7 Best Fishfinder GPS Combo Under $1000 In 2019

(Best Fishfinder GPS Combo Under 1000) Garmin Striker 4 GPS Fish Finder
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For the everyday angler, the disappointment of coming home empty handed can be too much to bear. Hours spent out on the lake is a great way to pass the time, but without something to show at the end of it, you might start feeling like fishing isn’t for you. That’s why many people these days take advantage of the assistance and guidance of a fishfinder.

Fishfinders have come a long way in recent years. Not only are they able to scan and identify fish in the waters surrounding you, but modern models are now fitted with GPS capability so that you can save waypoints for successful areas along the way.

With the added ability of loading charts and navigating the waters, these units have become highly versatile and useful for the modern angler. Here’s our guide to the best fishfinder GPS combo under $1000.

A Quick Look At The Top Rated Fishfinder GPS Combo

Garmin Striker 4 GPS Fish FinderGarmin
Humminbird 410160-1 PIRANHAMAXHumminbird
Simrad GO7 XSE ChartplotterSimrad
Garmin Striker Plus 9SVGarmin
Raymarine Dragonfly ProRaymarine
Simrad GO9 XSE MFDSimrad
Garmin Striker 7sv GPS FishfinderGarmin

7 Best Fishfinder GPS Combo Under $1000 Reviewed

1. Garmin Striker Fish Finder

Garmin is a well known and trusted brand, and so with this kit, you know that you’re in good hands when you’re on the water. Fully fitted in a sturdy and waterproof portable kit, the Garmin Striker offers you many features that assist you in your search for the perfect catch.

Garmin Striker 4 GPS Fish Finder
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Amazing clarity – The Garmin Striker is fitted with a CHIRP transducer which is well known for producing clear, detailed images of the fish in your vicinity, more so than any other transducer that you’ve used before. This will help you track the best options so that you don’t waste any time on the water.

Easier navigation – Not only does this model allow you an easier way to track your fish, but the highly sensitive GPS allows you to position yourself in relation to fully programmable waypoints. This makes it easier to see where you are and where you want to be and allows you to avoid anything you want to stay away from.

Portable design – The portable design of the Garmin Striker means that you aren’t limited in how you want to fish. If you want to fish from a kayak, larger boat or even if you want to do some ice fishing – the choice is completely yours.

  • Portable design that allows you to fish from any vessel
  • High clarity transducer that gives you pinpoint positioning of fish in the area
  • The screen allows you to track your speed easily
  • You can set waypoints on the map so that you can target or avoid certain areas
  • High sensitivity GPS so that you always know where you are
  • There is no easy way to mount the kit without getting your hands dirty
  • There are no parts listed so it’s hard to know exactly what is included

Summary: The Garmin Striker is a budget friendly, versatile unit that gives you the option of changing up how you want to fish. The best part of the unit is the high clarity when it comes to fish separation.

2. Humminbird Fish Finder

While you may be looking for a basic fish finder for your next trip, the Pirahnamax is a unit that will tick all the boxes whilst offering you slightly more than the standard units available. Not only is it a fully functional unit, but there are several excellent features that will make your life easier.

Humminbird 410160-1 PIRANHAMAX
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Wide-screen display – Most fish finders will offer you a small but usable screen, but the Pirahnamax has taken that one step further to offer you a wider 4.3” display. This means that you’ll spend less time trying to focus on your find, but the rich pixel matrix means your eyes will get a break.

Down imaging – Most fish finders offer a 2D display, but what sets the Pirahnamax apart is the fact that it supports a down imaging sonar to give you the ability to distinguish between fish and the surrounding underwater vegetation. You’ll see crystal clear images which will help you to be more productive.

Fish ID+ – The beauty of Fish ID+ is that it will ID the fish and assign icons on your screen, so you can keep track of what you’re looking for. Not only that, but it will alert you when fish come into range, with a different alarm depending on their size.

  • Super clear pictures using 2D sonar as well as down imaging sonar
  • Ability to use bottom view or Fish ID+ so that you know what you’re looking at
  • Useful for a depth of up to 600 feet
  • Color screen that allows you to see your images more clearly
  • Features a number of alert systems so that you know what you’re tracking without having to look
  • The sonars can’t be used at the same time
  • Very difficult to view the screen in direct sunlight

Summary: The Pirahnamax fish finder is a great unit for people who want something a little more high tech. With the multiple sonars and the ability to separate fish from vegetation and track them with icons, this is a great and inexpensive way to up the ante on your fishing rig.

3. Simrad GO7 XSE Chartplotter

For the fisherman who wants something a little extra in terms of equipment, the Simrad GO7 is the perfect option thanks to all of the features it supports. While this is a very useful piece of hardware, you’ll find yourself paying a little bit extra for the added functionality.

Simrad GO7 XSE Chartplotter
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Multi-touch display – Not only is the display a lot bigger than what you’re used to with other fish finders, but the Simrad unit features a multi-touch display that allows you to navigate through the functions and menus easily and without fuss. The icons and widgets are large so that you’ll hit them no matter how choppy the water is.

Wifi and Bluetooth enabled – For added connectivity, the Simrad fish finder is fully fitted with wifi and Bluetooth ability. This makes the unit easy to keep updated with your maps and software so that you can fish more easily.

Highly customizable – This unit boasts many features in terms of software and apps, but it gives you the ability to customize your screen with the features that you will use the most. This keeps your focus on what really matters without distracting you from the task at hand.

  • Multi touch display on a super wide, color screen for ease of use
  • Features a fully functional chart plotter with the ability to set waypoints
  • Receive constant calculations on water temperature, depth and speed
  • Bluetooth and wifi connectivity which allows you a high level of connectivity
  • Features CHIRP sonar for clear tracking
  • May be too expensive for most budgets
  • The mounting may be too weak for the large unit

Summary: The Simrad fish finder and chart plotter may be a big step up from the base models you’re used to, but it is well worth the money. With the full color display and easy access using the touchscreen, you’ll never go back to a button model.

4. Garmin Striker Plus 9SV

The Garmin Striker Plus is the serious upgrade to the Striker 4, and you’ll find that while you may be paying more for the Plus model, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. With all the Garmin features you’ve come to love and the addition of a number of useful new features, this unit will have you loving your time out on the water even more than before.

Garmin Striker Plus 9SV
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Useful wifi connectivity – The Striker Plus model boasts built in wifi that connects to the ActiveCaptain app. This app allows you to receive notifications, waypoints, as well as software updates with ease, ensuring you that you have all the information you need at your fingertips.

Full waypoint mapping – The highly sensitive GPS unit not only allows you to track your movements as well as the fish, but you can set waypoints. This allows you to plan your routes and areas of interest so that you can get to where you want to go.

Readable display – One of the main drawbacks of a lot of fishfinder units is that the screens become unreadable when you’re in the sunlight. The Garmin Striker Plus has been designed to combat this, as the bright display is built to be viewable no matter what the glare is like.

  • Fully fitted with a CHIRP transducer for high definition tracking
  • Wifi access allows you to stay updated with the community as well as receive important updates
  • Features side finder imaging so that you can get more than one view of what you’re looking for
  • Quickdraw Contours Community integration provides access to 2 million acres of maps
  • Purely a fish finder unit and contains no chart mapping abilities
  • Does not come with a cover, so that must be sold separately

Summary: If you’re looking for a high end fish unit, the Garmin Striker Plus is the perfect option for you. However, the lack of chart plotting ability may not appeal to some users.

5. Raymarine Dragonfly Pro

If you want to get a taste of what a professional level unit feels like without having to spend a fortune on it, then the Raymarine Dragonfly Pro fish finder is a great way to learn what these devices can do for you. Packed full of features and with a super large 16:9 screen, there’s nothing you won’t see on this device.

Raymarine Dragonfly Pro
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Navionics support – Not only is the Dragonfly a great fish finder, but it supports Navionic charts, which means you plot your way through the water with ease and simplicity. With full support for over 20,000 North American lakes and with the opportunity to add more, this unit will keep you where you want to be.

CHIRP DownVision – Crystal clear images are one thing, but the Dragonfly uses CHIRP Down Vision to provide you with excellent performance in water up to 600 feet deep. The images are reliable and read very quickly so you don’t have to waste any time waiting for your images.

Wifi support – These models are easy to connect with your smartphone or tablet device through the built in wifi that comes with the device. The Raymarine smartphone app allows you to record your greatest moments so that you can share them with your friends.

  • A lot of smartphone connectivity allows you to use your phone to see your waypoints as your moving
  • Versatile design allows for flexibility when mounting the device
  • Full Navionics support which gives you access to tens of thousands of maps
  • Wifi support that integrates fully with a Raymarine app
  • CHIRP DownVisin and dual-channel sonar provides excellent imaging
  • The screen is very large and you may need to buy extra equipment to mount it properly
  • There is no supplied manual with the unit and you have to go online to download one

Summary: Raymarine has advanced technologies like wide-spectrum CHIRP DownVision and all-weather optically bonded displays, Dragonfly sonars let you spend more time catching fish and less time looking for them.

6. Simrad GO9 XSE MFD

Simrad is known for making high end, quality devices and the GO9 is no exception. Featuring at the higher end of our budget spectrum, this unit sure isn’t for the faint of heart.

Simrad GO9 XSE MFD
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TotalScan technology – The Simrad GO9 features a TotalScan transducer, which enables it to use CHIRP sonar, DownScan and SideScan. This gives you a much richer picture filled with every feature underneath and around you so that you can have a successful day of fishing.

Worldwide Basemaps – For extra functionality, the GO9 comes with Worldwide Basemaps. While not as detailed as some maps that you may be used to, you will be able to map waypoints and let you navigate with ease. Navionics is supported but the card must be bought separately.

Large screen display – The Simrad systems are generally the larger variety, and the GO9 measures in at a whopping 9 inches of display, which supports a resolution of 800 by 480. You can also adjust the backlight, meaning you’ll be able to see the screen properly no matter the weather around you.

  • Features CHIRP 2D sonar, DownScan and SideScan for greater resolution
  • TotalScan technology which gives you a super rich and detailed image
  • Supports a water depth of 1000 feet
  • Wifi enabled with Bluetooth Audio integration
  • Compatible with Navionics premium charts
  • More expensive than other units on this list
  • Touchscreen may not be appealing if you expect to have dirty hands all the time

Summary: The Simrad GO9 is definitely one of the higher end models on this list, but you’ll find that it is way worth the money in the large number of features that it supports. Whether you’re a novice or a fishing pro, the Simrad GO9 will enable you to see success every fishing trip.

7. Garmin 7sv GPS Fishfinder

The Striker 7sv is our mid range Garmin model, which offers you many useful features that you won’t be able to live without once you’ve experienced them. With an intuitive button design and a super wide screen, this unit makes tracking your fish easy and accessible.

Garmin Striker 7sv GPS Fishfinder
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Quickdraw Contours – If you’re ever fishing and find yourself without a map, the Quickdraw Contours built-in feature enables you to create and store your own maps for up to two million acres. This means you’ll never be stuck without accurate mapping again.

Super responsive screen – Garmin has really put a lot of attention to the detail of the screen. Not only are there buttons for input, but the screen itself is bright and intuitive, and you’ll find it easy to read even when it’s sunny out. The 7 inch display enables an 800 by 480 screen resolution.

Mark your waypoints – Once you’ve found your desired areas, you are able to set waypoints and construct route diagrams so that you can get back to the more successful areas. Not only that, but you can mark areas to avoid. The built in GPS is highly sensitive and fast.

  • Live mapping through Quickdraw Contours allowing you to map more area than you’d ever need
  • ActiveCaptain app integration that allows you to share your data
  • Features CHIRP ClearVü and SideVü scanning sonars along with traditional sonar for rich imaging
  • Built in GPS and waypoints which enable you to have more control over where you go
  • Super large display with sunlight-readable screen
  • There is no SD card reader so you are limited to connecting with wifi
  • Unit resets each time you shut it down

Summary: The Garmin Striker 7sv is a great mid-range unit for people who want to take their fishing to the next level. Reasonably priced but delivering tons of features, this model may be overkill for the fishing novice.

How To Choose A Fish Finder

Fishfinders allow you to see what’s happening underneath the surface of the water, and in order to make your fishing trip a success, you need to buy a model that delivers everything you need. Here’s our guide on what to look for when buying a fishfinder GPS combo.

Do you need a chartplotter? – Chartplotters enable you to map the region around you and to perform navigational duties while you fish, so that you can easily figure out where you are in relation to where you started. Some fishfinder units may have GPS, but they lack the ability to do anything other than set waypoints. If you need the mapping and navigation ability, then buy a unit with a chartplotter feature.

Display size – The bigger the display size, the more features you’ll be able to fit onto the view which can make your life easier. However, if you play to perform your fishing on a small vessel like a kayak, you may not want a large screen taking up all your working space. Choose your screen size carefully so that you have a fine balance of the features you want without overdoing it.

What is a CHIRP transmitter? – You’ll find that a lot of models come with CHIRP sonar. CHIRP stands for compressed high intensity radar pulse and transmits a signal that sweeps downwards in a linear way. This enables you to have a greater resolution which gives you a clearer picture of what’s around you.

What’s the difference between the views? – Fishfinders come with views that look to the side, straight down or all around you. The model you choose may have one or a combination of these views. The view you want really depends on the kind of fishing you will be doing. For instance, if you are an inland angler working in shallow lakes, you don’t need the power that down scanners give you. Be sure to weigh up your needs before purchasing.

Portable or mounted model? – If you have one boat that you do your fishing from, then you will be able to mount your unit then not move it. However, if you like to mix it up a little and fish from a kayak or other vessel, then you should consider portable models for the flexibility they offer you.

The Final Words (Summary)

Your fishing trips need not be a failure anymore thanks to the assistance provided by fishfinders. With their many features and ability to provide connectivity to navigational maps, smartphone integration, touchscreen display and GPS, you may think that these models might break the bank. We hope that we’ve inspired you to get out on the water more often with our guide to the best fish finder GPS combo under 1000 dollars.