Top 5 Best DD-WRT Router Reviews & Guide

If you are looking for the best DD-WRT router, you have landed at the right place. For those of you new to the term, DD-WRT is an open source firmware with a user-friendly interface. It is designed for the broadband routers wherein you can connect multiple devices with a single VPN account.

You can either configure your home router into DD-WRT or obtain a pre-configured DD-WRT router. Using the DD-WRT firmware has many advantages. It improves the flexibility of the router’s features. There are many DD-WRT router products available in the market. This article highlights on five best dd wrt routers from among them.

5 Best DD-WRT routers reviewed

1. ASUS RT-AC5300

This router from ASUS is equipped with some of the latest wireless technologies. It is tri-band just like the previous one we saw(one 2.4GHz, two 5GHz). With the 802.11ac MU-MIMO, you will have the high-speed Wi-Fi connection for all the compatible devices.

Asus rt-ac5300 Review
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It is powered by a 1.4Ghz dual-core processor with RAM of 512MB. It comes with the Smart Connect that assigns the traffic on the fly. Its connectivity performance is improved as it efficiently allocates the appropriate wireless band to the connecting devices. Unlike other ordinary routers, it strives to make every device to enjoy the best coverage possible with its brilliant allocation of traffic. This is done based on various factors such as the speed, signal strength, load, etc.

The four transmit four receive antenna (4T4R) serves for the best Wi-Fi range and signal strength. The AiRadar beamforming helps for the better focusing of devices for the wireless connections. This will help you to enjoy the best possible connectivity from this router. This router also has some safety features for you. The AiProtection protects you from the possible online threats, which is a matter of concern for all the internet users.


  • It has improved coverage with eight antennas.
  • It has zero lag.
  • It has built-in protection without additional cost.
  • It can handle up to thirty devices.


  • It is costly.
  • The set-up process is a bit hassle.

Summary: This is one another router with tri-band functionality. It comes with some of the best technology for a seamless browsing experience. With the protection against online threats, you can have safe connectivity with this router.

2. Linksys WRT1900ACS

This wireless DD-WRT router from Linksys comes with a dual-band, 1.6Ghz dual-core processor. It has a 512MB RAM making it more reliable for data transfers at a faster rate. Due to its high RAM size, the online gaming, streaming and file transfers happen without any lags.

Linksys ac1900 Review
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The router has four antennae and helps in the wide coverage of the network. This is especially true in the case of multi-storey homes where signal strength is the prime concern for Wi-Fi connectivity. The Beamforming feature facilitates the router to selectively strengthen the signals to devices that is used frequently. This makes sure that the browsing speed and the wireless range are greatly improved.

The router has the USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports for handling an array of digital devices. The eSATA port helps you to connect an external SATA device via the eSATA cable. This port can also be used as the USB 2.0 port. This router can be customized to suit any particular application as you demand. This is possible because it is developed for being used with OpenWRT (open source Linux-based OS).


  • It provides good browsing speed.
  • It is easy to setup.
  • It is visually appealing.
  • The network map makes easy to identify and control devices.


  • It lacks setup info for MAC.
  • The price is a bit high.

Summary: This router can deliver a high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity with its enormous RAM size. As it comes with four powerful antennae, it can extend its signal across a wide area without any deterioration.

3. NETGEAR R7000-100PAS

This router from NETGEAR Nighthawk is going to accelerate your browsing speed with its enormous speed of 1900 Mbps. It is powered by the dual-core 1Ghz processor for a superior performance of the router.

Netgear Nighthawk ac1900 Review (Best Router for DD-WRT)
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It ensures a 100% coverage with its Beamforming+ technology and high-powered amplifiers. As it comes with advanced upstream QoS, you can be assured of the optimized game plays like the XBox. The buffering issues are completely eliminated with this router. With the downstream QoS and the built-in iTunes server, streaming is possible in an uninterrupted way.

The USB 3.0 helps you to access the media stored in your device with ease. It comes with the free automatic backup software. This ensures the safety of your devices. The Kwitt feature helps you to view and share the photos through social media from the USB storage. The ReadyCloud USB and ReadyShare helps you to access the USB from anywhere and anytime. Using the OpenVPN connect app, you can access your network remotely on your device.


  • The connection is robust.
  • It has a good coverage range.
  • It supports latest devices like Galaxy Note 3, Nexus 5.
  • It does not face any re-connection issues once set.


  • It is expensive.
  • The menu layout is confusing.

Summary: This router from NETGEAR comes with a powerful processor and advanced technology. It will obviously meet your increasing demands of Wi-Fi connectivity.

4. D-Link AC3200

This router from D-Link can be referred as the three in one router. It operates on three wireless bands, namely, 2.4Ghz offering a speed of 600Mbps and two 5Ghz with a speed of 1,300Mbps. They are designed to function at the same time.

D-Link ac3200 Review
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With the tri-band Wi-Fi, this router does wonders in media streaming, online gaming, etc. It allows for a lag free streaming of 4K media and even Facetime on various devices across your home. The Smart Connect technology enables the router to choose from the three Wi-Fi band. The most suitable wireless band is chosen based on the device you connect to the network. The Intelligent Traffic Prioritization helps for the appropriate allocations of the Wi-Fi band for every device, be it new or old.

The coverage is improved by directing the bandwidth as you keep moving with your device in your home. This clever aspect of the router makes it possible for you to have a better streaming of video, surfing, gaming, etc. It has six antennas that help for a stronger Wi-Fi coverage, connectivity, and performance.


  • It is easy to set-up.
  • The manual prioritization of devices for connection is possible.
  • The range of coverage is good.
  • It is very suitable for bigger homes.


  • It is big in size.
  • It lacks dedicated parental controls.

Summary: This DD-WRT router has various beneficial features. As it comes with tri-band, it offers a wider connectivity range for a number of devices. It also has the capability to allocate the band with its advanced technology. Hence, you will have a lot more from this router than just the connectivity.

5. TP-Link AC1900

This wireless AC router uses a fast performing dual-core processor to deliver a high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity. The network maintains a high-speed streaming even when many devices are connected at a time.

TP-Link ac1900 Review (Best TP-Link Router 2017)
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This router even allows you to watch movies in 4K without any buffering. It has three dual band antennas, so you can have a better Wi-Fi across your home. The Beamforming improves the connectivity by enabling the router to focus on the devices being connected to it. The dual USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports help in the easy sharing of files and media through your network. As it comes with dual frequency bands of 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz, the router is able to connect many devices to your network.

It is powered by the 1Ghz dual-core processor. It continuously manages every Wi-Fi band, connections, and hardware with its high-speed performance. The QoS is customized to assign extra bandwidth for the devices that you will use the most. This makes sure that the internet speed is at its peak for those devices.


  • It is easy to configure.
  • It occupies a lesser area.
  • It is reasonably priced.
  • It provides a good signal strength.


  • It can’t be attached to the wall.
  • The user manual is confusing to follow.

Summary: The TP-Link AC router can make your life easy with its enormous performance. It comes with some of the best connectivity features and dual USB ports. All these means that you can enjoy your Wi-Fi seamlessly.

The Final Words (Conclusion)

Though you can configure your own router, purchasing a pre-configured DD-WRT router has various advantages. Such routers save your time that you will have to spend for configurations. Also, it avoids the tedious steps involved in the configuration processes.

All the products we discussed here are some of the best DD-WRT routers of 2019 you can ever find. By possessing a DD-WRT router, you can start using it as soon as you plug it. If you are planning to shift to a DD-WRT router, it is indeed a good idea. You will find that the performance of your router improves and shows its true potential with the DD-WRT firmware.

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