Top 7 Best Bookshelf Speakers under $200 [Powered & Bluetooth]

Listening to your favorite tunes should not be limited to particular spaces and rooms. Indeed, you can and should be able to listen to your favorite tracks at any time and place. The bookshelf speakers enable you to enjoy these benefits. They are generally compact in size and fit just about anywhere, including the bookshelves.

We have sampled seven of the best bookshelf speakers under $200 on the market today and are going to review the same. We shall also touch on the procedures to follow to set up these speakers in the concluding segments of the article.

7 Best bookshelf speakers under 200 USD reviewed

1. Edifier FBA R1700BT

To be able to obtain the most from the loudspeakers, you inevitably have to find those which are stable and highly versatile. No other speakers under consideration beat these ones in terms of the laid down parameters. Their construction, data transmission, and controls, and connectivity mechanisms are all geared towards these ends.

Edifier FBA R1700BT
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Bluetooth Connectivity: By placing your bet on this particular bookshelf speaker, you will enjoy the benefits of minimized clutter. This is because it accepts signals in the form of wireless Bluetooth connectivity. This means you will have the freedom to walk around in the room unhindered and without any obstacles to trip you down.

Built-in Tone Control: It has dials that are located conveniently on the side of the speaker. These dials allow for complete controls of the bass, audio, and the treble sound qualities, respectively. By minimizing hassles and being prompt, you may be certain to enjoy your music at all times. They also allow for preciseness in the sound output.

5-Pin Connector: Other than merely producing higher sound outputs, the speaker also allows you to connect and communicate with several other like-minded speakers. It does have a 5-pin connector which allows you to connect to five other passive speakers. This leads to enhance convenience and extended range of applications. The pleasure of unhindered enjoyment of music is, therefore, yours for the leveraging.


  • Pairs and works with the active near-field studio monitor
  • Emits awesome powerful sound output
  • Works in a wide range of voltage options
  • Plugs into your gaming consoles, television, and the computers
  • Delivers exceptional sound quality


  • Moderately heavy to carry around with ease
  • Quite complicated to an average user
  • Higher power consumption

Summary: Get hold of these speakers and enjoy the benefits of higher returns on your investments not to mention unconstrained convenience. They shall save you a great deal of your money.

2. Klipsch R-15M

You can never afford to compromise the quality of sound output, especially for professional performances. Only a specially designed and great speaker of this kind may help you out in this. This one confers to you the dual benefits of versatility and power. It also has the ability to generate sounds as left, right, center, and surround formats.

Klipsch R-15M
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Linear Travel Suspension (LTS) Tweeter: Topping the list of its awesome features is the linear travel suspension tweeter. This sound output mechanism basically reduces the incidences of distortions. In return, it generates enhanced and very detailed performances and sound output. You will not strain or struggle to listen to the sounds generated by the tweeter.

Injection-molded Graphite (IMG) Woofers: Its woofers are exceptionally light. This is due to their composition of the injection-molded graphite materials. They provide remarkably low-frequency responses as a result of this particular makeup. This also saves you a great deal of energy which translates into low utility bills. You have no choice but to grab it for yourself.

Copper-spun Injection-molded Graphite (IMG) Woofer: Other than the injection-molded graphite materials, the woofers also possess the copper-spun injection-molded graphite makeup. This also contributes to the provision of remarkably low-frequency responses. They also bring about minimal distortions and cone breakup incidences. You have the pleasure of listening to undistorted sound outputs by placing your bet on this particular speaker.


  • Quite versatile and powerful though compact in size
  • Covers whole rooms are it the surround, right, center, or left
  • Enclosed in a brushed black polymer veneer cabinet
  • Exudes the sound output by means of dual 5.25-inch copper-spun high-output IMG woofers
  • Fits all kinds of empty spaces courtesy of the compact size


  • Does not look so great
  • Moderately delicate and prone to damages
  • Not so good at mimicking deep bass sounds

Summary: To fully enjoy the benefits of awesome power and unconstrained versatility, this is the bookshelf speaker to look up to. You will seriously not feel disappointed at all.

3. Micca PB42X

Do you change locations every quite often? You require some strong and extremely tough speakers. This is to be able to endure the extreme impacts and maintain a proper working condition for a prolonged duration of time. These indeed are the speakers to consider utilizing because they are very strong.

Micca PB42X
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0.75-inch Silk Dome Tweeter: A high-performance silk dome tweeter which measures 0.75 inches comes in first among the list of its most elegant features. This one has some precise driver output which matches the smooth treble sounds, and also aid in dispersing the sounds widely not to mention accurate imaging.

RCA Radio Connector: You will enjoy the benefit of being able to connect to various electronics courtesy of the RCA radio connector. This one has input jacks that measure 3.5 mm and enable the connection of the speaker to a host of analog audio sources. The pleasure of maximum convenience is yet again yours to leverage.

Efficient Class-D technology Amplifier: Each speaker has a built-in amplifier. The amplifiers are made of the efficient Class-D technology. This technology generally exudes the higher quality of sounds with as low distortions as can be. For these two reasons, the sound output is so great as to be able to ward off all kinds of ambiguities and unpleasant notes.


  • Produces enhanced transient and impactful bass sounds
  • Has the ability to deliver extended bass responses with the least distortions
  • Comes in a compact classic design is which easy to place
  • Blends well with any room décor available
  • Its sound output is way very clear and devoid of any ambiguities


  • Very cumbersome to mount and install
  • May not be suitable for the small and congested rooms
  • Possess some nondescript appearances

Summary: There you have them! Get hold of these speakers and say goodbye to all forms of damages and scratches. Be assured also of reduced repairs and maintenance costs.

4. Sony SSCS5 Black

Speakers should go beyond merely reproducing sound. Indeed, the best speakers should also enhance the beauty and appearance of your interior décor. This is the role that this particular speaker aims at fulfilling. Sony has great build and construction not to mention awesome finishing also. You need it, especially for your living room.

Sony SSCS5 Black
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Smart Black Finish: Throughout its exterior is a smart black finish. Black is pretty resistant to dirt, dust, and debris. This finish, therefore, means you will spend less on keeping the loudspeaker clean at all times. What’s more? Courtesy of this awesome finish, the loudspeaker blends well with almost all contemporary interior décor.

Awesome Construction: The loudspeaker comprises some air-core inductors in its tweeters, high-quality film condensers, silicon steel plates, and the thickest winding materials available. These jointly combine to guarantee you unparalleled performance and extreme resilience to all the major agents and wear and tear. They also reduce the likelihoods of breakdowns and the associated repairs and maintenance.

Compact and Space-efficient: Generally speaking, the loudspeakers are compact in size and hence space-efficient. They are small and take up the least amount of space possible. This makes them simpler to install and will fit even the tightest spots available. If you have a squeezed room, you have no option but to make use of them!


  • Handles various sound reproduction mechanisms at a time
  • Delivers real audio experience and outputs
  • Fits harmoniously with your existing pieces of furniture and living spaces
  • Requires no special setup or separate listening rooms
  • Reproduces sounds to their original performances and passion


  • Unsuitable for outdoor applications
  • Can scratch easily when handled roughly
  • Operable only manually and is thus inconvenient

Summary: You can never claim to be a serious homeowner without laying your hand on these speakers. They are great making your room more beautiful and nice to behold.

5. Pioneer SP BS22

Are you short on cash yet you still wish to enjoy awesome sound quality? You may wish to try your hand on this particular loudspeaker if you answered ‘yes.’ These loudspeakers are able to exude the home theater performances but are nonetheless extremely cheap to afford. They are great also for outdoor partying and performances.

Pioneer SP BS22
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80 Watt Power Handling: By far the most significant trait of this loudspeaker is the awesome power output of around 80 Watts. This power is so great as to minimize any strains on the part of your ears. It is nonetheless within the safe human listening range. You may, therefore, be certain that the health of your eardrums shall not be compromised at all.

Nominal Impedance 6 Ohms: With a nominal impedance of just about 6 ohms, this loudspeaker is way very energy-efficient. It loses the least amounts of electrical energy of all the loudspeakers under consideration. This translates to greatly-reduced utility bills on your part and with it, great savings as well. If you plan to play music for too long at a time, this is the one to look up to.

RF Molded Curved Cabinets: Lastly, the entire loudspeaker is encased in the RF-molded curved cabinets. The shape and the construction of the cabinets are such that they minimize the internal standing waves. This arrangement lets it fit within the smallest spaces available. You have it for your taking if your home is too small or squeezed.


  • Has oversized magnets for the highest amplifications
  • Delivers improved bass responses
  • Reproduces smooth high-frequency sounds even at higher volume levels
  • Blends audio between the woofer and the tweeter perfectly
  • Exudes greater accuracy


  • Cannot accept signals via the wireless media
  • Generates comparatively lower quality sound output
  • Have limited cycles of the sound output

Summary: You have no better friend than this loudspeaker if you want to experience home theater quality but on low cash. It is simply cheap and amazing to forfeit or overlook.

6.  JBL Arena 120 Black

These loudspeakers are intended for whole rooms and large open spaces. This is due to their bulkier sizes and extremely powerful speakers. You have them for your consideration if you are planning some outdoor activity like parties or celebrations. They also last longer and are therefore very profitable to purchase.

JBL Arena 120 Black
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High Definition Imaging (HDI) Waveguide Technology: Its sound generation is made possible by the high definition imaging waveguide technology. This one is extremely powerful as to be able to produce powerful highs. It is further complemented by the soft dome tweeter. The two mimic the natural sounds which are pleasant to listen to.

Polycellulose Woofer: A polycellulose woofer comes in next among the list of its awesome features. It measures 5.5-inch (140 millimeters) and fills your room with great sound output. With this woofer, you will not have to strain to be able to listen to sounds. This is not to mention that it pairs and communicates with all the leading electronic devices.

Wall Mountable: Unlike most other topnotch speakers, this one may be mounted on the walls. This trait ensures that you conveniently and easily gain access to the speaker when you need it. By reason of this feature, you will also be able to listen to the sounds seamlessly regardless of where exactly you might be stationed in the room.


  • Provides clean and powerful highs
  • Handles all kinds of electronics such as televisions and gaming consoles
  • Gives room for flexible installations as well as system configuration
  • Has a contemporary cabinet shape which has an awesome look
  • Plays the dual role of the bookshelf and is thus highly profitable


  • Very bulky and cumbersome to carry around
  • Takes up plenty of mounting space
  • Requires huge muscle power to effectively engage

Summary: Are you planning some outdoor activity? These indeed are the loudspeakers to look up to. They have the wherewithal necessary to handle such circumstances well.

7. ELAC Debut B4

It may not always be that you have all the cash at your disposal. That should however not deter you at all. You are still capable of leveraging the benefits of an awesome speaker but at the same low costs. This speaker is specifically intended for a person of your kind.

ELAC Debut B4
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Two-channel Solution: Two-channel speakers are generally bulky and costly. They require huge financial outlay and also need plenty of space to set up. These are not the cases with these particular loudspeakers. They are compact and cheap, yet still capable of exuding the two-channel, compact surround-sound home entertainment system. Take the stress out of you by purchasing them.

Superior Build Quality: Their casing, as well as all the vital components, are manufactured by tough and reliable materials. These materials are pretty strong and hardly break down even when subjected to the most extreme external impacts. The loudspeakers, therefore, allow for repeated and prolonged use not to mention calling for limited operational expenses on your part.

Silk-Dome Tweeter: Lastly, the loudspeaker’s sound output mechanism comes in the form of the silk-dome tweeter. This one possesses some deep-spheroid custom wave guide for efficient channeling of the sound waves. You may be sure to receive the most awesome sound quality attainable at all times. This also leads to minimized ear strains and maximum enjoyment of your music on the whole.


  • Has custom-designed drivers which produce personalized sound experiences
  • Possesses an intricate crossover
  • Comes in the form of robust cabinets
  • Harnesses the performances of the Debut’s larger 2-way speaker
  • Produces more accurate and true life-like sounds


  • A lower value for money
  • Performs fewer roles and music purposes
  • Consumes higher energy levels

Summary: Spare yourself unnecessary financial strains and get hold of this speaker as soon as you possibly can. It has the ability to deliver to you the benefits of more expensive speakers but at lower costs.

How to set up bookshelf speakers

Follow the procedures below to set up your speakers ready for use:

Step I: Acquire the right Bookshelf Speakers – Start off by acquiring the right bookshelf speakers for the job. You factor in issues like the size of your room, the expected number of listeners, and the anticipated sound quality. This step is crucial as it determines the kind of experience you are more likely to accrue from the speakers.

Step II: Plug the speakers to the power source – Next, plug in the speakers to the source of power. Some speakers may allow you to determine the rate of power consumption and output. Refer to the manufacturer’s manual for these capabilities. Adhere to the manual strictly as you alter the said parameters bearing in mind your expected sound output quality.

Step III: Power the source of Music – After you have powered the speaker, proceed now to power the source of your music. Simply plug in your radio or computer to the power source and switch it on. Yet again, you may fine-tune the ratings to conform to your unique requirements and expected sound outputs.

Step IV: Establish a connection between the source of music and the speakers – You now have to establish a connection between the source of music and the speakers. Most speakers will require you to use physical cables to do the job. Some, however, may accommodate wireless connectivity mainly in the form of Bluetooth connectivity. Once you are done, power the music source to begin receiving the audio output.

Step V: Customize the Sound Output appropriately – At this stage, you now have to customize the sound output as per your unique expectations. This basically entails setting the volume, treble, bass, and pitch levels to your liking and unique preferences. How you go about this is entirely up to you. This is because each person has a unique taste that is completely different from those of others.

Step VI: You are now good to go! – Lastly, you are now good to go! You just have to play a couple of tracks to test the system. You may also contemplate making further adjustments as per your expectations and if the need so determines.

The Final Words (Summary)

You have indeed received the enlightenment you require to make an informed purchasing decision. What else could you possibly ask for? You now have no other option left but to find a suitable best bookshelf speaker under 200 dollars from the list above and incorporate it into your electronics armory.

Chances are there are quite a number of your peers and colleagues who are in the same shoe as you. Why don’t you also consider sharing this information with them? You will definitely aid them in enjoying the same advantages as you!

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