7 Best bass amps under $500 in 2023 [Combos for gigging]

Music is only as great as the sound output it exudes. This statement holds true especially for the parties and other outdoor activities. It is such events that require uncompromised sound quality. The amplifiers are the pieces of equipment which make these possible. You, therefore, want to know more about them.

We are here to help you out. We have sampled seven of the best bass amps under $500 on the market today. We are going to review them deeper. We are also going to look into those factors you have to consider while searching for the right amplifier of these kinds.

How to choose a bass amp?

Power Output – The strength of an amplifier lies in its power output. This parameter determines the overall quality of the sound you are more likely to yield from the amplifier. You definitely want an amplifier whose power output is as high enough as can realistically be. This is to guarantee you the highest quality of sound output.

Physical Dimensions – You will ordinarily use the amplifier only once in a while. Indeed, in most instances, you will have to keep the instruments away. To be able to enjoy some convenience while doing this, you want an amplifier that is compact in size and takes up the most limited space available. This is why you must factor the physical dimensions of the particular amplifier.

Power Consumption – To be able to generate the sound output, the amplifier will often consume some power. The amount of power consumed does not have to be too much though as to inflict higher utility bills. You, therefore, have to ascertain the power consumption rating of the amplifier to arrive at the best one under this consideration.

Accessories – Needless to say, the best amplifier has to accommodate some accessories. This is to extend its applicability and bring about higher returns. You, therefore, want an amplifier that can accommodate as many related devices as possible. A good amplifier has to be able to accommodate the headphones, audio jacks, and speakers.

Control Features vs. Skill Level – These amplifiers are controlled by use of certain buttons, remote controls, and dials. These controls vary from one amplifier to another. You want an amplifier which is easier to control. This is to negate the inconveniences that generally arise while enjoying your music. Compare the various amplifiers in place and settle for one that is easiest to manage.

Intended Location of Use – Just like they differ in terms of use, they also vary in the kinds of locations in which they might be used. These variations are brought about by the physical dimensions, weight, power consumption, and power sources. Be sure to ascertain the intended area of use first and foremost after which you are to look out for an amplifier that suits these environments effectively.

7 Best bass amps under $500 reviewed

1. Donner DGA-1 G Amplifier

If your entire career centers on music and performances, this indeed is an amplifier you might wish to try this amplifier out. It is able to serve a variety of roles and applications. These include the street performance, karaoke, guitar practices, and ordinary music, to mention but a few!

Donner DGA-1 G Amplifier
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Metallic Material Construction: Throughout the entire amplifier is a metallic material construction. This protects the amplifier from all the possible damages which may be inflicted on it from the various quarters. A pad of rubber also exists to enhance the stability of its stand. This way, you are guaranteed the utmost reliability of times of use.

Awesome Combinations: This amplifier comprises a combination of various tools, features, and accessories. These are the headphones, line output, and the line out respectively. This combination expedites the process of recording the music and eliminates unnecessary inconveniences while handling the amplifier. You are thus assured maximum utilization of the time at hand.

3-band Equalizers: With the 3-band equalizers, you will be able to control and regulate the quality sound you generate from the amplifier. These equalizers are the bass, the middle and the treble. In light of this feature, you may be certain of nothing but the best frequencies and sound qualities at any given time.


  • Backed by a generous 1-year warranty and 30-day unconditional money back guarantee
  • Strengthened by an awesome customer support
  • Possesses speed controls to regulate the chorus effects
  • Its closed-back design exudes some heavier bass response
  • Extremely cheap and affordable


  • Prone to damages every quite often
  • Does not last long
  • Produces not so great sound quality

Summary: You cannot think of forfeiting this guitar if you hope to take your musical career to the next level. It has all that may be necessary for such kinds of applications.

2. BEHRINGER BXD3000H Bass Amp

If you are short on cash, you need not to worry at all. You can still enjoy the benefits of a modern amplifier which has the ability to generate awesome sounds. This amplifier is simplistic in shape and construction. It also possesses the bare minimum set of features. You will, therefore, find it awesome for your use and applications.

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Revolutionary Shape Filter: Coming in first among the list of its awesome features is the revolutionary shape filter. This one confers to you the ability to precisely sculpt your sounds. This way, it satisfies even your most extreme tone connoisseurs. This shape also allows for easy storage given that it takes up limited storage space on the whole.

Awesome Controls: The amplifier is packed with a host of awesome control features. Among these are the active 7-band graphic, the ultra-musical features, and the flow-based queuing spectrum analyzer. With these controls, you can and indeed manage the sound quality of the music output as per your expectations.

Revolutionary Class-D amplifier technology: Closing the list of its awesome features is the revolutionary Class-D amplifier technology. This is the latest of the technology of these kinds in vogue today. The technology allows you to switch seamlessly from one device or tone to another. This way, it enhances your overall experience.


  • Exudes enormous power output
  • Gives off incredible sonic performance
  • Ultra-lightweight and simpler to carry around with ease
  • Has a distortion channel which fine-tunes the quality of sound
  • Ultra-compact in size and calls for limited storage space


  • Does not bring along that much benefits
  • Cannot pair and communicate with many accessories
  • Not so great a purchase

Summary: There you have this amplifier for your consideration if you are short on cash. It is still able to provide you with the comfort and value of an expensive amplifier.

3. Hartke HD150 Bass Combo

Frequent prolonged applications come with the possibilities of abuse and deterioration. The amplifiers that are designed for such applications have to be extremely durable and very resilient to the various agents of deterioration. This is the one to look up to for such applications as it is generally strong and durable.

Hartke HD150 Bass Combo
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Flexible Input: Unlike most other amplifiers, this one has a flexible input. With this input, you may key in several input levels. This allows you to handle many kinds of sounds which is great for professional music quality. This feature is also handy for those who pursue music production as a full-time career.

Dedicated 3.5 mm Line Input: A dedicated line input that measures 3.5 mm comes in next. This basically gives you the freedom to hook up an MP3 player, portable CD or any other external music device to the amplifier. It, therefore, allows you to practice along as you work your music.

Rugged Cabinet Construction: A rugged cabinet construction closes the list of its top features. This cabinet is sleek and comprises some perforated metal grill. It is further accompanied by a molded strap carry handle with which you use to transport it out and about. These features expedite the process of transportation and preserve the integrity of the amplifiers on the whole.


  • Long-lasting and resilient to the common agents of tear
  • Requires limited repairs and maintenance
  • Produces awesome sound quality
  • Endures the most intense abuse conveniently
  • Combines both the amplifier and the speaker


  • Too bulky to carry around with ease
  • Requires plenty of storage space
  • Unsuitable for remote applications

Summary: Due to its tough construction and design, no other amplifier comes even close to this one for those frequent prolonged applications. You have for your taking if you are that kind of a person.

4. Fender Rumble 100 v3 Bass Amp

For maximum convenience and to fully enjoy your music production, you want an amplifier that can handle comprehensive applications. Try this one out as it is the one that handles such circumstances well. It also lays stake to this claim by possessing just about every other feature which an ideal amplifier may be expected to.

Fender Rumble 100 v3 Bass Amp
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Overdrive Circuit: An overdrive circuit ranks among the top feature of this amplifier. This circuit allows you to explore the bass tones, classic gritty grow, and the slap-worthy modern punches to name but a few of the sound output options. You, therefore, have the pleasure of unbridled access to a variety of music outputs.

100-watt Class D Power Amplifier: It utilizes the revolutionary 100-watt class D amplification technology. This one generates crisp clear sounds which are great to the ears. With this technology, you will also be able to derive deep bass sound outputs. This sound is immersive and is therefore great to the ears.

1/8-inch Auxiliary Input Jack: Lastly, the amplifier does come along with an auxiliary 1/8-inch input jack. This allows you to slot in the earphones and headphones for private listening. The jack may also double up as an input for various sound sources. This guarantees you the benefit of extended applications.


  • Pairs with the 1/8-inch headphone output jack for private listening
  • Backed by a limited manufacturer’s warranty
  • Incorporates some performance series instrument cables for attaching other electronics
  • Comes with a flexible cable which does not tangle, kink, or twist unnecessarily
  • Has ultra-low capacitance levels which generate a superior tone


  • Calls for assembly before use
  • Demands some technical expertise to use
  • A bit clumsy and difficult to handle

Summary: For comprehensive applications, you have no choice but to grab and utilize this particular amplifier. You do not want to forfeit its awesome tons of benefits.

5. Gallien Krueger MB110 Amp

Perhaps no other amplifier has the ability to produce the signature sound quality as this one. Indeed, most top artists world over have looked up to this amplifier for their recording. You too are assured the same degree of satisfaction. It has just about every other trait and feature that may be necessary for such outcomes.

Gallien Krueger MB110 Amp
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Top-quality Bass Amplification: In all, the amplifier has the ability to perform top-quality bass amplification. This stems from its ability to exude awesome sound power. It is indeed specially designed with the ability to draw extra power from the mains electricity and convert the same to high sound.

Compact Package: The dimensions of this amplifier are small and compact. For this reason, the amplifier is able to fit the tiny spaces which the others cannot. The compact size also helps in transportation as the amplifier requires limited space to contain and effort to handle. This is not to mention also that it is lighter in weight.

Awesome Power Output: Lastly, the amplifier exudes some awesome power output. Its wattage rating is 100 Watts. This is pretty high as to be able to impact whole rooms and adjacent open spaces. You do not have to acquire extra electronic devices and sound equipment to be able to enjoy the high sound output.


  • Generates awesome sound output of 100 watts
  • Its 1×10-inch paragon driver allows for easy formatting
  • Communicates and shares data easily with other like-minded devices
  • Less susceptible to fall-offs
  • Tolerant of the common agents of deterioration


  • Requires plenty of muscles to handle
  • Inflicts higher utility bills
  • Demands higher power input to operate

Summary: Do grab this amplifier and join the millions of other artists who have enjoyed signature sound quality. You will truly live to appreciate this move!

6. Ampeg BA108V2 Bass Combo Amp

Do you change locations every quite often? If you answered in the affirmative, you have this particular Ampeg brand amplifier for your consideration. This is because it is designed with both portability and performance in mind. You can carry it wherever you desire and still be guaranteed the same sound output levels.

Ampeg BA108V2 Bass Combo Amp
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All-new Cabinet Design: The amplifier comes in the form of an all-new cabinet design. This one is basically cuboid in shape and has the ability to stand on its own. For this reason, you will not need extra support or attachments to be able to keep the amplifier in the right position.

Excellent Sound Reinforcement: You will also enjoy the rare benefit of reinforcing your sound output. This is made possible by the existence of the true 60° sound reinforcement monitor angle. With this angle, you will be able to vary the clarity of the sound output as per your expectations. This way, you will receive the most awesome of the sound output.

Auxiliary Input: An auxiliary sound input slot also exists for your consideration and utilization. This input slot will allow you to bring in some signals from external sources. It also allows you to communicate and play with your iPod or smartphone. The pleasure of higher returns on investments will, therefore, be yours to leverage.


  • Resists impacts and other forms of forces well
  • Allows you to transition easily from one true monitor angle to another
  • Enhances the quality of the bass courtesy of the traditional upright position
  • Accommodates the headphone output for silent listening
  • Its flexible design directs the sound to your ears even in smaller spaces


  • Moderately weight (weighs 28.0 pounds /12.7kg)
  • Limited 20-watt power output
  • Backed by not so generous warranty

Summary: There you have it! Get hold of this amplifier for the dual benefits of portability and performance. Take it wherever you may so desire without compromising the quality.

7. Hartke 2500 Bass Amplifier

If you are a career music recorder and live performer, you have this particular amplifier for your consideration. This is due to the fact that it is designed and intended for such kinds of chores in mind. It is equipped with all the features and specifications necessary for these feats to be accomplished.

Hartke 2500 Bass Amplifier
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Electronically-balanced Direct Output: To be able to arrive the desired sound output, this amplifier comes along with the electronically-balanced direct output. This is the feature you engage to determine the quality of the sound output. It also serves the role of mixing signals for the required outputs. This feature also allows you to send the signals to other peripherals.

Ground Lift Switch: It is not uncommon for some stray sounds, otherwise called noise, to mix and interfere with your recording or music plays. The manufacturer of this amplifier understands this fact only too well. That is why it has equipped it with the ground lift switch. This one plays the role of preventing the buzz or hums from interfering with your signals.

Pre/post Switch: Further enhancing your controls over the music production process is the pre/post switch. This one gives you the option of deriving the direct signals either before or after the amplifier’s equalizer section. It, therefore, confers to you the benefit of maximum conveniences and utmost freedom of use.


  • Enhances the aesthetics, looks, and appearances of your room
  • Able to endure the roughest working environments well
  • Exceptionally reliable in the music industry
  • Allows for both the active and passive inputs
  • Grants you added controls for shaping your bass sounds


  • Has a ghastly rugged look
  • Accommodates limited accessories
  • Costs moderate amounts of money

Summary: For all your studio and live performance applications, you have no better friend than this amplifier. It has all the features you might need for such kinds of uses.

The Final Words (Summary)

Now that you know all you could possibly know about the best bass amp under $500, it is only wise if you go ahead and acquire at least one. It is only then that you will be able to enjoy the benefits that these appliances may have to offer to you.

A skim through the various electronics shops and online auction sites will give you the much-needed starting point. This approach shall see to it that you arrive at the best ever purchasing decision. This is because you will be able to find only that one which has the best features for your liking.

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