6 Best Dog Crates For Separation Anxiety In 2023

A dog crate refers to a cage that has a door that locks. Crate training is one thing that has long been approved by professional veterinarians as well as trainers. It is among the least stressful and quickest ways to bring up behaviors that are desirable in dogs. Despite the fact that the idea of having dog crates faced some opposition earlier since it was perceived as being unfair and cruel to dogs, a crate assists satisfying a dog’s instinct of being in a den since they are den animals. In addition, having a dog crate in your home will help to alleviate numerous dog issues that they might bring to their owners.

Therefore, it is wise for you to consider buying the best dog crates for separation anxiety if you did not have one, as this brings more benefits than harm to your dog and home as well. There are numerous of dog crates on the market today, but you will not have to go through the hustle of identifying the top dog crate for your dog pet since this guide has detailed information about best crates for dogs.

A Quick Look at the Top Rated Dog Crates

1.(Best Dog Crates For Separation Anxiety) Midwest iCrate Pet CratesMidWest
2.Petmate Two Door Dog KennelPetmate
3.Petnation Port-A-CratePetnation
4.ProSelect Empire Dog CageProSelect
5.(Best Dog Crates For Separation Anxiety) Crown Pet Crate TableCrowPetmaten
6.Solvit Mr. Herzher's Pet HomeSolvit

6 Best Dog Crates For Separation Anxiety Reviewed

1. Midwest iCrate Pet Crates

This is one of the world’s best wire dog crate that will ensure great comfort for your dog. This spectacular dog crate is designed in the best way possible to ensure that your dog moves freely. It is about 42-inch w/Divider, hence one of the best.

(Best Dog Crates For Separation Anxiety) Midwest iCrate Pet Crates
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Double door – This great dog crate features a double door that makes it very suitable. Through this, your dog can always move in and out of the crates from either side. It also features a divider panel that will enable your dog to enjoy more space as it grows. This is because you can easily adjust the length of the living area as the dog continues to grow. This is one of the best heavy duty dog crates that you will definitely love.

Fold and carry configuration – This smart dog crate is also very user-friendly as you can easily fold it and carry it to any given place. This makes it very reliable and convenient, hence one of the best to find for your dog. The process of folding the crate requires no tools and this implies that you can easily fold and even set it up in seconds. It only weighs about 35 pounds and has a crate color. Besides this, it also has got rounded corners that are very safe and secure. This is to ensure that your dog is fully protected.

Large size – The dog crate is suitable for both puppies and adult dogs. This is because it is large enough to accommodate pets of any size and weight of about 71-90 pounds. It measures about 42L X 28W X 31H inches, hence very perfect.

  • It is large enough for any dog.
  • It is relatively light in weight and easily folds for easy portability.
  • The crate features a double door for easy in and out movement.
  • You may find one with sharp edges, but in rare cases.

2. Petmate Two Door Dog Kennel

This is another sophisticated and a high quality dog crate that will provide your pet the ultimate protection and comfort. This is because this great dog crate with a metallic pearl tan/coffee grounds color is designed to deliver top-notch services. It has a size of up to 15LBS and a dimension of about 21 x 14.75 x 13.25 inches.

Petmate Two Door Dog Kennel
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A steel and plastic construction – This is a very durable best puppy crates that is made from a high quality plastic and steel. This, therefore, means that the dog crate will guarantee you improved safety and strength. It also allows for easy visibility of the dog while inside the crate thus making it the best plastic dog crate that you can buy.

Portable – It is a portable dog crate that is very ergonomic and durable. This is because the best crates for small dogs come with a carry handle that allows for very safe transportation. Besides this, the dog crate also weighs about 4.95 pounds and, therefore, can be easily transported with a lot of ease. The secure wing nut and bolt design also contribute to easy portability.

Two door construction – With two doors, you will find it very ergonomic to access your dog from either side. This is one feature that makes it very reliable and considers as the best dog crates for puppies, hence one of the best travel dog crate.

  • It is an awesome carrier.
  • The dog crate is very reliable and durable.
  • It features two doors to ensure easy accessibility to the dog.
  • The dog crate is relatively light in weight for easy portability.
  • It is only suitable for small pets of less than 7” tall and 15” long, but will ensure a great comfort for the pets.

3. Petnation Port-A-Crate

Are you looking for the best dog travel crate that is very easy to fold down and set up? For something elegant and unique, then this is one of the best crates for puppies. This is because the crate is weaved very tightly with a fabric mesh panels. It is recommended for up to 70 pounds pets. It measures about 36 by 25 by 25 inches and has a size of 36-inches, though you can find other small sizes. It has a beige color with black at the edges, though you can still find other colors of your choice.

Petnation Port-A-Crate
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Lightweight – This is one of the features that make the dog crate unique and suitable for your dog. It is relatively light in weight as it weighs approximately 11.25 pounds. This means that you can easily carry the dog crate with you to any given place, and, therefore, very reliable.

No tools to set up and fold down – To ensure that you don’t spend a lot of time setting up or folding down your dog crate, then this is the ultimate choice for you. This is because the dog crate is very elementary to fold down and also to set-up. In just seconds, you will be done with the process.

In and outdoor – This is a splendid dog crate that your dog will find very suitable and comfortable. This is because the dog crate features an indoor and outdoor that enables the dog to move in and out easily. It is, therefore, a great choice that will guarantee your dog the best services ever.

Quality construction – To ensure that your dog stays safely inside the crate, it is made from a tightly weaved fabric mesh panels. This will ensure that your dog is 100% safe. The fabric panels are surrounded by a very strong steel frame to add extra strength. This makes the crate perfect for any dog.

  • It is very easy to set up and fold down.
  • The dog crate is made from a high quality fabric panel construction to ensure long term services.
  • It is available at a pocket-friendly price.
  • It is large enough to accommodate any dog size.
  • You will need to measure your dog’s height and length prior to making the purchase.

4. ProSelect Empire Dog Cage

The ProSelect Empire Dog Cage is a classic and one of the ultimate indestructible heavy duty dog crate. The crate is made from high quality and heavy duty welds and durable rust resistant finish that cannot be chewed or clawed by the dog. This is why the crate is indestructible and this implies that it is recommended for the powerful dogs that are likely to escape from the crate. So it is the best large dog crate.

ProSelect Empire Dog Cage
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Easy to clean – It is also very elementary to clean the floor of this high quality dog crate. This is because the floor is removable and, therefore, very easy to clean. It has got four removable locking casters, floor grate, and a steel tray. Besides this, you can always buy the replacement trays for the crate to keep it clean all day long. This will ensure a clean and conducive atmosphere for your dog.

Durable and rust-resistant – The indestructible dog crate is free from rust. This makes it very suitable for any kind of dog. It also features a long lasting, high grade Hammertone finish that ensures that it last longer. For that reason, it seemed to be the best metal dog crate.

Spacious – This is one of the best crates for large dogs that is very spacious. It measures about 35.75 x 23.50 x 24.50 inches and has got a weight of about 75.2pounds for the medium size. This makes it easier to port and has got a crate color.

  • It is very durable and rust-resistant.
  • The crate is relatively cheap and affordable.
  • It is very elementary to clean.
  • It is also very spacious.
  • You may find one with a poor locking mechanism, but in very rare cases.

5. Crown Pet Crate Table

This is another top rated dog crate that will assure your dog a great comfort and protection. The dog crate is of a medium size and weighs about 46 pounds, hence can be easily moved from one point to another.

Crown Pet Crate Table
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Hardwood construction – Are you looking for something very durable and perfect for your dog? In case you need something, unique, then this is one of the ultimate choices. It is constructed from hardwood to ensure that it serves your dog for a lifetime.

Waterproof Melamine Covered MDF floor – Just like human beings, all dogs need to stay in a very conducive environment. This high quality dog crate is designed to ensure that your dog stays free from moisture. This is because of the waterproof melamine covered MDF floor. The floor is very elementary to clean as it is able to eliminate any kind of odor and liquid absorption.

A versatile swing through door – It also features a smart and versatile swing through the door that will enable your dog to have a 360-degrees view. This, therefore, implies that the pet will move freely inside the crate. It is also large enough to ensure that the pet has more than enough space. This is because it measures about 21 x 29.7 x 24 inches. Get it today and you will definitely love it.

  • It is very strong and durable.
  • It is also relatively cheap and affordable despite its high quality features.
  • The dog crate is very spacious and comfortable.
  • It has an elegant stained and lacquered finish, hence very attractive.
  • Not recommended for those dogs that chew woods.

6. Solvit Mr. Herzher’s Pet Home

This is a spectacular and a high quality dog crate that is designed to offer your dog the ultimate services. It is constructed in a way that makes it the perfect choice for any indoor home pet that you wish not to hide. The dark brown dog crate measures about 30 x 21 x 24 inches for the medium size. It is able to accommodate dogs of up to 50 pounds.

Solvit Mr. Herzher's Pet Home
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Elevated base and feet – This smart dog crate has got an elevated base and feet that keep it off the ground. This protects your dog from catching a cold, hence the dog will always remain safe.

A 2-way door – To ensure easy accessibility to the dog, this great dog crate features a high quality 2-way door. It opens in and out to allow a way for both the dog and the people. This makes it very ergonomic and one of the world’s best soft dog crate you will really love.

Elementary to clean – It is also very simple to clean as you only need water and soap. With this, you will be able to remove any kind of dirt on the dog crate to provide your dog a very tidy and conducive environment.

Spacious – It is also very spacious enough as it has a size of 30-inches. This ensures that the dog is very comfortable and can easily move. It is, therefore, able to accommodate dogs of up to 50 pounds. Make your order today and the dog crate will be delivered at the expected time.

  • It is very spacious and comfortable.
  • It features a two-way door that easily latches inside.
  • The dog crate is relatively cheap and affordable.
  • It is also very simple to clean.
  • It may not be suitable for very strong and bored dogs, but will offer a great comfort for any other type of dog.

What is the Right Dog Crate Size for Your Dog?

One of the best ways to determine the ideal size of the dog crate you need to purchase is by looking at the size of your dog. You should not keep buying a crate every now and then just because your dog is growing big every day. If you have a puppy, you should purchase the type of crate that can accommodate that puppy even when it is all grown.

You should avoid buying the exact size of the crate that your dog is at the moment. You should, therefore, give room for growth. The best crate size for your dog is that which can allow your dog to stand up and tall at all fours without any restrictions. The dog crate should also allow your dog to lie down and turn around comfortably as well.

If you find that your dog will probably curl into a ball in order to fit, then you should not purchase it. A very small dog crate can affect your dog’s bones and joints healthy. However, you should also avoid going for a very big dog crate that your dog will end up using one end to sleep and the other as a bathroom. This will enhance the house training of your dog in the process since a dog does not mess its bed. This will help you get the right dog crate size for your dog pet.

Benefits of Using a Dog Crate

Among the many highly social animals, a dog is one of them. Therefore it is critical that, when you not in a position to interact with them, you have them indoors, since they will feel lonely and neglected when you are asleep or not at home. If used in a humane and correct manner, a dog crate comes with numerous advantages for your dog and you too. Below are some of the benefits of using a dog crate.

Protecting your possession – If you have a Labrador puppy in your home, you know very well how they love chewing things. There are times when you will leave home and the only thing to leave behind is your dog. To prevent the dog from chewing children’s toys and shoes, some individuals purchase chewing toys for dogs.

This is not a bad idea, but it does not entirely solve the problem as they will cause damage to your properties that might be lying somewhere including the struts and chair legs. This is the reason why you should consider buying a dog crate for those moments that you are not in a position to watch over your dog or puppy. The rate will entirely take care of your favorite shoes as well as furniture from the jaws and canines of these friendly and playful pets.​

Helps a dog to control their bowels – One thing about puppies and dogs is that they try so much not to mess their beds. Therefore, by confining your dog in a crate, within reason, they will be patient until you release them for them to the toilet. This in return, simplifies the house training process for any dog. It recommendable that the crate should not be too big since they will sleep at one end, and use the other to wee. Your crate should be small enough for them to sleep only and feed.

Keeping the puppy safe – ​When a dog chews on anything laying anywhere, it does not only cause you loss but also poses a health risk to it as well. If there are things that are attractive to dogs and puppies especially, they are electric cables. After chewing them, they are fond of swallowing chunks of anything they were chewing. This is where the dog crates come in and keep your puppy from being electrocuted, poisoned or being choked, hence keeping it safe till you are back home.

Top Dog Crate Brands

There are a number of dog crate brands on the market today, but only a few are recognized as they deliver top-notch services. Below are the top five dog crate brands on the market today;

#1. Midwest This is one of the world’s best dog crate brand that is very perfect for any dog. The brand comes in different sizes and styles and this is the reason why they are suitable for all types of dogs. They are also of different finishes and a number of configurations of doors. They are also very ergonomic as you can easily fold up whenever not in use. Most of them also have got an adjustable divider panel that allows you to create more space for the dog as it grows.

#2. Carlson pet products This is another top rated dog crate brand that is very easy to keep your pet very safe and comfortable. They are also very versatile dog crates that deliver excellent services at all times. The brands come in different finishes like the combi crate and the wire crate with a single door that will offer your dog a great comfort. The dog crates are available on the market today at affordable prices, hence one of the top dog crate brands to consider.

#3. Petnation This is a very versatile dog crate that is very simple to set up and fold down whenever not in use. The dog crate features a top and front entry door that allows easy access to the dog. Most of them are also made from a high quality, heavy-duty and durable fabrics to ensure that they serve you for a lifetime. It is suitable for traveling as it is portable. This is one of the ultimate dog crate brands.

#4. EliteField Pet Products The EliteField Pet Products are some of the ultimate dog brands on the market today. This is because dog crates are very suitable and come in different sizes and styles. For example, you will find the 3-door dog crate/divider, 3-door dog crate, the blue dog crate/divider and the pink dog crate/divider among others. Most of them are made from a strong steel tube.

#5. BestPet The Best Pet dog crate brand is another world’s leading dog crate brand that comes fully assembled. It also comes in different finishes and most of them are large enough to accommodate any dog size. They are also deluxe and easy to clean dog crates.

Different Types of Dog Crates/Choosing the Right Crate for Your Dog!

Among the most expensive things you will purchase for your dog, a crate is one of them, especially if you have a big dog. When this time comes, it is usually a challenge trying to figure out the type of dog crate to purchase. Below is detailed information on the types of best pet crate with their advantages and disadvantages. This will help you make an informed decision on what to buy and what not t according to your specific needs.

Wire Dog Crate – If you have a dog that loves a little more of ventilation, a wire crate is a perfect choice. This type of dog crate is also portable, but sometimes a little bit heavy. It is mostly ideal for dogs that don’t escape artists or those that love to see their surroundings. They can come as removable panels, in order to allow space as our dog grows bigger and bigger each day. There are some wire dog crates that are collapsible to enhance portability.

Plastic Dog Crate – For dogs that are somewhat private, this is the perfect crate for them. Some of these dogs love seclusion when they are asleep and therefore, making this dog crate type great for them. It can also be considered as one of the best crates for a puppy. It becomes really hard for your dog to escape if they are in it. They also make a cozy vibe as well. It becomes simple for you to store them when not in use and are also great during air travels.

Soft-sided Dog Crate – This is a perfect choice for smaller dogs. They are great to use when traveling on air or over the roads.These styles of crates ar very light-weight and straightforward to hold. If you’re visiting dog shows, then such crates can assist you within the transportation of your dog. If you wish to require your dog for inhabitation or picnics, this can be the perfect crate.

Heavy-duty dog crate – This is usually a very strong crate specifically designed for destructive and clever dogs. Therefore, if you have one, this is an ideal crate for you to purchase for them. They are relatively expensive as compared to other dog crates on the market today. However, it is the best option since the crate will last long as compared to having to go back to the market to replace a crate that is less sturdy. Some of the heavy duty dog crates are allowed for air travel. This makes it simpler for your dog to travel in the air if it is accustomed to the crate.

Wooden dog crate – This type of dog crate is one of the most fashionable of all crates. Among all the options, this type has a finish that compliments your house furniture making it one of the best. Apart from using it keep your dog, you can use it as a side table as well, making it more than just a pretty face. Due to the wooden construction, they are prone to damage caused by destructive dogs. Therefore, do not have them as an option for such stubborn dogs.

Wicker dog crate – This type is a great alternative for a metal dog crate that is standard in nature. They are good looking and some of them come with a pan that is removable to enhance cleaning. Any wicker dog crate is made of resin wicker. This implies that you can always be sure that your dog or puppy is safe any time of the day when you are not in the house. They are easy to clean up and so you can use them to train your dog. They are highly eye-catching and so look great when in your home.

Therefore, if you are seeking to buy a dog crate that is stylish, fashionable and cute, the wicker dog crate is the right one for you. They come with elegant rattan looks for your home and are highly durable. This ensures that you will not go back to the market soon after buying them. You will not have to hide this dog crate because of how it looks.

The Final Words (Summary)

When you carefully go through the above information, you will realize that it entails all you need to know about the dog crates. From the benefits of the dog crates to the different types of crates, you can find on the market. This now makes it easier for you to easily make an informed opinion about the type of dog crate that will suit your dog.

In order to make your search simpler, you can always consider the above top six best dog crates for separation anxiety that is available on the market. Provide your dog with the ultimate comfort it requires by getting any of the above top six dog crates and the dog will definitely love it.