the sound full of quality and richness, but the tower design allows for an even greater listening area than ever before, without intruding on your living space in any way thanks to it’s thin profile.

Well-rounded sound: One of the best qualities of this speaker set is that the sound performance is well-rounded. This means that while you’ll experience deep bass and great highs, the sound contrast is very balanced. Rather than be overwhelmed with too much bass or tinny highs, the sound quality is adjusted for enjoyment.


  • Super slim profile tower that will slot into your room nicely
  • Exceptional sound quality for the price range
  • Contains two speakers so you don’t have to buy another
  • Dual woofers for superb bass combined with AMT tweeter for smooth highs
  • Can perform well for home theater use or for listening to music


  • Deliver a little less quality in the mid ranges if you’re used to a 3-way
  • May need some adjustment if you’re into heavy bass

Summary: Overall, you won’t find much better than this if you’re looking for a complete solution at a low cost. Not only will you save by not having to buy an additional speaker, but you’ll experience a high performance in regards to sound that will work in most home theater setups.

The Final Words (Summary)

Being serious about sound doesn’t mean that you have to spend thousands of dollars on floor standing speakers in order to experience the high quality that you’re after. In fact, there are many inexpensive yet versatile systems that will allow you to enjoy your music, movies or television in perfect audio. Here, we’ve shown you the best floor standing speaker under $300 so that you can make the best decision for your home audio setup.

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