7 Best bass earbuds under 50 USD in 2023 [true wireless]

Enjoying your favorite track ought not to cost too much money. You can indeed enjoy them at the least possible costs. We are well aware of this fact. That is why we have carried out extensive research in the field and identified the best Bass Earbuds under $50 at the moment. We are going to review them hereunder with the aim of giving you the much-needed guidance.

We are also going to examine a couple of factors and issues you have to get right while on the lookout for the right earbud. This again is to help you navigate this treacherous field with ease. So why you wait, let’s read the full article and reviews then pick the best one.

How do you know if earbuds have good bass?

Fit and Comfort – Since these earbuds are fitted onto the head or ears, they have to be nicely and comfortably fitting. This is why you have to factor in these two parameters. The best earbuds have to be adjustable. This is to let them grow with your head or be usable across several heads.

Ergonomics – It goes without saying that the earbud of choice has to possess excellent ergonomics. This simply means that it has to be both efficient and comfortable. You do not want to strain your head or ears while enjoying your favorite music, would you? Scrutinize the features and specifications thoroughly to ascertain this.

Connectivity – A good earbud has to allow you to stream audio signals from as many different sources as possible. This is to bring about the benefit of maximum convenience and greater enjoyment. This is why you have to see to it that it accommodates many connectivity options possible. The must-have connectivity options are Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, and coaxial cables.

Sound output – How many watts of sound output may the earbud exude? A good earbud has to exude as high a sound output as possible. This is to eliminate any ambiguity and dispel any doubts that may arise. It also has to be able to suppress background noise to prevent it from interfering with the quality of the final output.

Power consumption – You do not want to spend too much to power your earbuds, would you? You should thus settle for one that consumes negligible amounts of electrical power possible. Check the voltage rating of the earbud you are interested in to ascertain this trait. Proceed to settle for one that has the least rating, all factors considered.

Material Construction – Since these are devices that utilized repeatedly and continuously, it is necessary that they last the longest duration of time. This can only be assured if they are made of the strongest materials available. Stainless steel is by far the strongest materials available. The best materials should also be waterproof.

7 Best bass earbuds under $50 reviewed

1. Symphonized NRG Wood

Are you looking for earbuds to use on your latest iPad, iPhone, or iPod? This indeed is the earbud to look up to. It is specially featured and formulated to be able to work well with these gadgets. It is also superior in construction and makeup.

Symphonized NRG Wood Headphone
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Superior Construction: It has a superior construction mainly by virtue of being handcrafted from the natural wood. This has a bearing in its acoustics and artistry. It generates the most awesome sounds imaginable. It also exudes great aesthetics and ensures that the earbuds last as long as can be.

Bold Design: On the whole, the earbud has a very bold design. It stands out in that it is not made of plastic as is the case with most other earbuds. This design is indeed great to behold not to mention being functionally sound as well. It sees to it that you get to enjoy your time with the gadget as much as possible.

Tangle-free Cords: Lastly, the earbud is accompanied with tangle-free cords. These basically let you stream your favorite audio content via a cable. Being tangle-free, it is less likely to predispose you to injuries and unnecessary inconveniences while carrying it around. Moreover, the cords are available in numerous color options for you to choose from.


  • Handcrafted from real wood and is thus durable
  • Generates crisp and strong deep bass sounds
  • Allows you to answer or reject calls while on the go
  • Features a stylish design that is breathtaking to behold
  • Works with all smart gadgets


  • Quite delicate and prone to damages
  • Possesses rather limited features
  • Brings about limited returns on investments

Summary: Make no mistake with your iPhone gadgets. Do so by settling for this earbud as fast as you possibly can.

2. Betron YSM1000 Earbuds

You do not want to encounter unnecessary noise and disturbances while enjoying your favorite tracks. This is why you want a set of earbuds that can cancel ambient noise and guarantee smooth sound output. Try this set of earbuds. It is formulated and indeed capable of guaranteeing these two feats.

Betron YSM1000 Earbuds
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Noise Isolation Technology: Top of its key features is the noise isolation technology. This technology simply filters undesirable background noise to give rise to crisp clear sound output. This, in turn, enables you to be fully immersed in the relevant acoustics. It also eliminates unnecessary ambiguities that may arise out of strained sound.

24k Gold-plated 3.5 mm Connector: A 24k gold-plated jack that measures 3.5 mm exists in the earbud. It is in this jack that you slot in the cable or another connectivity item. Being made of Gold, it is faster in transmission and also resists corrosion effectively. It also upholds the integrity of the sound that is transmitted via it.

Tangle-free Cable: Finally, a tangle-free cable accompanies the earbud set. They are pretty convenient to engage as they do not at all predispose you to the risks of entanglement and falling. You will thus be sure of enjoying your favorite tracks unhindered and regardless of your unique circumstances. They are also great for children!


  • Produces ultimate style, comfort, and pleasure
  • Reputable and awesome brand
  • Quite resistant to the various agents of abuse
  • Generates superb musical details
  • Great for portable gaming devices


  • Somewhat expensive to purchase
  • Not so comfortable to wear
  • A bit bulky to move around with ease

Summary: Get hold of this set of earbuds and enjoy your music without any undue interruptions. If you have small children in your household, the tangle-free cords shall come in handy.

3. Sony Extra Bass Headphones

You may often have to answer calls while enjoying your favorite tracks. To avoid the inconveniences of having to switch back and forth, you might want a set of earbuds that have a microphone as well. This is the role that this particular earbud is intended to play.

Sony Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphones
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Suits Active Lifestyles: As hinted, the earbud suits active lifestyles perfectly well. This is because they negate the need to switch from one gadget to another. They do have the ability to let you perform your vital chores without having to make any significant adjustment of your posture and stature.

Maximum Convenience: The earbuds also keep you connected to your phones and other musical devices while on the go. This arrangement enables you to enjoy your favorite tracks and even work out of your playlist. This convenience goes a long way in enhancing your overall satisfaction as you carry out your vital chores.

Lightweight Design: It does come in the form of a lightweight design. This combined with its comfortable fit sees to it that the headphones facilitate your daily commutes and routines at the gyms or the tracking fields. You will enjoy the benefit of being able to put them on for longer without feeling fatigued or bored.


  • Pairs faster and easily with other gadgets
  • Affords a longer playback duration (8.5 hours)
  • Its built-in microphone allows for hands-free calls
  • Resists water and rain easily
  • Enables you to move your head around easily


  • Consumes plenty of electrical power
  • Requires frequent repairs and maintenance
  • Depletes batteries faster

Summary: To be able to answer calls and maintain an active lifestyle at the same time, this indeed is the earbud to look up to. You have no better friend than them.

4. MultiTed MX10 Headphones

Do you engage in vigorous activities like sports workouts and running? If you answered in the affirmative, you require a set of extremely durable earbuds. This is to ensure that the earbuds withstand extreme impacts and repeated abuses. You may wish to acquire and utilize this particular earbud as it best suits the role.

MultiTed MX10 Headphones
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Noise-cancelling and Built-in Microphone: It does possess two great features that set it apart from the others. These are the built-in microphone and the noise-cancellation technology. The former allows you to pick calls while undertaking your workouts. The latter on the other hand filters unnecessary background noise to let you enjoy your audio outputs.

IPX7 Waterproof: In its entirety, the earbud features the IPX7 Waterproof construction. This simply prevents water and moisture from percolating into the interior portions of the earbuds. It thus enables you to use the earbuds in a damp environment and to sustain as much sweat as possible without worrying.

Seamless Connectivity: Lastly, this earbud easily pairs and exchanges data seamlessly with two devices at a time via the Bluetooth connectivity. This allows you to enjoy a diverse set of music resources than you ordinarily would with the normal earbuds. It also minimizes the hassles that are involved while switching from one device to another.


  • Beautiful and luxurious package
  • Long lasting batteries (10 hours)
  • Produces crystal clear sounds
  • Comes along with a keychain and a pouch for easy traveling
  • Accommodates numerous accessories and attachments


  • Not so convenient to carry around
  • Potentially deafening
  • Inconvenient to handle

Summary: You surely have no better friend than this earbud for your rigorous sports workouts and running. It is strong enough to be able to withstand the most extreme impacts imaginable.

5. Yinyoo Easy KZ ZST Earphone

If you desire to enjoy your favorite tracks in extremely noisy environments, you, by all means, require a set of earbud that is pretty great at canceling the ambient noise. To get the guesswork out of your mind and guarantee awesome outcomes, this indeed is the earbud to look up to.

Yinyoo Easy KZ ZST Earphone
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Memory Wire Technology: Coming in first is the memory wire technology construction. This basically places the headphones right in the ears rather than outside. By virtue of this arrangement, the headphone provides a locked-in fit and is also simpler to move around. It also prevents the earbuds from plucking off unnecessarily while carrying out intense workouts.

Multipurpose: Generally speaking, you may devote this earbud to quite a number of music-related tasks. This is by reason of it being able to pair and exchange data seamlessly with several like-minded devices. Among these are the mp3 players, tablets, Android devices, and so on. It mainly uses the standard 3.5 mm jack to be able to accomplish this role.

Patent Technology Silicon Tips: Lastly, the earbud exhibits the standard independent patent technology silicon tips. These basically ensure a more direct transmission of sound to the eardrum. They in the process let you obtain better quality experience of music and other audio outputs. This is not to mention also that they last longer than most other tips.


  • Greatly enhances the quality of sounds
  • Backed by a generous 12-month warranty
  • Accompanied by a robust and friendly customer care service
  • Exudes great aesthetics
  • May function with or without a microphone


  • Quite brittle and prone to damages
  • Has a lower sound output
  • Not waterproof

Summary: To eliminate any apprehensions and be certain of high-quality audio outputs, this is the earbud to look up to. It has all that may be necessary for this noble objective to be realized.

6. Sennheiser CX300 II Earbuds

Are you on the lookout for awesome sound outputs? This earbud that has the ability to generate powerful and bass-driven stereo sound output could be the one you have been looking for. It has a set of powerful speakers that greatly amplify the sound inputs. It also generates awesome bass sounds.

Sennheiser CX300 II Earbuds
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Dynamic Speaker Systems: Topping the list of its most outstanding features is the set of dynamic speaker systems. These are rich in quality and are also pretty dynamic. They generate bass-driven stereo sound and also last longer. This is not to mention also that their sound output is so clear that it gets rid of any possible ambiguities.

Asymmetrical Cable: An asymmetrical cable comes in next. This cable stands out from the rest in that it neither tangles, winds, nor clogs unnecessarily. It, therefore, guarantees your safety besides channeling the signals appropriately and without undue hindrances at all. What’s more? The cable also diminishes clutter to make your room livable.

Personalized Fit: In all, the earbud exudes personalized fit on your head and ears. This stems from its ability to expand and contract to fit your ears and heads accordingly. This eliminates excess pain and also ensure maximum comfort throughout use. The design also allows you to carry out rigorous exercises without the fear of tripping or falling off.


  • Enables you to customize it for the perfect fit
  • Includes a convenient carrying pouch
  • Built-tough to withstand abuse effectively
  • Accompanied by a generous 2-year warranty
  • Has an exceptional noise blocking capability


  • Limited connectivity options
  • Accommodates fewer accessories
  • Not so great ergonomics

Summary: For the powerful and reliable bass-driven stereo sound output, you have no worthy companion than this earbud. It has all that it may take to achieve the said end results.

7. Anker AK A3260011 SoundBuds

If you are a complete music enthusiast, you want a set of earbuds that can pair and communicate with as many co-operant devices as possible. This particular earbud is made with that ability in mind. It indeed pairs easily and transmits data back and forth across several devices with ease.

Anker AK A3260011 SoundBuds
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Super-Secure Fit: For a start, the earbud has three points of support. These play the role of ensuring an ultra-firm fit. It is hence great if you are that kind of a person who may occasionally have to push yourself to the limits. It is also comfortable enough to ward off unnecessary inconveniences.

IPX5 Water Resistant: The earbud is also resistant to water. This is made possible by the fact that it possesses the IPX5 Water Resistant construction. This is complemented by internal Nano-coating and water-resistant shells. For this reason, you will find the earbuds great for fitness and for use in the rain or other damp conditions.

Isolated Sound: Unlike most other earbuds, this one is shaped in the form of an oval. It subsequently generates a gentle seal to the ears. This, in turn, reduces ambient noise considerably besides enhancing the quality of the audio output as a whole. The earbuds thus do well in noisy environments.


  • Confers your head the benefit of a secure fit
  • Allows you to tackle more intense workouts easily
  • Extremely light in weight and easier to engage
  • Cancels ambient noise to give rise to clear sounds
  • Works well with the iPhone 7


  • Limited playtime (6 hours only)
  • 18-month warranty only
  • Quite intricate to a less skilled user

Summary: Eliminate unnecessary hassles and guarantee the enjoyment of your music tracks regardless of where you are at any given time. Get hold of these earbuds to let you achieve this.

The Final Words (Summary)

Please note that the availability of the aforementioned best Bass Earbuds under 50 dollars may not be guaranteed at any given time. This stems from their hot demand coupled with limited supply. For these two reasons, we urge you to make up your mind to purchase any of them as soon as you possibly can.

You also do not want to gain alone. You want all your acquaintances to receive similar advantages, don’t you? We, therefore, ask you to consider sharing this information with a couple of your friends and peers. All the best in your endeavor to leverage the benefits of these awesome devices!

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