7 Best Bluetooth Earbuds under 100 USD [True Wireless]

Music has the healing power to soothe our senses. Listening to our favorite music takes all our worries aside and removes the day long exhaustion. If you are an ardent fan of the music artists and want to listen to every latest track, you must be looking for a comfortable pair of Bluetooth earbuds.

To have a pair of earbuds of a reliable quality that lasts longer, we often agree to pay more, but it requires a continuous struggle of browsing different stores and selecting the one the best meets your requirements. One cannot easily trust an unknown manufacturer or online stores for the variety they showcase.

For your ease, we have reviewed the best Bluetooth earbuds under 100 Dollars. It will help you to know the key characteristics against the price tags and select a suitable one. Spend a few minutes by reading about these earbuds one by one to narrow down the choice and take a firm decision.

7 Best Bluetooth earbuds under 100 reviewed

1. Hussar Magicbuds

Hussar Bluetooth headphones are assured to the premium quality of sound with a mesmerizing bass. Once it is fully charged, it lasts for more than 7 hours. The ergonomic design and soft fit makes is a unique choice in the category of headphones.

Hussar Magicbuds Bluetooth Headphones Review (Best wireless Earbuds under $50)-
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The soft and smooth surface of the earbuds is made of silicone get that provides a sweat-proof listening experience. The latest Bluetooth technology 4.1 enables flawless connectivity with a variety of tablets and smart phones.

The secure fit of the earbuds is amazing as you will never have to fix it in the ear over the again. if proves to be a demanding sound gadgets for people who have added music to their lifestyle and never want to keep handheld devices idle.

Hussar Bluetooth headphones suffice the needs of music enthusiasts who make no compromises over the quality of soundtracks. The premium sound quality is one of the added attractions in these headphones. The long lasting battery time of more than 7 hours lets them enjoy the freedom they have never had before.

You may choose Hussar Magicbuds Headphone for the following Key Features:

  • Ergonomic design with ear hooks made of silicone.
  • Excellent sound quality and surrounding bass.
  • CVC technology to cut off the noise from conversation.
  • Up to 7 hours of playback once fully charged.
  • Standby of about 240 hours – long enough.

Summary- The premium quality of these headphones clearly provokes that it delivers the best value for money. The secure fit of the earbuds removes the hurdles of dropping either of the earbuds during running, exercising or cycling. In the routine, we normally do not move that’s why any time of headphone may work, but we need such a gadget while moving, traveling or doing fitness training.

2. MEE X7 Plus

With an astonishing sound quality, MME Audio X7 supersedes other headphone sets. you can have it carefully fasten around your neck and make the best use of the moldable wire. Being backed with Bluetooth 4.1, it gives an ultimate solution for connectivity to different devices.

MEE audio X7 Plus Review (Best Bluetooth Earbuds under $100)
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The Liquipel WatersafeTM technology makes is a sweatproof wearable gadget. The extended battery times gives you up to 8 hours of playback and calling. The outstanding quality of these headphones turns to be a classic alternative to heavy speakers. If you need to keep an eye on your sports activities and let the music continue playing in the background, it is the answer to all your queries.

The soft and bendable wire can easily be wrapped around the ears once and it stays for as long as you want. Let the beat continually ring for consecutive 8 hours or keep talking to your mates without worrying for a low battery beep.

You may like MEE audio X7 Plus for the following Key Features:

  • Premium Quality headset for people who like to stay active and fresh.
  • Easy to mold memory wire around the ears for a firm grip.
  • Bluetooth technology 4.1 enabled.
  • Built-in microphones and controls.
  • Up to 8 hours of talk time or music playback.

Summary- MME Audio X7 Plus is among the best Bluetooth earbud under $100 that are rendering amazing sound quality along with a longer battery timing. A person who needs to quickly interact with people on phone for long hours or want non-spot music may definitely consider a quick purchase.

3. JLab EPICBT2 

These earbuds are really in an amazing and classic design. The demanding shape makes it an enchanting device for everyone. It is one of the quality wireless earbud with a battery time of 12 hours which is quite enough for a user.

Jlab Epic2 Review (Best Bluetooth Earbuds for Working Out)
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And, these are waterproof as well. The skip-free sounding quality makes its stunningly attractive for calling and music playback. The fitness proof design and skip-free sound make it an ultimate partner of health conscious people.

JLab Audio Epic2 Bluetooth headphones are the result of a continuous struggle for innovation and improvement. The fitness proof design allows you to continue working out without bothering for the sweat, tears or blood.

There is nothing comparable to the clean and matchless sound quality of this device. With a battery life of up to 12 hours, you can freely communicate with your loved ones or carry on to listing a complete playlist. There is no restriction as long as you are tracking its remaining battery on your device.

You may Choose JLab Audio Epic2 for the following Features:

  • Award-winning waterproof earbuds
  • Sweat and splash-proof
  • Battery timing up to 12 hours
  • Astonishing Bluetooth connectivity with a skip-free sound quality
  • Memory wife compatible with Apple and Android

Summary- With respect to the waterproof earbuds in these earphones, it has a longer useful life than others devices. The major problem with electronics is the exposure of water as they stop working as soon as a few drops get on the device. These earphones can save you a whole lot of money by showing high performance regardless of the sweat you are bearing for a cause.

4. Anker SoundBuds A3411011

Don’t even think of doing any comparisons because this headphones are powered by the best composite drivers that are 10mm. what are the benefits that you will encounter? The best and rich thumping bass and also trebles.

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Provides bass up to 43%: The bassup technology that is used to make this product is able to ensure that there is real time analysis of frequencies that are low. This is good as it ensures that you strengthen bass output. 

The best playtime: This is known as hardcore playtime. This device has been designed to take the horse by the horn. It has the ability to ensure that you have continuous playtime of up to 3 hours.  

It is waterproof: It has been confirmed to be waterproof with ipx7 rating. The ear buds have been defended by a fully waterproof casing that will allow you to push yourself in the workout without fearing sweat or rain.  

Has a secure and also a comfortable fit: They have been designed ergonomically and it comes with ear tips and ear wings that have been designed in various sizes. These will ensure that they fit you pretty well and allow you to be in comfort at all times.


  • Provides 18 hours of listening
  • Can be charged for 10 mins for a 3 hour playtime
  • Waterproof hence can be used even in the rain times
  • Designed with an exclusive bassup technology
  • Comfortable fit on the ear


  • Microphone has a poor quality make
  • Sound needs adjustment

Summary: The bio-cellulose domes that it has been made with is able to deliver the best midst and highs so that you have clarity that is enhanced. As you have seen, when he charge is over, never worry anymore, just charge it for 10 mins and it will be there to give you the best service for 3 hours. What you have seen and got is rated the best. Never worry of how they will get you entertained. The devices are just ready to take your entertainment to the next level. They are affordable and ready to work out of the box.

5. Treblab XR500

The HD sound of these earbuds let you enjoy peace-loving track in as high quality as they are recorded. With stretched foam to the ear tips, you can concentrate on the music coming through the buds and say goodbye to the noise and distractions.

(Best Earbuds for Running under $50) Treblab xr500 Review
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Charging it for only 2 hours gives you a non-stop entertainment for about 9 hours. The quick call control buttons allow you to use the HD mic, manage volume, and skip, play or pause a sound track.

TREBLAB XR500 are compatible with a great variety of smart phones and devices. The easy connectivity through Bluetooth gives you the freedom to enjoy music during a training session, fitness exercises, walking and strolling, or doing any routine activity.

It sets you free from sorting the cable of the earphones every time you need to play music. The 9 hours of battery time makes it the best fit for traveling and long drives, where all you need is a long lasting battery.

You may like Treblab XR500 earbud for the following Key Features:

  • Bluetooth 4.1 CSR for higher connectivity.
  • Noise cancellation to enjoy music with peace of mind.
  • 9 hours battery time for non-stop listening.
  • Rubber hooks for soft and comfortable user experience.
  • Support multiple devices.

Summary- TREBLAB is a nice pick for music lovers who are seeking gadgets with longer battery time and can easily be recharged. It is a must have addition to your phone accessories as its has the competitive features that assure HD sound, noise cancellation, and call control. Finding all these specifications in a single product is rare in the market.

6. TaoTronics TT-BH07

These Headphones are purposely built for sportsmen. For running, walking, doing hardcore exercises or just cycling, these headphones closely fits around your neck and allows you to listen to uninterrupted music.

TaoTronics TT-BH07U Review (Best Bluetooth Earbuds for Sports)
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The magnets in the earbuds allow you to wrap it easily with they are not in use. Being equipped with CVC noise isolation technology, you can enjoy making clear calls. With 5 hours of battery time, you can keep on to listening to your favorite songs without any break.

Surely, it is compatible with all the smart phones, tablets, and media players. The sports lover who needs to refresh their mind and body after exhausting training sessions may find it a valuable return.

It is beneficial for them to continue workouts without managing cables after every exercise. It matches the needs of adventurous personalities, who often go out for trekking, walk, and cycling on long routes, and want to enjoy the nature. These headphones can give them amazing company to exploring nature along with enjoying the sweet and melancholic songs.

You may like TaoTronics TT-BH07 for the following Key Features:

  • Earphones with a strong grip around your neck.
  • Built in magnets for attaching the earbuds.
  • Compatible with all hand-held devices and music players.
  • Talk time of about 5 hours.
  • Standby time for up to 175 hours.

Summary- In my opinion, Taotronics Bluetooth headphones provide an ultimate solution to sportsmen who don’t want to miss a single musical track while their training. It is always an odd experience to turn on the volume high and continue exercising, that’s why such handy devices suit perfectly well to their needs. They can avail a longer talk time or set it on standby for even a longer period.

7. Gosnare Wireless Sports Earphones 

The people who often aspire the latest developments in wireless earphones will surely love this for its state of the art design. It is backed with Bluetooth 4.1 technology that makes the connectivity to a handset a hassle free job.

Wireless Sports from Gosnare (Best Earbuds with Mic 2017)
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While looking at the features, don’t forget to overview the stereo sound with an impressive bass quality. With the control button, you can always receive calls or take them on holds, whereas playing, pausing and skipping music tracks also become a wonderful experience. Voice notification is yet another added attraction.

The state of the art design makes it’s a unique fit for sportsmen, young, energetic and active persons. If you are in search of headphones that are designed with the latest trends and there is nothing obsolete, then it is a nice pick for you.

In addition to the sleek design, it has to offer top-notch sound quality that adds charm to the music when set peacefully to listen to the melancholic tunes. If you get this, dialing calls depend on what you say.

You may like Gosnare Wireless Sports for the following Key Features:

  • A unique, attractive and state of the art design.
  • Superb stereo sound quality accompanied by thrilling bass.
  • Bluetooth 4.1 for seamless connectivity.
  • Voice dialing with ultimate premium mic.
  • Easy control buttons to play, pause and skip music.

Summary- Gosnare Wireless Headsets have got a competitive edge of a unique design. It is equally attractive for the people who like the older designs and those you always need a change in music gadgets. The sleek and sober design is the ultimate charm of these headsets, whereas the features like high sound quality and voice dialing also make it worthy to be purchased.

The Final Words (Conclusion)

The above reviews may help you differentiate between a variety of headphones that have a wide range of qualities and characteristics. At the end, you can take the decision of order a product that suffices your needs and desires. Individuals are always in search of reliable names in the sound industry, but they fail to find the one that offers high-quality products at affordable prices.

For most of the music enthusiasts, the price is still a matter of consideration as they need to have more gadgets at the expense of one. For the same reason, we have shared some of the valuable best bluetooth earbuds under $100 so that they may take benefit from this review.

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