The 5 Best Canned Dog Food for Senior Dogs

It is hard to imagine our world without the loyalty, protection, and joy that dogs bring to our lives. They give us the good things money can’t buy and are simply lifetime companions that we never want to lose. If you noticed your dog’s muzzle start to turn grey and you suddenly feel prompted for more tender care, what better way to take care of your dog than providing him/her with top quality food? The easiest way to provide their much-needed nutrients is shopping for the best-canned dog food for your senior dog. This article will help you make the best decision.

A Quick Look at the Top Canned Dog Food for Senior Dogs

1.(Best Canned Dog Food for Senior Dogs) Blue Buffalo Homestyle RecipeBlue Buffalo
2.(Top Canned Dog Food for Senior Dogs) Purina ONE SmartBlendPurina ONE
3.Nutro Ultra Grain Senior PatéNutro
4.Hill’s Science Diet Dog FoodHill's Science Diet
5.I and Love and You Grain Free Dog FoodI and Love and You

5 Best Canned Dog Food for Senior Dogs Reviewed

1. Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe

Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe Natural Senior Wet Dog Food is very special. It was inspired by a family’s love for their own dog, Blue, which is where the name comes from. Blue’s family made it their mission to take care of other dogs like Blue by manufacturing quality canned food, especially for senior dogs.

(Best Canned Dog Food for Senior Dogs) Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe
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All-Natural: Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe is made with all natural ingredients without any artificial flavors or preservatives. It is grain-free and does not contain any grains or wheat products which are usually used as a thickening agent in low-quality dog food products. 

Wholesome Whole Grains: Compared to a low quality a brand, the Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe is made with healthy and nutritious grains such as brown rice that supply the complex carbohydrates your dog needs as an energy source.

High protein: This product provides your senior dog with the much-needed protein for lean muscle development and tissue repair. It incorporates real chicken in the ingredients as the primary source of high-quality protein.

Delicious: The Blue Buffalo Homestyle is simply a dog treat. It has a variety of all-natural crunch baked biscuits infused with minerals and nutrients that even picky eaters will find irresistible.

  • It is easy to digest
  • Packed with Omega-3 fatty acids that help in maintaining healthy skin and coat 
  • It contains the right carbohydrates such as soy, corn, and angst that are an energy source. This is highly beneficial to age dogs that are usually not very active
  • It is packed with joint-friendly nutrients 
  • It is very affordable
  • Some dogs may become fussy with their eating
  • The kibble is hard and may hurt your dog’s teeth

Summary: This is a really top quality product at an affordable price. I highly recommend this product for anyone looking for a canned dog food that is already well balanced in terms of nutrients and also one that you can feed your senior dog right out of the box.

2. Purina ONE SmartBlend

The Purina ONE is a product that promises a visual difference in the health of your dog with 28 days. The positive feedback from thousands of pet parents and the company’s confidence behind their product has made it very popular and appreciated in the market place.

Purina ONE SmartBlend
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Low Fat: The Purina One is made with low-fat content which makes it great for senior dogs simply because it helps them to maintain a healthy balance of calories. Senior dogs tend to be less active therefore you should feed them less fat to avoid weight issues. The Purina One is a great choice although it not specifically for older dogs which is also an advantage if you have younger dogs. 

Variety of food textures: This product is available in both wet and dry forms. If your senior dog has sensitive teeth or gums that may get hurt by dry or crunchy kibbles then you have the option of purchasing the moisture-rich wet food with the same ingredients.

Packed with vitamins and nutrients: The Purina ONE is made with all-natural vitamins and nutrients without any filler. Every ingredient is meant for the nutritional value of the overall product.

Available in a variety of quality high protein formulas: Unlike other brands that generally have a single primary source of the protein, the Purina ONE has a variety of formulas with different protein sources including meat, chicken, or fish to suit your dog’s preference.

  • It is very affordable 
  • Packed with Omega fatty acids
  • It is available in both wet and dry forms 
  • It is made to be easily digestible
  • Some dogs might have trouble eating it especially dogs that are picky with their food
  • It might cause a skin reaction in some dogs
  • The phosphorous content is not that high about at about 0.8%

Summary: Purina ONE is a quality product that will meet all the nutritional requirements of your senior dog. However, it is not a perfect fit for some dogs especially the ones with a highly sensitive digestive system.

3. Nutro Ultra Grain Senior Paté

The NUTRO ULTRA is made with recipes crafted to be tasty and nourish. The ingredients are sourced from a trusted network of farmers. It has a general moister rich and wet formula designed to be easy to digest and chew.

Nutro Ultra Grain Senior Paté
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Real Vegetables: It has quality vegetables such as sweet potatoes, whole carrots and cranberries, and other nutrient-rich fruits and veggies.

Grain Free: This product does not contain any grains that you might find in the cheaper products in the market such as corn of wheat.

Real Protein: This brand is popular for its high-quality dog food made with a blend of superfoods which is a mixture of high protein foods including chicken, lamb, and salmon.

No by-products and fillers: The NUTRO ULTRA is made with an all-natural recipe without any GMO ingredients. It has no chemicals or artificial flavors. It does not contain any filler products such as corn or wheat by-products.

  • It is packed with antioxidants that help in tissue regeneration 
  • It is available in both wet and dry forms for easy digestion 
  • It is tasty to most dogs 
  • It has a healthy amount of quality carbs
  • Some customers complain of bad odor 
  • It is expensive compared to other brands

Summary: The NUTRO ULTRA is a great product with all the nutritional value and tasty to dogs, however, its smell might not be pleasing. If you do not mind about the smell then it is a good purchase.

4. Hill’s Science Diet Dog Food

This brand is made to be easily digestible which makes it an awesome option for a senior dog. It is a brand developed by a team of experienced scientists, technicians, and nutritionists.

Hill’s Science Diet Dog Food
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Quality Protein: This is a great product for senior dogs simply because it is made with high-quality protein crafted to help your senior dog build lean muscle and repair damaged tissues. The protein is primarily sourced from health beef which most dogs like. Every can contains a healthy amount of proteins to prevent calorie spikes.

Infused with minerals: Hill’s Science Diet is filled with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients such as Vitamin B9, Riboflavin supplement, and Vitamin B6 for healthy kidney and heart development. These minerals and vitamins also boost the immune system of your dog considerably. 

Variety of tasty formulas: It is available in a variety of formulas both dry and wet. The formulas are unique in both taste but still feature the same high-quality nutritional value. The formulas are also unique according to age which makes it a one-stop-shop for all your dogs.

  • Made with natural ingredients without any chemicals or by-products
  • Most customers report a healthy and shiny coat after feeding their dog this brand 
  • It is affordable 
  • It has joint-friendly ingredients
  • It has low fatty acids 
  • It is low on fiber

Summary: If you are looking for canned dog food with a lot of scientific and professional backing then the Hill’s Science is what you are looking for. It is always nice to know the details about what goes into your dog’s diet especially if it is off the shelf, which this brand clearly highlights in their product.

5. I and Love and You Dog Food

As the name suggests I and love you dog food is manufactured by a young company in the USA that cares and loves dogs. The company is inspired by the bond dogs develop with their owners and seeks to keep it healthy by ensuring dogs get the nutrients they deserve readily available in one package. This canned food is formulated to be nutritious and tasty even for picky dogs.

I and Love and You Grain Free Dog Food
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Packed with Omega-3 Fatty Acids: This product has high-quality ingredients such as fish oils which are a high-quality source of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Omegas will help your senior dog maintain healthy skin and coat.

No fillers and thickeners: Every ingredient is included according to the nutritious value it can provide. Fillers that are generally included in low-quality products such as wheat by-products and thickeners such as carrageenan are left out. 

Protein rich: Real meat is the main source of protein for this product. Most dogs already prefer meat which means your senior dog is likely to enjoy this product. It is also infused with nutrient-rich carbs and veggies such as pumpkin, spinach, and cranberries.

Grain Free: This product is has specially picked ingredients crafted to mimic a dog’s natural food. It does not contain ingredients like corn or soy.

All-natural: The I and love and you dog food has all-natural ingredients and does not contain any preservatives and chemicals. It does not contain artificial flavors that may cause allergic reactions for your senior dog.

  • It is delicious
  • It is allergy safe
  • Packed with omega 3 and 6 for healthy radiant skin and a soft shiny coat 
  • Packed with vitamins and mineral salts
  • It is pricy 
  • Might cause gas on some dogs

Summary: This product is manufactured by a young company in the business and already tops in the best quality canned food category. The product is manufactured entirely in the USA and features all-natural ingredients. Considering the price, this product is a steal in terms of the quality to price ratio. I highly recommend it.

Things to Consider when Buying Canned Dog Food for your Senior Dog

The market is full of thousands of canned dog foods branded as the best for senior dogs but, the best food for your neighbor’s dog is not necessarily the right one for your dog. If you want to make the best choice then you will need more information about your dog and the canned dog food as well. Here is a simple guide you can follow to help you make the best decision. 

Take your dog to the vet for a checkup: Taking your dog to the vet before you introduce them to a new brand of canned food is a wise decision. The assessment by your vet will let you know if there are undying conditions that require a special diet or if your dog requires specific nutrients more than others. 

Avoid foods with a high-fat content: Senior dogs are not that active most of the time as a result, they tend to use fewer calories compared to the actives ones. Reducing the amount of fat content in your dog’s diet will help keep them away from obesity and the underlying medical conditions that come with obesity. Usually, fat content above 20% is not recommended as a matter of fact the lower the fats content the better. Too much fat can cause your dog to develop hyperglycemia.

Typically you want to go with food with a low-glycemic index which helps them control their sugar levels much efficiently. This is highly recommended if your dog is susceptible to diabetes, senior dogs tend to digest their food much slower than others therefore, controlling the sugar level spikes is highly beneficial to their health. 

Check the ingredients: Checking the ingredient is very important, you want to make sure the canned food you selected has as many natural ingredients as possible. You generally want to stay away from food processed with too many chemicals simply because they are likely to cause an allergic reaction to your dog. Avoid the ones with too many preservatives, coloring chemicals, and artificial flavors. 

Look for the ones with a high protein content: Protein is very important especially to senior dogs simply because it helps them to build lean muscle, repair old or damaged tissues, and develop a healthy digestive system. 

Avoid low-quality grains: Poor quality grains usually do not add any value to your dog’s nutritive health. Foods with high-quality grains usually whole grains are better. Grain-free diets can boost the immune system of your dog considerably however; wholesome grains such as brown rice and oatmeal are highly beneficial in helping your dog generate amino acids that are great for tissue repair. 

High fiber content is advisable: Having enough fiber in your dog’s diet enables them to have proper digestion. The high fiber content in your dog’s diet once they attain senior status is crucial. The high fiber content helps prevent indigestion especially for dogs that are likely to have diarrhea. That said, too much fiber is also not a good idea simply because it might lead to constipation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Should older dogs eat canned food?

Answer: Yes, older dogs can benefit from eating canned food. Canned food is more palatable and easier to digest for senior dogs than kibble, especially if they have dental issues or difficulty chewing. It also provides higher moisture content which can be beneficial to an aging dog’s health. Additionally, the soft texture of canned food makes it a good option for elderly dogs who may have difficulty chewing or swallowing. However, make sure to choose a high-quality product that is designed for an older dog’s nutritional needs and avoid those with added sugars, artificial preservatives, or fillers. Talk to your veterinarian about the best options for your senior pup.

Question: Is Wet food good for senior dogs?

Answer: Yes, wet food can be a great option for senior dogs. It typically contains more moisture than dry kibble which can help support hydration and urinary tract health in older pets. Wet food is also easier to chew, making it an excellent option for elderly dogs with dental issues or difficulty chewing. Additionally, the softer texture of wet food may make it easier for senior dogs to digest. When choosing wet food for your elderly pup, be sure to select a high-quality product that is specifically designed for their nutritional needs and avoid those with added sugars, artificial preservatives, or fillers.

Question: How much canned food should a senior dog eat daily?

Answer: The amount of canned food your senior dog needs to eat daily will depend on their size, age, activity level, and overall health. It is best to consult with your veterinarian for a personalized feeding plan tailored to your pet’s dietary needs. Generally speaking, senior dogs should be fed two to three times a day with portion sizes adjusted accordingly. It is also important to monitor your pet’s body condition and use their ideal weight as the guideline for portion size rather than the package label. If you choose to feed canned food exclusively, make sure it provides all of the essential nutrients your dog needs and that it is formulated specifically for senior dogs.

Question: Do dogs get bored of the same food?

Answer: Yes, dogs can get bored of eating the same food every day. That’s why it is important to provide a variety of flavors and textures in their diet. Rotating between different types of wet and dry foods as well as offering occasional treats or snacks can help keep your pup interested in mealtime. Additionally, investing in puzzle toys or interactive feeders can help keep your dog mentally stimulated and engaged. However, make sure to always consult with your veterinarian before making any major changes to your pet’s diet or feeding routine.

The Final Words (Summary)

These are the top 5 best canned dog food for senior dogs manufactured to meet all the nutritional needs of your senior dog. If you want a narrower recommendation then, I would highly recommend the Blue Buffalo Home style Recipe Natural.

It is jam-packed with all the vital vitamins and minerals with a healthy amount of protein and fat not excluding a good taste and smell that is really enticing. The inspiration behind the formation of the manufacturing company is something that all of us as pet parents can resonate with, that is, the best care for our senior dogs.