5 Best Cooling Mats for Dogs in 2023

During the summer, dogs find it difficult to stay cool and hydrated. Unlike humans, dogs don’t sweat which makes it difficult for them to regulate their temperatures. Also, dogs wear a fur 24 hours a day, further making it difficult for them to stay cool.

Since it can be disturbing to watch your dog panting on a hot day because of being unable to regulate their temperatures during hot weather below are the top 5 best cooling mats for dogs that can assist your furry friend to stay cool. Have a look and play a part in maintaining a happy and comfortable dog during the hot summer.

A Quick Look at the Top Rated Cooling Mats for Dogs

2.(Best Cooling Mats For Dogs) Dogbed4less Premium Foam Pet MatDogbed4less
3.Arf Pets Pet Dog Self Cooling Mat PadArf Pets
5.CoolDog Reusable Ice MatIcy Cools CoolDog

5 Best Cooling Mats for Dogs Reviewed

1. Coleman Comfort Cooling Gel Pad

Concluding this review is the Coleman Cooling Pad Mat. Availed in different colors, this mat acts as a perfect choice for pet owners with dogs that are a little bit picky on color choices. Besides that, the mat is a great choice for a durable, safe, and effective cooling mat for dogs.

Coleman Comfort Cooling Gel Pad
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Easy to maintain – No one wants to get a cooling mat that is difficult to maintain, having in mind that safety and cleanliness are the key points to keeping a happy and healthy dog. For this reason, Coleman created a mat that features a wipe-clean shell so that you can take little time and effort during maintenance

Safe design – On top of the easy to clean design, the mat is safe to use. The reason is its non-toxic gel that remains 5-10 degrees cooler than the room temperatures. As a result, the dog cooling pad is a perfect choice to an effective cooling pad as well as one that is safe for use with allergic dogs.

  • No refrigeration required
  • The tough design ensures long-lasting performance
  • Cols fast after use
  • Easy to carry
  • Limited size options
  • The mat doesn’t include enough cushioning.

Summary: If you have been reading this review aiming to find an affordable mat that will keep your pet cool during the hot summer, this is a perfect point to start. The non-toxic gel that enables it to stay cooler than the room temperature makes it an ideal choice for pet owners who want to ensure happy and comfortable hot days for their pups

2. Dogbed4less Cooling Foam

Are you looking for a cooling mat that is designed to provide a practical and comfortable bed that you and your pet will love? Well, I recommend the Dogbed4less Premium Cooling Mat. The mat includes a high-density memory foam designed to provide optimal comfort and support. Also, the foam durable and waterproof further making it a perfect choice to anyone looking for a comfortable place for a pet to rest.

(Best Cooling Mats For Dogs) Dogbed4less Premium Foam Pet Mat
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Durable and comfortable fabric – Dogbed4less features the best material designed to provide support, comfort, and durability. The fabric is a super comfortable 300g velour fleece fabric that features a brown color. Besides brown, you can get the mat in gray or beige, based on your preference or pet’s favorite color. More to that, the mat includes high-density memory foam. This foam is five times denser than regular foams which makes it a perfect choice to a pet mat designed to provide years of comfort and orthopedic support.

Waterproof memory foam – Since spills can occur at any moment, the mat features a design that will help you manage these spills with a lot of ease. Its bottom side features a high-quality waterproof SBR rubber that doesn’t slip easily. This makes the mat a perfect choice to a pet mat that is safe and convent to use.

Easy to maintain – Another advantage of the Dogbed4less pet mat is its easy-to-maintain design. The reason is that it features advanced fresh antimicrobial treatment. This treatment helps it to resist mildew and mold assuring you of safety and ease of cleaning. Also, the mat’s color is a perfect choice to a one that helps to conceal shedding. Therefore, you might make a great choice once you get a mat that features a color that almost looks familiar to the pet’s coat.

  • The mat’s Velour Fleece topper is a perfect addition to an existing bed due to the extra-thick cushioning
  • It helps to promote better sleep and healthy joints
  • The mat comes in a range of sizes enabling you to get one that will fit in your available space
  • It is easy to wash
  • Comfortable and doesn’t retain stink if a dog happens to pee on it
  • Mat doesn’t feature a chew-proof rated material, thus not suitable for chewers
  • It doesn’t seem to cool overheating and panting dogs
  • Not super-durable

Summary: Whether you are looking for a cooling mat for dogs that is suitable for use in dog’s houses, crates, carriers, cars, or a sofa, you can be sure that the Dogbed4less pet mat is a great choice. Designed for use in any indoor setting, the mat helps you create a comfortable place for the dog to rest. So, try it yourself and expect to fall in love with it.

3. Arf Pets Pet Dog Self Cooling Mat

Do you define a good cooling mat for a dog as a mat that acts as a long-lasting solution designed to keep all pets comfortable and healthy during the hottest and most humid conditions? If that is the case, you might have to stop here.

Arf Pets Self Cooling Mat Pad is a self-charging pad. It automatically recharges within 15-20 minutes of not using, since it incorporates an innovative cool gel interior without the need for refrigeration, electricity, batteries, or water. As a result, it acts as a low maintenance option for use in the car, hotel, home, kennel, or in an RV.

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Provide three hours of continuous relief – If you want to provide ultimate relaxation and relief for your pet for up to three hours, then you must consider this cooling mat. The mat features a sturdy nylon cushion that features an innovative cool gel interior. This design provides up to three hours of use and automatically recharges in 15 to 20 minutes of not using. Hence, you can be sure to provide up to three hours of continuous comfort after using it.

Non-toxic materials – The answer to a safe place where pets can find relief from hot temperatures is the Arf Pets Cooling Mat Pad. This pad features 100%latex-free and non-toxic materials. Because of this, the cooling mat is safe for adults, kids, and animals.

Versatile – For the best value for money, you might want to get a versatile cooling pad like the Arf Pets Cooling Mat Pad. The cooling mat is a perfect choice for relaxation and consolation to pets that are recovering from injury or suffering from skin conditions, swelling, or stress. As a result, you can get the mat for use by aging, ailing, or pets that want to cool their temperatures.

  • Mat folds flat and retains its shape over time
  • It wipes clean to guarantee ease of use
  • Puncture-resistant exterior guarantees years of reliable performance
  • Lightweight and easy-to-fold design ensure portability
  • Suitable for use in a portable crate, the back seat of the car, or dog’s bed
  • Limited cushioning.
  • Slippery top surface

Summary: You can now provide your best friend with some cooling convenience during the hot summer with the Arf Pets Pet Dog Self Cooling Mat. The fact that it features a lightweight and foldable design makes it perfect for traveling. Better, features a durable solid gel construction which is perfect for delivering long-run reliable performance.

4. The Green Pet Shop Cooling Mat

Are you looking for a no-fuss solution designed to provide chilled relief this summer? You can get the Green Pet Cooling Mat and expect it to provide instant cool down for your beloved pet. The mat features a pressure activated gel cooling pad that helps to eliminate overheating. Also, it includes other features that make it a perfect choice for any pet owner. Read on and get to know why you will make a great decision after purchasing it.

The Green Pet Shop Dog Cooling Mat
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Provides up to three hours of cooling – The Green Pet Cooling Mat adopts a patented cushioning. This pad uses a unique gel formula that recharges automatically within 15-20 minutes of idleness. This enables the cooling mat to eliminate overheating and dehydration for up to three hours. As a result, the pad is a perfect choice for panting and hot dogs that find it difficult to stay cool during the summer.

Versatile – Designed to enhance versatility, this mat is suitable for use in a pet’s crate, kennel, bed, floor, or sofa. Also, it features a design that makes it safe when used to provide relief from joint pain, heat, and muscles pain. Because of this, the cooling mat is a perfect solution for use with senior pets and pets with health conditions

  • A range of sizes lets you pick a mat that will match perfectly to your dog’s size
  • Easy to wipe clean using a damp cloth
  • Folds up to a small size to enhance portability
  • Cool to the touch, so dogs find interest in using it to lower their temperatures
  • Not suitable for chewers since its materials are not digestible
  • Shrinks over time
  • Slippery top

Summary: If you are looking for a simple solution that will help to avoid dehydration and overheating for hot and panting dogs, the Green Pet Cooling Mat is a perfect option. Besides cooling dogs, the mat is an ideal treatment for pets with health conditions and senior dogs. Therefore, get this versatile cooling mat and provide relief for overheating and pain at the same time.

5. Icy Cools CoolDog Mat

Want to keep your dog cool and happy during the summer? If so, you have the CoolDog Reusable Ice Mat for your taking. As the title suggests, the mat features a reusable design which means that you can freeze it after use making it ready for the next cooling hour. So, have a look at its outstanding features and decide whether this is a perfect match for your needs.

CoolDog Reusable Ice Mat
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Non-slip bottom – Have you ever walked on a mat that slides easily on the floor? If it didn’t happen to you, it probably happened to a friend, your baby or dog, and you wouldn’t want to get such an experience again. To prevent the mat from sliding during use, the CoolDog ice mat features a non-skid lower rubber. This rubber stays on the floor securely preventing it from sliding when the dog is walking over.

Hook and loop closure- Do you have two or more pets and want them to stay close together while resting? Well, this is a perfect mat for this. It includes Hook and Loop link-able closures. These closures connect two or more mats to create one large mat. As a result, you can effectively create a mat for larger dogs or one that is designed to hold several dogs at a time.

Safe design – You wouldn’t want to risk the safety of your pet by purchasing a pet mat that will endanger its wellbeing. That said, you will make a great choice once you opt to get the CoolDog Reusable Ice Mat. The fact that the mat features USA-made Hot/Cold inserts that contain safe and purified water that doesn’t contain dyes or gels assures you of getting a cooling mat that is safe for use with allergic pets.

  • Durable canvas enhances long-lasting performance
  • Rolls up easily for storage or use in the freezer
  • No need to add water in the hot/cold inserts
  • Easy to use and freeze
  • Limited size choices
  • The hot/cold inserts don’t easily go into the pad after freezing
  • Mat doesn’t stay cold for long especially when it is too hot

Summary: You can’t beat the hot temperatures that come with summer, but you can formulate ways to keep your dog cool during this period, such as using the CoolDog Reusable Ice Mat. So, get this reusable ice mat for your dog and let him/her know that you care about his well-being during the hot summer.

Things to Consider when Buying a Cooling Mat for Your Dog

Cooling power – Cooling mats are designed to lower the temperature of your dogs enabling them to stay cool and comfortable during the hot weather. Because of this, you must get a thermal-effective cooling mat. By this I mean, get a pad that offers a longer cooling effect. Also, get a cooling pad with a high radiation capability. Such a mat should return to the cold temperatures within a short time after use.

Portability – You do not want to buy a cooling mat that limits versatility in terms of the places it can be used. That said, you will want to get a cooling pad that is easy to carry so that you can bring it along wherever you go. Therefore, get a mat that features a lightweight and foldable design to facilitate portability.

Durability – When shopping for the best cooling pad for dogs, you must consider durability. After all, no one wants to get a mat that is designed to last for a few days or months. Therefore, look for a cooling pad that features materials that aren’t susceptible to tenacious Clawers or chewers.

Size – Dogs vary in size. So, are we talking about a small pup or a big adult? Note that the size of the cooling mat should match to the size of the dog so that it can rest on it leaving part of the mat utilized. So, get a cooling pad that features a bigger size than that of your dog.

Ease of cleaning – A good cooling mat must be easy to clean. In this regard, get a pad that features waterproof materials. Such materials prevent absorption of spilled liquid which means that you can wipe the surface and leave it at that.

Safe materials – Do not forget to consider the well-being of your dog when selecting a cooling mat. Therefore, opt for a pad that features non-toxic materials and those that exclude lead and chemicals. Also, if you are dealing with a chewer, get a mat that features a durable material making it difficult for the dog to tear apart.

The Final Words (Summary)

Although summer is usually a long-awaited season, it can be disturbing for pet parents, having in mind that dogs can’t control their temperatures — however, thanks to cooling mats for dogs that help to lower a pet’s body temperature in the aim of keeping it comfortable during the summer. So, avoid guesswork when trying to locate a cooling mat but purchase the best cooling mats for dog as reviewed above for you to get the best value for your money.