This err_internet_connection error you face when you browsing website in the Mozilla Firefox browser. It is common network connection error and it occurs for many reasons. You face this err internet disconnected error anytime and it is very annoying. But don’t worries, in this article have the best solution that fixes the err_internet_disconnected error easily.


First you should read the bellow reasons that create this connection error which help you to identify the specific reason that is creating your problem. And finally you implement the best solution of the problem.

  • If your LAN setting change or block then you may face this error.
  • Your network connection will be disconnected by your antivirus software.
  • Your router or your wireless network connection may be disconnected.
  • Browser cookies or operating system firewall disconnected your internet connection.

These are the main reasons that create the problem so at first identify the reasons and then implement the solution from bellow.

Fixing the Err Internet Disconnected Error in Mozilla Firefox

=>> Fix 1: Check and Fix LAN Setting-

At first check your LAN setting by the bellow methods and implement the steps if have any trouble.

  • First go to Start menu and click on the Control Panel.
  • Then click the Internet Option (View by: Large icons).
Change Your Lan Settings 01
  • Now go to Connections from the new popup top menu.
  • And then click on the LAN Settings from bellow.
Change Your Lan Settings 02
  • Now deselect two boxes that say ‘Automatically Detect Settings’ and ‘Use a Proxy Server for Your Lan’ from new popup.
  • And finally click the OK and refresh your browser.

I hope this method will work well for you if the error not solved then move to the next solution.

=>> Fix 2: Disable Antivirus Software-

Sometime antivirus software disconnected the network by firewall. That’s why you disable or uninstall the antivirus software for a moment if you use any antivirus. Now refresh your browser and you may be connected the internet network. If you can connect then simply disable the antivirus firewall from the setting section. Otherwise it not work then flow the method three.

=>> Fix 3: Check Your Internet Connection-

Now you check your internet connection. Sometime we forget to connect the network so you should check the connection by clicking the network icon from below window bar. You can also follow the bellow steps for reconnecting the network.

  • Unplug your internet connection cable and wait five minute and then connect.
  • If you use router or wireless network connection then disconnects the power cable and connected after five minute.
  • You also reset your ID and Password or reinstall your network driver.
Unplug your internet connection cable

This method worked well for some member of Microsoft forum. So you implement the method and refresh the browser and get rid of the problem.

=>> Fix 4: Others Solution of Err_Internet_Disconnected-

I collected some specific solution from forum, group and experts in this field that may fix this ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED error.

Clear browser History: Some time browser history blocks or disconnects the network connection so you can clear browser history by following bellow steps.

  • Go to Customize and Control in the Mozilla Firefox.
  • Now click the History button and then click on the Clear Recent History.
  • Now select the entire box and click on the Clear Now button.
Clear History and Cache From Mozilla Frefox Browser 03

Disable Windows Firewall: Some time windows firewall disconnect internet connection that’s why you can disable it for a time. It may work for you so follow the bellow steps.

  • Go to Control Panel and click on the Windows Firewall (View by: Large icons).
  • Now click on the Turn Windows Firewall on or off from left sidebar.
  • Now deselect the Turn off Windows Firewall (not recommended) both of the section.
Disable Your Firewall by

Contact to Your ISP: You can also contact to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and tell them details about your err internet disconnected error because this problem may create from their server. They help you to fix this error.

You can also apply the above solutions for the bellow given Browser error and also implement the bellow error solutions for the ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED error, all are similar Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome error.

Now this is your time to write comment bellow that the method work well for you. Thank you.