7 Best ergonomic keyboards in 2023 [mechanical & trackball]

Does your career revolve around computers and matters keyboard? If you answered in the affirmative, you have indeed come at the right place. You badly need an ergonomic keyboard for your use and applications. They are designed to minimize discomforts and possible damages to your spine and body.

We have sampled and are going to briefly review seven of the best ergonomic keyboards in vogue today. We are also going to look into the factors you must consider while finding the right one for your use. You will definitely receive the insight you badly want to get started well in the field.

What makes a good ergonomic keyboard?

Nature of Intended Use – Keyboards are designed and used for different tasks and purposes. The most common kinds of uses are programming, gaming, and general office use. These have a bearing on their suitability and structural construction. You have to be sure to settle for the right keyboard for the task you have in mind. This is to prevent unnecessary conflicts and inconsistencies.

Keystrokes – Whenever the keypads are pressed, they hit the motherboard which translates those forces into characters. The impact of the keypads on the motherboard is what is referred to as a keystroke. A good keyboard as to demand softer and gentler keystroke to minimize fatigue and guarantee utmost convenience.

System Compatibility – These keyboards are designed to work hand in hand with several kinds of system requirements. Examples of these requirements are the operating system, application software, connectivity features, and peripherals accepted. You have to be sure that the keyboard you are interested in can pair and communicate with the system requirements of your liking.

Connectivity – It goes without saying that the keyboards have to be attached to the central processing units and other peripherals. You have to take care of the connectivity as well. This is because a number of them do abound and they all have a bearing on the kind of experience you might receive. By far the most common connectivity features are wired, wireless, and USB connectivity, respectively.

Weight and Dimensions – You definitely have to consider the weight as well as the overall dimensions of the keyboards. This is to determine how much space to set aside for their use. You will also have to know how heavy they are to enable you to determine beforehand how you will carry them around.

Brand – Lastly, you must consider the brand as well. You definitely want to enjoy the benefits of awesome customer care, higher quality products, excellent warranty, and after-sale services. This can only happen if you acquire a more reliable brand. Brands like Kinesis, Logitech, Jestik, Fellowes Microban, and Mistel Barocco are great starting points.

7 Best ergonomic keyboards reviewed

1. Kinesis KIN-FS2-01US Keyboard

It is never appropriate to gamble with your keyboard especially if you are intent on deriving reliable outcomes. It is for this reason that you want to place your bet on a reputable and experienced manufacturer. With over 25 years of experience in the field, no other brand guarantees you this reliability better than the Kinesis.

Kinesis Freestyle2 Ergonomic Keyboard
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Low-force Tactile Keyswitches: Topping the list of its awesome features is the low profile tactile key switch. This design brings about super quiet operations and working environment. They also confer satisfactory outcomes on the whole. These two are vital especially in an office environment where there is need not to interfere at all with the other workmates.

Embedded Numeric Keypad: A numeric keypad also accompanies this keyboard. The keypad has 10 extra keys which display the numerals from 0 through to 1, and finally 9. This extra keypad extends the functionality of the keyboard and confers to you the benefit of added convenience. You will not have to look elsewhere at any given point in time.

Unique Split-adjustable Design: The unique split-adjustable design closes the list of all the awesome features that the keyboard possesses. This design basically creates a dichotomy on the kind of uses and applications you might want to pursue at any given time. You will subsequently derive the pleasure of utmost convenience.


  • Allows you to select the most appropriate configuration for your unique body type
  • Diminishes the tension on the forearm considerably
  • Compatible with the Windows 7, 8 and 10 and Linux operating systems
  • Supports a variety of shortcuts
  • Enhances maximum comfort both at home and in the office


  • Quite complicated to a simple user
  • Consumes plenty of electrical energy
  • Costs a fortune to afford

Summary: For utmost peace of mind at all times, you have no better bet than this particular keyboard. Its manufacturer is renowned in the field of keyboard construction and it is thus very reliable.

2. Logitech MK550 Wireless Keyboard

If your entire life center on computers and keyboards, you want one that is strong and durable. This one is designed for those frequent and prolonged use. It is also manufactured in such a manner as to be able to withstand constant abuse well. You, therefore, might want to give it a try.

Logitech MK550 Wireless Keyboard
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Ergonomic Wave Keyboard: By its sheer nature and design, the keyboard has a constant curve. This curve guides your hands and fingers as you move them along the keyboard. They, in turn, make your hand get in the right position at the right time. This is not to mention that it does not at all interfere with your natural typing position.

Cushioned Palm Rest: The cushioned palm rest comes in next. This palm rest plays the role of positioning your hands as comfortably and appropriately on the keyboard as can be. It also goes a long way in enhancing your comfort and with it, the overall efficacy of the keyboard. This enables you to operate comfortably for a prolonged duration of time.

Contoured Laser Mouse: A contoured laser mouse comes in last. It is on the whole comfortable, shaped in the hand-cradle format, and complete with rubber side grips. Its comfort and elegant design jointly make it possible for you to function as optimally as can be. You will not at all feel fatigued unnecessarily as you would with other keyboards.


  • Has a cushioned palm rest for added comfort
  • Comes along with a high-performance laser mouse
  • Can operate for up to 2 years per battery charge
  • Its receiver does not obstruct your operations at all
  • Supports the powerful 2.4 GHz wireless connection


  • Quite bulky to carry and move around with ease
  • Requires a larger workspace to place on
  • Has limited compatibility

Summary: You have no better companion for those applications that call for prolonged and continuous usage of the keyboard. This particular keyboard handles and guarantees the required levels of reliability.

3. Fellowes Microban Keyboard

Typing and reception are two light duties. As such, they do not require a tough and durable keyboard. On the contrary, they only want one that has the bare minimum set of features for the job. This indeed is the keyboard for such use and application owing to the unique design.

Fellowes Microban Keyboard
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Microban Antimicrobial Protection: It does have the Microban antimicrobial protection. This serves to eliminate bacteria and other microorganisms that may accumulate on the keyboard. In so doing, it prevents the transmission and proliferation of hygiene-related sicknesses. You may, therefore, breathe easy knowing too well that you won’t contract asthma and other respiratory disorders.

7 Additional Hot Keys: The keyboard comprises an addition seven hotkeys over and above the standard number of keypads. These extra hotkeys confer to you a greater degree of multimedia control as well as one-touch Internet access. You, therefore, stand to derive so much more benefits than you actually pay for by settling on this keyboard.

16-character Buffer: A 16-character buffer also accompanies the keyboard. This expedites the speed of typing by making the keystrokes simpler to engage. If you have the goal of accomplishing more within a short time, this is the keyboard to look up to. You will also spare your fingers from unnecessary fatigue and possible injuries.


  • Conforms naturally to your arms and hands
  • Has a USB connectivity feature which allows for seamless transfer of data
  • Does not require any extra software to be availed for use
  • Comes ready to use (plug-and-play)
  • Available in the split-design which is more convenient to use


  • Calls for some assembly prior to use
  • May not fit some worktops
  • Cannot perform some functions

Summary: Well, if you are a typist or a receptionist, you clearly have this specific keyboard for your utilization. Find it wherever you can and make good use of it.

4. Perixx PERIBOARD 512

Just like typing and reception roles above, the general office use also calls for moderate kind of keyboard. This is one such kind of keyboard you might look up to. As you are about to note in the proceeding discussions, the keyboard possesses those features that are geared towards enhancing the experience of a general office worker.

Perixx PERIBOARD 512 ergonomic keyboard
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Tactile Keystroke: By its nature and design, the keyboard has a set of tactile keystrokes. This reduces the pressure you have to push the keypads with for them to be able to generate characters and other necessary outcomes. In light of this, the keyboard is less tedious to engage and allows you to use it for a prolonged duration of time.

Plug-and-play: It requires you not to assemble it before use at all. On the contrary, you will just have to plug it into the central processing unit and there you go! You will have the options of the standard USB interface or the 6-foot long cable for this role. The benefit of unconstrained convenience, therefore, awaits you.

7 Multimedia Hotkeys: Even though the keyboard is mainly meant for the typists and office workers, it has some features which make it applicable by other cadres of users. This is made possible for the built-in seven multimedia hotkeys. You may use it to stream music, watch movies, game, and perform a host of relevant chores.


  • Wired and easy to use
  • Provides by far the most-relaxed typing posture available
  • Confers more comfortable typing experience
  • Does not at all interfere at all with your natural alignments
  • Supports your wrists as well


  • Limited system compatibility
  • Calls for some experience before use
  • Accommodates fewer accessories and add-ons

Summary: For general office use and home-based applications, this indeed is the best keyboard. You may, therefore, consider giving it a try.

5. Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard

You do not want to be purchasing new keyboards every quite often. You want one that will last you the longest realistic amount of time. This can only happen if you place your hand on such a strong and durable keyboard as this. As you are about to see, it does fit that bill perfectly.

Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard
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Split Ergonomic Design: It comes in the form of a split ergonomic design. This design accommodates and encourages all your limbs to function as naturally as can be. In particular, it places your forearm, writs, and natural hands in their most natural positions at any given time. This minimizes fatigue and possible injuries.

Cushioned Palm Rest: A cushioned palm rest in next. This promotes the support of the wrists in their most neutral and natural positions. It also complements the ergonomic design by enhancing the comforts and security of the wrists at any given time. You will further be shielded from all kinds of injuries and disorders.

Palm Lift: The palm lift closes the list of the top-notch features of this specific keyboard. It plays the role of promoting the relaxed and natural angles of your wrists at any given time. This yet again enhances its functionality and natural functioning of your hands throughout the use of the keyboard.


  • Has a set of media keys that allow you to control the video and music
  • Enables you to type in complete comfort courtesy of the ergonomic design
  • Allows you to position your hands, forearms, and wrists naturally
  • Confers better support to your fingers in time of use
  • Keeps your wrists in a natural and relaxed angle at all times


  • Requires plenty of space to mount
  • Calls for plenty of effort to engage
  • Not powered by batteries

Summary: Well, for your comfort and long-term applicability, you certainly have no better friend than this one. It indeed has all the vital ingredients for those two feats.

6. Mistel Barocco Ergonomic Keyboard

To save yourself a great deal of time and money, you want a keyboard that can perform as many relevant chores at a time as possible. This specific keyboard is designed with the ability to exude comprehensive applications in mind. You may, therefore, want to give it a try.

Mistel Barocco Ergonomic Keyboard
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3 Built-in Pre-set Layouts: As stated, this keyboard is comprehensive in scope. It does incorporate a couple of keyboard types and features. These are the Colemak, Dvorak, and Qwerty. This makeup and composition see to it that you perform all your chores in one place and without the need to look elsewhere for your needs.

Keyboard Bindings: To set the keyboard ready for use, you will not have to acquire extra hardware and software components. Instead, you will only use the keyboard bindings that are pretty simple to engage. This expedites the time you will require to get settled and enjoy the attendant benefits.

Split Feature: It also possesses the split feature. This basically reduces its size and makes it demand limited storage space. You will, therefore, find the keyboard much more convenient to store and carry around. This is the keyboard to go for if you are constantly traveling or changing locations.


  • Saves a great deal of space on your desk
  • Registers the keys faster and more accurately
  • Quite comprehensive in scope by incorporating several kinds of layouts
  • Either split keyboard can serve as a stand-alone keyboard
  • Minimizes the possibilities of injuries


  • Not for starters and less skilled
  • Only for advanced use and applications
  • Cumbersome to move around

Summary: For all your comprehensive applications, you badly want to grab this keyboard wherever you might find it. It has all that you may possibly want in a good keyboard.

7. Jestik Kinesis KB600 Advantage2

Are you a programmer or a coder? Chances are that you spend too much of your time using your keyboard. Not every keyboard may be of help to you. Only one that is specially designed for those long, tedious and elaborate tasks such as this may help you out.

Jestik Kinesis KB600 Advantage2
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Smaller Footprint: When compared to other keyboards, this one has a smaller footprint. This arrangement enables you to position the mouse as close to your body as can be. It is also great for those persons who have shorter arms as it negates the need to set aside too much space between the keyboard and your body.

Instant Configuration: You will not have to purchase or acquire additional software and drives to be able to leverage the benefits of this keyboard. This is because it is available as a plug-and-play electronic device. You will particularly find it useful for the Mac, Windows, and non-Windows based operating systems. This is not to mention the limited loss of time on your part.

Low-force Mechanical Key Switches: The design and construction of the keyboard are such that you do not have to put in too much effort to generate the required outcomes. This stems from the low-force mechanical switch design. For this reason, you will not at all feel fatigued unnecessarily even when using it for a prolonged duration of time.


  • Compatible with all the top operating systems
  • Can endure a wide variety of customizations
  • Very accessible to your hands and fingers
  • Confers maximum comfort and support
  • Minimizes major health issues that arise from the use of keyboards for long hours


  • A bit weighty to carry around with ease
  • Less space-efficient
  • Inconvenient to master and engage

Summary: For all your programming, tedious, and elaborate tasks, you have this particular keyboard for your taking. It has all that you may require for success in that career.

The Final Words (Summary)

There you have them! The seven of the best ergonomic keyboards we have reviewed above are indeed great in their own rights. They are therefore more likely to yield you some degree of satisfaction. This is why you have no choice but to consider leveraging them for your next applications.

Find at least one that suits your unique circumstance and make good use of it. Remember also to spread this news far and wide. You definitely want others to enjoy similar benefits, don’t you? All the best in your next endeavor!

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