7 Best Chef Knife Under $100 In 2019

(best chef knives under $100 ) Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef Knife
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As a chef or even an enthusiastic home cook, there are fewer tools that you rely on more than a good knife. As an integral part of any kitchen, your knife allows you to cut, chop and slice up your ingredients in preparation for your cook. A dull knife serves only to hinder your progress, leading to subpar efforts in the kitchen.

There are many factors that differentiate a good chef’s knife from just any old knife. Chef’s knives are sharp, balanced and comfortable to handle, and will allow you to work quickly, saving you tons of preparation time. Upgrading your kitchen knife is a smart decision that every good chef should make. Here, we review the best chef knife under $100.

A Quick Look At The Top Rated Chef Knives

Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef KnifeVictorinox Swiss Army
Mercer Culinary M23510 RenaissanceMercer Culinary
Henckels Four Star Chef's KnifeZWILLING J.A. Henckels
Shun VB0723 Sora Chef's KnifeShun
Wusthof Classic Chef's KnifeWusthof
TATARA Kitchen Chef KnifeTatara
DALSTRONG GS 8inch Chef KnifeDalstrong

7  Best Chef Knife Under $100 Reviewed

1. Victorinox Pro Chef’s Knife

When you handle knives all day, the most important factor that you need to consider is the comfort that you’re going to be in. The Victorinox Fibrox Pro is one of the best ergonomic chef’s knives on the market today. Suitable for any kitchen task, this knife marries comfort and class.

Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef Knife
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Ergonomic design – Not only is this knife strong and sturdy, but the handle is made in a beautiful ergonomic design. With a non-slip grip and great weight balance, you’ll be able to handle it with minimal breaks for long periods of time.

Superior strength – This knife is suitable for just about anything you might want to use it for. Not only will it slice through vegetables with ease, but it can also handle carving any meat type thanks to the super strong 7.9-inch blade.

Straight-edged sharpness – The Victorinox pro chef’s knife is built with a razor-sharp straight edge, which allows you to carve and chop with efficiency and ease. The blade is built so that minimal sharpening is required to take care of it, meaning you can stay in the kitchen longer with less maintenance time.

  • Long, super wide blade that gives you versatility in the kitchen
  • Comfortable ergonomically designed handle so you’ll ache less after long kitchen stints
  • Completely dishwasher safe so you can spend less time cleaning
  • Swiss made blade which retains strength and has great durability
  • Slip resistant handle that reduces kitchen mishaps
  • Some users have reported a breakdown in the blade after some time
  • While minimal sharpening is required, your experience may differ depending on your usage

Summary: If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen knife whilst on a budget, the Victorinox Fibrox Pro is the perfect low cost solution for you. Not only is it comfortable and easy to handle but also the long wide blade can also help you get the job done.

2. Mercer Culinary M23510

Having a super sharp chef’s knife means nothing if you have to spend all of your time keeping it sharp and clean. The Mercer chef’s is a knife that will have you worrying less about the condition of the blade and will get you back to what you love doing the most: cooking.

Mercer Culinary M23510 Renaissance
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German cutlery steel – The Mercer chef’s knife has a blade built from German cutlery steel, which is designed to be corrosion resistant and always sharp. Not only that, but the blade features stain resistant technology so it will always look good while you’re working.

Rounded handle – The handle on this knife is not only ergonomically designed, but it features a rounded spine so that it will always feel good in your hand. Not only that, but the full tang handle reduces the risk of slippage, keeping you safe while you work.

One piece construction – The one piece design of this chef’s knife will give you peace of mind that your knife will always be functional. Without the risk of breakage, you’ll find that you won’t need to replace the knife for years when compared to some two-piece designs.

  • Comfortable ergonomic grip featuring full tang to reduce slippage
  • High-carbon German steel blade that is stain and corrosion resistant
  • The blade is easy to sharpen thanks to the shortened bolster
  • NSF certified so that you’ll have peace of mind as to its quality
  • Superior finish quality within the one piece design for comfort and style
  • Not dishwasher safe and requires washing using soap and water
  • Smaller handle which may not be comfortable for some cooks

Summary: The Mercer chef’s knife is a great option for any chef regardless of experience. This is definitely one of the best quality chef’s knives that you can get at this price point, and you won’t be disappointed.

3. Henckels Four Star Knife

For something a little different, the Henckels Four Star chef’s knife is not only versatile and functional but allows you to give it a personal twist. This knife is a precision-forged, quality offering that will allow you to take your kitchen work to the next level.

Henckels Four Star Chef's Knife
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Custom engraving option – You have the ability to customize this knife with a personalized engraving on the handle. The bright, shiny engraving will stand the test of time and will truly create a knife that means something special to you.

Seamless design – This knife looks great and is highly usable. The seamless design from bolster to handle means that the knife is super comfortable for use over longer periods of time. You’ll find yourself spending less time resting and more time doing what you love.

Made from special formula steel – This knife is created with Zwilling’s custom ice-hardening technique. What this means for you is that you’ll see less staining on a stronger blade, reducing the risk of stains, chips and ugly marks whilst retaining ultimate sturdiness.

  • Personalized knife that can hold a custom engraving
  • Stainless steel is created using a special formula and will stay sharper for longer
  • Permanently bonded polypropylene handle that retains comfort whilst still being strong
  • One-piece design that uses a single piece of solid steel so it won’t break
  • Balanced and flexible design that gives superior comfort and grip
  • The blade is narrower than previous Zwilling’s designs
  • The handle does not feature full tang, so you might have issues if that’s what you’re used to

Summary: At this price point, there is very little more you could ask for. Not only is the Zwilling’s chef’s knife strong and study, but it retains ultimate sharpness with maximum comfort. It is truly a great addition to any kitchen.

4. Shun VB0723 Sora Knife

This 6-inch steel knife is built with precision Japanese technology and will deliver a great cutting experience in any kitchen. Not only is it strong and sturdy, but the traditional design ensures that you work with efficiency and elegance in your kitchen.

Shun VB0723 Sora Chef's Knife
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Traditional Japanese design – This smaller knife is built with tradition in mind, with a handle that offers ultimate comfort as you chop and slice. Lightweight and maneuverable, this all-purpose blade is sufficient for any kitchen task regardless of difficulty.

Composite blade technology – In order to create the ultimate in strength, this blade was designed using proprietary Composite Blade technology. This chef’s knife isn’t just lightweight and agile, but it is super sturdy and will allow you to work with speed and grace.

Two-piece design – The Shun chef’s knife is built as a two-piece design, with the join permanently welded together in a beautiful design that is based on traditional Japanese sword styles. The contemporary handle offers a very secure grip whilst delivering the ultimate balanced weight.

  • The beautiful Japanese sword-inspired chef’s knife is a stylish addition to any kitchen
  • Lightweight design that focuses on usability
  • Shorter 6 inch blade what offers agility and speed in the kitchen
  • Composite Blade technology gives you strength and resistance to staining and chipping
  • Strong double sided 16 degree cutting edge for flexibility
  • Two-piece design that must be used with care
  • There is no cover provided with the knife so that must be purchased separately

Summary: It can be hard to find a knife that fulfills all of your requirements when you’re on a budget, but the Shun chef’s knife is a beautiful and high quality offering for any kitchen. Not only does it look great, but you’ll be able to feel the strength just by holding it in your hand.

5. Wusthof Classic Chef’s Knife

One thing you want in your kitchen is the ability to customize your tools to how you use them. That’s why the Wusthof chef’s knife is perfect for those who want quality with the ability to choose a blade length that suits them.

Wusthof Classic Chef's Knife
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Customizable blade – Not only is this knife versatile in that you can choose the length of blade that suits you, from 4.5 to 12 inches in length, but you can also have the knife personalized with a custom engraving in three places. This is the best way to get a high quality knife that is created just for you and your chef style.

Precision edge technology – One of the most important factors in choosing a knife is having a blade that is resistant to dulling. This knife uses Wusthof’s Precision Edge technology which gives you a long lasting sharpness that allows you to get your work done.

Ergonomic handle – The handle on this knife features a full tang, which means you can grip it for longer without any problems with slippage. The ergonomic design ensures comfort over long stretches in the kitchen and has been designed in consultation with professional chefs.

  • Highly customizable knife with the ability to engrave at three locations
  • Knife is available in a range of lengths from 4.5 to 12 inches
  • Blade is designed using a super sharp technology to give you less maintenance
  • Knife is great for any kitchen task, from mincing, slicing and chopping
  • Full tang handle encompasses a one-piece design for durability
  • The super fine blade is not suited to cutting through bones
  • Will rust in the dishwasher when in contact with other knives

Summary: Wusthof are known for creating superior blades, and this chef’s knife is the perfect addition to any kitchen. With the wide range of options available, you can stock up on just one or get a range of different knives for any of your kitchen tasks.

6. TATARA Kitchen Chef Knife

If you’re a sushi chef, then you understand how valuable a super sharp knife is. Without it, you’ll find yourself creating misshapen sushi rolls. The Tatara chef’s knife is a beautiful professional knife inspired by sushi chefs that will slice through anything with minimal resistance.

TATARA Kitchen Chef Knife
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High carbon steel blade – The 8-inch blade on the Tatara chef’s knife is designed with high carbon steel that gives you the ultimate in strength and sharpness. Not only does that mean that this blade is very durable, but you’ll find yourself spending less time maintaining it.

Ergonomic handle – Not only is the handle designed for ultimate comfort, but the military grade G-10 rating means that your grip will be unsurpassed. Not only does this design offer agility and flexibility, but it looks great, too.

Comes with a wooden case – Keeping your knives protected and secure is a great way to lengthen their lifespan and keep them sharp all of the time. The Tatara chef’s knife comes with a beautiful wooden case so that you can store and protect your favorite knife at all times.

  • Comes with a wooden box and polishing cloth so you can take care of the blade when not in use
  • Super sharp high carbon steel blade that will allow you to slice without resistance
  • Ergonomic handle with full tang that gives you confidence in your grip
  • Rates at 55+ on the Rockwell hardness scale so you know that the blade is very strong
  • Handle is designed with professional grade strength thanks to the triple riveted and nitrogen cooled manufacturing process
  • May rust in the dishwasher so you need to take care when cleaning
  • To retain sharpness you will have to sharpen the knife more regularly than with other models

Summary: The Tatara chef’s knife is the perfect kitchen addition for people who require precision and sharpness. Suited for complex tasks like slicing sushi, this knife is beautiful, strong and functional.

7. DALSTRONG GS Chef Knife

Dalstrong are known for their dedication to their craftsmanship, and this 8 inch chef’s knife combines cutting edge technology with an award winning design to offer you the best kitchen experience. With its ability to power through even the most difficult of kitchen tasks, this knife is one of the best performing at this price point.

DALSTRONG GS 8inch Chef Knife
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Razor sharp blade – The Dalstrong Gladiator Series has been constructed from high carbon German steel. Forged with a 14-16 degree cutting edge on both sides, the blade is razor sharp and resistant to stains, chips and breakages.

Award-winning design – The handle is made with luxury imported pakkawood and is triple riveted so deliver the ultimate in strength and functionality. With a balanced and comfortable full tang grip, you will be able to use this knife for hours without being concerned about aches and pains.

Low resistance functionality – The 56+ Rockwell hardness in the blade means that you will feel far less resistance when slicing and cutting. This reduces pressure on your wrist and hands, allowing you to work in a busy kitchen all day long without any issues.

  • Razor sharp blade that can slice through anything thanks to its hardness
  • Handle is made for comfort and maneuverability with a comfortable grip
  • The blade is very easy to clean which reduces maintenance time
  • Single piece design that reduces the risk of breakages
  • Comes with a sheath so you can keep the blade protected and sharp at all times
  • The knife is very large, at a total of 14 inches in length, which may be too long for some users
  • The blade shape is very large and wide which may make handling difficult

Summary: If you can get comfortable with the size of this knife, you will find that it is one of the strongest, sharpest knifes of this kind on the market. Rather than spend hundreds of dollars on a knife that will do the same thing, the Dalstrong Gladiator Series offers you outstanding craftsmanship and the ultimate in longevity.

How To Choose A Chef Knife

Before you take the plunge and buy an expensive chef’s knife, there are several factors that you need to consider. Here, we take you through the most important features of chef’s knives that you need to think about.

Sharpness – Let’s face it: the number once concern about your kitchen knife is the sharpness. Without the ability to cut through everything you need to prepare, you will find yourself spending lots of time trying to slice through things rather than focusing on producing excellent dishes. Be sure that the knife you are going to buy is built with a steel that can retain excellent sharpness.

Balance – If you’re a professional chef, then your knife is going to be in your hand for long periods of time. In order to create a comfortable experience, you need to be sure that your knife is balanced correctly. If the balance is off, you will feel this in your wrist over time which can lead to a reduced work capacity.

Handle design – Another important factor that determines how comfortable using your knife is, is the design of the handle. A full tang design means that you can retain adequate grip on the handle without slippage, and an ergonomically designed handle can make the difference between awkward usage and full comfort. If you have had wrist or hand pain using knives before, be sure to opt for a knife that has an ergonomic handle.

Weight – Some knives are built with a long, heavy blade, whilst others are created to be used quickly and with maximum agility. The type of knife you need depends largely on your strength and also what you’ll use it for. If you prefer a knife that is more lightweight, then don’t opt for a larger knife as this will severely hinder your productivity.

Construction – Knives are built in either a one- or two-piece construction. Though two-piece designs may be more affordable, you open yourself up to the risk of breakages where the two pieces are joined. Ideally, this shouldn’t happen, but if you are concerned about the potential of breakages, opt for a knife that is built from a single piece of steel.

The Final Words (Summary)

The quality of your chef’s knife will make the difference between a productive workday or tired, aching hands and wrists. Without choosing a knife that will play to your strengths, you’ll find that your time in the kitchen is spent fixing mistakes rather than producing the best dishes you can create. You don’t have to spend a fortune on a great quality chef’s knife, so we hope that our guide to the best chef knives under $100 can help to get you back into the kitchen doing the work you love best.