5 Best Carpet Cleaners for Dog Urine in 2023

When you have pets at home, be sure that at some point in time, they are going to mess your carpet or floor in one way or another. The problem with pets is that once they pee at someplace, they will just come back to that place to do the whole process again. Now, that is where we find more problems than expected. The accumulation of urine brings bad odor into the house or room. That should be removed with the use of the best carpet cleaners for dog urine.

A Quick Look at the Top Carpet Cleaners for Dog Urine

1.Sunny & Honey Pet Stain & Odor MiracleSunny & Honey
2.(Best Carpet Cleaner For Dog Urine) Bissell Professional Pet Urine EliminatorBissell
3.Amaziing Solutions Carpet Cleaner for Dog UrineAmaziing Solutions
4.Rocco & Roxie Pet Odor RemoverRocco & Roxie Supply Co
5.(Best Carpet Cleaner For Dog Urine)Angry Orange Pet Odor EliminatorANGRY ORANGE

5 Best Carpet Cleaners for Dog Urine Reviewed

1. Sunny & Honey Enzyme Cleaner

Pets can sometimes be a mess to you. They can even decide to leave you with messes that you even never anticipated. What you need is a cleaner that has been designed to perform miracles for you. This is a substance that has been made to clean up all the organic pet’s stains and other odors that emanate from urine, vomit, feces, and even drool. These are some of the things that make your house and carpets in bad shape.

Sunny & Honey Enzyme Cleaner

It is a multi-surface cleaner – You don’t have to buy separate cleaners for your floors, your carpet, and even automobiles. Buy one item that will serve you all-round, and it is right here. once you have it, you will have no problem cleaning wherever you have a carpet or any floor that a pet has messed up with.

Made with a powerful formula – The natural formula that this item has been made with is one that makes it best in your home. The natural enzyme formula also keeps the solution up and running to remove all those odors that are irritating. There will be no turning back when it comes close to urine or even bad odor.

It is safe for use for pets and even children – You don’t have to get worried about how you will accomplish this tedious task of taking care of the pets. Once you use it on your carpet, the kids will still play as normal and as usual. What you are advised not to allow is the kids playing with the product. they might spray it on their eyes.

  • Has been made with the best quality
  • It comes with a guarantee of usage
  • Safe for use with either your kids or pets
  • Can be used to clean several surfaces
  • The best enzyme cleaner
  • When used directly, it can discolor the carpet

2. Bissell Professional Pet Urine Eliminator

Don’t just let pet stains to be a mess to you anymore. Just handle them in style with the best formula that we have for you right here. Bissell is a formula that has been trusted to work on both the carpet and upholstery in a unique manner. It ensures that even the trickiest of pet stains or odors has been completely removed. Other removing stains, it will also protect your carpet from coming into contact with futures stains.

(Best Carpet Cleaner For Dog Urine) Bissell Professional Pet Urine Eliminator
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Cleans the hardest of stains there – Some stains are hard to remove and when it comes to such stains, normal stains removers just remove a portion of it. But with this cleaner, you are sure of getting your carpet cleaned and lest sparkling unlike before.

Made with the power of Oxy – You don’t have to wait for stains to keep on piling up anymore. Oxy has been made with the most recent urine cleaners that ensure everything is removed right from the source. That is to say that any urine or odor that might have been brought along by your pet will never be left behind.

Gives you future protection – This is something that is rarely done by other stain removers. When you have removed stains, how or what do you do? Bissell comes with the anti-stain protection mode that will ensure that future stains are also kept at bay. They won’t disturb you anymore.

Repels pets away – After you have cleaned your carpet or upholstery, the product can prevent any pet that will come back to urinate on the same sport again. It produces a repelling smell that will keep them away from repeating their urination activity.

  • Ensures that stains are out and you get a fresh smell
  • Takes stains out in an easy manner
  • It ensures that pets don’t come back to urine in the same place
  • Can be used with a handheld carpet cleaner
  • Might take some time to remove those hard stains

3. Amaziing Solutions Carpet Cleaner

Bad odor and smell in your home is one scene that will bring you unhappiness for a long time. with the solution, you are sure that your joy is never away from coming to you.one thing that you need to know about pets and urinating is, once they urinate, their urine will linger for a long time in the house. What you need to do as at now is to break the cycle that has been installed so that you can remove the bad smell and odor.

Amaziing Solutions Carpet Cleaner for Dog Urine
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A pleasant smell that overpowers the smell of urine produced by the pets – This is an effective, discreet and stain remover that can take away that smell produced by pets without damaging your carpet at all. You will get a deeper natural clean for your carpet and leave it more beautiful. The best thing also is that it can give the carpet that new and sweet smell.

Does not need you to scrub your carpet – This solution contains powerful natural enzymes that also have the best enzymes that will take down the urine and neutralize it so that you can eliminate dog or cat pee smell. The powerful natural enzymes will work to neutralize that pet win door once and for all. Our home will always smell fresh each day that comes.

Essential for household use for everyone – When you get to look at this item, you will realize that it has been made by owners for pet owners. Other than saving your precious time as you use it, it can also help you save that hard-earned money on buying multiple cleaning products. It hard to have a loving pet and at the same time, maintain a fresh home, but it can all be done now.

  • Keep smell and odor away from your carpet
  • Does not have a bad side effect to the users who were with the animals
  • Uses enzymes unlike others that use chemicals
  • Stains get removed and fade away as you watch
  • Might not be able to remove the stains completely

4. Rocco & Roxie Pet Odor Remover

You cannot always control dogs and cats. For the dogs, they are only canine and cats can go further and think even outside the litter box. With human beings as their true friends, then we need to always assist them. pet urine and other tough related pain are never going to be an easy task with normal cleaners. You need ones that are exceptional to handle cleaning that is fast and up to standard.

Rocco & Roxie Pet Odor Remover
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Cleans both the carpets and upholstery – This is an eliminator that can ensure that the hard stains and odor problems are dealt with once and for all. You don’t have to worry about its safety because it has been certified to be fit for use in our homes. It, therefore, works great in your home.

Can be used to clean even concretes and tiles – Yes, which product can do this? It is only this one. This is a feature that has made our item here to be one of the best. When you are using it on concrete or tiles, we recommend that you cover the treated area with plastic. This will keep it wet and active for a few hours as it deals with stains.

Can clean hardwood and laminates – Rated safe to be used in most wood types and even laminate floors. One thing that is required of you is to be cautious. Before you embark on using it fully, you will be requested to fully test it on a small area and find if it’s compatible with your wood type. Don’t leave any liquid on the floor because it will cause swelling.

It is activated by enzymes – When you are using it on your surfaces, the major thing that you want is to get down to the problem once and for all. The natural enzymatic bacteria that you will get on this item will ensure that it becomes activated immediately it gets into contact with odors and stains. That means that they will be eliminated.

  • Works on the hardest of pet pee
  • Does not contain any chlorine or even colors
  • Has the power to eliminate odors, stains, and even residue
  • Can be used to clean every surface
  • It is also easy to use, with instructions
  • Comes with a strong chemical odor that leaves back a sticky residue

5. Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator

Pets at home are good to handle and even play around with. But with their urine and odor, your house might not be one better place that you will need to be. That entails that you need to have carpet cleaners like this one that will not tolerate any odor or urine out there. It is a product that has been used to do work in industrial places but will work great when it is also used at home to clean carpets.

Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator
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A non-toxic substance that is safe for your use – This is a cold custom formula that has been made from oil that is found in orange peels. It is one of the best that you can use out there and it’s also safe because it is biodegradable and not toxic. Using it in your house will never bring any harm to you at all.

Able to make up to 32oz spray bottles – The better part is that you just a little of this spray and it will just do lots of wonders for you. You will realize that you will even be paying around $7.50 per every 32oz bottle. This will be compared with the $19.97 that is put on other products.

Able to get rid of the toughest pet odors – No odor is guaranteed to stand on its way you want it out. Originally, it was designed to ensure that no pet odor or urine is found in big companies and farms. If that is the case, what will happen then if it lands at your home? It will just clean everything out.

It eliminates more that pet odor – Other than pet odor, this item can work in eliminating odors in the yard, around some bushes that have grown in your compound and at any place where pest waste is an issue. You can use it in kennel surfaces, waste containers among more.

  • Does not harm the pets that are at your home
  • Don’t leave any odor or urine behind
  • Rated as effective and do not spoil surfaces
  • Does not have a lasting bad smell in the room
  • Works quicker than others
  • Might cause the growth of blue mold

How to Choose a Carpet Cleaner for Dog Urine

There are a few things that you need to know when you are buying a carpet cleaner, here are some that you will need to know.

Compatibility – The trick that you are supposed to use here is just simple, finding the product that will work on your carpet well. Get the best cleaners that are not going to either stain your carpet more or even do less work when removing pet urine.

Understand how you are going to use them well before you buy – It is going to be hard on you if you find that whatever you have you don’t know how to use. follow the manufacturer’s directions if you have bought one for better results.

How far can cover – How much of the product do you need to have your surface cleaned? This will assist you well when it comes to using the right amount of quantity. It’s good to remember that different stains and dirt will require the usage of different amounts of formula.

Safety – Other products might not turn out to be safe for your pet or even kids. That is one dangerous thing that you can have at home. Look at all the safety measures to ensure that no side effects will be produced by the cleaner.

Get a formula that is not toxic – Nontoxic formulas will always make sure that your carpet and floors where you are cleaning are always maintained at a cleaner level, not being spoilt by the acidity that is brought up with the formula to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What do professional carpet cleaners use for pet urine?

Answer: Professional carpet cleaners often use specially formulated cleaning solutions that are designed to eliminate odors and stains caused by pet urine. These products typically contain enzymes, bacteria or other agents that work to break down the proteins in the urine and remove any lingering odors. Additionally, professional cleaners may also use steam cleaning equipment to help extract deep-down dirt, allergens, and pet dander from your carpets. This is especially important in homes with pets that suffer from allergies or asthma. With these specialized cleaners, stains and odors can often be effectively removed from carpets, leaving them looking and smelling fresh again.

Question: Why does my carpet still smell like dog pee after shampooing?

Answer: If your carpet still smells like dog pee after shampooing, it may be due to the fact that not all of the pet urine has been removed. To ensure that all traces of pet urine have been eliminated, you may need to use a special cleaner designed to break down proteins. Additionally, if the stain is particularly old or deep-set, steam cleaning may be necessary to extract any dirt or dander that could still be lingering in the carpet. If all else fails, you may need to call a professional cleaner with specialized products and equipment to help remove the smell of pet urine from your carpets.

The Final Words (Summary)

The above best carpet cleaner for dog urine are rated the best and will not at any one point destroy your carpet places. What you need to do now is to make a selection of that favorite one that you have seen will suit your home use. The above ones are the best and will maintain your carpets, your floors, and even upholstery for a longer time. made with the best manufacturers in the world that have existed in the industry for long periods. Have one and let your room be smelling good at all times.