5 Best Brooms For Dog Hair In 2023

We love our pets, they are akin to our children (although the dogs actually listen!). While we enjoy spending time with them, cleaning up after them is an entirely different story. It is a simple fact of life and unless you are going to shave your dog completely bald (please don’t, all the other pets will laugh and make fun), you will have to learn to deal with dog hair EVERY WHERE.

With many allergies linked to pet dander, investing in a specialized broom made specifically for cleaning pet hair is an absolute necessity. These brooms are not meant to be a replacement for vacuuming, but when used in conjunction with it, can leave your home professional-level clean. Here are 5 of the best brooms for dog hair available now. Let’s check and pick the best one for your lovely dog.

A Quick Look at the Best Dog Hair Brooms

1.MR.SIGA Soft Bristle Rubber BroomMR.SIGA
2.Evriholder SW-250I-AMZ-6Evriholder
3.Fur Buster Rubber BroomFox Trot
4.Pet Buddies PB5579Pet Buddies
5.Quality Line Universal Carpet RakeQuality Line Enterprises

5 Best Brooms For Dog Hair Reviewed

1. MR.SIGA Soft Bristle Rubber Broom

One of the downsides to having pets is the shedding fur. It gets everywhere and is a pain to sweep up, especially with a regular broom. The soft rubber bristles manage to sweep up pet fur while also trapping dust and dirt. The squeegee side is perfect for any liquid accidents (it happens). If you are looking for an efficient dog hair broom, Mr. Siga Soft Bristle Broom is the perfect one for you.

MR.SIGA Soft Bristle Rubber Broom
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Dual and Multipurpose – With the added Squeegee feature, you are not only getting a fantastic pet hair broom, but you are also able to deal with any spills or accidents. It also works well on furniture!

Wide Head- The head on this dog hair broom is 12″ wide, assuring no spot is missed. Covering more space also means quicker clean-up.

Perfect for long-haired pets – This broom works incredibly well for long-haired dog breeds. It captures the hair instead of just pushing it around, or getting it tangled in the bristles of a regular broom.

  • 12-inch wide broom head
  • Extendable/retractable handle
  • Rubber bristle and squeegee dual head, for multipurpose cleaning
  • Easier to clean the stairs
  • Brush head traps not only pet hair but dirt and dust as well
  • Works well as a scrub brush for carpet stains
  • No clip securing the handle to the head
  • Shaggier carpet takes a bit more work to collect the hair

Summary: The dual head on the Mr.Siga Soft Bristle Rubber Broom puts it in the top five of the reviewed list. Having two tools in one makes cleaning up after your shedding, messy pups, quick, easy, and painless.

2. Evriholder SW-250I-AMZ-6

This multipurpose, dual headed, pet hair remover definitely works very well with any type of flooring, including tile, hardwood, laminate, and concrete. The flat squeegee head cleans windows, showers, and even your windshield. This versatile tool is one you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

Evriholder SW-250I-AMZ-6
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Multi-purpose Dual Head – Made up of 100% natural rubber, this pet hair broom is at least two handy tools in one. The soft, rubber bristles attract the hair along with dander, dust, and dirt. The squeegee is not only perfect for cleaning up spills and other liquids (we’re looking at you Fido!) but works extremely well, cleaning windows (even ones high above ground level), showers, and even the car windshield.

Indoor/Outdoor Use – This convenient pet broom works well both indoor and outdoor. It is able to clean and dry just about any surface including concrete, and outdoor wood flooring (deck or patio).

Durable and Sturdy – This brush is well constructed and will last through many uses. The removable broom head makes cleanup and storage a breeze. The extendable arm features a mechanism that tightly locks into place for mistake-proof use every time.

  • Double-sided head for multipurpose cleaning
  • Extendable locking arm
  • Hair-attracting rubber bristles
  • Indoor and outdoor capability
  • Removable head and hanging hole for easy storage
  • Some have had issues with the handle cracking, however, replacement with a sturdier pole fixed the issue
  • Does not remove hair from moldings along the bottom of the walls

Summary: Going by reviews alone, this is worth every penny. It is an amazing tool all around. Everything it says it does, it does – plus some.

3. Fur Buster Rubber Broom

Fox Trot’s Living has outshined them all with their FurBuster Rubber Broom. With its dual head squeegee and an extendable handle for those tough to reach places (and cobwebs!), this is the one cleaning apparatus you should not be living without. This broom works on virtually any surface in your home, carpet, tile, concrete, and even outdoor hardwood flooring, like the patio. The squeegee can handle any liquid mess and can also be used on windows, and car windshields.

Fur Buster Rubber Broom
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Squeegee – The squeegee-sided head is reason alone for buying this broom. It cleans and dries liquid better than any mop on the market. It also cleans windows, showers, and windshields. Some even say it works well for removing the snow from your windshield!

Multi-surface Cleaning – The FurBuster Rubber Broom works on pretty much any surface on the inside (or outside) of your home. Being able to clean hardwood, tile, even concrete is no longer a problem. The handle extends from 30″ to 50″ and therefore can accommodate almost any height in your home. Tall windows, showers, there is no surface that this broom isn’t eager to make sparkling clean.

Pet Hair Removal – Dog and cat hair gets on, and in, everything. It gets into your carpet even deeper. These pet hairs bring along oils and dander, which will not only dull carpets and fabrics, it is also one of the leading causes of allergies. The 100% natural rubber bristles attract the pet hair and trap it there. This works on almost any carpet, and most upholstery. The amount of fur this tool is able to draw up deep from the carpet is enough to build Fido a friend!

  • Squeegee head cleans spills from almost any surface
  • Can be used to scrape snow off of your windshield
  • Extendable arm cleans even the highest corners of your home
  • Is able to remove even the deepest embedded pet hair from carpets
  • Safe to use on furniture and upholstery
  • Difficult to remove hair from baseboards
  • It will not walk the dogs. (Seriously, this is an amazing broom!)

Summary: Fox Trot’s FurBuster Rubber Broom is able to that job incredibly well, but when you flip it over, the squeegee is just as outstanding. If you are a pet parent, you need this in your home.

4. Pet Buddies PB5579 Brooms

This fabulous cleaning device can be used on any type of flooring- vinyl, tile, hardwood, even carpets! The silicone style bristles create an electrostatic charge which then draws the fur to the brush head. The bristles are washable, eliminating the need to constantly bend over to pull hair out of the brush. Lightweight and portable, this is the broom every dog lover needs in their home.

Pet Buddies PB5579
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Extending Handle – This pet hair broom features a telescoping handle that can extend from 29” to 51”. It twist-locks into place which means no slipping. The flyaway fur balls hidden under the couch will no longer be a problem!

Easy to Clean – With its detachable brush head, cleanup has never been easier. Just throw it in the dishwasher and be done with it. The extendable handle can be wiped down with soap and water as needed.

Quality Materials – Made from TPR rubber, the head on this broom stands out above the rest. It will prevent hair from floating away, instead, trapping it in the specialized bristles. Well-made, this broom will be around to clean up your pet hair for years to come.

  • Built sturdy, and specifically to catch fur and particles.
  • Simple to take apart and clean
  • Bristles made of TPR rubber
  • Telescoping handle for those hard to reach places
  • Sweeps hair into manageable piles, instead of sticking to the bristles
  • Does not work well on liquids
  • Non angled handle makes it slightly difficult to maneuver
  • Broom head is smaller than the others

Summary:  This broom works well for what is intended for and it is made to last. The straight handle might be improved with a bend, but the extension feature more than makes up for that.

5. Quality Line Universal Carpet Rake

It is not made for use on tile, wood, or laminate flooring. This is a carpet rake and is made for use on carpeted areas only. However, it does do that job amazingly well. The long metal tines reach in and pull out even the deepest hair lodged in your carpet. If you have pets and carpet, you need this carpet rake in your life.

Quality Line Universal Carpet Rake
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Deep Cleaning Action – The ergonomic design allows for the deepest clean you will get your carpets since you brought your pet home. When used in conjunction with vacuuming, it will almost completely eliminate the need for visits from carpet cleaning professionals.

No Fear of Heights – Featuring a 4ft extendable pole, this carpet broom can reach places your vacuum just can’t go. Pet hair and dust bunnies that were once out of reach will never be a problem again.

Rejuvenate your carpet – Using a carpet rake agitates the carpet fibers. This not only brings deep-seated dog hair to the surface but simultaneously makes your carpet like new again.

  • Able to remove even the deepest hair, dirt, and dust particles
  • Strong metal tines
  • No chemicals needed
  • Easy storage hanging hole
  • Gentle and safe for most carpets
  • Simple twist locking mechanism to adjust the height
  • Cannot be used on non-carpeted floors
  • The pole can loosen with vigorous raking

Summary: If you are looking for a pet broom for all of the floors in your home, this is not for you. However, if you are looking for the premium quality broom for use on carpets, this one is high up on the list. It removes unbelievable amounts of hair without damaging your carpet.

Things to Consider when Buying a Broom for Your Dog

Type of bristles vs type of floors – If you have mostly hardwood flooring throughout your home, you will not want to get a pet rake like the Quality Line Universal Rake (#3), because it is made specifically for carpeting. You will need to find a good quality broom that is compatible with your needs.

Can it help eliminate pet dander? – As stated earlier, pet dander is one of the leading causes of allergies, so it is important that the dog hair broom you choose does not just spread the hair, and therefore dander, everywhere.

Reach Length – You could have the best broom in the world but if it can’t get to the pet hair, it is basically useless. This is why the best dog hair broom has an extendable arm, to reach under furniture and catch the flyaway fur.

Does it have other uses? – Let’s face it, spending money on a tool that just collects animal hair is not as good as one that you can use for many different things around the house! Having one nifty tool to clean pet hair, spills, and accidents are one way to make life just a bit easier.

Durability – This is a big one. No one wants to buy something that is just going to break after one or two uses. The type of flooring you have can play into this as well. If you have heavy-duty carpeting in your home, you are going to need a broom that can withstand more vigorous sweeping than say, if you were using it on tile floors. Get the broom made for your specific flooring.

Does it work? – This is a pretty obvious question. Of course, when we buy something, we would like it to do what it says it does. Do your research. Read reviews (or use this article as a guide!) and know what you are buying.

The Final Words (Summary)

We love our pets, but we do not have to love their shedding fur. When you have dogs, you need doggies-strength cleaning tools at your disposal. Finding the best broom for dog hair can be a little overwhelming, especially with all the options out there, hopefully, this list will help narrow it down some. Only you will know what works for you, but knowing what works for other pet parents doesn’t hurt. Now, if we could just find one that’ll walk the dogs… Happy cleaning!