7 Best Ergonomic Keyboards for Mac [Compatible with Macbook Pro]

As a Mac user, you’ve probably always thought that you’re stuck with the standard Apple keyboards, leaving you little flexibility to customize your keyboarding experience. So what are you supposed to do if you suffer from aching wrists as a result of an uncomfortable typing position? Thankfully, there are now many ergonomic keyboard options for Mac users on the market. These keyboards offer you the ability to type comfortably while maintaining full Mac integration. We’ve put together a guide on the best ergonomic keyboards for Mac to help you choose the right one for you.

How do I choose an ergonomic keyboard for MAC?

Before you buy an ergonomic keyboard for your Mac, there are several points that you must consider. Here, we’ve broken down the main questions you must ask before you buy your new keyboard.

Is ergonomic right for you? – There’s no way to really know how comfortable you’ll be using an ergonomic keyboard until you actually try one. We suggest that you try typing on one before you buy one online. Whether you use a friend’s keyboard or try one out at work, you’ll be able to make the best choice having actually experienced what it’s like to use one before you commit to buying one.

Mechanical versus membrane – Keyboards come in two varieties: mechanical and membrane. Mechanical keyboards use switches to signal to the computer that you’ve pressed a key. Membrane keyboards, on the other hand, sends signals through a conductive layer. Each type of keyboard will feel differently, so if you prefer a more tactile response, choose a mechanical keyboard over a membrane one.

Make sure it’s compatible with your operating system – Not all pieces of hardware are built the same, and some may require more configuration than others. It’s really important that you check that your potential new keyboard will work with your Mac before you buy it, so that you don’t run into any problems.

What will you use the keyboard for? – If your main computer usage is office work like data entry or typing reports all day long, your needs are going to be far different from those who use their computers for gaming. Gaming keyboards may have extra features that can come in handy, like switches to control aspects of the game play, or back lighting. These features might be very disruptive in an office setting so choose wisely!

Do you want a wired or wireless keyboard? – As technology evolves, our needs do too. Just like everything else, keyboards are now being made with wireless connections so that you have more freedom of movement when you want to use it. However, wireless keyboards will require batteries, as the standard wired connections also provide power, and you’ll have to endure connectivity issues from time to time. Don’t get a wireless keyboard for the sake of it if you won’t be needing it.

7 Best ergonomic keyboards for Mac reviewed

1. Perixx PERIBOARD-512B

If you’re typing for most of the day, you need a keyboard solution that will make your job easier. The Perixx Periboard-512 Ergonomic keyboard is a great solution for those who want to type with little effort. Featuring a split design with wrist supports, this keyboard will allow you to get the job done without the strains that come with a traditional keyboard.

Perixx PERIBOARD 512
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Textured keys make typing a breeze: The textured finish on the keys of this keyboard enable you to hit your mark each time. When you combine that with the spring action of each keystroke, you’ll find that you are able to type quickly and effortlessly. Not only that, but this keyboard is super quiet and can allow you to work in peace.

Multimedia hot-keys for complete control: Having hot-keys on your keyboard can make life easier if you like to quickly interact with your multimedia applications. However, the Perixx Periboard-512 is not fully integrated with Mac, so you might find it hard to utilize these hot keys without some customization or accessory control applications. This can be less of a problem, though, if you are happy with basic control functionality.

3D design for added comfort: Boasting not only a split keyboard design but also a fully three dimensional profile, this keyboard fits effortlessly within the natural shape of your hands as you type. This promotes ergonomic health and reduces wrist strain that occurs when you spend all day typing.


  • 3D design which fits to your natural typing position
  • Built-in hot keys with seven multimedia shortcuts
  • Integrated palm rest to support your wrists and hands
  • Wired design removes the need for batteries
  • Features a split spacebar


  • Bulky design that takes up a lot of space
  • Hot keys may not be compatible with Mac applications

Summary: Overall, the Perixx Periboard-512 ergonomic keyboard certainly has the power to make your life easier. While all the features of this keyboard model are not fully integrated with MacOS, it is still a worthy addition to your setup.

2. Kinesis Freestyle2

If you’ve tried a number of ergonomic keyboards with little satisfaction, it might be because you are stuck with the ergonomic conformation that they provide, with little room for adjustment. The Kinesis Freestyle2 seeks to address this problem by offering you a truly unique ergonomic experience.

Kinesis Freestyle2 Keyboard
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Completely adjustable: Your natural typing position isn’t the same as everyone else’s, so your keyboard needs to be able to cater for your specific needs. The Kinesis Freestyle2 does this by allowing you to adjust the split angle yourself from the standard 9” separation to whatever you feel is right for you, making for a more comfortable typing position.

Mechanical design: The Kinesis Freestyle2 is a mechanical keyboard design, and features tactile switches so that you can feel when you’ve pressed the key. Not only does this increase your typing speed and accuracy, but it also feels more satisfying when typing. The key presses require little force, making typing a breeze.

Customize your experience with accessories: If you require additions to your keyboarding setup, then you can take advantage of one of the many accessory packs that are available for the Freestyle2. You can add wrist pads, change the slope, use a keyboard cover or a combination of each. The accessory packs are sold separately meaning you don’t have to pay extra money for something you might not use.


  • Completely adjustable split keyboard
  • Many accessory packs available for customization
  • Specifically designed to be compatible with MacOS
  • Two built in USB ports to enable connectivity
  • Mechanical design requiring low force to type


  • Does not come with a palm pad so it has to be purchased separately
  • Not a Mac keyboard so you might have trouble using Mac style shortcuts

Summary: The Kinesis Freestyle2 is the most customizable keyboard on this list, giving you complete control over how you want to use it. Not only will this make your experience far more comfortable, but you’ll actually look forward to doing all that work.

3. Microsoft 3RA 00022

Microsoft have really made a name for themselves when it comes to their Surface products, so it comes as no surprise that the Surface ergonomic keyboard is a worthy offering for those who want to experience the comfort and flexibility of Surface products. With a three dimensional design, this keyboard has a natural feel and is fully wireless for flexibility and functionality.

Microsoft 3RA 00022
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Modern, stylish design: As with all Surface products, you can expect a perfect coupling of usability and modern design. However, while the wrist guard is made from a specifically sourced Italian fabric, care must be taken to keep it clean as it can be difficult to remove markings.

Fully wireless with Bluetooth connectivity: If you’re upgrading from a Microsoft Sculpt keyboard, you’ll be happy to know that the wireless connectivity is powered by Bluetooth. While this can mean more frequent re connections, gone is the need for a wireless dongle, removing clutter from your work space and giving you a more streamlined experience.

Get that Apple keyboard feeling: It can be difficult to find an ergonomic keyboard that mimics the keystroke action of Apple keyboard models. Having used a Mac for so long, you’ll be used to the short keystrokes with the sharp action. The Surface keyboard mimics this beautifully, and will give you a seamless transition into using an ergonomic keyboard.


  • Natural 3D design
  • Fully wireless and connects with Bluetooth
  • Very minimal key action that mimics Apple keyboards
  • Split space bar which allows more freedom when typing
  • Double cushioned palm rest with custom Alcantara covering


  • Will take effort to integrate it properly with MacOS
  • Compatible only with Bluetooth 4.0

Summary: The Surface ergonomic keyboard is great for people who life the Surface brand. While Surface products are generally compatible with MacOS, you’ll find that it may take a little extra work to get the Surface ergonomic keyboard to function properly with your Mac setup. However, if you’re an aficionado of Surface products, this keyboard may be too good to pass up.

4. LexonElec Rechargeable Keyboard

How could we possibly put together this list while ignoring the specific ergonomic needs of gamers? Ergonomic keyboards not only help you to perform daily typing tasks in comfort, but they also allow you to get your gaming fix without destroying your wrists.

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Built for gamers: Gamers have particular needs when it comes to keyboard function, as a lot of time is spent with cramped fingers as you try to take down the bad guys. Thankfully, the LexonElec gaming keyboard allows you to game for hours without compromising your hand and wrist health. This ergonomic design will allow you to retain a natural position without sacrificing speed or functionality.

Features a phone stand: Gaming can capture all of your focus, so finding a way to pay attention to your cell phone when you’re waiting for a call can be difficult. This keyboard features a cell phone stand, so you can have your phone in view at all times. Not only can you play your favorite games, but you won’t miss a call ever again.

Optical mouse integration: It’s not just the keyboard that will make your computer usage more enjoyable. The 6-button optical mouse that ships alongside this keyboard is a fully ergonomically designed mouse features a frosted skin that will reduce slippage when your hands get sweaty. Not only that, but it is fully programmable, so you can define the function of each of the six buttons.


  • Ergonomic design with gaming needs in mind
  • Backlit with yellow LEDs
  • Features an optical mouse with durable, frosted skin to reduce slip
  • Contains 104 keys and verity multimedia key for fast task switching
  • Laser engraving on keys, so will not fade even with heavy use


  • Not practical for a work environment
  • Mouse color is constantly changing and can’t be customized

Summary: The LexonElec@ keyboard and mouse combo is perfect for the everyday gamer who wants a more natural, comfortable gaming experience whilst brightening up their gaming setup.

5. Cloud Nine C989M

Strain while typing can really decrease your work output, but sometimes ergonomic keyboard solutions can be a little difficult to get used to. The Cloud Nine C989M natural ergonomic keyboard is the perfect option for those who want less resistance while they type without the need to become accustomed to a split keyboard design.

Cloud Nine C989M
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Tactile feedback that allows you to work efficiently: A lot of keyboards are made these days with soft touch keys, and this can hinder your work performance if that’s not what you’re into. The Cloud Nine mechanical keyboard features tactile feedback, so you’re immediately informed when you make a key stroke. This allows you to work quicker and with less effort.

Customizable back lighting: A great gaming experience is enhanced by a backlit keyboard, as it can help you hit your mark every time. The C989M keyboard allows you to program your Per-Key functions and backlight effects, so that it can be set to uniform or one of the multiple breathing modes. The brightness is also customizable, too.

Sturdy design for durability: Made from industrial aircraft-grade aluminum, the C989M keyboard really is built to last. The key switches are plate mounted and will last even the most prolific typist. The keys are also non-slip so you will get a better grip as you type.


  • Naturally ergonomic with less resistance than standard keyboards
  • Precise tactile feedback allows you to type while making less errors
  • Uniform backlighting with custom settings
  • Designed for both office work and gaming
  • Equipped with 10x programmable macro keys


  • Supported by MacOS but with limited functionality
  • Brightness level is not maintained between reboots

Summary: If you’re a sometimes-gamer and use your computer for work as well as fun, then the ergonomic keyboard is perfect for every application. This is a great option for people who prefer the feedback from mechanical keyboards.

6. Microsoft Sculpt Keyboard

You may be thinking that using a Microsoft keyboard as your Mac input might be a strange way to go about your work, but you’ll find that the combination is a natural solution to finding comfort as you type.

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard
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Wireless connectivity: The Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic keyboard is built with versatility in mind, and comes with a fully wireless mouse and number pad addition. The wireless connection is supported through a USB dongle rather than Bluetooth which means less time is spent reestablishing a lost connection.

Better support for your wrists: If you’re no stranger to the Microsoft Ergonomic 4000 keyboard, then you’ll be delighted at this updated model. Not only will you experience the same natural ergonomic design, but you’ll also find better wrist supports and a great typing action. The wrist guard attaches via a magnet which makes for easy removal when you want to use your keyboard on your lap.

Quiet and comfortable keystroke action: Keystroke action is soft and natural so little effort is required to type. Keystrokes are whisper quiet, too, giving you the freedom to get on with your work without disturbing those around you.


  • Ergonomic design that supports a natural wrist position
  • Comes with a mouse
  • Cushioned palm rest that gives your palms and wrists support as you type
  • Keystrokes are encrypted as you type for your security
  • Separate number pad


  • No lifts at the back of the keyboard
  • You need to toggle a switch to use the function keys

Summary: This Microsoft Scult is a well designed addition to your Mac setup and perfectly balances comfort and functionality. It’s highly recommended for people with wrist pain who require a natural typing position.

7. Kinesis KB600 Advantage2

There’s ergonomic keyboards, and then there’s the Kinesis Advantage2 keyboard. Upon first glance you might think that this beast is way too out there for you, but once you understand the unique design, you’ll see that it actually makes a lot of sense.

Jestik Kinesis KB600
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Contoured design: This keyboard may be a sight to behold at first, but once you learn how to type on it’s contoured design, it’s easy to understand whey the keyboard is laid out this way. After a couple of weeks of typing on the concave walls of the keyboard, you’ll find that it’s a more natural way to type. Your typing speed will increase and you’ll be able to correct the bad habits you’ve been making with traditional keyboards.

Completely customizable layout: While at first you may be overwhelmed with the amount of customizability that this keyboard offers, in time you’ll wonder how you got by without it. There are no extra software or drivers required to fully map your keyboard, and spending the time to fully customize the mappings will help you reduce the time it takes to perform your tasks.

Full MacOS integration: It’s hard to find a product that will fully integrate with a MacOS setup. Thankfully, the Advantage 2 is able to perform every task a Mac user requires. Just program in your shortcuts and you’re good to go.


  • Patented contoured design with concave key walls
  • Separate key wells for thumb keys
  • Completely customizable keyboard layout
  • Fully integrated with MacOS
  • Allows the recording of custom macros and key re-mappings


  • It can be overkill if you don’t need a high level of customization
  • It may feel unnatural at first and can take some time to get used to
  • No tactile feedback for finger positioning

Summary: While more expensive than other ergonomic offerings, the Kinesis Advantage 2 keyboard is a fully customizable solution and integrates completely with your Mac computer. Specifically designed for those who find no relief with standard ergonomic keyboards, this model will help you overcome your wrist strain and work in a more natural position.

The Final Words (Summary)

Ergonomic keyboards go far beyond providing a more comfortable keyboarding experience these days, and you’ll find models that cater for many specific needs. Rather than stick with your standard Apple keyboard for your Mac computer, you might want to utilize an ergonomic keyboard in order to improve your aching wrists while you type. We hope that this guide has given you insight into the best MAC ergonomic keyboards so that you can choose the right one for you.

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