7 Best Bass Speakers for Home [Bluetooth & Subwoofer]

Every bass fan knows that selecting a great bass speaker is usually a good art. You will want something with high sound quality, powerful bass and punchy beats that hits tight and hard without, sounding relatively bloated or even muddying into mid range frequencies. There are very many bass speakers on the market currently, and it can be pretty challenging to know which bass speaker you require.

Although it might seem like the options are endless, there are many with some unique selling points that will suit your personal needs. Sound quality and battery life are crucial for all bass speakers, so if you are looking for a speaker that can fulfill these promises, look no further. Here are 5 of the best bass speakers for home reviewed according to performance, and they will surely suit your unique needs.

7 Best bass speakers for home reviewed

1. Polk Audio PSW10

If you are in need of a subwoofer that is powered to provide you with that extra bass punch, you won’t go wrong with what you will be having here. The unique port that has been made with it is able to ensure that you receive accurate base that comes with added depth.

(Best bass speakers for home) Polk-Audio-PSW10
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Produces loud and clear sound: This is a feature that will ensure that you enjoy a thrilling but the best balanced music that has a rich and also a deep sound to listen to. What you will realize is that, it will work best even if you are having low frequencies. What is best about them is that it blends easily with any speaker.  

Has an amplified power: It has an inbuilt 50W of power with its RMS amp. That’s why it is able to produce up to 100W of dynamic power. It has a sophisticated engineering that has the best in class type of resonance. The free driver materials that it comes with also makes it durable and also fit for use in extended times.  

Integrating it with existing systems is easy: You don’t have to look for sophisticated ways that you can install this item for use. Just hook it up to the receiver and you are ready to enjoy the best levels of music. Enjoy a continuous 80-160Hz crossover and a frequency of 40-160Hz.  

Modern looks with best design: Has a sleek detachable grill put at the front part, there are line level inputs and speaker level outputs placed on the back. Fitted with the phase ogle switch that will allow you have multiple subwoofers. With such attachments, you will be able to have a sub that is cohesive ad also complete.


  • The unique design ensures the sub is stable and also steady
  • It has been made to ensure that you perfect volume with balanced sound
  • Maximum bass impact is enhanced through well directed port
  • It is always stable and steady even when played at higher volumes
  • Can be integrated to be used with existing systems


  • Has a faint audible hum when powered on
  • Not good for long hours of listening

Summary: Never worry if your room is small or medium anymore because this is the product that will fit in there with ease. Fits in pretty well and won’t cause any kind of echoes at all. But you will enjoy maximum bass that you always need when playing your music.

2. Edifier R1280T

Any device that has been designed with a 3.55mm of headphone output of RCA output, this speakers are ready to handle your needs right away. You don’t have to plug and switch just like what you have been handling before. It has been made to ensure that you enjoy the best studio sound like those expensive speakers there.

(Best bass speakers for home) Edifier-R1280T
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Features a remote control ability: No need to stand and go to tune or adjust the speaker system anymore. Just take your remote and have it balance to where you will always be comfortable to handle. The base and control are located right on the side of the main speaker. Have the best mix of sound to make some balanced sound output. 

Wood finish: The best kind of wood has been used to finish it to make it have that classical look. The wood effect vinyl will ensure the speakers compliment with the entire room in a good manner. It blends in with various room décor and won’t look out of place. 

The best sound quality: When you are listening to your music, you need one tht is better balanced to make it lively and rich to the ear. That’s why you will get with it ready made and tuned to serve your needs to the best or to the fullest.  

Precise controls: These will ensure that you are able to personalize your listening experience. The volume details are always given and with the booming midrange experience you will get, any reviewer will just love it.


  • Handy remote for faster operation
  • You can connect to multiple audio devices
  • Audience cheering ability will make you feel you are in the stadiums
  • Provide cool and soft music that is detailed
  • Fitted with controls that can be reached easily


  • Need to be upgraded if there is any room
  • Need of upgrade means less sufficient to work

Summary: The sound produced is natural and it hails from 13mm silk dome tweeter. You will get to listen to all the right and sweet components of the kind of music that you will want to listen to. It has been made to be durable hence ready to do its work.

3. Yamaha YHT-4930UBL

You can make each weekend an enjoyable gaming weekend using the YHT-4930UBL speaker system. This model comes with 4 HDMI input and outputs to meet the specifications of a gamer. You can buy this model to enjoy numerous advanced surround features like Extra bass and DSP effect normalization.

Yamaha YHT-4930UBL
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Yamaha YHT-4930UBL is an environmental-friendly model fitted with ECO mode to minimize your power consumption. The automatic power saving mode is also available in a variety of time settings.

The Yamaha model supports 4K Ultra HD with the compatibility of HDCP 2.2, Bluetooth for wireless music playbacks, and also features a separate 5.1-channel amplifier design.

When it comes to ease of use, the high-class Yamaha model automatically calibrates the listening environment for the best sound performance. It also comes with a compact 5.1-channel speaker system along with with an incredibly powerful 6 ½ inches 100-watt powered subwoofer.


  • It has sound optimization tuning
  • It has a reasonable power specification
  • It supports Bluetooth and wireless connectivity
  • It allows sound optimization tuning
  • It has discrete Amp Configuration
  • It supports 4K Ultra HD video


  • It has a complicated AV guide
  • There are no wireless speakers for the 5.1 surround sound

Summary: This speaker system works perfectly well and offers great sound quality. If you are looking to use your bass speakers for a home theater system or projector, gaming, or a good sound in your home, then Yamaha YHT-4930UBL will be a good fit for you. You can also use the supplied YPAO and microphone optimization software to evaluate your room and also set the appropriate parameters.

4. Monoprice 108247

Monoprice has a good reputation as a high-quality provider of consumer electronics as well as audio products under its Monolith brand. You can experience a wonderful sounding speaker system with the Monoprice 108247 bass speakers.

Monoprice 108247
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The speakers offer a high-end, full-spectrum sound for a great listening experience. Providing a broader range of lower frequencies than many woofer-free models, the Monoprice subwoofer speakers make it pretty easy for users to enjoy movies and music to the fullest.

The surround speakers offer you an exceptional and dynamic sound because they’re multi-speaker systems, which come with two speakers in the rear, two in the front and a middle speaker with a powerful subwoofer.

It comes with a 5.1 channel system which is similar to that utilized in movie theaters, and these bass speakers offer great surround sound that can immediately update any home theater system. Unlike many wireless speakers, the Monoprice ones provide you with functional wired connectivity that enables the users to enjoy listening to music for a long time with less maintenance.

The wireless connectivity provides the users with more flexibility where they can position audio components in their entertainment room or center. To keep in tune with the modern styles, these bass speakers are offered in a deep shade of black which easily matches the surrounding electronics for a custom-made and uniform look.


  • It comes with a 5.1 channel system
  • It provides you with good quality surround speakers
  • It comes with a practical wired connectivity
  • It supports wireless connectivity
  • It offers a high-end, full-spectrum sound


  • You can’t use banana plugs with this speaker
  • Its subwoofer puts out a pretty audible hum when there is no sound
  • It does not work with sound cards

Summary: When you want to relax and watch your favorite TV show, enjoy a movie night with your family, or listen to some music using your home audio system, Monoprice provides you with good quality surround speakers, which are a wonderful accessory which can greatly enhance your experience.

5. Sony GTKXB7BC

If you are looking for a speaker with enough bass with plenty of presence and adequate volume to begin a party, then this Extra Bass speaker from Sony is a good fit. You can also integrate into your home since it usually connects directly to a PC or your television with a lot of ease, but you can also use it as a stand-alone option.

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This bass-heavy speaker typically features dual midrange bass woofers and is a remarkable 2-way Bluetooth mode. You can use it in a standing position with the woofers laid on the side playing in stereo right and left, or below and above one another.

The Extra Bass technology enhances the low-end clarity of the speaker and efficiently dampens any unwanted resonance to block wave cancellation and also deliver powerful clean bass.

The speaker features the latest Bluetooth connectivity along with direct plug and plays abilities, courtesy of its inbuilt USB port. You can also sync more of these powerful bass speakers together and utilize one of them as a Party Host and the others in Party Chain mode.

The speakers are also adorned with some LED lighting, which generates many multi-color patterns often synchronized to the beats of the tracks you are playing.


  • It comes with Led lights
  • It offers you stable NFC and wireless Bluetooth streaming
  • Extra bass optimization
  • Installation is pretty easy
  • You can use SBC Bluetooth codec


  • It doesn’t have any advanced settings for regulating sound
  • Midrange and vocal reproduction are average
  • It cannot turn off the strobe feature

Summary: The Sony GTKXB7BC is a wonderful product. The extra bass functionality is great when you do or do not want the extra boom contingent on what you are watching or listening at any time. In general, the more you get, the better it usually sounds, and you will be surprised about how easily they flow together. You can turn off or even adjust the lights on this speaker system if you want so that it doesn’t flash. Besides, pairing it with your smartphone takes a second.

6. Alpatronix AX440

For this model of speakers, you will surely like the services it offers. It provides a high audio definition which is audible enough to address a huge crowd and stutter-free music streaming.

Alpatronix AX440
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To play your music in these bass speakers or your computer you only need to connect via Bluetooth hence reducing the costs of buying cables. These speakers are simple to operate and do not give you any stress when connecting the Bluetooth gadgets.

The speaker system has two high-quality precision drivers along with two rear-firing subwoofers that work hand in hand with the major drivers to offer you a pretty rich audio-landscape that has great levels for 30-watt models.

The cones of the speaker are an incredibly tough combination, the magnets within are also high-grade ferrite, and the build quality is generally pretty strong to beat. The speaker features a sleek and rounded triangular prism-shaped model which directs and stands the sound at an ideal angle for a broader dispersion.

The speaker is certified as a pretty watertight model making it perfect for many outdoor applications. It’s lightweight and compact, and it also comes with a pretty useful traveling case to store the speaker during transit.

The speaker’s Bluetooth is 4.1 and can operate from a distance of approximately 30 feet. It also holds a pretty stable transmission, and it’s effortless to pair to any nearby gadgets. The onboard controls of this model are user-friendly and centrally located.

It comes with a lithium-ion battery, which is rechargeable, and it provides you with more than 10 hours of video streaming with a full charge. It can also act as a docking place to charge other gadgets, although it’s not compatible with the original Apple lightning cables.


  • It enables easy pairing
  • It has a good battery life
  • It provides premium sound
  • It is a high-quality Bluetooth model
  • It comes with a useful traveling pouch


  • The sound quality is too midrange unless you use the supplied app
  • It does not remember your last volume level, so you have to adjust it every time you turn it on

Summary: The AX440 model from Alpatronix is a wonderful fit because it delivers a full range sound, its Bluetooth streaming is free of stutter, and the subwoofers improve the low-end tenfold. The speaker is usually great for any music and good for its price.

7. Photive M90

The Photive M90 model has made past appearances in many articles which means it’s a pretty capable contender. The durability of this speaker is one of its best assets because its design is robust in structure. It’s priced generously, and regularly on offer for approximately fifty bucks. That makes it a good value for your money since it provides better audio when compared to similarly priced devices.

Photive M90
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The speaker comes with low consumption of 20-watts, which typically features an inbuilt subwoofer which you don’t find on most travel Bluetooth models. It has a pretty large speaker surface area when compared to other compact speakers with matching dimensions.

The Photive M90 has a carry-case construction which has been improved since its past conceptions to have a pretty tough rubber strap handle. It’s well-fabricated and features a rugged aluminum grill, as well as strong button-style controls.

The speaker functions using expertly calibrated bass to match processing technology that directs low-end frequencies to the subwoofers to relieve the major drivers, leaving all of them free to fill the details within the mid frequencies.


  • It is incredibly robust
  • It has a portable carry-base design
  • It is waterproof and shockproof
  • It has a long battery life
  • It comes with an appealing price


  • It is slightly bulky if you want a portable speaker
  • It cannot use a radio
  • It’s more costly

Summary: Having such a dedicated subwoofer will help in delivering an effective bass response which outperforms most of its direct competitors. The speaker is designed like a brick-house making it ideal for traveling due to its water resistant and portable nature.

The Final Words (Summary)

This review of the best home bass speakers provides you with a combination of model types that highlights the optimal conditions for the top bass models within a wide range of different categories of speakers, giving you a clearer picture before making your purchase.

As this guide clarifies, you should consider your budget, the intended use of the speaker and consumption carefully, as well as your amplifier if it’s not a battery powered system, and finally understand the requirements. With this in mind, you can opt for bass optimized systems and remember that regardless of the dimensions of the drivers, the enclosure is crucial when it comes to bass frequencies. You can use this critical analysis and a comprehensive guide to assist you in all your future purchases.

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