7 Best ergonomic mouse 2023 for gaming MAC wrist pain

A successful career in everything to do computers requires a reliable mouse. For a mouse to be deemed reliable, it has to be highly responsive, pretty easy to engage, and comprehensive. With many mice out there on the market today, a would-be user of your caliber may not have the means to arrive at the best purchasing decision.

This is why you need appropriate guidance to that end. We are here to help. We have sampled seven of the best ergonomic mouse on the market. We are going to review them after which we are going to examine those factors you have to consider while looking for the right one.

Should I get an ergonomic mouse? – buyers guide

Proper Handgrip – Needless to state, a good mouse must be able to confer proper hand grip. This is due to the fact that they are mainly held to be able to perform their given chores. A proper handgrip guards against the undesirable possibility of slipping off or interfering with the operations of the mouse as a whole.

Ambidextrous Design – It is necessary that the mouse features ambidextrous design. This simply means that it should be usable by the left-handed and the right-handed persons equally well. This requirement is especially significant if the mouse you are acquiring is intended for use by many people at a time.

Wired or Wireless Mouse – You should also determine whether to settle for a wired or a wireless mouse. A wireless mouse is mainly handy for use in remote locations as it is more convenient to carry around. The wired mouse, on the other hand, is mainly suited for use in the indoor setting.

Additional Buttons – The ideal mouse should as much as possible contain extra buttons. The more the number of these extra features the better. This is because these features provide some shortcuts which expedite the navigations and applicability of the mouse. They subsequently enrich your overall experience as a whole.

Adjustable DPI – If possible, the mouse should also possess the ability to vary the brightness or contrasts of the images on the screen. This feature is particularly mandatory if you are looking out for a mouse for watching movies or gaming. These two activities are the ones that require awesome picture qualities at all times.

Stable Base – Lastly, it goes without saying that the right mouse has to have a stable base. Given that they are moved out and about every quite often, it is necessary that they be reliable. They should never fidget or lose their traction unnecessarily. For this to happen, they have to be broader at the base and narrower at the top.

7 Best ergonomic mouse reviewed

1. Logitech MX Master Mouse

Does your career come along with too much work which needs to be done in the shortest possible? If you answered in the affirmative, this is the mouse to look up to. It is pretty fast, very efficient, and is easier to juggle around. It could, therefore, be your best when confronted with such circumstances.

Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse
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Unique Thumb Wheel: It comes along with a unique thumbwheel feature. This allows for simplified and expedited navigation on just about every other kind of surface. This feature eliminates all forms of inconveniences you might normally confront at such times. It also diminishes the likelihoods of fatigue and unnecessary exhaustion.

Advanced Power Management: The advanced power management mechanism comes in next. Courtesy of this mechanism, the mouse can survive up to 40 days on a single charge. This arrangement is quite convenient in that it saves greatly on power consumption. It also negates unnecessary inconveniences that might interfere with your enjoyment of the benefits of the mouse.

Seamless Tracking Capability: With this mouse, it is possible for you to track everywhere as already hinted. It has darkfield sensors which flack flawlessly even on the glass and other high gloss surfaces. The only requirement is for the said surfaces to be at least 4 mm thick. This also goes a long way in enhancing your overall comfort and convenience.


  • Exudes ample power which allows for full day usage
  • Suffers no downtime while recharging
  • Allows you to easily switch up to three devices
  • Simple to move around thanks to the speed-adaptive scroll wheel
  • Has a high-precision sensor which eliminates any likely delays


  • Consumes plenty of power at a time
  • Requires higher maintenance costs
  • Calls for too much technical expertise to operate

Summary: To clear your backlog and beat your deadlines in time, this is the ‘must have’ mouse. Get hold of it wherever and whenever you might find it soonest possible!

2. Anker AK UBA Ergonomic Mouse

Do you have more than one computing device in your possession? To speed up your operations of these computing devices, you want a mouse that has the ability to multitask. And when we talk of that ability, look to no other mouse than this one. It is specially designed for such needs.

Anker AK UBA Ergonomic Mouse
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Futuristic Design: It does have a futuristic design. The design basically incorporates some features and aspects that will be in vogue in the years to come. These include the easy-access buttons, variable mouse sensitivity, and the handshake grip.

Ergonomically-designed Thumb Rests and Grips: Its thumb rest and the grips are so designed to fit in the contours of your palm. This way, the entire mouse does not slip or fall off even when you shale or move it out and about violently. They also exude much comfort you badly need to be able to enjoy your work.

Wide Range of Buttons: The mouse also comes along with a wide range of buttons. These are intended to grant you improved controls over the various systems that make up your computer. You will hence find it easier to drag, drop, game, or select from the various volumes of data available.


  • More comfortable and highly functional than most other mice
  • Offers comparatively more improved tracking capability
  • Generates maximum comfort on your part
  • Has a breathtaking appearance to behold
  • Is a relatively reputable brand


  • Quite clumsy in shape
  • May not fit some hands well
  • Relatively cumbersome to juggle around

Summary: For all your multiple computing needs, you have no better friend than this mouse. Do get hold of it wherever and whenever you might find it.

3. J-Tech Digital V628P

Do you sometimes feel too tired when using the standard mouse? If you are such kind of a person, we have some good news for you. This mouse is designed for people like you. It is great at minimizing the fatigue of the hand and the wrists. This arrangement allows you to use it longer and for tougher jobs.

J-Tech Digital V628P USB Mouse
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Ergonomic Design and Removable Palm Rest: First and foremost, this mouse is ergonomically designed and has a removable palm rest. These two features are meant to keep it in the neutral handshake position. They subsequently allow for smoother movements and reduced overall strains. You will hence experience alleviated wrist pains. This is not to mention that you will not feet bored or fatigued also.

USB Dongle and Wireless Connectivity: It transmits data using the USB dongle and the wireless connectivity at the same time. These two options enable you to easily and seamlessly communicate with the laptops and other like-minded devices. They also confer to you the freedom of choice and the conveniences that do come along with such freedom.

Optical Tracking Technology: Lastly, comes the optical tracking technology. This technology is like no other. It brings about added sensitivity and allows for more precise tracking. This is not to mention that it works well on surfaces of all kinds. The pleasure of unconstrained convenience, therefore, awaits you if you opt for this particular mouse.


  • Rests your palms in such a way as to grant you maximum comfort
  • Very convenient to deploy and operate (plug-and-play)
  • Has the ability to adjust the brightness of the images on your screen
  • Comes along with an extra set of buttons for added controls
  • Backed by a free lifetime support


  • Does not conform to the contours of the hands
  • Contains some delicate parts and components
  • Requires plenty of space to mount

Summary: If you do experience some fatigue on your hands and wrists every now and then, it is time to make a switch to this particular mouse. Its features will ensure you do not suffer those consequences.

4. Jelly Comb JC0311B

Are you looking for a mouse to utilize for frequent and prolonged applications? If this is the case, you definitely want one that is specifically intended for such circumstances. The mouse for this kind of job has to be strong, comprehensive, and way very reliable. Consider this one for a start.

Jelly Comb JC0311B Wireless Mouse
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High Responsiveness: Generally speaking, this mouse is highly-responsive. It takes the shortest duration of time to respond to the prompts which are fed into it. This brings about the desired outcomes much faster and with as minimal effort as possible. The pleasure of less fatigue and more robust outcomes is thus yours to leverage.

Stable Wireless Transmission Technology: It also transmits data seamlessly courtesy of the stable 2.4GHz wireless transmission technology. This technology is stable and hardly sustains any interferences at all. As such, you should expect very robust and reliable outcomes at all times. You will also derive faster transmission of data than you would with the ordinary modes of transmission.

Enduring Usage: In all, this mouse is able to perform well under the most enduring of circumstances. It can withstand a whopping 50,000 times keystroke test. This allows you to focus on your core tasks and chores and also prevents you from disturbing those around you. Why would you even think of bypassing it?


  • Provides healthy forearm positions
  • Minimizes strains
  • Enhances overall comfort
  • Encourages smoother hand movements
  • Improves support to the palm and hands


  • Requires plenty of time to get used to
  • May not track on some surfaces
  • Loses signals easily

Summary: You have no more reliable companion for that frequent and prolonged usage. This indeed is the mouse to contemplate acquiring.

5. MOJO Silent Vertical Mouse

Typesetting and copyrighting both require extensive use of the keyboards. This will normally inflict untold injuries to the hands and fingers. To keep such undesirable side effects from arising, you have to employ the right keyboard and mouse. This is the role that this particular mouse is designed to play.

MOJO Silent Bluetooth Vertical Mouse
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Bluetooth Wireless Connection: Unlike most other mice, this one does not at all require a USB dongle to connect to the laptop. This is courtesy of possessing the Bluetooth wireless connectivity feature. This feature is seamless, faster, and more convenient. It also does not require physical set up and installation.

6 Buttons: This mouse also contains the highest number of extra buttons, i.e. six. These extra buttons create shortcuts for performing various chores. They also make it possible for you to navigate web pages easily and faster than you would under normal circumstances. If you spend too much time online, this is the mouse to look up to.

Comprehensive Controls: Lastly, it incorporates a range of comprehensive controls and tools. These include but are not limited to the Bluetooth pairing button, adjustable DPI, and the sensitivity button. With these extra control features, you may save quite a bit of your precious time and effort. Why would you have to look elsewhere?


  • It has a low battery indicator to keep you posted of the batter levels
  • Contains a ‘Next/Last Page’ button for web browsing
  • Compatible with the Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux operating systems
  • Reduces stress and unnecessary discomforts
  • Maintains a neutral “handshake” grip when handled


  • Cannot pair and communicate with most mobile gadgets
  • A bit costly to afford
  • Has a nondescript appearance

Summary: To spare yourself the dangers and inconveniences that come with overuse, this indeed is the mouse to consider leveraging. Its comfort and comprehensive set of features all combine to make your experience worthwhile.

6. SANWA Bluetooth Mouse

Some computer-related tasks and chores are very demanding. These include the design, engineering, and photo editing. For you to succeed in executing them, you need equally reliable mice for the job. This is the one to look up to if you are such kind of a person. It is pretty strong and resilient to the various agents of abuse.

SANWA Bluetooth Vertical Ergonomic Mouse
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Adjustable DPI: Coming in first in the list of its features is the ability to adjust the resolution of the monitor. This ability is also able to vary the speed of the pointer of the mouse. These two features enhance your overall experience and ability to engage the various controls parameters.

Advanced ‘Forward’ and ‘Backward’ Button: An advanced ‘forward’ and ‘backward’ button also forms a vital part and parcel of the mouse. It particularly comes in handy when you are browsing the web pages. This stems from its ability to expedite the navigations of these pages. You will particularly find it easy to shuffle from one page to another.

Bluetooth 3.0: It does transmit signals through the use of the Bluetooth 3.0. This form of data transfer does not require a receiver and is therefore very efficient. It is also easier to work with as it requires almost no technical expertise which is normally needed during set up.


  • Greatly improves the efficiency of work
  • Fits the palm completely for maximum reliability
  • Grants unprecedented sense of comfort to you
  • Tracks on virtually any other kind of surface
  • Allows you to adjust the speed of operations accordingly


  • Moderately expensive to afford
  • Brings about limited returns to investments
  • Quite weighty and hence calls for greater muscle power

Summary: There you have it! For those tough and demanding computer-related chores, this indeed is the one to look up to. It has the ability to deliver just that!

7. SYYNN Optical Vertical Mouse

Do you stay on your workstations for too long at a time? If indeed this is the case, you want a comfortable and seamlessly fitting mouse. This mouse under review could be one such. It possesses a contour shape which fits neatly in your palm and hand. You may, therefore, wish to give it a try.

SYYNN Optical Vertical Mouse
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Healthy Mouse: On the whole, this mouse is full of innovation and vitality alongside other health benefits. It has the ability to alter the manner in which you utilize your arms and wrists. By so doing, it diminishes the discomforts and pains you are more likely to confront.

Eco-friendly Design: The mouse comes in the form of the eco-friendly design. This comes mainly in the form of numerous ways and means of reducing the consumption of energy. It also, courtesy of this design, possesses a unique power switch, power-saving sleep mode, and non-luminous optical engine. They also jointly enhance your overall experience.

Recharge Quick-connect Design: With this mouse, you will never have to change your batteries every now and then. This is due to its possession of the quick-connect design. The design enables you to switch back and forth from the wireless to the data-over-cable connection easily. It hence guarantees a stable supply of electrical power at all times.


  • Prevents your fingers from sliding off by reason of suppressing sweat
  • Applicable to many tasks and purposes such as gaming and office work
  • Very comfortable to hold on and utilize
  • Negates the need to replace batteries every quite often
  • Has a pretty long lifespan


  • Takes longer to charge (around 2-3 hours)
  • Not so reputable brand
  • Calls for frequent repairs and maintenance costs

Summary: To prevent yourself from excessive fatigue, look to no other mouse than this one. Its design and functionality parameters are all suited for your comfort and safety at all times.

The Final Words (Summary)

Our review and buying guide above has indeed shed the necessary lights on the subject matter of the mouse. We now believe that you can now go ahead and make the right acquisition decision. Indeed it is necessary to obtain the very best ergonomic mice possible to be guaranteed awesome outcomes and experience imaginable.

This is why you do not want to drag your feet in determining which one to settle for. Because you want others also to enjoy similar advantages, why don’t you share this information with them? All the best as you embark on the task of searching for the right mouse

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