7 Best Drill Bits For Steel in 2023

Having the best tools in your workshop can be something of great pride. You have the confidence that you can work efficiently without the worry that something terrible might happen in the middle of the job. If you have worked before with a good drill bit you know the feeling, you even forget that drill bits are normally replaced. Many drill bits are of questionable quality because they have not been tried and tested to prove their ‘steel’.

However, there are seven best drill bits for steel in 2023 that have shown they have what it takes to do what is required to take your drilling job to the next level.

A Quick Look at the Top Rated Drill Bits

1.Drill America DWD29J CO PCDrill America
2.Craftsman 9-64085 Drill BitCraftsman
3.DEWALT DW1177 Oxide Metal Drill BitDewalt
4.Cobalt Drill Bit Set M42 HSSDrill Hog
5.Fisch FSF-328094 3Fisch
6.MaxTool 29 Piece Twist JobberMaxTool
7.Irwin Industrial Tools Drill BitIrwin Tools

7 Best Drill Bits For Steel Reviewed

1. Drill America DWD29J CO PC

Do you love the quality and are you willing to get the taste of the best? The Drill America Qualtech bit set comes in a package of 29 pieces, 1/64 increment bits that enable you to perform a variety of drilling styles incorporated in your work especially in steel and iron. It is also coated with the gold oxide that prevents the bits from wear and tear by reducing friction and prevents the bits from succumbing to heat by creating cooling pockets. This makes it ideal for you to bore through tough metal without having the worry of having your work cut short.

Drill America DWD29J CO PC
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Build with Cobalt Steel and Coated with gold oxide – The drill is made from cobalt steel and its surface coated with gold oxide to provide heat resistance and self-lubrication. The Drill America DWD29J-CO-PC Qualtech 29 Piece Cobalt Steel Jobber Length Drill Bit can bore through one of the most abrasive kinds of metals with ease and serve you for long without suffering any breakages of other damage. You do not even have to worry about sharpening it from time to time to make it efficient.

Self-centered – The cutting angle of each of the drill bits in the sets is at a 135-degree split point and is centered so that no holes will be required, or small chips created during the process of drilling which greatly reduces the chance of clogging.

Convenient and Versatile – The twenty-nine drill bits are enclosed neatly in a plastic casing for easy identification when you need to use them. The drill bits are not fixed to certain tasks. They have a great balance of reach and length which makes them perfect for various large varieties of projects and surfaces.

  • The assortment of the drill set includes a variety of drill bits for many tasks with sizes such as 11/6 to ½ in 1/64 increments.
  • It is a high-speed drill bit with high resistance to wear and tear
  • The black and gold finishes within it make it possible to work without caving into corrosion and increasing its hardness while the black oxide coating helps the bit to persist in high temperatures without melting of breaking
  • Its price is worth its value. The drill set is way cheaper than other drill bits in the market when compared to its performance. The drill bit is fairly priced
  • It can fit both corded and cordless drills
  • The bit is not a big household name despite it having the most alluring name. Its competitors such as Irwin and Dewalt have made a name for themselves while they might not have the same customer service warranty
  • The drill bit is made by Americans but outside America meaning, we have to import it to America. Maybe this is the reason why people are reluctant to embrace the brand

Summary: Drill America offers great value as it works well with most of the metals in the industry and yet remains in good condition. Its casing that can be hanged at the waist also makes it easier to work and to sort out the bits flawlessly

2. Craftsman 9-64085 Drill Bit

The Craftsman 9-64085 offers you the greatest value. It is designed for heavy duty metals and is ideal for stationary machines and drill presses. At a light weight of 1.27 pounds, it is one of the lightest in the market and makes working very easy. It is accompanied by a nice casing to pack all your drill bits in a well arranged manner so you don’t have to look disorganized.

Craftsman 9-64085 Drill Bit

Durable assortment – The craftsman 9-64085 Professional 21 pc drill bit set, the black oxide is well finished made from steel to make it last for long without getting destroyed and being blunt. It has the ability to serve for long without causing any maintenance issues.

Coated with black oxide – The drill bit set is coated with black oxide to make them run cooler and last for long drilling than other standard drill bits in the market. You do not have to keep adding water to it to make it cool down so as to continue with the job.

  • It has excellent bits that are easy to work within different kinds of projects
  • There is a wide range of bits to choose from with the set having 21 different pieces that could work for different purposes
  • The bits have very sharp ends that do not get blunt easily due to their strength which is mostly contributed to by the cobalt
  • It is durable and can last for very long. The cobalt steel that comprises the bits adds a lot of strength for the bit to endure very hard surfaces and yet remain at a good condition
  • The bits have fine split points that make working very fast. The split points prevent unnecessary disruptions while doing the drilling
  • Among the drill bit set are some of the small drill bits that might be vulnerable to breakages or some may get misplaced owing to their small size

Summary: For the best tools for your heavy drilling activities without any distractions whatsoever, you should consider the Craftsman Professional drill for the best results. It might just be the solution to your typical drill troubles.

3. DEWALT DW1177 Drill Bit

The Dewalt DW1177 20-Piece drill bit set has a range of bits sizes from 1/64 inch up to ½ inch which has a black oxide finish for protection against wear and tear and durability. Its design gives it the strength to bore through hard surfaces while its 135-degree split-point reduces walking distance for easier work. The bit set comes with a case container that allows for proper organization of tools for smooth storage and retrieval. The Dewalt DW 1177 20- piece drill set is suitable for drilling wood, plastic, and metal.

DEWALT DW1177 Oxide Metal Drill Bit
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Black oxide finish – The drill set has a sleek oxide has a black oxide finish that protests the bits against wear and tear. The black oxide also creates cooling pockets that prevent the bits from friction.

Parabolic flute design – The Dewalt DW1177 20-Piece has a unique design that enables smooth spinning while drilling preventing resistance from the hard surfaces.

Tough case container – The drill set comes with a one of a kind case that is built for strength. The tough case has a sliding soft grip lock that keeps the case securely locked. The case also has a well arranged setup that allows for a neat arrangement of bits.

  • The bits are very easy to use for anyone because of their razor sharp edges and angle that enables easy drilling at the slightest push even with manual tools
  • It has a well organized and secure case that is hard to break even when working in a tough environment
  • It has a sleek design that ensures maximum strength for the drill bits when working on hard surfaces
  • The bits are very easy to sharpen
  • The black oxide finish ensures durability for the bits
  • The drill bits are not very effective for hardwoods

Summary: Dewalt does not fail to amaze with the good products it provides for the world. This drill bit kit is no exception, it has all the quality expected from an ideal Dewalt tool and getting one will guarantee you uninterrupted service.

4. Cobalt Drill Bit Set M42 HSS

Cobalt Drill bit set M42 HSS is made from superior cobalt M42 grade steel. It has a very high melting point of 2853 degrees Fahrenheit making it ideal for you when you need to bore thick surfaces. Its durability and high cutting speeds is of great value to your work. Its tri-flat shank feature makes the bits to be still at the surface when you are starting to drill. It also prevents bits from spinning and twisting. It is ideal for tough steel such as truck frames, farming equipment, stainless steel, and others. The fact that it is a product proudly made in the USA makes it premium and the best choice.

Cobalt Drill Bit Set M42 HSS
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Heat treated hardness – The bits are tough and passed through the heat to harden them to 68-70(Rockwell Hardness Scale). For this reason, they are highly resistant to heat no matter the degrees. At a melting point of 2853 degrees Fahrenheit, it is suitable for cutting through hard and thick metal.

Premium solid cobalt – The bits are built with a high percentage of M42 cobalt grade which hardens them and allows them to drill through hard surfaces at high speeds.

Tri-Flat shank – The cobalt M42 drill is designed with a flat shank that prevents spinning and twisting.

  • Provision of a no-spin shank eases work-ability
  • It is a product proudly made in the USA
  • It is made using premium cobalt M42 grade cobalt which increases the drilling speeds
  • There is a range of bits to select from 1/64 to ½ inches
  • Has a very high melting point ideal for drilling almost all industrial steel metal
  • Despite it having good inner material, it has a worse casing material
  • It is quite highly priced

Summary: This drill bit set uses the highest technology to produce one of the best drill bits in the market with its premium quality cobalt. If you want a drill that will deliver you cleaner holes upon contact and longer durability, this is the drill for you.

5. Fisch FSF-328094 3

This bit is preferred by craftsmen because of its excellent control. It offers a clean and smooth entrance and exit holes in both softwood and hardwood. It has a grounded center which prevents bit walking when drilling. Its 8 varieties are 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 mm.

Fisch FSF-328094 3
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Superior design – The bits have a superior flute design for excellent extraction of wood chips. Its design also offers large outer spurs that enable smooth control of the bits. The grounded center also prevents bit walking.

Chrome vanadium steel – The bit set is made of vanadium steel which makes it ideal to use for both softwood and hardwood.

Different sets – It comes with a variety of sizes from 3, 4, 5 ,6, 7, 8, 9, & 10 mm drill bits.

  • It is fairly priced with one of the lowest price tags in the market
  • Its optimized spurs ensure easy and fast cutting of wood fibers before setting out to drill the hole
  • It has smooth edges that lead to the clean drilling of the hole diameter without making any deviations
  • They come with different varieties of sizes that ensure versatility when it comes to woodwork
  • The drill bit is only limited to working on wood and stone drilling

Summary: This tool is the best there is for excellent wood and crafting of stone. Its hard vanadium metal is suitable for drilling all kind of wood and stone crafts with pinpoint accuracy. Whenever you are thinking about clean work, think Fisch-FSF-328094.

6. MaxTool 29 Piece Twist Jobber

This is a toolkit ideal for cutting metal, woo, and plastic. Thehigh-qualityy M2 steel ensures Sharp andhigh-speedd execution in any surface material for brilliant results. The premium bits are heat treated to ensure strength and durability. They can withstand heavy duty operation and still last for a very long duration. The pinpoint accuracy provided by the135-degreee chisel assures ground precision and quick penetration.

MaxTool 29 Piece Twist Jobber
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Heat Treated – The drill bits are heat treated to provide strong enough to drill through hard surfaces.

Warranty and Servicing – MaxTool offers sharpening services and customizing solutions for its tools. There is also a lifetime warranty for its drill bits.

Designed for accuracy – The drill bits have very sharp and smooth surfaces that offer a clean finish. The accuracy of the bits is to the point ant it makes no deviations.

  • Pocket friendly with all the 29 pieces going for less than $ 60 on Amazon
  • The drill has assured durability and strength because of the heating method used to harden it
  • It has a 3-flat shank that prevents spinning while drilling
  • Its clean edges ensure that chips move smoothly leading to a clean finish
  • It is highly resistant to heat
  • It is only limited to certain kind on surfaces
  • It is not very popular

Summary: The MaxTool 29 Piece Twist Jobber length drill bit set is definitely one of the first choices to consider when buying a drill bit set. The MaxTool drill bit company has proven customer service and quality products.

7. Irwin Industrial Tools Drill Bit

This package contains two set of drill bits: the Irwin tools 3018002 Cobalt M-35 Metal Index Drill Bit Set, 29 pieces and Irwin Hanson Professional’s Industrial Bolt Extractor Set, 13 Piece, 54113. The bits are constructed with 8% cobalt alloy and high-speed industrial grade steel. The bit set is made to resist heat and to extend the life of the bit’s cutting edges. Upon the slightest contact with a surface, it starts drilling with less force because of its 135 degree split point. This brings durability to the bit and convenience to you while doing your project. The case is molded with rubber to prevent it from damage. The reverse flutes in the bits bite down to give you maximum gripping power when extracting.

Irwin Industrial Tools Drill Bit
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Constructed with cobalt – The bits are built with M-42 high speed cobalt steel to drill super abrasive and resistant tough metals. The 8% cobalt comprised in the bits contributes to the strength and durability.

Reverse spiral flutes – The Irwin extractor bits are designed to bit down with maximum grip and free rusted-tight, rounded-off or painted-over bolts.

Multiple sizes with the lifetime warranty – The bits come with multiple kit sizes of 15, 21 and 29 pieces that allow diversity if functions. The kits also have a lifetime warranty and customer service support in case of a breakdown.

  • The drill has sharp edges that bore through hard abrasive and resistant metals
  • It is highly resistant to heat and prevents wear and tear
  • All the necessary bits are incorporated together to form a compact kit
  • The bits have a 135 degrees split that works fast and flawless to prevent any corrosion and heat
  • The cobalt steel drill is hard and highly durable and can serve you for years without even having to sharpen the edges
  • It is very expensive when compared to other bits which offer the same quality and performance
  • It is not as pretty as other drills that it competes with

Summary: The Irwin drill bit extractor does a great job in driving into hard bolts and extracts them as fast as they come. Having this cobalt alloy kit is worth the investment and guarantees you quality

Things to Consider When Buying a Drill Bit For Steel

There are several things to consider when deciding the drill bit to consider for your special purpose or different purposes that interest you.

Performance – When buying a drill bit, it is good to check on their rating on performance in terms of ease of use, accurac, and speed. It is very crucial to have a combination of the three for smooth use.

Price – The prices of the tools have to be fair. You need to compare the prices of the products that have similar performance and durability to make sure you get the best deal.

Durability – You are aiming at buying a drill that will serve you for long, right. The perseverance of the drill bit should be among the top considerations when moving out to search for a drill bit. It is very annoying to buy a drill bit that you will require to replace all the time.

Value for money – When choosing the drill bit you are going to have for many years, you should combine all the requirements of buying a drill bit and decide which one suits you. Here, even the most expensive drill bit might offer you the best value if it performs the functions well and it lasts for long without the need for maintenance or replacement.

Purpose – You should buy a set of drill bits if they are squarely aligned to the project you want to fulfill. If you buy a kit that is not meant for your task just because it is cheap or contains many pieces, it will be a waste of money.

The Final Words (Summary)

A drill bit set can offer you great value in your workplace or even when doing home repairs. Therefore, you will need the best drill bits for any kind of task because they might stick with you for a very long time. The best drill bit for steel set is one that gives value for your money, fulfills the tasks you set out to do, saves you money, and performs with ease. With the review of the products provided, you will be able to decide the one that suits you in terms of the features given. Have fun shopping.