5 Best Dog Crate Beds For 2023

Our pets are like a part of the family. We love them. We want them safe, happy, and of course, comfortable. With our busy lives, it is sometimes unavoidable that we have to leave our furry children at home, alone. While cats tend to be pretty self-sufficient, dogs may need to be kept in a crate or kennel, when mom and dad leave the house. While this can make you feel guilty, Fido is usually quite content in his home within a home.

To ensure the comfort of your pet, extra padding placed inside of the crate is a must. With all the options currently on the market, it can get overwhelming to make the right decision. To help you find the right one, we have compiled a list of the best dog crate beds available right now.

A Quick Look at the Best Dog Beds For Crates

1.Dog Crate PadBig Barker
2.BarkBox Memory Foam Dog BedBarkBox
4.(Best Dog Crate Beds)Brindle Soft Dog BedBrindle
5.MidWest Homes for Pets

5 Best Dog Crate Beds Reviewed

1. Big Barker Dog Crate Pad

This unbelievably thick and super tough, the orthopedic pad is probably one of the most well-rounded, top-rated dog crate beds on the market today. With a total of four inches of high-quality support in the form of two inches of memory foam sitting atop a two-inch base. It is also encased in 100% waterproof material, guaranteeing it is not only comfortable, but it is also digging/tear-free. It fits snugly in the tray of your standard large kennels. Your dog will love you forever for this one!

Big Barker Dog Crate Pad
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Easy to Clean – With its leak-proof covering, you are able to simply wipe away any mess. Without sacrificing comfort, this ensures that your pet will never have to rest on disgusting stains. It also fits snugly inside a crate tray to prevent leakage underneath (gross!)

No Pain No Gain? Not Anymore – The orthopedic memory foam pad provides unrivaled support, eliminating joint and pressure point pain. It molds to the contours of your pet’s body, which guarantees even the largest breeds (who are more prone to orthopedic issues like hip dyspepsia) have complete support. No more sinking to the floor.

Tough Guy – Does your boy like to dig at his bedding? This undeniably strong, dog crate bed is tear-resistant, and while not chew-proof, it is probably a safer bet than some others, especially if Fido likes to gnaw. Tough and sturdy you are sure to get a lot of use out of this kennel bed.

  • Prevents and relieves pressure point and joint pain
  • Simple to keep clean
  • Rip-resistant
  • Heavy-duty cover is completely removable and washing machine safe
  • The quality memory foam does not lose shape over time
  • Not totally chew proof
  • No bolsters

Summary: When it comes to loads of awesome features with minimal drawbacks, this is one of the absolute premium quality crate beds available, especially for the price. Those who have purchased this pad give it rave reviews, and if for some reason you are unhappy with it, that nice little warranty will back you up.

2. BarkBox Memory Foam Dog Bed

Available in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes, you can rest assured you will find the right fit for your pet. Cleaning is made simple with a removable and washable cover. Made of a distinctive combination of memory foam and gel, your four-legged love will find unrivaled comfort when this bed is added to their kennel-home. Make sure your pet is happy and content while you’re away. As an added bonus, receive a surprise with your purchase!

BarkBox Memory Foam Dog Bed
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Comfort Combo – The unique mixture of memory foam and gel offers sturdiness and support others do not provide. The cover is ultra-soft but can withstand any level of use, it is zippered and completely removable to ensure any mess is able to be cleaned thoroughly.

We Have That Size – Whether your baby is a Labrador, English bulldog, or a Chihuahua, there is a size and fit to meet your specific needs:

  • Small: 16” X 24” X 3”, for pets that weigh less than 25 lbs.
  • Medium: 22” X 32” X 3”, for pets that weigh less than 45 lbs.
  • Large: 26” X 36” X 3”, for pets that weigh less than 65 lbs.
  • X-Large: 42” X 31” X 4”, for pets that weigh less than 120 lbs.

Tip: Measuring your pet’s crate may help ensure it will be the perfect ft.

No Other Quite Like It – With its unique filling and superior handcrafted quality, this dog crate pad certainly outshines all others. It is especially helpful for pets with orthopedic conditions such as arthritis or to help ease the aches and pains that come naturally with aging.

  • 100% waterproof and washable
  • Two types of filler guarantee unbeatable support
  • Variety of sizes for the perfect fit
  • Secure zipper to avoid messes with escaping filling
  • Bonus surprise!
  • Not quite as fluffy/plush as some of the others but definitely makes up for it in other areas
  • A few have reported that the pad was too thin, however, that should resolve with extra breathing time. If it does not fully fluff after 48 hours, you are encouraged to contact customer support

Summary: This bed is comfortable and snug, with added leak protection. I can say with confidence that, out of all those purchasable, this is the very premium quality bed that you can buy. Providing superior comfort and complete support, this one is a step above the rest.

3. Milliard Memory Foam Dog Bed

Featuring a removable, anti-microbial, waterproof, and machine washable non-slip cover, the Milliard Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed is first in its class, not only for keeping your dog comfortable but for everyone’s benefit, it is also incredibly easy to clean. Made to be long-lasting, your dog will get years of use and comfort from this well-constructed and cozy bed.

Milliard Memory Foam Dog Bed
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Massive and Snuggle Ready – Made up of two inches of premium, dense, memory foam on top, with a two-inch, firm and sturdy base, it provides equal support along the length of, and at all pressure points on your pet’s body. Measuring 46in. X 35in. X 4in., this huge bed will complete your pets, pad (see what I did there?), transforming their crate into the perfect refuge.

Built To Last – Comprised of super thick, tough material, this bed can take a beating from even the toughest puppy. If your dog likes to dig or nest, this bed is virtually tear-free. It is NOT chewing proof, however, it can probably take it better than other dog crate mattresses. The removable covering is completely waterproof, and the pad is made to fit loosely inside the lipped tray of the crate, with enough room to catch any runoff. The antimicrobial cover offers an added layer of protection from germs and bacteria.

Achy Joints Heaven – The orthopedic memory foam is firm enough to lightly contour the curves and angles of your pet’s entire body. No more uncomfortable days or nights on a cold and hard, plastic, or metal tray. It will be a chore to get your furball to come out of his new and improved doggy retreat.

  • Alleviates pressure point pain and can prevent future orthopedic issues
  • Anti-microbial, waterproof, and fully washable cover ensures an always clean pet bed
  • Resists damage from digging/nesting
  • Easy to fold for storage or to bring along on a trip
  • Certif.-PUR-US – certified foam means that it has been tested and meets or exceeds standards
  • A determined chewer may cause damage
  • No bumpers/bolsters so it may work better in conjunction with a crate

Summary: This is definitely in the top five of the best dog beds for crates out there right now. Well constructed and sturdy, it will match well with your pooches personality, while also making them feel safe and secure (and clean!).

4. Brindle Soft Dog Bed

If your dog is elderly or has any orthopedic issues, this is the perfect bed for your buddy. Super soft and incredibly comfortable, your dog’s bones will thank you. Filled with sewn-in foam means it will not bunch, offering even support. Well constructed, it also backs itself with a 3-year warranty!

(Best Dog Crate Beds) Brindle Soft Dog Bed
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Supportive and Comfortable – Featuring a three-inch layer of shredded, memory foam filling, this bed is great for any medium-sized pet but especially for those with arthritis, joint problems, and/or hip dysplasia. Measuring 34” by 22” this comfy insert is compatible with any 36” by 23” kennel, adding the ultimate finish to your pups haven.

Easy Clean Up- The zippered, removable, microsuede cover makes clean up a breeze. While this bed is not leakproof, putting a waterproof crib mattress sheet under the beds’ cover should do the trick. If you must wash the filling, placing it inside of a zipper-close pillowcase, and washing as you would any bed pillow will suffice, although doing it frequently, is not recommended.

Well Constructed – While this high-quality dog crate bed is durable, if your fur-baby is an extreme chewer, this one may not be for him. Beautiful yet simplistic in design, it is absolutely built to, not only last through multiple cleanings, but years of wear and use.

  • Alleviates achy joints, from age or orthopedic issues
  • Even large breeds are supported completely, no sinking to the floor!
  • Well made, and easy to clean
  • Comes in a variety of lovely colors which will fit well with most home decor
  • A cozy texture that keeps your pet warm
  • Massively destructive chewers may cause damage
  • Can make a light crinkly noise when your pet shifts its weight
  • When first opened it will be compressed, and can take up to (likely less than), 48 hours to fully fluff

Summary: This bed is a good choice for most dog breeds, it comes in a few different sizes to accommodate any pet, even if they like to sleep all stretched out! Most of those that have purchased these pads are incredibly happy with it, and so are their pets.

5. MidWest Deluxe Bed for Dogs

This massive pet bed is big enough for both of you to snuggle up together. At 54 inches, it fits snugly in an equal-sized crate. It also works well when used as a regular pet bed. Your dog will never want to leave his/her crate again. When shopping for the dog bed for the crate, this one should definitely make the list.

MidWest Deluxe Bed for Dogs & Cats
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Soft, Superior Comfort – A ½ inch of a firm, cushioned padding is surrounded by soft bumpers, to provide your pet the ultimate in comfort. Being fully machine washable makes for easy clean-ups, and when not being used, it easily folds up and fits into most storage areas

Durable and High Quality- With its exceptional quality craftsmanship, this bed will give your dog years of happiness. It stands up well to rough puppy play, although if your dog is a chronic chewer, there is a chance for possible damage

Home Sweet Home – Many dogs are not exactly crate lovers. They get anxious, so adding an extra layer of comfort can make it more homelike. The warmth of the fleece and surrounding of soft, barrier-like bolsters will keep your four-legged baby feeling cozy and protected.

  • Completely washable, no more stress about the mess
  • Lined with waterproof material, prevents leaking on carpet or flooring
  • Soft and warm, offering maximum comfort
  • Lightweight and easy to store
  • Makes being in their crate much more appealing to your dog!
  • The material can shed some, but using a lint roller should help with any excess
  • They measure on the smaller side, try going up one size to avoid any inconvenience
  • May not survive a super chewer

Summary: Well made and durable, this bed will bring your pet comfort for a long time to come. Washing machine safe so accidents are no longer a headache! Help your pup feel more secure when he has to be away from you, while you feel better about his comfort.

Things to Consider when Buying a Dog Crate Bed

Durability VS Personality – Is your pet a crazy, hyper, super destructive kind of guy? Or a more laid back, chilling all day pup? This is perhaps the most important question to ask yourself as it sets the basis for what you are going to need. Be sure to evaluate your pet’s personality and his behavior, before making a decision.

Is your pup a chewer? – This point is going to be an important one to consider when choosing your dog crate bed. Most beds can stand up against some destruction, but they are not chewing proof. If you have a destructive chewer on your hands, you do not want to buy a thinly covered, super fluffy pillow bed. It will likely be destroyed in one sitting. Your pet may need an extra sturdy bed, like the Bark Box at #5. Throw some chew toys in and hope for the best. Giving your pet toys meant to be exclusively for chewing, may discourage him from destroying his surroundings.

Accident Prone? – If your pet is one that tinkles when excited, happy, or just if you look at him funny, you need a crate bed that is cleanable. There are many on the market, some better than others, for puppies and dogs who just can’t help it. Choose the right one, as there is nothing worse than a stinky and dirty kennel that you can’t wash properly.

Accommodation – What are your pet’s specific comfort needs? This seems obvious but you want to make sure that whichever bed you choose makes your pet completely comfortable. Knowing your dog well will play into this because your furry friend can’t exactly tell you what he needs. If he is a young pup, a thin, firmer mattress should be sufficient, however, if he is older, you may need more cushion and support.

Overall likability – Face it, you could buy a million-dollar, high tech, pet bed that rocks FiFi to sleep every night, yet, if she doesn’t like it, she will not use it. Which, really, defeats the whole purpose. Get to know what makes your pooch feel at home, and what he does not like. Animals, dogs especially, can be incredibly stubborn.

The Final Words (Summary)

When you are a dog lover, you feel the same about them as you do your family (and sometimes, we like our pets more!). You are the one that they turn to for love, guidance and to care for them completely. Of course, we want them to have the best of everything, but especially a dog crate bed. With the amount of time they can spend inside of their kennel, it is important to their well being that they are not uncomfortable, or unhappy.

When looking for the best dog crate bed, it is imperative that you keep in mind what your individual pet needs. They all have different personalities and choosing the wrong one can wind up being a headache for you, and your dog.