7 Best blog creation sites in 2023

Are you a blogger or a person who is simply interested in communicating your views to the general public? Well, you seriously need to leverage the services of a good blog creation site. These are basically web-based resource locators that aim at helping persons of your kind.

We have lined up some best blog creation sites for your consideration. These are the best in existence at the moment. Underneath each site, we shall expound more on what the site has to offer plus what you stand to gain from it. We truly hope you shall be able to make the best choice.

What is blog creation?

It is definitely worth starting off with knowing just what blog creation is. For one, blog creation refers to the generation of contents which are subsequently posted on blogs. The entire process incorporates all the skills, wit, and effort employed in the process and the associated outcomes. The typical blog creation entails the generation of the necessary content. These are usually notes, essays, and observations regarding a particular subject matter. Thereafter, these contents are posted on some online space for all to see.

Though not a must, the creation exercise may also incorporate those efforts that are used to boost the visibility of the contents. They range from searching engine optimization techniques to paid adverts to a couple of other web-based tools. For best outcomes, many bloggers often choose to purchase their own domains and dedicate it entirely to the various blog posts they may generate from time to time.

7 Best Blog Creation Sites List

1. Ning.com

Ning prides itself in being an ultimate blog platform. It lets users like you generate some blogs using a series of tools and resources. Generally, this site is pretty simple to make use of. You simply get started much like you would while posting and writing under normal circumstances.


Other than letting you draft and showcase contents, the site is also equipped with other vital tools and resources. These include mobile domain and hosting, comments, forums, social integration, and search engine optimization. You may also, if you so wish, monetize your contents and run a couple of plugins via the platform. So why you wait, let’s create your blog now.

2. WordPress.org

WordPress.org undoubtedly is the premier free blogging sites. The site lets you customize your contents and blog structure to respond appropriately to your unique preferences. It does have a premium version which is not so expensive to come by. It comes along with some added features which you may use to tackle some other extra roles.


Perhaps setting this blog site apart from the others is the fact that it can pair with several external resources. This is due to its ability to handle and work hand-in-hand with multiple plugins. What’s more? The site also allows for tackling just about every other blogging task.

3. Blogger.com

Blogger was once the king of free blogging sites. Its popularity has nonetheless taken a nosedive in the recent past thanks mainly to the emergence of WordPress. The site is mostly great for personal blogs though it may also be extended for business and commercial blogs. The site is free and easy to use.


After creating an account, you just set your default and preferred themes. Some of these are advanced color filtering, widgets, and color schemes, among others. Thereafter you go ahead to draft your contents. Some tools like the editor and thesaurus are available to ensure that your contents are beyond reproach.

4. Wix.com

Though primarily designed for website builders, Wix is also a great tool for bloggers. Unlike your normal free blogging site, Wix takes you beyond merely generating the contents and displaying them. It also allows you to select and customize your themes as need be. This stems from its possession of many unique tools.


Some of these tools are multimedia widgets, video boxes, forms, typography, menus, and several other elements. By taking advantage of these tools, you will be able to make your interface pretty unique and outstanding. The beautiful part is that you may edit the contents later on if and when you have to.

5. Medium.com

If you want your contents to go viral within the shortest duration of time, Medium is the site to choose. It is a multi-purpose platform which tackles and showcases a wide range of topics. The site receives an average of 60+ million readers on a monthly basis. Moreover, it is also free to visit.


Perhaps the most notable downside of this platform is that you cease any claim of content ownership as soon as you post it on the platform. From then one, the content is assumed to belong to Medium rather than you. This might be tricky if you expect some royalty in return.

6. Weebly.com

Weebly, just like Wix, is another website builder. Nevertheless, it also lets you generate and post contents like any other blogging site. Also, the site does make room for the showcasing of your portfolio and selling products. The site offers some support to users like you to draft quality contents.


It comes equipped with drag-and-drop editor elements to help you in this. Other than that, it possesses slideshows, photo galleries, and many other multimedia elements. Further to these, the platform also makes it possible for you to incorporate subscriptions, offer ad spaces, interface with social media platforms, and track visitors courtesy of built-in analytics.

7. Tumblr.com

Tumblr is purely meant for personal use and applications. Also, it stands apart from the others in that it mostly handles multimedia and social media rather than text contents. It also possesses a colorful and playful interface which is pretty intriguing to use. This expedites the generation of contents.


Even though it is purely built for personal use, the site allows for the displays of ads. You may also attach some affiliate links and track visitor activities using the embedded Google Analytics. To generate quality and greatly unique contents the site comes equipped with numerous formats for different content types.

The Final Words (Summary)

The list of the best blog creation sites we have touched on above is indeed proven to do some great jobs. You will surely accrue some great outcomes with any of them. Just be sure to find the best one for your needs. Ascertain your personal tastes to help you achieve this feat.

Because the list above changes every now and then, we cannot guarantee its long-term credibility. That is why we ask you to consider visiting our page every now and then to stay posted on the updated list. We definitely wish you well in your future blogging experience.