5 Best Dog Food Containers in 2023

One of the primary benefits of dog food containers is that it guarantees you that dog food will always remain dry plus it allows you to buy dog food in bulk. Likewise, you may have concerns that exposure of the dog food might result in your dog finding the stack or even worse, the food going stale.

Nowadays, there are numerous dog containers to choose from subsequently making it harder to decide on an appropriate fit. However, you should not worry since, in this article, we will be taking you through the best dog food container in the market.

A Quick Look at the Best Dog Food Storage Containers

1.IRIS USA Inc Dog Food ContainerIRIS USA, Inc.
2.OXO Pet Food Storage POP ContainerOXO
3.Gamma2 Vittles Vault Plus for Pet Food StorageGamma
4.(Best Dog Food Container)YOUTHINK Food Storage ContainerYOUTHINK
5.Paw Prints Food Bin WordplayPaw Prints

5 Best Dog Food Containers Reviewed

1. IRIS USA Dog Food Container

It is an airtight dog container which incorporates the perfect design to meet all the needs of your pet. Therefore, it is the perfect container to ensure for storing your pet’s food.

IRIS USA Inc Dog Food Container
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Convenient Storage – This pet food container stays in stacks, that is, the 12 QT storage container stacks on top of the 33 AT storage container. Subsequently, this proves to be very convenient as it allows you to save lots of storage space that would have otherwise gone to accommodating these containers.

Mobility – Integrated on the bigger dog containers are free-wheeling casters. Consequently, this makes it easy to move it to the location where you serve you pets hence making it very convenient. Additionally, it features a scoop which makes it easy to measure the quantity of food you are serving to your pet.

Airtight Seals – It features an in-built airtight seal as well as snap locks which fasten thereby ensuring your pet’s food remains fresh. Furthermore, it has a lid which is vital in safeguarding the pet food remains free of pests, humidity, and moisture.

Capacity – The dimensions of this food container is 16.50” L x 10.83” W x 18.63” W and the capacity of the 12-quart container is 10 pounds whereas the 33-quart has the capacity of 25 pounds. Thus, this pet food container has diverse options for you to choose from all depending on your personal preferences. Likewise, its capacity is big enough to comfortably store all your pet’s food.

  • Cleaning this food container is easy
  • It offers you excellent value for its price
  • Its manufacturing, design, and functionality is of tremendous quality
  • It is available in a perfect size
  • Comes in a perfect container combination
  • It is not completely airtight
  • A terrible design which makes the functionality of this container terrible

Summary: So, if you are looking for a pet storage container that offers you excellent value and optimal performance look no further. This unit will certainly guarantee that all your storage needs are met.

2. OXO Pet Food Storage

These are airtight containers are stackable thereby making it space efficient which always safeguards that your pet’s food remains dry, pest-free, fresh as well as organized. Therefore, it does excellent work in ensuring your pet food is in good condition for consumption.

OXO Pet Food Storage POP Container
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BPA-free Plastic – The plastic used in the manufacture of this container is BPA-free. Therefore, it means that the food your pet will consume is free from dangerous toxins usually present in plastics that are not BPA-free. Consequently, this is important as it safeguards the health of your pet and also saves you money of always taking your pet to the veterinary because of infections.

Wide Opening and Rounded Corners – This pet container storage features a broad opening for you to access your pet’s food. It is an ideal feature as this allows you to effortless have access to the pet food. Additionally, it incorporates rounded corners which further make your work easier when attempting to access your pet’s food as it allows for easy pouring.

Pop-Up Button – It integrates a pop-up button in its design which allows you to effortlessly take off the lid. Additionally, the button proves convenient as it makes your work of opening and sealing the container easy as all you need to do is press it once to either open or close the lid.

Design – This storage container features a modular stacking design that allows you to efficiently organize the pet’s food. Moreover, thanks to its rectangular and square shapes, these containers permit easy pouring plus can be conveniently stored in any storage space.

  • Using this pet storage container is easy and straightforward
  • It looks and feels very robust hence will serve you for a long period
  • It is big enough to store all of your pet’s food
  • This is an exceptional airtight storage
  • The manufacturing quality of this storage container is outstanding
  • Susceptible to breakage after using it for some time
  • This container’s seal does not properly maintain an airtight lock

Summary: The OXO Pet Food Storage POP Container is an ideal storage pick if you are looking for a container which is easy to use. Likewise, it is quite big so if these are your major considerations, you should purchase it.

3. Gamma2 Food Storage

If you are searching for a storage container for your pet’s food, this is, a great pick as it guarantees the pet food always is fresh. Furthermore, it comes in an elegant square design which is perfect if you do not have enough space in your home.

Gamma2 Vittles Vault Plus for Pet Food Storage
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Available in Multiple Sizes – This pet storage container is available in various sizes, that is, the 15-pound capacity, the 25-pound capacity plus the 35-pound capacity. So, you have the option to choose which among these three options perfectly meets your needs, confirming you neither buy one which is too big nor too small. Also, it gets to save you money since its largest size offers you with incredible value.

Molded Handles – Integrated into the design of this pet container are molded handles which subsequently make it easy to transport as well as hold this unit. This feature is especially important if you often going out for a picnic with your dog. Moreover, these handles provide you with an easy grip hence ensuring you never get to strain to carry when carrying this item.

Patented Sealing System – This dog container features a patented sealing system which ensures an airtight lock is achieved. It is very useful as this ensures safeguards the entry of air into your container thereby safeguarding the food always remains fresh by keeping out water, air, and your pet.

Spinning lid – It features a spinning lid which is very useful as it makes the opening and closing of this pet food storage fun. Therefore, you never have to struggle when opening this container and this makes it very convenient.

  • It is made of durable material hence will be useful for a prolonged duration
  • Making use of this storage container is easy and straightforward
  • It is flexible as it is available in multiple sizes depending on your preferences
  • It is reasonably priced and looks great
  • Food always remains fresh thanks to its sealing system
  • Cheap and fragile material is used in its manufacture
  • Customer support is not very helpful

Summary: This pet food storage container is an ideal pick if you are looking for something which will provide you with flexibility and is easy to carry around. If those two factors are crucial to you, then this container is the best pick for you.

4. YOUTHINK Food Container

This container is an invention which is meant to ensure you never have to struggle to feed your pet while traveling. It is because it comes with outdoor tableware, therefore, your pet will never again feed on something straight from the ground. Thus, it is both clean and healthy for your pets as well as yourself.

YOUTHINK Food Storage Container
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Integrates BPA-free Plastic and Food Grade Stainless Steel – The plastic used in the manufacture of this bowl is BPA-free thus guaranteeing that your pet’s food does not get exposed to harmful toxins. Subsequently, this saves you money and stress which will result from you taking your pet to the veterinary. Additionally, the food grade stainless steel is of high-quality hence making it dish wash safe.

Invisible Portable Handle – Featured in this pet food bowl is a resilient invisible arched handle which makes it easy to carry around your pet’s food in your car, your home or whenever you are taking a trip. Therefore, you can carry around this bowl without any hassle thereby making it very convenient.

Convenient Storage – These pet storage bowls stack together whenever you are not using them. Consequently, this saves plenty of room and become compact thereby making this container ideal to carry with you especially when traveling.

Layered Leakproof – Incorporated in the design of this container an all-layer leak proof which guarantees that not even water gets to spill out. This is thanks to the rubber seal which even when positioned upside down, still remains watertight with this proof of the incredible quality of this bowl. Therefore, your pet always has access to clean water whenever you are out and about making this bowl very reliable.

  • Perfect for storage when traveling with your pet
  • It is easy to carry this bowl with you hence very convenient
  • Its design is sturdy thus guaranteeing it will serve you for an extended duration
  • It has a one-year warranty as well as 60-day money back guarantee
  • Saves you storage space thanks to its design
  • It is not big enough to store all your pet’s food
  • The quality of the material used in it manufacture feels cheap

Summary: This bowl will serve you well if you are searching for something which is portable and easy to move around with. Thus, if you often love traveling with your pet, you need to get this bowl and you will be amazed by its functionality.

5. Paw Prints Food Bin

It is a dog container which aims at ensuring you conveniently have access to your pet’s food and the food always remains fresh. It is ideal for storing seed, litter, and food and its gasket-sealed lid keeps both wet noses and doors out.

IRIS USA Inc Dog Food Container
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Capacity – This pet container has the capacity to hold a maximum of 15 pounds of food, seed or litter. Therefore, it integrates adequate storage to guarantee that you never run out of space hence can comfortably purchase in bulk which usually is cheaper, hence making it very practical.

Durable – The design of this dog container is one which is of outstanding quality thereby it can resist wear and tear from the natural elements as well as from your dog. So, it gets to serve you for an extended duration without requiring replacement thereby offering you remarkable value.

BPA-free plastic – The plastic used in the manufacture of this pet container is BPA-free. This means that the transfer of harmful toxins to your pet’s food does not happen even if food is left inside this container for a long duration. Thus, this container ensures your pets are safe from all the harmful side-effects that result from such toxins.

Design – This container features a flat-backed design that perfectly sits flush against the wall, so it firmly holds its ground and does not fall whenever your pet comes searching for its food. It also features a gasket-sealed lid which safeguards that the pet’s food always remains fresh when inside this storage container hence making it a reliable storage option. Likewise, locked onto the lid is one cup measuring scoop for measuring the quantity of food you are serving.

  • It is easy to clean and durable
  • Comes together with one measuring
  • The polypropylene plastic used in its manufacture is BPA-free
  • Its performance is great
  • Incorporates a lovely storage system with a scoop that perfectly fits in the lid
  • This container does not seal firmly
  • It does not accommodate 15 pounds of food as stated

Summary: If you have been searching for an ideal container for your pet, this is an ideal pick because it incorporates a stylish design while still being durable. Thus, it will prove useful for a very long period making it a prudent investment.

Things to Consider when Buying a Food Container for Dog

Convenient Storage – When choosing your dog’s food storage container, you need to consider one which features wheels as it is easier to maneuver around within comparison to one without especially if it is bulky. Additionally, another storage feature you need to take into consideration is how to stack able the dog storage containers are. This is especially vital is you have within the containers different kinds of foods as you can separate as well as stack them.

Storage Capacity of the Container – The storage capacity is most probably the number one priority you need to consider when searching for your dog food container, irrespective of if you own several dogs or one big breed. It is because the container will be of little use if it cannot fully store all your pet’s food, consequently requiring you to look for other means of storage which compromise on space and the pet’s food freshness. Nevertheless, you also need to take into consideration space as you do not want a dish which is too big as it requires huge storage space and is difficult to move around.

Airtight Seal – Having an airtight seal is vital especially if you usually stock your dog’s food at the end of the month plus your dog does not finish its food quickly. It is because airtight seals prevent any pests from getting into the food as well as preventing the food from becoming stale. Likewise, moisture is locked out too as this eventually leads to the dog food losing its appropriate consistency which may subsequently make your dog damage its tooth while chewing this food or lose interest in it completely.

The Container Material – You should purchase a dog container that is not manufactured using a material that is unsafe to your dog. It is due to this reason that you always should go for BPA-free plastic containers as these usually do not release harmful toxins to the food if left for a prolonged duration. Additionally, it is recommended you choose a bowl which is easy to clean as well as durable.

Special Features – There are some special features which are found in some dog food bins if you are looking for such options. Some of these options include an auto-feed option, elevated feeders, separate treat storage, and food pouring spout. Likewise, there are also other features like wall-mounted pet dispenser and food container.

The Final Words (Summary)

If you are looking for a dog food container to purchase, we have taken you through some of the important factors you need to consider before committing yourself. This is especially important as the number of these bins has considerably increased subsequently making it confusing to make an informed decision.

Likewise, we have also taken you through some of the best dog food storage containers in the market which will serve you excellently through the entire time you will be using it. Therefore, with this knowledge, we believe you are in an excellent position to make a prudent choice.